Chapter 12: Arrival at the Red Line! The Straw Hats meet Camie and Pappug!

"We made it...we finally made it this far!" A young man yelled. He was wearing a dark blue shirt with no sleeves and black shorts, not forgetting his straw hat. This was my captain, Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and known by his enemies as 'Straw Hat Luffy'.

"It's been quite a journey, that's for sure." I said. I had on a black and red checkered short sleeved shirt with baggy brown shorts. I am Wodos T. Ellix, the lookout, known as 'Rokushiki Nightmare'.

"It's been so long, it's such a deep feeling." An orange haired woman sighed, she wore a yellow shirt with orange flowers on it, accompanied by a white pair of short shorts. This was our navigator and the most important person in the world to me, 'Cat Burglar' Nami.

"That was raining fiercely." A blond haired cook spoke up, it hung over his left eye, whilst his other eye showed he had a weird swirly eyebrow. He was dressed in a crisp black suit and tie, smoking a cigarette. Sanji, 'Black Leg' Sanji, was his name.

"We've grown a lot since that time." A green haired man said with a smirk. He had on a red and white shirt too, although it was in vertical stripes, followed by some black trousers and boots. 'Pirate Hunter' Roronoa Zoro, but everyone called him Zoro.

"I...It's taken me 50 years to make it here." This came from a skeleton with an afro dressed in gentlemanly attire. Brook, the musician of the Straw Hats and 'Dead Bones' Brook.

"Shishishi!" Luffy laughed. "Anyway, we're halfway done! The Twin Capes where we met Laboon are on the other side of this sea and are connected by this wall! I'm glad we made it this far without losing anyone!"

'Luffy sounded smart!' I inwardly gasped.

"It's so huuuuuuge! I can't see the top!" 'Cotton Candy Lover' Chopper, our doctor, called out. He looked like a reeindeer, apart from the fact he was dwarf-sized, stood on two legs, had a blue nose, and wore pink shorts and a matching hat with a white cross on it.

"The Red Line!" We all cried out together. Before us was a giant looming rock wall, our ship, the Thousand Sunny, was dwarved by it.

"I feel like much has happened." A long nosed man wearing a blue and white bandanna with a matching shirt sobbed. The sniper Usopp, also known by his alter-ego, Sogeking, 'The King of Snipers'.

Our shipwright 'Cyborg' Franky spoke next. "I remember going over Reverse Mountain from South Blue, but that was over 30 years ago!" He had light blue hair and thick arms with blue stars imprinted on them, and wore sunglasses with a purple hawaiin shirt trousers...just speedos...

"5 years ago...I came to this sea from West Blue." The raven haired woman spoke with a lot of experience. She had on a dark purple shirt with matching skinny jeans. 'Devil's Child' Nico Robin, or just Robin to us.

"Yosh!" Luffy said with determination in the face of the giant rock wall. "I'm gonna be...the Pirate King!"


We were all relaxing on the Sunny for a while before we started again, we had been travelling non-stop for days after all, plus the whole Shiki incident.

"Wahoo! This pools great!" Usopp called out. He and Chopper were swimming in the Sunny's inflatable pool, Chopper wearing an inflatable tube due to would Usopp put this? Devil-Fruit-caused-sink-like-a-hammer disease, even though it's not really an illness.

"I wanna try as well!" I whined. Truth be told it looked too cold for my liking.

"Then come on in! There's an extra tube!" Chopper called.

" thanks."

"Wimp!" They both called out together.


The two burst out laughing. I just sighed, my nakama are really important to me, but thay are annoying sometimes. I glanced at a certain skeleton and cyborg. 'Especially those two.'



"He's a true man!" Luffy and Chopper wailed.


I refused to look at the half-naked cyborg pervert. I was a man damn it! Nami had finally got together with me! I was NOT gonna look at...THOSE.

"Luffy, I believe Franky may need a bit more...persuasion." I got interested by Robin's voice, the final word obviously having a hidden meaning.

"Nani? What do you mean Robin?" I heard Luffy ask.

I heard a faint giggle, it just reeked of maliciousness. "Dos Fleur..." I heard a very faint blooming sound, after quickly debating what to do in my head curiosity got the better of me and I turned around, peeking through two fingers.

To my relief Franky had turned around, at first I couldn't see anything, but after swerving around a certain area I saw two arms sprouting from his legs, hanging close to his...manhood.

'No...' I gasped in my head. Franky was sweating bullets.

'She wouldn't...' Me, Luffy and Chopper leaned over the edge of our new ship.

'Not even Robin is THAT cruel!' I tried to tell myself in my head. After a few seconds which felt like hours, she finally spoke.


I heard a pair of hands clench together...quickly copied by the pair on Franky's legs.

"OOOOOOOWWWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW" Franky yelled with a horrible look on his face as his 'treasures' were grabbed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Chopper shrieked.

"THE PAIIIIIIIIIIIIN!" I shouted, almost as if it was me.

"THEY HAVE BEEN GRAAAAAAAAABBED!" Luffy called, all of our eyes popping out of our skulls.

"OOOOOWWWWWOOOOW! OW! OW! OW! OOOOOWOOOOOOOOOW!" Franky cried out in pain, scuttling back and forth like a crab as he could only endure the torture that only a man can imagine.

"THEY'LL POP LIKE GRAPES!" I screamed frantically.

"AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!" Chopper wailed for the cyborg.

"H-Hey Robin! Don't take them off! I still want him to be a man when he joins!" Luffy told our archeologist, trying to make her spare Franky's precious items.

Finally the hands released their prize, allowing Franky to collapse from the pain.

"It hurts just thinking about it..." Chopper whispered.

I crossed my legs and placed my hands over my own out of reflex and fear. "Please don't do that to me Robin..." I squeaked.

She smiled at me. "Of course not...Lookout-san."

Still, that didn't stop me from keeping away from her for the next few hours.


I just stood there, my lower jaw against the floor. Why? Because there was a frikkin SKELETON, who was ALIVE, and had an AFRO, on a GHOST SHIP, talking with Luffy! How many times had anyone seen that!? Oh! Right, NONE!

Luffy, however was loving every minute, watching as the skeleton leaned 45 degrees against the mast and making skull jokes. After more laughing from Luffy he noticed the rest of us, particularly Nami.

"Ah! Please forgive me for not noticing a beautiful lady such as yourself." He said politely. "I have quite a thing for beautiful ladies."

He gently rested his cane against a table and straightened what looked like a blue bowtie, then began walking over to us. I went into a battle stance just in case as he bowed before Nami, I had to admit, this guy was very well-mannered. He then spoke. "May I please see your panties?"

Well, there goes that theory.

The skeleton recieved a triple death kick from me, Nami and Sanji. "NO WAY IN HELL!"

Flashback End

Luffy, Robin and Brook all climbed down the hatch into the awesome Shark Submerge III, as Nami took a seat in front of a Den Den Mushi I walked over and sat beside her.

"This is it! Once we find Fishman Island we'll be off to the New World!" I said.

She smiled at me. "Yep, your real families in the New World right?"

"Yeah!" I thought for a minute, then got all gloomy. "Hey Nami?"


"What if...what if my family hates me?" I asked sadly. "Or what if they're all a bunch of snobbish jerks, or even marines? Is it really okay for me to meet them?"

"What are you talking about?" Nami replied, slinging an arm around me. "Don't tell me your worrying now we're here. Who could hate you? Besides, if your families half as good as you we'll be fine."

"Doriririri! 'Cause I'm a noble baka right?" I said using my nickname.

She smiled. "Right."

I thought for a second. "Hey! Let me show you something!" I reached into my pocket and pulled out the chest that previously held the Dream-Dream Fruit. "Look at this." As Nami craned her head to see I turned the chest over, revealing the letters 'SRE' on the bottom.

"'SRE'? What does that mean?" She asked.

"I don't know, hopefully I'll find out when I meet my family!" I replied, placing it back in my pocket.

She nodded. "Of course you will, now, we'd better get in touch with the others." Chopper and Usopp got out of the pool to crowd around us along with Franky as Nami picked up the Den Den Mushi and spoke into it.

"How is it Robin, Luffy, Brook?" She spoke into the...thingy.

"It's no good, it's all dark." Robin replied.

"It's too dark! Uwahhh! Hey! Hey! Something shined just now!" Luffy's energetic voice shouted through.

"Ahhhh! A sea monster! I'm going to die! Ah, but I'm already dead. Yohohohoho!" Brook's skull joke was also sent through. "By the way Nami-san, what panties are you wearing today?"

"SHUT UP! TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!" Nami and me yelled at the snail with shark expressions, causing Chopper to jump back in shock.

"He's certainly brave..." Usopp mumbled.

"You guys! The Shark Submerge's depth limit is 5,000 feet. Be careful!" Franky lectured them.

There was a bunch of inaudible mumbling followed by a girly shriek from Brook. We all just sweat-dropped.

"I don't ever wanna ride the Shark Submerge..." Chopper whispered to Usopp.

"Me neither..." Usopp whispered back.

"Nami-swaaaaaaaan!" A recognisable voice called out, as Sanji twirled across the deck with a small plate and fork. "I have made you a wonderful Thriller Bark Tart without the horror!"

Nami accepted the plated treat. "This is troublesome..." She sighed, eating a slice of the tart. "Delicious!" She noticed me and cut off a slice, I thanked her for her generosity.

"Ellix." Three voices whispered. "Get us a slice too." I looked at them and stuffed the whole thing in my mouth, grinning evilly at them whilst they silently cursed my luck. The tart was nice and sweet with a good mix of strawberry and vanilla, though I daren't ask for more.

"Even if we know where to go..." Nami said, staring at the Log Pose on her wrist, the needle pointing straight down. "How exactly do we get to Fishman Island?"

Suddenly the Shark Submerge rose up next to the Sunny, with it's three passengers exiting.

"Welcome back you guys!" Nami called over the edge.

"Let me come with you next time!" I also called.

"Woohoo! That was fun! Shame we couldn't see the bottom, is there really a Fishman Island?" My captain yelled.

"I've never been in a submarine before, what a wonderful experience!" The skeleton musician chortled.

"We couldn't go any deeper even if we wanted to, we didn't find anything." Our archeologist sighed.

Nami rested her head in her hands. "Great, I should have asked Lola for more details."

I patted her shoulder. "You'll think of something Nami, you always do! Your the best navigator ever!"

"But this is a something different..." She huffed.

Just then the water began to bubble, and what looked like a mix between a giant fish and a RABBIT burst out of the water.

"Ehhhhh!? That sea monster followed us!" Luffy screamed with his eyes popping out and shark teeth.

"A Sea Bunny!" Nami yelled.

"Hahahahaha! A Sea Bunny!? Really?" I laughed.

The stupid monster went to bite down on Sunny, but Luffy and me quickly interjected. "Don't think you can beat me above the ocean!" Luffy cried, twisting his arm back.



We both built up energy in our fists as the creature came too close for comfort.



Our fists slammed into it's stomach, I don't think it could have taken Luffy let alone both of us. It roared in pain and looked like it spat something out before it was thrown back into the sea with its eyes rolled into the back of its head. Afterwards we turned our attention to the supposed spitball, only to find it was a figure.

"A fish?" Luffy asked, clearly confused.

However as it descended closer and closer we realized it had a human upper body and...a fish tail.

"No way!" I gasped.

"It...IT CAN'T BE!" Sanji yelled, his eye turning into a massive pink heart.

The unknown figure crash landed on top of Sanji, and upon closer inspection it turned out there were two of them, the other orange starfish with eyes, a mouth and a hat...I'm just used to it.

Luffy's eyes bugged out again. "Nani!? There's something weird there too!"

The other figure, who was now officially confirmed to be a mermaid, sat up. She had green hair of a lighter tone then Zoro's and her tail was a bright pink, she also had on a yellow shirt with the 'Criminal' brand logo on the front. I could tell as Marcus had given me several 'Criminal' shirts before he got killed. Plus she wore a yellow seashell backpack.

The mermaid looked at Sanji, making her eyes pop out and her mouth gape in a large square of shock, a really odd face fault. "Ehhhhhh!?" She cried. "I've flattened a human!" She sat Sanji up straight. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay!?"

"I'm perfectly fine." Sanji cooed with a heart eye.

"A fin...and a tail...A MERMAID!?" The rest of the crew minus me, Luffy, Robin and Zoro (who was absent) yelled, their eyes bugging out, that was happening a lot.

"Ahhhh! I'm surprised! There are so many humans here!" The mermaid in question screamed, face-faulting once more. However she quickly grew calm again. "Anyway, thank you for saving me from getting digested! I'm easy pickings for marine animals. That's the 20th time now!"

I fell over. "20th!? Are you kidding me!?"

She smiled. "I have to thank you somehow, I know! Do you like takoyaki?"

Luffy and me leapt in front of her with sparkles around our heads. "Takoyaki!? That's my favourite food!" Luffy said.

"That sounds great! I love takoyaki!" I said.

She clasped her hands together. "Great! That will be 500 berri each!"

Suddenly the orange starfish jumped up and hit her over the head. "This isn't a store!" It yelled.

"Oh no! I forgot!" She shouted, face-faulting once more.

Everyone apart from the women stared at the mermaid and starfish with large eyes and dropped jaws at the statement.


"Mermaiiiiiids! The love of my liiiiife! Mermaiiiiids! So pretty and diviiiiiine!" The Ero-cook sang, dancing around our new acquaintance with noodle legs and emanating hearts. "So cuuuuute! I've never met a real mermaid before! Did you say your name was Camie?"

We had all introduced ourselves and she had returned the favour, Keimi was indeed her name.

"And what happened to Kokoro-bassan?" Usopp questioned.

Suddenly Sanji got a very dark, depressed aura and started coughing up blood. "Thriller Bark? No, that was nothing. Do you want to know what installed TRUE fear into my heart?"

No, no! Let's just not speak about it okay?" Usopp replied.

"You guys are just rude." Nami sighed.

"Yeah." I agreed. "Nami told me she saved your life!"

He looked at me with a dark expression. "You would have understood if you were there...but were were off being the 'Spiky Ghost'."

His own nickname for my nightmare form annoyed me a lot and he knew it. "Don't call me that!"

"Naniiiii? Kokoro-bassan was a mermaid?" Luffy obliviously asked Franky. "But she walked around and stuff."

"Oh right, you never found out huh?" The cyborg replied, rubbing his chin. "It's all a matter of timing."

"Kokoro-bassan a mermaid? That's really gross..." Luffy said to himself.

The demoness that was Nami punched him in the face. "Don't say stuff like that!" She returned to normal and huffed. "Honestly, what do you think mermaids are?"

"Woman with fish tails instead of legs." I said with a nod of my head.

She looked at me with half-lidded eyes.

"She is rather cute though." Robin said.

"This is my first time meeting a mermaid as well!" Brook sang. As he walked up to her, seeing as he couldn't ask her for panties he asked for something else. "Please may you lend me some money?"

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Sanji roared, kicking the skeleton.

"SKELETON!" Camie shrieked, face-faulting yet again.

"What do you think your doing frightening her you stupid skeleton!?"

"Look! My head can open up as well! Isn't it grand?" The musician said, proving his point.

"Niiiiiice!" Camie recovered, clapping her hands.

"What a quick 180." Usopp mumbled.

Then the captain joined the fray. "Hey! Can you poop?"


"Well, actually-"


Over the chaos a depressed voice spoke up. "Camie...Camie...what's wrong...what's wrong...aren't you missing someone?" We turned to the owner to see that weird hat-wearing starfish, leaning against the wall with a depressing shadow over him. "Over there...having such fun...aren't you missing someone?...Who could it be?...Could it be me?"

"Can you stop rhyming please?" I called. "We can all hear you."

Luffy went over and proceeded to poke him. "Oh yeah Camie, what's this weird glove thing?"

"Oh right! I completely forgot!" She gestured to him, making him stand as proudly as possible with his arms crossed. "That is Pappug! My pet and master! He's a starfish!"

"Apparently starfish can talk." Usopp mumbled.

"Pet and master?" Nami asked.

"That doesn't sound right." I added.

Pappug sat on the railing with a guitar that appeared out of nowhere. "She keeps me as her pet...Camie! She gives me so many claaaams" He sang, playing a few notes.

"She feeds you." Nami simplified.

"Wrapped around her little finger." I whispered to Nami, which she smiled at.

Then he began singing for some reason. "Am I a humaaaan? I'm a starfish, but not a humaaan. Not a humaaaaan? I'm not a human, but a starfiiiish. Are you really busyyyy? Oh noooo. We've got plenty of hands around hereeeee." He then turned to us and gave us a thumbs a starfish...with NO THUMBS. "Thank yooooou!"

"You have THUMBS!?" I yelled, voicing my mind.

"And this shirt is from the 'Criminal' brand." Camie continued pointing to her item of clothing. "It's really popular on Fishman Island, and Pappug is the designer! I wanna be a designer too someday."

"You were supposed to laugh!" The starfish yelled, regaining his depressed shadow.

"So that's where 'Criminal' came from?" I asked.

"You know about it!?" Camie asked back, face-faulting (I'd gotten used to it.).

"Yeah, my friend Marcus gave me some, guess that means he went to Fishman Island." I said with a nod.

Pappug instantly jumped up, "Really!? To think even humans so far out are wearing 'Criminal' brand shirts now! I must be a genius!"

"Seriously, how can you talk?" Luffy questioned the now energetic starfish.

"A very good question! When I was born I thought I was a human, by the time I found out I was a starfish, I could speak human language." He explained.

"Wow...that's...determination." I hesitantly said.

"Does it really work like that?" Luffy, blunt as always.

"The world works in many strange and frightening ways." Pappug wistfully said with outstretched arms. "That's just the way it is. So as you can see, I am Pappug, an up-and-coming designer. Thank you for saving my life!"

"But this is really great timing!" Nami said. "We were having a bit of trouble, can we just ask-"

"Oi Nami!" Luffy said, spreading his arms out. "The takoyaki comes first!"

"Luffy! Don't interrupt Nami!" I said. "While I'd normally agree with you the situation we have at the minute is-"

"Oh yes! Of course! You must have some takoyaki as thanks!" Camie agreed.

I sighed in defeat. "Sorry Nami."

She patted my back. "We both knew how this would end."

"I'll just call Hacchin so we can meet up!" The mermaid said, taking out a Den Den Mushi.

'Hacchin?' I thought, crossing my arms. 'Why does that name sound so familiar?'

"Hello there Hacchin? This is Camie, sorry I got kinda lost, where are you now?"

The snail lay dormant for a minute, before finally receiving a message. "Oh, Camie is it? you know to whom you are speaking? This ain't Hachi you know."

"WHAAAAA!? This isn't Hacchan!?" Camie face-faulted yet again.

"This is Makuro! The famous idiotic Makuro crew!" The stranger announced.

"Don't say idiotic yourself!" Another voice said.

"It sounds like something's wrong..." Robin deduced.

"Hmph! What are you doing with Hacchin's Den Den Mushi?" Camie questioned.

"Why, because we've beaten up your precious Hachi of course."

"No way! Hacchin would never be defeated by the likes of you!"

"Well, I guess your right, usually we wouldn't be a match for the guy...but we had the help of the 'Flying Fish Riders' this time! Mohahahaha!"

Suddenly there was a 'ker-chunk' and a different voice came through. " your okay...whew."

"Hacchin!" Camie gasped. "Were you really defeated!?"

"They...kinda caught me off musn't come and find me! Nyu...I'll take these guys out...and come straight back! I'll be fine!"

"Mohahahaha! You know what Camie? We're gonna sell this guy off real soon! Octopus fishmen are really rare, he'll fetch quite the price!"

"You wanna save him? Then come and try! We'll be at the Sabaody Archipelago, in the waters 5 kilometers from Grove 44! At the base of the 'Flying Fish Riders' kidnapper gang!"

"Ngyuu! You musn't come Camie! Don't even think about coming!"

There was a smacking sound on the other end of the line. "Shut up you octopus freak!" By now Camie was trembling as the rest of us listened on. I grew angrier and angrier at these heartless kidnappers who took away Camie's friend and thought they could do whatever the hell they wanted with him.

"Ngyuuu..." The weak voice called out.

"See ya!" And with that the line went dead.

"Hacchin..." Camie whispered with a shaky voice.

"And the takoyaki?" A certain rubber idiot stupidly asked.

"THIS ISN'T THE TIME!" Me, Sanji and Franky yelled with shark teeth.

"Wait a minute, that 'Hacchin' we heard sounded very familiar. Don't tell me it was him...maybe I'm just imagining it..." Nami mumbled.

"He did sound like him...don't worry Nami, if it is I won't let him go near you." I said with determination.

"I'm sorry Luffy-chin!" Camie replied frantically. "Can I give you the takoyaki another time? I have to go help a friend of mine right now!"

"Hold on a second Camie." Our navigator spoke up. "I don't mean to interfere, but if your going to try to save your friend from some kidnappers then we'll help you!" She jabbed a finger at us. "Or rather those guys will."

I stood to attention. "Yes Nami!"

"What about you!?" Usopp and Franky asked her.

I glared at them. "Wanna have nightmares tonight?"

They shrank away. "Nope."

"And in return..." Nami continued. "You can show us the way to Fishman Island! How about hit?"

"Huh? Are you sure Nami-chin?" Camie asked hopefully. "You'll all really help us get Hacchin out of there?"

"Sounds fine, but who is this Hacchin anyway?" Luffy asked.

"He runs the takoyaki shop where I work! He makes the best takoyaki in the world!"

We all suddenly felt raring to go. "WE HAVE TO SAVE HIM! ALL RIGHT MEN! WE WILL SAVE THE TAKOYAKI EVEN IF WE DIE TRYING!" Our captain roared.

"YEAH!" The rest of us shouted.

"Sounds like it's okay with them!" Nami laughed, sitting next to the mermaid. "You know where to go?"

"Grove 44 is an island at the very eastern edge of the archipelago." Pappug conveniently explained. "If we just head towards the Sabaody Archipelago, we should reach this place on the way. Five kilometers before we reach the archipelago proper, we just have to head due west. And we can leave the rest to the fish."

"Fish?" I questioned.

Camie stood on her tail and hopped over to the edge of the ship. "Hm, sounds about right! Let's go then!"

She brought her hand to the side of her mouth and yelled "Heeeey!" followed by a weird noise I couldn't understand. Suddenly the whole sea around us was swarming with all types of fish!

"Woah! Lots of fish appeared!" Luffy exclaimed.

"We'd like you to give us directions." Camie asked the fish. She made the weird noise again and the fish echoed it back, she then turned to us. "Apparently they're scared of those flying fish guys, so they won't go too close themselves, but they'll show us the way!"

"Amazing! You can talk to fish!" Nami said. "I didn't even know mermaids could do that! But wait, how can they hear you underwater?"

"I think that noise Camie made was hypersonic." I lectured. "It could easily travel through water and still be understood."

"Hey Camie! With you around we can eat as much fish as we want!" Luffy told the MERMAID.

Sanji appeared next to him with a murderous aura and voice to boot. "Try watching what you say dumbass.,."

The fish then rearranged themselves into a giant arrow in the middle of the sea! "Woooaaah!" Luffy cried.

"Bravoooooo! Mermaiiiiiiids!" Sanji called with heart eyes and noodle legs.

"This is incredible! The fish really drew an arrow in the middle of the sea! Is this even possible!?" Usopp shouted.

"Brilliant!" Nami cried. "We just have to follow the arrow right?"

"Camie, you're amazing!" Luffy and me yelled.

"Eheheh, I have a long way to go really..." Camie said happily.

Usopp ran to take the helm followed by Robin, turning the ship to 4 o'clock, and that's when a certain marimo appeared. "Setting off are we? Did you find the way to Fishman Island?"

"Zoro!" I yelled. "Where have you been?"

"Training." He replied bluntly.

I sighed. 'Figures.'

"Something like that." Luffy said, resting a hand on Camie's shpulder. "Hey Zoro! Check it out! It's Camie the mermaid! A real mermaid!"

"A mermaid huh?" I could practically hear the sound of Kokoro being erased from his memory. "First time for everything." He said with a smile now it was gone.

"It vanished! The memory just vanished!" Chopper shouted frantically.

"I didn't even use Dream Dream Lock!" I also yelled.

"But I'm really worried..." Camie admitted depressed. "Hacchin's voice sounded really weak...they must be doing terrible things to him..."

"Ah well, he's tough, he'll be alright." Pappug tried to reassure her, then turning to us. "More to the point, you guys were pretty quick to offer your help but...are you confident in your own abilities?"

"Yeah, we're strong." Luffy replied plainly.

Pappug continued anyway. "I should probably warn you, it's not just the one group of kidnappers around these parts. The Sabaody Archipelago is home to many more such gangs! Trading in human beings is big business around here."

"Buying and selling off people?...That's just not right." Sanji said.

"And since mermaids can fetch a particularly high price...the 'Makuro gang', a group of three fishmen, have been after Camie for some time. As for Hatchi from the takoyaki shop...well, since we were eaten by that beast and didn't come back for a while...he probably thought the Makuro gang had got their hands on us and went after them himself."

"Yes...Hacchin is such a kind and honest person...that must have been what happened..." Camie sighed. "It's all my fault..."

"You say he's an octopus and he's called Hatchi." Zoro said, about to speak mine and Nami's thoughts. "Kinda reminds me of that idiot fishman we ran into once..."

"Yeah..." Sanji agreed (with ZORO). "If it's him, I wouldn't really want to save him...not that it could be really."

The starfish chose to speak again. "Anyway, if it was just those guys, Hachi could take them out in a flash, but to think they would bring the 'Flying Fish Riders' into this..."

"Who're they?" Franky asked.

"They suddenly started to make a ruckus around these parts recently, they're another of the kidnapping gangs. They say if those guys are after you, you're finished. Their boss is called Duval, and he wears an iron mask, so no-one can see his face! But from what I've heard, he appears to be looking for somone, he's searched every ship that passes through these waters."

"Well, don't you worry Camie!" Luffy said with his famous grin. "We'll save the takayoki no matter what!"

"You mean the takayoki seller..." Pappug corrected him.

"Come on Brook!" The captain yelled. "Play us a song to get us in the mood!"

"But of course!" He replied, taking out his violin and began playing.

So as me and Nami danced together with the rest of the crew, we sailed on to save the takayoki...I mean Hachi! Yeah...the takayoki...HACHI!...TAKAYOKI!