Chapter 1: Enter Ellix

I staggered through the thick canopy, panting all the way against the heavy humid air brushing leaves longer then my arms out of my face. Finally I came across a small clearing surrounded by thick colourful trees just allowing streams of light to slip through the vines onto the ground below me.

I was wearing a dark yellow open short-sleeved shirt that had a large red "O" imprinted on the back, I also had a pair of dark green shorts on with brown laced hiking boots. An orange strap was slung over my shoulder connected by a metal cylinder filled with water by my waist, wiping my forehead I unscrewed the top and took a big gulp of water before screwing the top back on again.

Before I could continue though I was interrupted by a large rustling sound behind me, I turned to see a humongous Kimono dragon with steel-like scales and a long neck and tail (with an iron mace connected on the end) and large protruding fangs that couldn't fit in its mouth.

We stared at each other for a moment. "What the hell do you want?" I asked, it replied by licking its pointed teeth with its reptilian tongue and narrowing its eyes at me like I was a sausage. Suddenly it reared its head and thrashed forward, mouth gaping to swallow me whole. "Soru!" I cried and with that I jumped into the air at the speed of light, the giant lizard looked around confused for a second, wondering where its snack had gone.

"Rankakyu!" I yelled whipping my leg sending a scythe of air so fast it appeared like a silver wave towards the unsuspecting reptile. Unfortunately the wave made impact with the lizards torso and fizzled out leaving only a small wisp of smoke behind.

Landing safely behind it I noticed how little damage I had done and crossed my arms. "Man! You've got some tough skin there!" On that remark it looked in my direction, narrowing its slit eyes, roaring as a means to intimidate me but instead covering me with spit. After wiping the drool off of me I walked up to the over-sized gecko and placed both my fists against its stomach. It looked at me and opened its jaw ready to crush me, finally getting its stubborn meal.


A powerful blast emitted from my fists smashing into its stomach, the lizard seemed to freeze for a moment, with a pained expression on its face, before it flew across the jungle smashing into several trees and falling unconscious.

I leaped onto the creatures stomach and looked down at it. "ALRIGHT! I WIN! DON'T MESS WITH WODOS T. ELLIX!" I shouted at the white-eyed lizard. 'And now I'm talking to a probably dead lizard' I thought. 'I REALLY have to find everyone.' I slid off the creatures stomach and walked on my way. I considered bringing the monster with me as lunch, before realising my teeth would break on its scales. I looked up with determination. 'No matter what...I'll find nakama.'


I stormed through the town angrily looking back. 'Stupid ossan!' I yelled in my mind 'I don't care what he says! I'm gonna be a pirate, it was his fault anyway for training me in Rokushiki! He'll see! I'LL FIND ONE PIECE AND BE THE PIRATE KING!'

Just as the speech crossed my mind the ground in front of me exploded, screaming I leaped back and stared into the smoke that had appeared in front of me. In the newly formed crater was a boy, 17 I thought, so a year older then me, wearing a red vest, blue shorts and oddly a straw hat with a red ribbon tied around it.

"H-Hey! Are you okay!? D-Did you just fall from the god damn sky!?" I screamed frantically at him, still not over my shock.

He turned and looked at me with a blank face, He had shaggy black hair and a scar under his left eye. "Huh? Who are you?" He asked, tilting his head at me.

"Answer my question first! How can you fall from the sky and be okay!?"

"Oh." He answered smiling a big toothy grin "That's easy!" I then watched with bug-eyes as he hooked his finger into his mouth and STRETCHED IT to the length of his arm! "I'm a rubber man!"

"Rubber? Did you eat a Devil Fruit?"

"Yep! The Gum-Gum Fruit!"

Suddenly he leaped to his feet and screamed. "Oh no! I have to find Zoro! See ya Skinny!" He then promptly turned and ran off.

I stared for a few seconds before reacting. "Sk...what? Zoro? Sk...Zo...Sk-Skinny!? Wait up!" I yelled dashing after him until I ran alongside him. "Just who the hell are you!?"

He then turned to me and gave me another toothy grin. "I'm Monkey D. Luffy! The man who's gonna be the Pirate King!"

Flashback End

"Luffy." I whispered. "Don't worry, no matter how long it takes, I'll find you, and her...and all our friends!" I then sped off further into the jungle.