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noncanon ages modern AU Hiiiii~~~~

Elsword(14) Sword knight- A boy trying to survive life.

Aisha(14) Battle magician- A magic genius trying to survive Elsword.

Rena(?) Night watcher- A forest ranger who once babysat Elsword and Aisha.

Raven(25) Veteran commander- A Velder force general who once was a terrorist.

Eve(?) Code exotic- A strange girl(?) who is smart enough to rival Add.

Chung(14) Fury Guardian- A boy with moral sense and incredible strength.

Ara(23) Yama raja- May or may not be part of the D.E.N.I.M.

Lu/Ceil(?) Noblesse- Actual real demons, but where are they?

Add(20) Mastermind- smartest genius known to Elrios

Rose(24) Freyja

Elesis(20) Crimson avenger- Rouge solider who is extremely dangerous, stress the danger.

"Please tell me why you let the van explode?!" gasped Elsword while running down the streets with the rest of the group. "Wasn't it Raven's precious baby?"

"Still is!" piped out Raven, his mental health wilting at a fast pace.

They had been running for quite some time ever since Rena sent the van flying towards the other cars. Everybody who rode the van had scrambled out madly before it exploded. Now without a car they were running away from the probably enraged Glitterz with very little to support their luck. So they were forced to walk, or when Rena is around, run. Raven was jogging looking slightly bored, Rena looked like she had just started to run despite the fact they had been running for over thirty minutes, and Chung was surprisingly not tired. Aisha jogged slowly and when she was too far behind would teleport ahead, and Eve was like Rena and even stopped a few times to look at flowers along the way. Elsword was out of breath and very tired, and he couldn't tell if his sweat was actually tears or the other way around.

"Where are we even going?!" Aisha agreed, as Elsword and Aisha only agreed when they were usually complaining. There was silence as Rena laughed lightly and Raven wouldn't even look in their direction. When nobody gave a straight answer she screamed, "WHY WON'T ANYONE TELL US ANYTHING?!"

"Heat is bad for Humans." Eve agreed in her own quirky way. She was in pace with the other three, her voice flat and normal unlike Aisha's and Elsword's. Rena and Raven were ahead of the children, leading the little strange running group. Chung hissed, catching the other member's attentions.

"My phone overheated." Chung said sullenly with a sigh. He had apparently been making emergency contacts and apology letters for some reason. There was no need to make them, but he still did knowing the current company. With that the group lapsed into silence. Without the comfort of his phone, Chung was much more vocal and grumpier. "Please don't tell me we have to walk another mile." groaned Chung, "I will kill someone."

"You don't have to do this you know." Rena answered instead, not unkindly. She turned her head back to the grace the four with a gentle smile. "I can send you back home by any chance. Finding Elesis will be difficult, and since she's around D.E.N.I.M. it will also be very dangerous. You're brave children, but really may-"

"No, no, no, I'm just fine. We can handle ourselves." Chung quickly interrupted her, quite flustered.

"I want to find big sister, and well I'm sure we can handle it." agreed Elsword quickly before Rena could say anything to the children. "But maybe if you guys do-"

"Elsword don't be stupid. This is a democracy, not a monarchy." Eve cut him off smoothly. Elsword shrugged uncomfortable with the response.

"Don't be so stupid, we're all friends, friends do things together!" crowed Aisha, who reached over to flick him on the back of his head. He tried to hit her back but she teleported out of the way and stuck her tongue out. Eve watched the two interact with an guarded expression while the rest took enjoyment in their banter. Elsword's shouting and Aisha's bragging gave a sense of normalcy that they were sorely missing. Rena shook her head in amusement as they continued. They stopped before a fancy modern building.

"We're finally here. We took some detours to keep the Glitterz off, so we should be fine." announced Raven.

"Wow, this is a really fancy place." commented Chung, taking the large size of the building. And then he grinned, "My phone's alive again!"

"I think I know this place." murmured Aisha while the rest of the group made their way in.

"Catch up Aisha!" called Rena from the entrance of the building. Aisha stifled her blush and rushed inside to join the rest of the group.

Before they even got in Raven warned them, "Whatever he says, don't believe him. Even if he says he'll share your personal info. He's not allowed to anymore."

"Alright." Eve answered for the group who were still stuck on 'person info' part. Rena had already rushed in. She raced past the front desk, which they stood up in outright anger and was shouting. Raven sighed and talked to the front desk people about how they were visitors for Add. Then they approached Rena who was crossing her arms and frowning at the door.

"Add, we know you're there. Raven and I want to ask you about something." Rena shouted to the door. There was a lock and even a hand scan on the door. A camera was perched overhead the door. Raven cracked his knuckles and shook his head at Rena and gently pushed her aside and took over.

"Hey Add, I'm going to knock your door down." Raven knocked on the door with his hands. When the door didn't reply then Raven narrowed his eyes. "I'm going to tell everyone that you're a loli." no answer, "And a cat lady," no answer, "I'm going to tell everyone that I beat you in Elsword as Add in Pvp." Raven grinned. "As an Add."

The door swung open. A scientist a bit shorter than Rena came out. He was wearing a white coat and had curly white hair in a ponytail. His eyes were purple and in his arms was a cream colored cat with blue eyes. He looked sleep deprived and like he had been living on nothing but coffee for three nights. Rudely he snapped at Raven. "What."

"Oh Add!" Rena reached over and hugged him. Add paled but didn't push her aside. The cat hopped off and sat next to Add in a dignified manner. It seemed to scoff at Elsword with a sneer almost uncanny to a human's. When Add uncomfortably untangled from Rena's embrace he stared at the kids with a flat glare. His eyes faltered over meeting Eve's amber gaze. "Where were you?"

"I was working on a project." he snipped and crossed his arms impatiently. He raised an eyebrow. "What do you want?"

"What kind of project?" asked Eve who looked slightly interested which was to say, she was VERY interested. Add winced a little from Eve's gaze. He answered slowly. "Project Apocalypse. A testing for artificial intelligence."

"On what?" Eve pestered Add for an answer. This time he proudly and smugly grinned. "I did a experiment to test to see if animals could learn things a human could." he picked up the cat. "This is my subject, Apocalypse. I've invented a chip that can help the brain's system work faster and access all the space that we're never been able to use." He pet Apocalypse with fondness. Then all of that was replaced by a face of seriousness. "What do you two want?"

Rena grabbed Elsword by the shoulders and pushed him forward. Beaming she started to explain while Elsword wide-eye gazed up to Add's purple eyes. Add looked a bit repulsed with Elsword's presence. "This is Elsword." a pause of silence. Add stared at Rena as if trying to say with his eyes, 'so what?'. Rena kept smiling, but this time she continued with a firm tone, as if trying to say 'you should know this'. "Elesis's little brother."

This Add reacted to. He nearly screamed out, but instead said in a calm voice, "THAT ACCURSED PERSON'S SIBLING?! NO. NO. NOPE!" with that exclamation he promptly shut the door on their faces, as well as dragging his cat in. The whole group was confused and stood there frozen. Rena sighed.

"What was that about?" asked Chung sensibly after awhile of awkward silence. Rena let go of Elsword's shoulder and turned to face Chung, as well as trying to address Elsword at the same time.

"You see, Elesis and Add share a special relationship." started Rena with a very mature voice.

"They did the freaky?" asked Aisha innocently, the only way Aisha could about topics in relationships the way a little kid could. Innocently. Besides the fact that she wasn't little anymore and she could have just done this to piss Rena off.

"Nooooooo, they didn't. Elesis destroyed his lab three times and once had a date with him, which she forced him to come along." Rena explained with a smile. Elsword nodded sagely, as if he knew something nobody else could.

"That's big sister for you." he said as if that was everything about Elesis possible in the world.

Fortunately Raven stopped the conversation from taking another turn, as these conversation always do if you include Elsword and Aisha in them, and asked "How do we get in? We kind of need Add to track your sister, Elsword."

"I know how." Eve came walking to them, nobody had noticed she had disappeared earlier. In her hand, like a piece of gold was a card. It was a simple white card, nothing out of the ordinary, but Eve held it out like it was some sort of golden treasure. Rena took it from her and examined it, it was one of the building's cards. While Rena continued looking at it Eve analyzed the door.

"Where did you get that?" asked Aisha also looking at the card alongside Rena. When Eve didn't answer, Aisha took the card from Rena and Gave it to Eve. "Will this key open the door to Add's room?"

"We will find out right now." Eve told her, gently taking the small piece of plastic holding so much weight in her palms, with barcodes holding secrets to a mysterious lab as she placed it into the card scanner. The whole group peered in, waiting for the final moment of judgement.

The scanner flashed red. It was the wrong card. Raven glared at Eve. Aisha and Rena shrugged. Chung took the card, and Elsword wasn't too sure what about the card was so important. Eve took out her taser and said, "I'll be back.", as she walked down the hallway.

After awhile of waiting, five minutes of waiting, Aisha suggested to Elsword. "Why don't we just use force to open the door? We could say it was just a. . ."

"Accident." Elsword agreed finishing her sentence with a malicious grin of his own. The two grinned like criminals. Aisha managed to convince Rena into the plan, while Chung and Raven suggested strongly against to them with cries of, 'are you mad?!' and 'this is illegal you know!'. Of course, they carried out the plan anyways. Elsword found a metal pole, and how he got it nobody knew, not even Elsword himself and Aisha summoned her magical staff out of thin air, and Rena just stood there waiting for the kids to finish gathering. Raven and Chung could only watch as this chaos started to unfold.

The three started a mock fight and Rena pretended to accidently trip and did a back kick on the door. The hollow thud of metal against her foot was an uncomfortably loud clank. Raven prayed silently to Lady El that Add would come out and foil the horrible schemes the other three were planning. Rena having her piece done watched Elsword and Aisha argue. Elsword and Aisha started going up against the door, Aisha behind him and her back to the door. with a war cry shout of "NOOOO!" Aisha teleported to the side and the pole hit the door. CLANK! Chung winced holding out in his shaking hands a smartphone, Raven was holding it with him with quavering fingers as well.

"Should we?" whispered Chung to Raven as the phone had 911 dialed on it. Raven's eyes gleamed with unholy temptation as Aisha was aiming a magical spell at the door pretending to try and hit Rena.

"I'll go grab the staff instead." Sighing Raven ran to the sign-in desk. Chung groaned.





Chung stared at the door with a intense amount concentration. It was Elword's turn as he aimed to hit the door, Chung grabbed the steel pipe and held it. "Stop! Hitting private property is ILLEGAL." That stopped Rena, so that meant that stopped the rest of the group. So the group sat in silence, ignoring the badly burnt and dented door.

"Soo, when's Raven and Eve going to come back?" asked Elsword. Aisha shrugged. Chung broke the plastic card apart in two.

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