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The next day when Joe went down stairs everyone one was waking up, they slept on the couches the night before. As soon as he stepped in the sitting room everyone's eyes were on him, they all wanted to know only one thing. "How's Barry?" asked Iris, as everyone waited for an answer Joe went to the couch and sat down with a heavy sigh, completely exhausted.

Iris came and sat down beside him and put a hand on his shoulder. With another heavy sigh he answered, "He's... not okay, I don't know what to do anymore, I just got him to sleep, he was up all night. He was scared... I don't think I've seen him this scared before, not even when Nora... but he's still in Denial. Not once did he said a word, he was in some kind of delusion or something, because he kept mumbling something, I couldn't understand him, he kept trying to say something but couldn't voice it...".

Everyone was quite after Joe was finished. It was a lot to take in, just when they thought that everything was over, that they had won, everything went crumbling down and now Henry was dead, Zoom was back, Wally knew about Barry being the Flash, and Barry, he was simply broken, crushed by watching his father die by a speedster in the same way and in the same place his mother died. He was in no condition to talk to someone let alone stopping Zoom. "Don't worry Joe, I know it's going to be difficult but Barry will be okay, It's going to take some time and patience. Trust me I know", Caitlin was the one assuring Joe, knowing from experience what losing someone can do to you.

Everyone was quite for a long while, until they heard footsteps, they all turned around to see none other than Barry himself, coming downstairs in a suit. He stopped on the last step and looked at everyone in the room like they were the one doing something incongruous. Joe was the one to react first and went to Barry's side looking at him with suspiciousness. "I thought you were sleeping? Bar you okay? And why are you wearing this?" gesturing to his black tuxedo. Barry simply stood there for a while then with so much simplicity he answered like it was the most obvious thing he would do, "I have to attend a funeral, I couldn't sleep so I thought I should get ready, why aren't you guys ready".

Everyone was staring at him, mouth agape and eyes wide, they hadn't thought that Barry would be the one telling them to get ready for his father's 'FUNERAL'. They all thought that it would be them to convince Barry that his father really is dead and now they have to attend his funeral. Iris was the first to talk, "Yeah we'll get ready in a minute why don't you eat something until then, we won't take long, you look a bit tired, you sure you're okay" she played along knowing Barry was 'CLEARLY' not okay and if they push any further he'll completely shut down again. Unfortunately, she knew this from experience too. She had handled him before when he was grieving for his mother and now she'll do it again.

He just shook his head "No, thank you but I'm fine, I'll just be outside, you guys go get ready" and he head out the door before anyone could say something else. Cisco and Caitlin shared worried glances, as Iris and Joe knew exactly what was happening. They knew because they've seen it before, because Barry had done it before, he would act like he was fine, as if everything around him didn't affect him. He would be on his best behavior as if nothing had happened, as if he's the happiest person to walk on this planet.


It was late evening when they were finally at home. They had said their goodbyes to Henry and were currently at the West Residence. Everyone was either sitting idly at the dinner table or on the couch, engaged in little chats, all except Barry who was standing by the window, starring blankly outside. "Barry?", when Barry turned around, it was Wally who came to him, offering a plate of food. "Here, I thought you should eat something since you haven't eaten anything since morning and it's not good for your health and you know, your metabolism is faster than anyone, so all the more reason to eat something before you pass out. Harry told me everything, it's a little hard to wrap my mind around it but yeah. I – um – I wanted to say Thank you for saving my life and everything else and I know it's a hard time for you but you should know that we are all here for you". As Wally completed his rant Barry was starring at him, a little surprised that it was Wally out of everyone who came to him, although it was clear that he didn't know what to say by the way he was ranting, but it was some how a little comforting that someone still thought about him.

He knew he and Wally didn't start off on the right foot but they both cared about each other in their own way, they were family after all. 'BUT MY FAMILY IS DEAD' it was a thought he was trying to get out of his head, his rational part of brain knew that wasn't true but it was stuck and the more he thought about it the more overwhelmed he got.

He was so lost in his thoughts that he got startled when he felt a hand on his upper arm. Once again it was Wally, "dude you okay? You look a little pale, you should really eat something". Barry didn't answer, instead just starred at him, he was doing that a lot today, huh?

As Barry was going to answer, there was blue lightening in the house and for a minute Barry could swear he saw Zoom. Every one was startled by that sudden disruption. They all knew who it was but they thought they had at least a little more time. Red lightening was seen as Barry flashed out of there, after 'THE MAN WHO KILLED HIS FATHER', seems ironic isn't it just a year before he was obsessed in finding 'THE MAN WHO KILLED HIS MOTHER' and now…. Looks like history does repeat itself.


They were all in S.T.A.R. Labs brainstorming on what to do about Zoom's offer for just a 'FRIENDLY' race. Everyone was inclining more toward disagreeing about the idea and as always Barry was going along with the idea, wanting to avenge his father. Then Harry revealed the big secret, Zoom's master plan.

"Seriously what is it with every evil speedster destroying the world, or in this case 'WORLDS', can't they just leave the universe alone, I mean give it a rest dude!", a frustrated Cisco stomped out of the cortex, with an equally frustrated Caitlin. "Cisco, the universe is not a guy that you can just leave alone, but for once I totally agree with you".

Harry and Joe sighed as Barry walked out of the room quietly. A silent conversation was exchanged between the two before Joe went after Barry. All the while an equally quite Wally was standing on the far side of the room. Iris knew something was bothering him, it was a lot to take in even now she sometimes gets overwhelmed herself, it must have been hard for Wally. She decided it was the right time to talk to him.


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