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This is the next day after the events of chapter one

qrow's house

"GET UP!" qrow yelled "why? It's 6 in the morning" Tsuin said "I will not be easy on you guys my job is to get you ready to be able to face every and any grimm you can possibly face." Qrow said. "fine I'll make us breakfast" Tsuin said Tsuin got up got dressed and fried up everybody some eggs and bacon. "now that everybody's eaten What's the regimen?" Tsuin asked. "All of you for the first year is physical conditioning, every morning 50 laps around patch to help increases speed, then 1 hour of rest, next I'll throw boulders at you guys and you have to dodge to increase speed even further, then you have to be able to break said boulders with a punch eventually, then after this first year you will focus on technique training with the conditioning as you guys will be able to easily do the conditioning in half the time, for ruby I will teach you how to use a scythe, Yang We will have daily spars to increases your brawling skills, And Tsuin you will go to the ancient XiaoLong shrine and get training from the spirit of our ancestor the black swordsman." Qrow said. "cool" Ruby said dreamily "ok let's do this I refuse to let my loved ones get hurt like that again" yang said "let's do this the sooner we get it done the sooner we can go to beacon" Tsuin said "Tsuin will not e the only one going to the shrine the year after Tsuin is Ruby's turn She will be taught by Maka and Soul Xiaolong the best Scythe weilders in our leniage and after that Yang will be taught by Shio Xiaolong he was once known as the "100-Dan Street Brawler of Karate"." Qrow said "ok let's get started" Tsuin said.

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