"Next" the bored voice of the receptionist asked.

A brown haired girl turned around to look at her father. She was terrified of where she was. Her father offered her a compassionate smile and the girl suddenly felt a lot calmer. The girl walked up to desk.

"Name?" the voice asked.

"Mead. Lydia Mead" the girl said.


A hand slapped the alarm to get it to stop. Out of the bed climbed a man, Chris Mead. Chris had blue eyes around brown hair. Chris was resident science teacher and deputy head teacher at Waterloo Road School. Chris turned over to see his wife, Nicole, still asleep. Nicole was his second wife, his first wife, Claire, died in a car accident on the M62. Chris had two children with his first wife, Megan who was 17 and Alice who was 7. Megan was 14 when Nicole died and Alice was only 3. Nicole also had a 16-year-old daughter named Lydia. Lydia had a strong disliking towards Chris, she felt that he was invading in on their family so quickly after the death of her dad (he was killed in an I.E.D explosion).

Chris got out of bed and pulled on a pair trousers and a black shirt and went downstairs. He turned on the TV and turned on the news as he made himself breakfast. He went out into the hallway to take out four large bags of books and tests that he had marked over the holiday. He stood in the kitchen drinking his cup of tea when he heard a creaking from a floorboard upstairs. He knew that it was his youngest daughter, Alice. She had a habit of getting up as soon as she heard Chris get up in the mornings. He knew exactly what she would want for breakfast it was the same every day. He put her toast in when suddenly Alice jumped straight onto his back.

"Good morning monkey" Chris said as the breath was taken out of him.

"I'm not a monkey," Alice giggled "I'm Alice."

"The way that you just jumped onto my back says otherwise" Chris said as he put Alice on to a chair at the counter in the kitchen. Alice was in her Little Mermaid onsie that they had got her when they were on holiday last year. She had long, light brown hair. She also had crystal blue eyes just her like her mum's. When Alice's toast popped he spread it with Nutella and placed it in front of her. Chris sat with her drinking his cup of tea.

"Daddy?" Alice asked.

"Yes sweetheart" Chris replied whilst washing up his mug.

"Why did you become a teacher because whenever we do science at school it really boring" Alice curiously said.

"I became a teacher because I wanted to teacher people, like your sister, about how exciting and important science is. Trust me, the older you get the more exciting science because you make things go…bang!" Chris said this as he grabbed Alice on the shoulders making her let out a slight squeal. Chris chuckled to himself and saw the time realising that he needed to wake Megan and Lydia. Chris went upstairs and decided that it might be easier to make Megan first.

He lightly knocked on Megan's door but got no answer. He opened the door and lightly called out Megan's name but still nothing. He approached her bed and knelt down and brushed the long brown hair out of her face.

"Megan, Sweet. You need to wake up now" Chris spoke quietly.

"Morning dad" Megan said half asleep.

Chris drew her curtains and left her room and went into Alice's to make up her bed. As he crossed the landing her could hear the shower running so he knew that Nicole must be awake. He made Alice's bed and pulled her curtains. He then realised that Lydia needed waking. Lydia was only his step daughter but Lydia had never truly excepted the fact Chris was her step dad. Chris found his relationship with Lydia incredible difficult. Chris knocked on Lydia's door and called out the same way he did with Megan, but still no response. So he pulled Lydia's curtains and at that moment she woke up.

"What you do that for?" Lydia asked.

"To get you up. I knocked but you didn't answer." Chris told her as he left the room.

"Next time send in mum. I might listen to her" Lydia shouted to him.

Chris shut her door as he left the room and turned to see Nicole stood behind him.

"Someone's in a good mood." Nicole said.

"I think that is her permanent mood when I'm about" Chris said to Nicole.

"She'll come around" Nicole said to Chris reassuringly.

"Only take another three years" Chris shouted back up the stairs.

"Typical sixteen-year-old" Nicole called after him.

For the remainder of the morning before he had to leave for the first day back, Chris spent helping Alice get ready for school before she left with Nicole. Lydia came downstairs and as she walked along the hallway she walked straight into Megan's shoulder and carried on walking.

"A sorry would have been nice" Megan shouted at Lydia.

"Maybe you shouldn't have got in my way then" Lydia shouted back at her.

"You saw I was there you should have moved out the way" argued back.

"Maybe if you saw me you should have got out of the way instead of blaming it on all on me." Lydia shouted as Chris came down the stairs.

"What is all the shouting about?" Chris asked.

"Nothing" Lydia said as she stormed away.

"Well it didn't sound like nothing to me" Chris said to Megan.

"It's fine. Nothing more than I can handle" Megan reassured her dad.

Chris outside loading his car up with bags that he put in the hallway earlier, when Nicole and Alice come out the house ready to go.

"Bye daddy" Alice said as she hugged Chris's legs.

"Bye sweetheart. Megan! Lydia! If you want a lift to school get out here now otherwise, you are walking" Megan came out the front door and got in the front of her dad's car.

"Lydia has already left" Nicole told Chris as she locked the front door.

"Of course she has" Chris muttered under his breath as he got into his car and pulled off of the drive and headed for Waterloo Road.