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noncanon ages modern AU

Elsword(14) Sword knight- A boy trying to survive life.

Aisha(14) Battle magician- A magic genius trying to survive Elsword.

Rena(?) Night watcher- A forest ranger who once babysat Elsword and Aisha.

Raven(25) Veteran commander- A Velder force general who once was a terrorist.

Eve(?) Code exotic- A strange girl(?) who is smart enough to rival Add.

Chung(14) Fury Guardian- A boy with moral sense and incredible strength.

Ara(23) Yama raja- May or may not be part of the D.E.N.I.M.

Lu/Ceil(?) Noblesse- Actual real demons, but where are they?

Add(20) Mastermind- smartest genius known to Elrios

Rose(24) Freyja

Elesis(20) Crimson avenger- Rouge solider who is extremely dangerous, stress the danger.


When Elsword was little, he remembered Elesis joining the army. He remembered that she was never the same after. He grew up surrounded by her accomplishments and her inhuman feats at such a young age, but that didn't make Elsword hate her. Instead her loved her more and he grew to want her attention more.

He had a childhood friend, Aisha. They were extremely close and understood each other well, but the problem was that he and Aisha fought each other constantly. Teasing, shoving, yelling. Often a woman named Rena would keep them in check and babysit them. She was one of the few who could keep them under control. But even through all that fighting it wasn't hard to see that Elsword and Aisha were destined to become the best friends. Or that was what Rena believed, or tried to. Rena had considered quitting or murdering the brats in their more childish moments. Rena wasn't just a normal babysitter, but instead a forest ranger who was friends with Elesis. And due to their close bond Rena didn't kill Elsword in respect for their friendship, and in turn her patience flourished. Well, her patience actually shrunk by at least three miles but it was fine for her(but not really for the people around her).

The two children lived in awe of the legends. Like how once Elrios was under attack by demons. How the army was named Velder force, in honor of the past heroes who fought valiantly against the demons and nasods. The nearby school was even named Yuno Middle School. Parents named their children after the legendary heroes. It wasn't uncommon to see an Elsword or an Eve sitting next to you. Their parents saw that their children were red-haired like the legends and decided to name them after the legendary heroes immediately. It encouraged Elesis and Elsword to pick up on fencing, both which they did extremely well in verging to the title of geniuses.

There was another factor about the legends and how they differed. Each town had their own take on the story. In one town the heroes were kind and valiant and in others they destroyed without cause and barely cared for the damage afterwards. It was impossible to tell which legend was the 'true' legend. In the end people in each town just believed in their own town's legend. The children grew up in Ruben where the stories painted the heroes valiant and just.

Attending school Elsword met Eve. Eve was apparently a child genius but refused to talk to anyone else but the teachers. She hailed from Altera, an exacting place which demanded intelligence. By complete accident Elsword discovered she was an nasod. Nasod were machines that had artificial intelligence and were extremely dangerous as they required fuel to work. Nasods thrived off energy sources and people with high magical capabilities. It was required to eliminate or report them on site. There were illegal to create and were often easily found. Elsword was only in Altera as the Red knights (the squadron his father was in) required them in the town.

Through a lot of fighting and attempts on his life, Elsword managed to strike a deal with her. In the end they became friends. Soon after he returned to Ruben Middle school with all his old friends. After a month Eve also transferred. She claimed she came to see how people outside of Altera was. She quickly became reclusive around Elsword's friends however, and it was clear that the could not have the bond they had in Altera.

Around last year, when Elsword was thirteen they meet Raven. Raven tried to kill them. Elesis came in time to stop and arrest him. Elsword realized his desire to want power after feeling weak under Raven's attack. Abruptly after Raven's attack Elsword and his family had to move to Hamel again due to their family's work, and this time about five months. He befriended Chung and spent his time amiably there. It was ruined when the terrorist group D.E.N.I.M. attacked Hamel and forced the citizens to evacuate. Both Chung and Elsword were forced back to Ruben.

School was over for them and they were planning to spend it in a secret meeting place. It was a small hut near the big El tree that Aisha and Elsword found when they were six. Test scores were coming around and all the children were nervous about it. Aisha and Eve believed they did well, Chung tried his best. Elsword could only hope he got something that passed at least as a B. Chung and Elsword were fighting with movement than with memorization and letters. Elsword found learning a waste of his time and useless as he barely could remember anything they learned every week. In the secret meeting place Elsword, Chung, and Aisha were debating that if porus should be endangered animals. Eve was busy on her laptop.

Aisha was winning the debate that porus should be considered endangered animals because Chung found them cute and supported her. Elsword called BS on both of them. They were interrupted.

"Elsword, come here." Eve ordered him in an monotone voice, interrupting Elsword when he was passionately screaming back at Aisha. Her voice demanded obedience and he listened. He grudgingly made his way over and Eve revealed her laptop screen. "This is a piece of recent news."

. . .the Red Knight Squad lead by Elesis was wiped out. There were also bodies of the enemy lying around at the site of the battle. All 59 bodies have been identified and found of the Red Knight Squad, however Elesis's body herself remains missing. The task was to eliminate the recent Destructive El New International Market or D.E.N.I.M. uprising. However, seeing the results could mean very wide speculation as to what happened. Elesis was dragged elsewhere then killed, Elesis had fled during the battle and is laying low or cannot speak, or Elesis betrayed them and is laying low. Raven, a former member of D.E.N.I.M. says that they do not accept prisoners. However, Penensio, Elesis's trainer and old friend says that, 'There is no possible way Elesis would join them. Either someone she loved is held hostage or she was brainwashed, or she really is dead. She is an honorable girl, and if you keep calling her traitor I will punch you'. However, this still does not conclude to the fact nor answer where Elesis is and what she is doing. Fellow members of the army claim that she was in league with Speka, a witch of the Purple Guild. Even a personal nurse states, 'Elesis had been hanging around Speka a lot after battles'. Information was discovered with Elesis's body missing that the recently deceased Speka being. .

Elsword has stopped reading and was just staring at the page. He didn't understand what was going on. He couldn't believe that Elesis, something like the sun to him was dead. Even more he couldn't believe that the dear army she devoted her own to was calling her a traitor. Elsword's legs were getting wobbly, and he sat down with a thud. Aisha and Chung walked worriedly over noticing their friend's distress. "This can't be true!"

"What?" asked Aisha who peered at the screen and Chung followed suit too. Elsword was in complete shock, he stared at the screen with pure disbelief.

"Elesis dead isn't possible." Elsword muttered to himself. Elsword was in complete shock, he stared at the screen with pure disbelief, like if he kept on staring at the screen it would all disappear.

"Elsword. . ." Aisha started, but then bit her lip, finding it hard to continue speaking.

"Elesis being dead isn't possible." Elsword muttered to himself, chanting it like a mantra. Eve stared at him with her flat eyes. Chung gave a gasp of surprise as he finished reading the article.

"Ungrateful!" Chung exclaimed with angrily and with indignation. Anger was thunderous and cold on his face, but it was quickly wiped away with a more worried expression as he turned to face Elsword. The two friends tried to comfort him while Eve observed. "It must be a mistake, Elsword, they'll find that Elesis is alive and that she had a reason for her desertion."

"Yeah, Chung's right!" agreed Aisha nodding her head, agreeing vehemently. She flicked him on the forehead, and Elsword gave a sharp 'OW!'. "Don't be so glum, you glutton! Elesis is a good sister and person! she'd never betray us for D.E.N.I.M.! How stupid of you to doubt your own sister!" scolded Aisha like she always did when Elsword did something particularly stupid. "After all, she is Elesis, and because she is Elesis she doesn't need you to worry for her."

"You're right." Elsword smiled, snapped out of his trance as both Chung's and Aisha's effort to try and cheer him up made him feel better. He turned to Eve with heavy seriousness. "Thank you for telling me this." Eve nodded slowly but said nothing.

They continued talking about odd things, but more carefully and a bit more tensed than before. They kept talking, with genuine effort to help Elsword's pain and worry, but it loomed over him like his shadow, always there but never spoken about. Suddenly the topic took a rapid swerve into love. Aisha declared that she didn't like any boy and that magic was more than enough for her. Chung admitted he wanted to fall in love but hadn't yet met the right person. Eve stated in her same voice as always that she didn't care for anyone whose IQ was lower than her, which admittedly was nobody currently living. Elsword had said that he didn't give much thought for love, as he couldn't think of any girls he was truly close to, excluding Aisha. Elsword gave a small grimace when he thought of Aisha as a love interest.

"Hey!" suddenly a foreign voice asked outside the door. It was mature womanly voice and sounded strangely familiar to Elsword, but how he didn't know. The whole group froze and became tense. It was easy to say everyone was nervous but Eve. Eve didn't look nervous, but she never really looked like she had emotions in the first place. There were a few ideas of who it could have been at the door, but most of the ideas circled back to police. Chung picked up a rock despite being a pacifist unless pissed, Aisha held up a stick to use as a wand, and Elsword held one of the El tree's thicker branches. Most likely Eve held a Taser and she had set aside her laptop as well. Elsword felt nervous as it could be a stranger or someone here to interrogate him due to Elesis's disappearance. This place was unknown but to Elesis outside his circle of close friends as it was well hidden. There could have been a chance Elesis could've told somebody else. "Yo, let me in Elsword."

The whole group stiffened, the intruder knew one of the member's name. But still, Elsword swore he knew that voice and had heard it before. The door creaked open. A head peaked in. Eve and Chung were ready to attack, but Elsword and Aisha weren't. Instead they dropped the weapons, to be generous to the scrappy items they held, and stared at the woman, gaping like fish. "RENA?!"

"Well isn't this a nice greeting?" Rena asked nonchalantly while eyeing the rock and taser that Chung and Eve held. Elsword couldn't be any happier in his life for a surprise visit and hugged Rena. Chung lowered his rock, unsure of what to do while Eve still held her stance.

"You look like you haven't aged a single year!" exclaimed Aisha as Rena pulled her in for a hug, staring jealously at her chest. When the three untangled she asked, "And why are you here?"

"I thought you were bust once you got promoted to a Night watcher." Elsword scratched his head, looking confused. Jobs like being a Forest Ranger was busy, with the corrupted spirits and wrathful dryads. Later Rena was chosen to be the head of the Forest rangers (night watcher) and when she started her training she quit the babysitting job quicker than a snap because of how hard the training was.

"You know her?" asked Chung, still staring warily at the woman. Elsword nodded but didn't really explain more than a nod. Chung set down the rock, and Eve lowered her taser.

"I'll answer all of your questions, if you let me in." Rena proposed. Aisha shrugged, and the rest agreed, they opened the door to let her in. Rena had to duck to get in because of her height, which was two heads taller than anyone else in the current room. The hut wasn't exactly large, and nor was it meant to host a large group of people, but Rena managed to fit in. "Alright, I came here to check if Elesis was really gone, I mean she wasn't exactly the one to run away. But if she did, I thought she would have ran to home at least." Rena paused then noticing the three grave and solemn faces, she sighed. Then she continued to Chung an Eve with a weak smile, "I used to babysit the two terrors of destruction, Aisha and Elsword."

"I sympathize with you." Eve added, in her monotone voice that somehow carried feelings than they've ever heard, even though her tone was the same. It made the two 'terrors of destruction' feel annoyed.

"Hey, we weren't that bad!" snapped Elsword feeling the need to defend himself against the comment.

"Right." agreed Rena easily, almost too easily, "You were worse." Rena remarked but before fights could start and heads would butt, she changed the topic. "Aside from all current chatter, I was hoping you knew where Elesis went."

"Not a thing." muttered Elsword, annoyed more than sad or even angry. He threw his hands up in the air. "I swear, I had no idea this was going to happen! My sister, well yes, she's energetic, bold, and ruthless, but not a traitor!"

"There is no reasoning that Elesis would betray the Velder army." Eve remarked, musing almost if only her face would show it, but it didn't. "It's certainly easier to believe however." Elsword sulked after that comment, and Aisha gave Eve a dirty glance, but Eve ignored it.

"I understand." Rena nodded, then the room was in silence. Then Rena suggested, "Perhaps you could help me find your sister?"

"Stop." Chung dropped the word, and he was now glaring at Rena. "Elsword loves his sister, that I know, but you're asking him to find a solider, well known for her ruthless and reckless ways-" Elsword growled slightly at the word but Chung continued unstoppable, "and he probably get involved with the D.E.N.I.M.! They're the largest biggest international threat and would squash us like flies!" Chung didn't get angry often but was as protective as a wolf when he was. It was hard to provoke him, but if you attacked or offended his friends you wouldn't stand a chance against Chung's anger.

"That's why I'm asking Elsword, not you." Rena retorted sharply to Chung. Her sharp eyes shredding him and radiating danger. The entire group tensed, recognizing the threat. His will wavered before he chose to sit down grumpily and sulk. Then Rena continued, "I never asked you. . .erm, person."

"Boy." Chung sniped testily at Rena, but she didn't wince. "I just look like a girl, that's all."

"I'm going to help." Elsword stated interrupting Chung and Chung looked at him like he was going to strangle Elsword with his bare hands. His voice was firm and brave. "She's my sister, and I have to find out what happened." Elsword paused for a bit before continuing, "If I don't. . .I won't ever be. . .it's just that I need to know."

The group softened at his words. Even Chung seemed let go of his anger to understand how he felt. Elsword was their close friend, and in some cases their only and first friend. They would be willing to join him, but they were also scared. It was terrifying to think of trying to find Elesis, the missing prodigy and the thought of messing with D.E.N.I.M., the group that caused of most of their troubles in the first place.

"I'm going with you." Aisha agreed spoke first, Elsword turned around to argue, but she silenced him with a glare. "I am the strongest magic user out of all of us, if you truly want to deny my help, then you first have to be able to use the magic the way I can."

"I-I" Elsword stuttered loss of what to say for that. In his hesitation Eve folded her laptop under her arm and pocketed her taser away. "She is correct. Elsword, I agree I will join you as well. Majority over minority is the way a kingdom rules."

Aisha and Eve turned to stare at Chung expectantly, who didn't know what to choose. He glanced at Elsword, and meeting his eyes, he knew that even though Elsword didn't want to put them in danger, he needed his friends. Reluctantly he said, "Fine, I'm coming too, but if any of you die because of D.E.N.I.M. I will personally strangle you back in heaven."

"Guys! You don't have to do this!" shouted Elsword, still denying the help given to him. "This is my mission, and my decision!"

"Then it can be our decision then, we're all friends." Chung told him kindly but not very enthusiastically.

"Shut up and stop complaining elbrat! We're coming with you!" Aisha roared very angrily.

"You do realize how a democracy works, right?" Eve threateningly asked.

Rena watched the three friends helping Elsword, she smiled to herself as she was seeing them getting along. It was almost endearing to her. Elesis wanted something like this for Elsword because she couldn't, and even Rena was happy that Elsword had close and loyal friends, ready to fight with him. Rena frowned as she thought of how lonely Elesis was, never truly trusting anyone. Rena knew it was lonely at the top of the world and had offered a hand, but Elsword on the other side had many hands reaching for him. The two were different. Rena knew that Elesis and Elsword, could not would not walk the same fate.

"So Rena, where do we start?" Aisha turned to Rena who looked uncomfortable now, ignoring the heartwarming scene and now was seeing that she was sending four kids to their death.

"We first got to find my boyfriend." she stated as if it would solve a lot of things.

"YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?!" Aisha and Elsword exclaimed. They looked at each other, mirroring twin faces of pure shock.

"Yes." smirked Rena. "His name is Raven, and he is quite hot. Oh, and you guys know him."

"THAT GUY?!" they screamed in shock and rage while Rena flippantly tossed her hair back and walked out. The two were frozen in disbelief.

"Um, are you okay?" asked Chung looking at the two. They couldn't even manage a reply as Elsword crumpled to the floor and Aisha started stuttering.

Rewritten on 3/23/18

Minor dialogue changes and backstory edits.