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It is April 16 2050 10:00 A. Atlas hospital there is a girl with bright yellow hair being born to Hikarua Kuin and Kasia Kuin. Kasia is holding a baby girl with a small patch of bright yellow hair on top of her head. "What should we name her?" Kasia asked "Hikari because she is our light" Hikarua said. "Now rest sweety I'll watch over her while you get some much needed sleep." Hikarua said. "Ok honey" Kasia said drowsily.

6 years later

Hikari is out back practicing with her training katana destroying a lot of practice dummies. "Ok that's dummy #80" Hikari thought "Hikari time for dinner!" Kasia yelled "OK!" Hikari yelled back and she sheathed her training katana and set it down inside by the door. "Sweet we're having pepperoni pizza!" Hikari Said excitedly. And they started eating. "Well off to bed so you can train more tomorrow" Hikarua said. "Ok" Hikari said.

2 years later.

"I'm going to the Kuin family shrine" Hikari said "why?!" both of Hikari's parents said. "I'll make sure I don't lose anyone like my friend Hashirama did." Hikari said "We can't stop you but we won't help you either" Kasia said.