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Pain. Pain was always a constant. No matter what day it was. No matter if it was midnight or early afternoon. Pain was always around. I was who caused it that was sometimes different.

Some pain was easier to handle. The pain of bruises and cuts for example. The beating and attacks happened regularly so it was really no big deal. I became numb to it quickly. I knew what to do. To just curl into a ball and take it.

The pain of loneliness. The pain of being ridiculed. Of being cast off. Those hurt more than I could bare at the age of 7.

Yet, it was in the middle of one of these more vicious beating that my life changed forever.

It was a typical attack. A mob of villagers gather together with the intent of 'Making the world a better place' by causing my death.

I remember my screams the best of all. How my pleas and begs for them to stop fell on deaf ears is something I always remember, no matter how many hits to the head I receive.

And the strong, childish voice that made them all back off "STOP, STOP, WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING" I remember lying on the ground, looking up at a kid my age and his older brother. I remember being shocked because he was . . . . Crying. And i didn't know why. Why was he crying? Is he upset over what happened to me? That can't be. It's not like anyone ever cared about me being hurt before. I was confused by these turn of events. I remember being carried away, fast, if the winds whooshing by was any indication.

I knew that I should have been afraid and wary, I was being carried away to an unknown destination by a complete stranger, for goodness sake, yet I couldn't bring myself to feel anything. I was so tired of this life. Tired of endless pain and never knowing the reason why. I had just wanted everything to end.

So I let the darkness consume me, not having any fight left in me anyway.

When I came to, I remember panicking.

My body . . . is so heavy and stiff. So cold. My arms, my legs, I can't move them anymore. I felt like I was covered with stone. Is this some kind of torture, a new kind of punishment for a crime no one will tell me? No, it's dark, it's cold. I don't want to stay like this. I can't-. My eyes flew open in a panic, it took a second for my eyes to get used to the darkness, but when they did I came face to face with my savior.

He was leaning over me, his features slowly emerging from the gloom.

"Thank goodness." he breathed before he then he turned to the left" Big brother, she's awake. Itachi, her eyes are open" Then back to me "How are you feeling."

I just stared at him. There was something wrong with his face. But what . . . .

Slowly it dawned on me.

He didn't look at me right.

There was no hatred in his eyes, no fear or even resentment. Those were feeling that were always present in the villagers face, whenever I came into view. I saw them every time I looked into other people's faces. This is the first time anyone looked at me like I wasn't a monster.

Without them, those awful feelings, his face looked . . . . Gentle and inviting. A strange concept. A first even, I mean, beside Iruka sensei.

His face changed to concerned and interest, like I was someone he couldn't quiet figure out . . . . But why. Why would he be interested in me?

I slowly moved my hand to my head to help steady myself as I sat up. As I moved the boy's face broke into a pleased kind of expression that cause me to look at him oddly. Why would I make him happy? Why would he save me? What's in it for him? Why does he look at me differently than all the others?

I decided to ask "Why did you help me" I croaked out. With a throat still hurting for the abuse it took, I asked the question that had been eating away at me the most,

He looked shocked "Why. What kind of question is that? "His voice was heavy with outrage and disapproval. I flinched and curled into myself as I waited for him to hit me. I had upset him with my words. Now, I was going to pay. He really was like all the others.

"Hey what are you doing" he asked, tugging gently at my clenched hands that were crossed protectively over my torso. He peered at my face, unnerved by my reaction "Big brother, Somethings wrong with her." An edge of panic in his voice caused my heart to race even more as I waited. Is his brother the one who's going to beat me? I heard the crunching of grass under foot and then I felt someone crouch by me.

"It's okay, Sasuke. I think your tone just scared her a little" A soft hand smoothed back my spiky hair. I cried out in panic, expecting the worst. Both of them flinched at the sheer terror in my voice.

"Please don't hurt me. I didn't mean to upset you. Please" My voice faded out at the end as tear overflowed down my face. I pressed in on myself wishing I could just disappear into nothingness.

"Big brother, what's wrong with her. Why is she so afraid of us? "His voice filled with dread and uncertainty. "Did we do something wrong."

"No, Sasuke. We've- " He put a lot of emphasize on that word " - done nothing wrong. It was the other villagers. They hurt her, badly." I peered at them shyly, now unnerved by their actions. They haven made to hit me yet or even raised their voice at me. What are they waiting for? The other villager's maybe, but then why would they take me away from them originally? I struggled to find a good reason for their wait.

The big brother reached his hand out to touch me again and I cowered, waiting for the pain. Here it comes. Here's where he drops the act and turns on me. I wanted to run, to escape but I doubted my ability to stand, let alone walk.

His hand cupped my face, in a tender almost loving way. He made me look at him "We are not like the other villagers. We will not hurt you. I promise. We just want to help you"

And for some reason, I believed him. I relaxed slightly and got my first good look at both of them.

The younger brother was about my age, with jet black hair and red-ish eye's. I could tell already that he was going to be a real looker when he's older.

The older brother was by far the most handsome man I've ever seen. He was the total package. If i tried to describe him, I would not be doing him justice, so just imagine the hottest guy ever then times it by ten. That's him.

"Why did you help me" I asked again, my curiosity out weighing my fear of upsetting them.

"We couldn't just leave you there to get beat" The kid said "We had to do something"

"Really" I asked "No one's ever said that to me before. No one's ever stopped a beating before. "

"Then you haven't been around enough good people"

I blinked at him, stunned. Good people? Are there really such things. I thought they only existed in books.

My eyebrows knitted together as I timidly looked around. That's when I realized that we were on top of the Hokage monument. My heart started racing again. Are they going to throw me off the side of the mountain? Is that why they took me away from the mob? "I need to go" I forced myself to stand up

I felt around wildly for an excuse that would get me out of here." I was forbidden to come up here. I'll get in trouble. I need to go "

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down. Everything's okay. "The kid said soothingly "Stay here for a little while and then we'll take you home ourselves, right big brother." He gave me the sweetest smile I've ever seen in my life and I found myself sinking back down into a sitting position.

"Really" I asked again, in a small voice.

"Of course. I would never let anyone walk home alone after being attacked like that. What kind of a guy do you think I am" The older brother sounded insulted and I flinched.

"Are you going to hit me now" I whispered, looking up at him with pleading eyes, begging for his forgiveness.

"What, No, of course not. I would never hit you. "He stopped sounding hurt and was more surprised this time.

"Are we really scaring you that much" The little brother asked

I hesitated before nodding.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were so jumpy." he apologized. "Do you wanna go home?"

I nodded again and in one swift motion, was picked up off the ground by the big brother and carried away, in the same way a mother might carry there sleeping child.

My chin rested on his shoulder and my legs were on either side of his waist. His hands held me under the bum and prevented me from being jostled even as he jumped from roof top to roof top.

The rhythmic thumping of the older brother's feet was soothing and soon I relaxed again. Sasuke was on his brothers back and was holding on by his own strength. The older male gave no signs of stain as he carried two little kids across the village.

I turned my head so that I was looking at him "So what's your name" I asked sleepily.

"Oh, I'm Sasuke and this is my big brother Itachi"

"Oh, I'm Naruto Uzamaki. I-It's a pleasure to meet you" I waited for rage and anger that those words always seemed to bring, my name was a scourge to all who hear it, but instead the both just smiled.

"It's a pleasure to meet you too" The said in stereo

We soon reached my home, and I found myself wishing that the ride had lasted longer. No one had ever carried me like that before, besides Iruka-sensei. It was a wonderful feeling. I could even pretend, to some extent, that Itachi and Sasuke actually cared about me.

"Where are your house keys?"

I reached into my pocket and moved to get down. "I can take it from here"

"No chance." He gently took the keys from me and repositioned me so that he was using one hand to hold me and the other to open my front door. "Just relax. We'll take care of everything."

Sasuke hopped down from his brother and stood on his tippy toes so he was eye level with me "Yeah, what kind of friends who we be if we made you work after what happen. Not very nice one's that's what"

"Friends" I tried that unfamiliar word out, rolling my tongue and drawing out each letter more than what was needed. I had never said it before. I wonder what it meant "What's a friend"

"We are" Sasuke said proudly. "We're your friends and from now on if you ever need something don't hesitate to ask us"

"That's right" Itachi chuckled as we walked inside. A felt a flush of embarrassment when I realized that we were in my extremely messy room. Clothes and empty ramen containers littered the floor and made the place look awful. I wish I had thought to clean before going out.

"Here you go" With gentleness that surprised me, Itachi laid me down in bed and Sasuke pulled the sheets up over my chin.

"Don't leave yet" I begged, wanting there protection and comforting presence just a little while longer.

"We're not going anywhere" Sasuke said, climbing up to sit next to me. He actually fell asleep before me, the second his head hit the pillow. I did something weird with my lip when I looked at his sleeping face. I touching my lips in surprise.

"It's called a smile. You've done it before." Itachi said, looking amused as I played with my top lip "You've probably just never noticed it"

"I've done it before. Really." I tried to remember ever feeling this kind of happiness but I couldn't " I kind of like the feeling it makes, It's . . . . pleasant"

"Yes. Yes it is"

I soon felt myself slipping into unconsciousness

'Maybe, just maybe, good people really do exist outside of books' I thought as I snuggled into Sasuke's sleeping form.

It's already been several weeks since my chance meeting with the Uchiha brothers. At first, when I woke up and saw that they were gone, I was heartbroken, completely sure that I was never going to see them again. I went through my normal morning routine like a zombie. I was so out of it, that it took me a whole minute to realize I was trying to put my goggles on my feet instead of pants.

Sadness was like a plague. I couldn't escape it. I had never felt so lonely.

Then my doorbell rang. I opened it without thinking, past caring at this point. Sasuke and Itachi stood there, each carrying 3 different, very heavily looking bags.

They walked right in like they owned the place and said that we have a lot of work to do to make this place fit for living. "We were going to make over this apartment until it was completely spotless and amazing." Itachi declared, and Sasuke echoed his call while I just stared at them

Itachi brought paint, posters, wallpaper, picture frame, the whole works. Sasuke brought, pen, paper, color pencil, Knick knacks, the little stuff that made a home a home. Even as we worked, I noticed how unusually empty my house was. Despite the mess, there was nothing around that would suggest that a little girl lived here. No color, no pictures, no nothing.

It was a fun day, easily one the most fun I've ever had. We painted the walls, each taking a different room. Me, My bedroom, Itachi, the kitchen and Sasuke, the living room. It was supposed to be the same color each room, so that it matches but I quickly got board of that so I decided to dip my hands in different color paint and soon the walks were littered with blue, red, green and purple hand prints. Sasuke found that hilarious but Itachi actually looked a little disappointed.

Me and Sasuke started running around the apartment, our hands dripping with paint, touching everything we could. Walls, lamps, tables . . . Itachi. He was so pissed, when I gave him a green hand print on his butt and a pink one on the edge of his shirt. He caught me in a head lock and rubbed my short spiky head with his knuckles while Sasuke and I laughed out heads off. It was only until after he let go that I remember to be afraid and by then it didn't matter.

Soon Itachi gave in and joined the dark side and he actually lifted me and Sasuke up so that we could put our hand prints on the ceiling and the higher parts of the walls. I laughed so hard, when a drip of paint fell down, right on Sasuke's head and he freaked out, and started running around like a crazy person.

After that, Sasuke made a point to come a visit me every day. He always had some excuse for why he came but I was grateful none the less.

Within a few visits, me and Sasuke were best friends.

At first, I was too shy to really talk with him but I quickly got over it and we became fast friends. I must have seemed so pathetic. I was so un-used to having a friend around that I didn't know what to do. I was like a little duckling, following him everywhere like he was my mamma. Whenever he was around or came over for a visit, I didn't once leave his side. To Sasuke's credit, he didn't complain once about my action, he seemed to know that he needed to handle me with kid gloves despite being a kid himself. I actually think he likes the attention.

Sasuke was always there for me and he protected me whenever when I went out. And there was a lot in needed to be protected from. The villagers, for one, hated when I went out during the day time. The considered it a crime punishable by death. I learned that early on.

But with Sasuke at my side no one could say or do anything to me. It was my first time going outside during the day that didn't result in a beating so I wanted to make the most of it.

OOOOOOOOOOOH, SASUKE, WHAT"S THAT" I squealed, at what were probably completely ordinary everyday things judging by the looks Sasuke was giving me.

"It's called a peach. Have you never seen one before?"

I rolled the strange fruit around in my palm, weighing it out "Nope. Most Merchants won't sell anything to me. "


"I don't know. They call me a monster but . . . . won't tell me why I'm a monster"

"So are you. A monster, I mean"

I looked at him then back at the ground. Am I a monster? I never thought about that. So many people tell me I'm a monster, they treat me like a monster but am i really a monster. I looked at my hands, searching for something. "I don't know"

"Well, I do"

"You do" A part of me wanted to ask him, to grab onto his arms and shake him until he tells me but another part of me didn't want to know, wanted to run away before he said anything else.

"Yep. You're no monster. Anyone with two eyes and half a brain could see that"

I looked back at the fruit then at Sasuke "I'm not a monster" I said slowly, confused by those words when placed in that order.

"Yep besides you don't have claws or fangs. You don't have fangs right"

"Nope." I opened my mouth as wide as it would go "f'eeeeeee" I started giggling

"Yep, I see" he rolled his eyes at me. "Let's see what else the-" A loud clopping noise and a distressed scream caused us both to jump. A horse had broken away from a merchant cart and was now hurtling down the market place street. People dived out of the way and I could hear its owner screaming at it to come back.

It bolted down the street, half crazy and scared of something. I grabbed Sasuke, who had frozen when the horse broke free, by the sleeve and pulled him out of the horse path.

I ran right past us and straight into another merchant cart that was pulling out of the market place. The horse sent the cart toppling over, taking down the fruit stand, where we got the peach from, and a jewelry stand that I had admired from afar. The horse reared up, jumped over the broken cart and continued down the street at top speed.

People flocked to the scene. Luckily, no one had been manning either stand when the cart crushed them and it seemed that the man inside the cart was practically unharmed too, considering how he started yelling and cussing the second he was freed. "WHO DID THIS." he screamed at the top of his lungs, glaring at everyone in the crowd until someone finally spoke up.

"It was probably the demons fault." I tensed up, shrinking into myself as if that would make me less noticeable.

"Yeah" another voice rang out "She probably did something. You know how she loves to play pranks on people"

Then before long multiply voice were talking at once.

"If this is your idea of a joke, then you will be sorry"

"You have no right to be out here. Among normal people"

"Just go die in a ditch"

The merchant man marched right up to me, grabbed the front of my shirt and lifted me up off the ground. Or at least he tried. I had snaked my hand into Sasuke's when the first insults had started flying. When the man picked me up, Sasuke's hand tried to pull me back down. "Leave her alone. She didn't do anything. She was with me the whole time" Sasuke yelled, finally getting fed-up and kicking the man in his No-No zone.

He screamed out loud and tried to hit Sasuke. I wasn't going to have that so I opened my mouth as wide as it would go again, and bit down on the hand holding me. He yelled and started trashing around, eventually throwing me off. I fell towards Sasuke, landing on top of him with an oomph.

The villagers started screaming at this. The rushed forward in a mob and someone grabbed me by my hair. I was yanked to my feet as people shouted and cursed at me.

"How dare you attack an Uchiha"

"If you had any decency you'll go kill yourself"

"Forget that. I'll kill her myself"

Blow after blow rained down on my body. I looked around wildly for Sasuke but I couldn't find him in the confusing mass of tangled limbs. 'I hope he's okay.' It surprised me, that even while I was getting beaten to death, I was still worrying about Sasuke.

"What are you people doing? Get away from her" My heart leaped. Iruka-sensei.

I felt strong arms encircle me and the rush of air that mean we were air born. Iruka-sensei must have jumped out of the range of the mob.

He ran across the rooftops and I hung there limply until I remembered. "Sasuke" I choked out, struggling now "We can't leave him. The mob will-"

"Shhhhhh, Naruto. Don't worry about him. He's the one who came and got me."

My head flopped against Iruka-sensei's chest in relief and exhaustion. "He's okay"

"Better question, are you okay"

I quickly took inventory and nodded "I've had worse"

He sighed sadly "True"


"Sasuke" I breathed in relief.

Iruka-sensei jumped off the roof and back onto the ground. Sasuke was rushing toward us. I distinctly saw a small path worn into the dirt road. Had he been pacing all this time? Did he really care about me that much?

When Iruka-sensei set me up right, Sasuke engulfed me in a hug. I stiffened and automatically leaned away from his embrace. He stared at me, afraid by my response to his touch. "Carful Sasuke, Ow"

He released me when he realized what was going on. He had put unwanted pressure on my newly emerging bruises.

Iruka-sensei started to look me over "We need to bandage some of your cuts and bruises before anythin-"

"My mom can do it" Sasuke interrupted "My compound is close. I was actually headed there to get big brother before I ran into Iruka-sensei"

Iruka-sensei looked at him before finally asking "Um, Sorry kid, but do I know you"


"Then how did you recognize me" I raised an eyebrow at that too, then regretted it when pain spread through my head.

"The scar on your nose. Naruto told me all about you and she said that I could recognize you by that"

"Quick thinking kid, and thank you for looking out for my s- I mean, Naruto. I owe you one."

Sasuke looked ahead and, for some reason, didn't acknowledge what Iruka-sensei said. We walked in silence, except for the scuffing of our shoes against the rough dirt.

We quickly came to Sasuke's clan's compound and were waved through when the guards recognized who Sasuke was. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing i heard was Sasuke yelling "Mom, get the med kit."

And then the opening of a door as Sasuke's mom stepped out to greet us. "What are you talking abou-" She broke off when she saw me. For a long moment no one said anything and I stiffened visibly. What if Sasuke's mom didn't like me? What if she forbids Sasuke and Itachi for speaking and hanging around with me?

I don't want to be alone again.

I opened my mouth to say something when Sasuke's mom opened the front door all the way, a clear invitation to come in and then disappeared herself.

"Sasuke, take her to the living room. I'll be there soon with the first aid kit. "Sasuke's mom's voice echoed from down the hall.

"This way" I didn't try to follow our path through Sasuke's house. I rested my head against Iruka-sensei's shoulder and attempted to go back to sleep.

"Is she still asleep?"

"Yeah, I think she woke up briefly when we arrived but I think she's gone again. Poor kid, she's had a rough day"

Sasuke didn't say anything about Iruka-Sensei's comment. "We're here, do you think we should wake her up"

A loud, ear splitting racket solved there problem for them and banished any hope of me going back to dreamland. Sasuke's mom came hurrying into the room with an entire ambulance under her arm. I stared as she unpacked at least 50 different bottles for medicine and creams then at least 20 rolls of bandages. "Why do you have so much stuff?"

Sasuke mom didn't even look at me "I have everything I need in case my boy's get hurt"

Okay, overprotective much. I saw Sasuke shifted and his face turn red in embarrassment.

"So what happened" Sasuke's mom asked as anointed my arm with cream that at first stung but then soothed a particularly painful cut.

"Actually, I'd like to know that too. The Villagers don't usually attack you in broad daylight. They like to wait for the cover of dark . . . . . those cowards"

In an emotionless, hard voice Sasuke told them everything leading up to when we got separated. "When the swamped her, I couldn't get through the mass of bodies. I knew I had to do something so I rushed home, hoping that big brother was back from his mission so that he could help. I was panicking so much that I didn't look where I was going. I literally ran into Iruka-sensei. "

"Ahh" exclaimed Iruka-sensei "That explains everything." Catching Sasuke's mom's eye, Iruka-sensei hurried to explain the rest of the story "Once I learned what happened, I, of course, rushed to Naruto's side, pulling her from them and getting her to safety. Sasuke them suggested we come here to get Naruto looked at by you"

She quickly wrapped my arm up with a bandage and then moved to my legs, which were in slightly better shape. It took Sasuke's mom about 5 minutes to cover all my cuts and bruises with medicine.

"You're ready to go now but I recommend you stay here for a little while longer. Get your strength back"

"Well, that's my cue to leave." He patted my spikey hair and turned to leave. Sasuke's mom blocked his path "Your leaving" Her tone was dangerous and scary. I clutched Sasuke's arm and hid behind him.

"I've got guard duty tonight and now that I know Naruto's okay, I need to leave if I'm going to make it in time" He said carefully. Probably knowing what he says now is the difference between him living a long life and him living for only a few more seconds.

When she still didn't look happy, I cut in, saving his life. "Its okay, Miss Uchiha. I know Iruka-sensei would stay if he could but he has other responsibilities too"

Her expression softened and she patted my hair, like Iruka-sensei did. "Well, I guess if you're okay with it" Shooting me a grateful look, Iruka-sensei quickly left before Sasuke's mom could change her mind

"Hey, Mom. Can I take Naruto up to my room" his voice was blank, still emotionless; I glanced at him, now worried.

"Sure but you must take her home before your father gets back" Her tone implied no arguments and Sasuke nodded. I was surprised by his quick agreement. But maybe that's how families work. I heard that the kids are supposed to do whatever their parents said but I had never imagined Sasuke or Itachi listening to anyone else besides each other.

Sasuke lead me up a flight of stairs, going slow so that I could keep up. As I looked around, i noticed that his house had like a thousand different rooms and doors. "Just how many people live here?"

"Just me, Mom, dad and Itachi. Why"

"Then how come you have so many rooms"

"Oh, dad's the head of our clan so we get the most prestigious house. It's pretty creepy at night, I can tell you that. "His tone was unnervingly bland with no hint of emotions.

"So how do you find your way around?"

"I don't. I only know how to find my room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the front door" A hint of amusement played on his lips and I began to relax.

I giggled. "So I guess a tour is out of the question"

"If you want to see any of those 4 spots, I'd be happy to accommodate you"

This time we both laughed, and I relaxed for a second, thinking Sasuke was back to his old self, until his laughter broke off suddenly, like he was remembering something unpleasant and now didn't feel like laughing.

"What is it" I asked, getting fed up with trying to read his body langue to figure out what's troubling him.

"Nothing" he replied a little too fast.

"Don't lie to me" When he still didn't respond, I grabbed his arm "Sasuke, talk to me" We slowed to a stop at the entrance of another hallway

After a few minutes of silence, I think Sasuke finally realized that I wasn't going to back down because he finally said "I couldn't do anything. You were being attacked and I couldn't do anything to help you" he muttered, staring at the ground.

Ahhh, so the truth finally comes out

"Sasuke, that's not-"

"DON'T YOU SAY IT'S NOT MY FAULT? JUST DON'T OR I SWEAR I'LL EXPLODE" he shouted at me. I gasped and flinched away from him. I tried to play it off but he didn't buy it.

"Sorry... I didn't mean to scare you"

"No big deal" I said off-handily.

"Stop doing that." he snapped. I was ready for it this time and just manage to stop myself from reacting.

"Stop down what?" I asked, surprised at how calm my voice sounded

"Stop . . . Stop letting me off the hook"

"You want me to be mad at you" I asked, confused.

"Yes, No, I don't know." he let out a frustrated groan and ran his fingers through his hair hazardously "They attacked you. They attacked you" He repeated that over and over again, until I finally broke in "So"

"So. So. SO. "He started swinging his hands around, in a tantrum-like way. "It was because of me. "Oh, I see "YOU LANDED ON ME AND YOU GOT BEAT BECASUE OF IT. IT'S MY FAULT. IT'S ALL MY FAULT. I-"

I enveloped him in a hug. He froze at the unexpected contact, inadvertently causing his hands to fall limply at his sides. "You stupid boy. It's not your fault. It's not. It's the villager's faults for being such idiots. You can't let them in. You can't let them get to you or they've already won."

"But what if . . . . what if by hanging with me gets hurt again?"

I sighed "I can't promise that I will never get hurt. No one can promise that. Even if you do stop being my friend, it's no guaranty that I will be safe. So what happen next time the villagers attack and you're not around to help? I need you to be there for me. You make me feel safe, so please don't think about leaving my side again. "

He relaxed slightly and sighed "I'm not going any-" We both jumped.

The front door slammed loudly from downstairs and a familiar voice called out "Mom, we're home"

I pulled away from Sasuke and smiled, happily "Itachi's back "I all but sang "let's go say-" My voice dropped out when I looked back at Sasuke's face. He looked horrorstruck. "What's wrong?"

"Dad's home" his voice was a hoarse whisper.

"Cool, I get to meet your father after all" I started down the stairs.

"NO" Sasuke blocked my path, throwing his arms out wide, almost like he wanted to hug me, or restrain me. "We need to get out of here. Now" My eyes widened at that. "Why. I don't understand"

"Just trust me. Please, we don't have time to argue now"

I thought it over for a brief second before nodding. "Okay, whatever you think is best"

"We can go through the window in my room, Follow me" He said, relieved. I nodded and went without asking any question.

I trusted him. Or at least I think I do. I've never trusted someone before so this is new territory. We walked in silence before we came to an unremarkable door. Sasuke pushed right through it and I followed suit.

His room was a stereotypical boy's room. There were dozens of different kind's sports balls, posters of famous Ninja's, dirty clothes on the ground, the works. I also noticed that, like my room, his was too empty. Sure he had posters and other stuff but I got no sense of what Sasuke liked to do or who he was. This room wasn't his, even if he lived in it

"Do you like playing sports that much" I asked causally.

"Not really" he said, too distracted to give me a better answer. "I only have those because Dad said an Uchiha should be well rounded"

His dad again, huh. HE must be very important to Sasuke, judging by the way he talks about him.

Sasuke opened his window "Follow me. We'll walk across the roof and jump to the neighbor's house before going to the ground again."

"Sasuke, Is it really so bad if your father sees me" This seems like a lot of trouble to go through for something so . . . . . .

"Of course, it is. If Dad saw you-" He curled his hand into a fist and clenched his teeth. He looked pained, a weird look for someone so young.

And my intuition finally flickered on.

His dad didn't like me. His dad thought I was a monster like most of the town.

His dad might try to kill me.

As if brought on my by revelation, a knock came through the door. "Sasuke, I need to talk to you. I'm coming in"

It was his dad.

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