My name Isabella Marie Whitlock but I like Bella. I turn five tomorrow it's my birthday September 12th. My daddy is my favorite person. My mom is kind of mean to me. My daddy is seeing a girl name Alice. I don't like her and she don't like me. I told daddy she was trying to take him away from me. To keep him to herself but he promised me he would never leave me. It was time to go back to my mom's but he promised he would see me for my birthday.

The next day.

Yay I am five now a big girl. Mommy forgot my birthday she try's her best to forget I am even around. Sometimes she hit's me real hard. She told me if I tell daddy I will get it twice as bad. So I am sitting by the window waiting for my daddy. I have been sitting here all day it's getting very dark out and daddy still has not come. He didn't come back at all he left me and broke his promise.

Eleven Years later

I am afraid one of these times Rene or Phil are going to kill me. I just barely escaped this time I am stumbling down the road. Man my back stings from him using that fucking whip of his. I can feel blood soaking the back of my shirt. I was almost to the studio were they gave dance lessons. When all of a sudden I was grabbed and thrown into the studio. Everything happed so fast at first I was staring into red eyes. He had really icy cold hands and hard as marble to. He has blond dirty hair and he is very tall. Dresses like a bum you would find in an ally way. The word vampire was screaming through my head. He reminded me of Alice in a small way. I don't know why vampires don't exist. There he was getting ready to take a bite out of me. Then he was thrown off of me. I looked up and saw another vampire tear him apart. This vampire looked different from the other one. Could there be two different types of vampire. This vampire was tall had black hair down to his shirt collar. Right now he was turned away from me. He was tearing the first vamp apart. When he was done he picked me up and carried me outside.

"I won't hurt you. I need you to stay here. I will be right back I have to burn him or he will come back. Then I will take you somewhere took fix your wounds. Is this ok with you?"

For some reason I felt safe with him.

"Yes I understand. Thank you."

I believe I must of past out then. The next time I woke up I was in a hotel room and laying on a soft bed. I turned my head a little and was staring into the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. He told me his name is Damon that he is a vampire but not like the one who attacked me. The one who attacked me was called a cold one. They have very cold skin as hard as marble and when they feed their blood lust is so strong there victims usually die. There some occasions were the vampire can pull back and not drain them but then they turn into a cold one. Oh and they sparkle in the sun.

Damon is an original vampire like you would read about in books. Damon can walk around in the day light because a witch spelled a ring for him. We talked for a long time. I told him about how my daddy abandoned me and ran off with Alice. I told him I thought she kind of reminded me of one he just killed. Except that she has gold eyes instead of red. Then he asked me about my injuries and I told him about how mom and Phil abuse me. He told me he would kill them for me. I told him no because I did not want to wind up in foster care. In the end he said he would try and compel them to leave me alone. He was not sure if it would work considering there alcoholics and drug addicts. It worked for a little while. Damon had an emergency and had to leave but we talk on the phone all the time.