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Well, this story is a long one (still struggling with chapters! And in chapters/ sections) so, its about if Crookshanks was reincarnated into Thunderclan. Will be more than one. I am so sorry that it is so bad, might do a re-do. This part is SO short. Sorry again!



Snowmuzzle looked down proudly down on her kits- a blue tom, Drizzlekit, a golden she-cat (like her) named Goldenkit, and finally, an orange fluffy she-cat with a slightly squashed face, named- Orangekit. SO original.

Chapter 1

Orangepaw swiftly killed to mouse beneath her paws. Looking up proudly to Brambleheart, her mentor's, face, she saw adoration. Brambleheart had become like a second mother to her after Snowmuzzle had died of greencough when she was 7 moons old.

Kind of like Mrs. Weasly to Harry. She thought randomly, and then shook her head. That was a weird thought. Where did THAT come from?

"Earth to Orangepaw!"

The apprentice was jerked back to reality by her mentor's voice. Remembering that she was finishing an assessment, she padded back to where she had buried her other prey.

"Drizzleheart! Goldendew! Orangeface!"

Orangeface settled into her new nest, remembering the calls from two days previously- and dreamed.

She brushed up against the four-poster bed in the Gryffindor common room, sighting her goal- the table. She grabbed the paper from the tabletop and dashed away- down the stairs, out the portrait hole- to the great hall, and past that, on to Hogwarts grounds…

A shadow moved, but she was unafraid. As the big, black dog approached, she set the list down. Turning away, she ran up to the castle, gratified that her mission was done.

Note: This is part of the series of stories 'From their point of view' (being worked on) that is a 'crossover' of Harry Potter and Warriors, though they don't really interact.

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