This is just an idea on how Jeff may have meet Kayo/Tanusha/Tin-Tin. I know there are official stories somewhere (I think…) but this was just an idea.

You can see this as pre International Rescue or once it had started.

Disclaimer - No matter how hard i wish, I still do not own Thunderbirds :(

Her long black hair was tangled like a hard worked rope. Eyes wide and staring, panicking. Jagged breathing, with rasps that made you wince. The bottom of her feet were ripped to shreds from the glass shards, that lay scattered across the floor. She yanked her sizzling body underneath the putrid cloud of heat and screams. The layer of air slowly shrank as the black cloud sank like a sinking ship, ready to suffocate her. Her eyes streamed as the fumes fried her throat. Chewed nails grasped desperately at the window frame, as a haze crossed her vision. "Help…" she gasped faintly as she thudded to the floor.

Breathing amplified by his mask he wore, he ran up the stairs, protected from the flames by his suit. His muscles strained to carry the large tin oxygen container. He squinted, trying to perceive something through the swirling gases. He glanced left and right, searching for signs of life before approaching the shattered window. Razor shards lined the edge like sharks teeth. His foot caught something and he spun, head over heels before landing with a loud crash. Groaning, he pulled himself to his feet. He stared back, and he saw what he had tripped over. It was who they were looking for. "I found her" he called out to his colleagues.

Machines bleeped and whirred as she spun back into consciousness. She choked and gagged on the oxygen tube that was down her throat. She tried sitting up but a gentle hand forced her back down. "Take it easy.". Her eyes caught his. He was older than she expected, at least 50 or so. With shaggy grey hair and chocolate brown eyes, he looked like someone's grandad from a reality tv show, except for the dark purple bruise across his forehead, and the blackened fireman's suit. When he tracked her eyes to the bruise he laughed. It was a beautiful sound, that reminded her deep rolling hills and valleys. "I tripped" He stated bluntly "Over you. Good thing as well, or I might have been too late.". She slowly broke into a smile. "Who are you?" She asked gradually, as her throat was raw and she was in a lot of pain. He threw a grin at her. "Jeff, Jeff Tracy." He told the 11 year old with a smile. "Tanusha Kyrano" she wheezed back.