I don't know why but I feel like I can tell this girl just about anything in my life. She is so sweet, kind and I believe she and I will be good friends. We started walking towards the building I noticed my father but I kept on walking. I wonder where his whore is. To my surprise Edward came walking up to me. Angela waved bye to me and kept on walking.

"Hello I don't believe that I got to introduce myself the other day. My name is Edward Cullen. "

The rest of them came walking up to me. Besides Edward there was a big guy. He is tall with brown hair and very muscular. With the big guy stood a tall blonde she was very beautiful. Then there stood my father with his sandy blond hair. Edward continued talking and introducing every one. The big guy name is Emmett and the blond is Rosalie. Then he introduced my own father to me. I gave my father a dirty look.

"It is nice to meet all of you now if you will excuse me. I will be going now."

"No please wait we would like to talk to you. Please it is very important." Edward said the look on his face was one of determination

"No I have nothing to say to any of you. Please leave me alone. He made his decision now he can leave with it. No one is to blame but him and his whore. I will never forgive him for throwing me away like trash. He has no idea what in the hell he left me to deal with." I walked away from them.

I don't know what the fuck they want to talk to me about. I will tell you it was very hard being near my father and not unleashing a bunch of insults at him. I am surprised once again that his whore was not with him. Now that I think about it the girl that was sitting with Edward that day at lunch is not here either. The day went by pretty fast and now I am sitting in biology. Edward was sitting right beside me.

"Hello there Bella how has your day been so far?" Mike asked

"Good Mike and how is your day going?"

"Fine I was going to ask you if you wanted to go see a movie and grab some dinner later."

"Sorry Mike I can't my boyfriend really would not like that."

"You already have a boyfriend you only have been here a couple of days."

"Well he is not from around here. I have been with him for a year now. Sorry but I can't go out with you but we can still be friends."

Mike said ok and then went to sit at his desk. He gave me a look that said he thinks I am lying. Oh well let him think that I don't care. Finally, class started we took a test. I was one of the first ones to get finished. Edward was done as well and he was trying to talk to me.

"Bella please give us a chance. Jasper did not leave you on purpose. He did not have a chose. He truly wanted to stay with you till you were an adult. It was not his fault."

"That maybe but it is that cunt's fault and I even warned him what was going to happen. I will get revenge on the father stealing whore one day. As far as my father goes I am not ready to forgive him. You nor Jasper knows what a fucked up life he left me with. "

"Ok well at least can we be friends just me not Jasper?"

"I will think about it."

The bell finally rang and I put my stuff in my back pack and headed for study hall. Study hall is boring and gave me time to think. What Edward said about my dad kept replaying in my head. Maybe I should be friends with Edward maybe I can get my questions answered without having to talk to my father. Edward does seem nice enough I think I will tell him yes on the friendship just so I can keep a better eye on them. The bell finally rang but I decided to wait till everyone left. I wanted to wait in till tomorrow to tell him. After waiting for about twenty minutes I headed for my truck. When I was almost to my truck I was in shock Damon was standing there. I started to go over to him when someone blocked my way. It was daddy's whore and she is pissed I looked at Damon and he rushed to stand between us. He started growling at her, she looked from me to him and her mouth dropped open. I just smiled at her and said.

"What in the hell do you want you father stealing asshole. You got what you wanted so leave me alone."

"No I don't you always come between us. He blames me for taken him away from you. So I am willing to try and make friends with you or I will lose him. I can't lose him; he is my mate. So you will get along with me or else I will."

She was cut off by my laugh she was threating me with Damon standing there. Oh boy was this going to be good. Out of the corner of my eye I had seen movement in the woods off the side of the school. Then there was someone right in Alice's face it was my father. He looked pissed off and ready to kill he started growling at her.

"Did I just hear you threaten my daughter? After everything you have done to rip me away from my daughter you threaten her. After the fucked up life she has had and the fact that you are to blame for me not being there to protect her you threaten her. Run Alice run for your life because if I ever catch you I will rip your head off. Stay away from my daughter and I. I never want to see you again."

"I would never physically hurt her. To hurt her would be to hurt you. I just want a chance to fix this. I promise I will not cause her any trouble."

"Not now Alice I still want to rip your head off. I need time and space from you. I will call you when and if I am ready to speak or see you."

She grabbed the hand of the blond that was with her and they ran. That left a pissed off Damon and Jasper with me. I turned to Damon.

"I did not know you were coming but I am glad that you are here."

I turned to Jasper he was looking at with me such sad eyes and so much pain. I felt my heart melt for him a little. I mean he just threatened to kill his mate and from the sounds of it Edward was right he did not want to leave me. He did not leave me on purpose I could see that now. I was going to walk over to him but Damon stopped me. I looked up at him and he shook his head. Jasper did not like that and started growling. I stepped between them stupid I know but I did not want them fighting. As soon as I put my hands on their chest they both stopped and looked at me.

"Please don't fight. Damon its ok let him speak I want to hear what he has to say."

Damon just nodded but stayed right by my side just in case he needed to get me away from my father fast. I looked over to Jasper and nodded my head.