This is my first story so don't hate.

Disclaimer: I am not Rick Riordan or George Lucas. If I was, I wouldn't be here right now.

Ahsoka's POV

This was not supposed to happen. It was supposed to be a simple scouting mission, nothing difficult. But, of course, that didn't happen. I slumped down as the walls of battle droids begin closing in around me. I had never been so claustrophobic in my life. I had to get out but all my body wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep. Not good for a 300 to 1 battle to the death against a bunch of battle droids.

"Don't shoot," one of the droids, a commander I think, said. "We need her alive."

This was either the luckiest thing that has happened all day, or my worst nightmare. I was hoping for the former, but my gut was not telling me that the droid had malfunctioned and got his orders wrong. So, I was a captive. And captivity usually leads to interrogation. And 9 out of 10 times interrogation leads to, well, I hope it doesn't get that far. I didn't know anything about this mission. Again, not sure if this is good or bad. I wish I could escape. But according to my muscles, now wasn't the time.

I gave up. There was no way I was getting out of there, so might as well make their life harder. I lay down and fell asleep. The last thing I remember was being hoisted onto a small hovercraft and pushed off to who knows where.

To say the least, my dream was… unusual.

Two kids were running around a forest wearing foreign armour. They were discussing some sort of battle strategy, though it didn't look like they were in any type of battle. They were both wearing strange metal helmets with blue feathers on top. They looked only a few years younger than me, somewhere around twelve years old. The girl (who seemed to be doing most of the talking) had curly blonde hair tied up in a messy ponytail. When she looked at me I was slightly startled. She had unusual grey eyes. Normally I would have been seriously spooked by this - no one I knew had grey eyes – but they suited her perfectly. The boy on the other hand was completely different. He had jet black hair and sea green eyes. Where did I know these people from? I once heard that a dream was a reflection of your day, but I had never seen these people in my life. Weird.

When woke up, I was not in a cell as I had expected, but in a nice room decorated with butterflies. Seriously, butterflies? I opened a door in my wall, revealing a large walk-in closet. I glanced over the clothes it had, looking for something to wear, but everything had butterflies. Butterfly shirts, butterfly pants, even a butterfly hair clip. How I was supposed to wear that, I didn't know. But mostly, there were dresses. Millions of butterfly patterned dresses. It was clear that my captor wanted me in a dress, so I picked out one that I – almost – liked. It was a medium length dress, going just past my knees, and stretchy enough for me to run in.

Once I had picked out my clothes I went and found the bathroom to wash up a bit. I dabbed some water on my face with a purple washcloth and brushed my teeth. If there's one thing I love about my body is not having to brush my – non-existent – hair. Quickly, I slipped out of my silk pajamas and into my new dress. Maybe this place wouldn't be so bad after all. Finished my morning routine, I started looking for the exit. After finding a garbage chute, mini library and, strangely, a pool, I finally found the exit. Opening the door, I stepped into a short hallway decorated with, you guessed it, butterflies.

"Hello?" I called timidly. No response.

"Hello?" I called, a little louder now. Again no response.

I peeked into a room off the hall. In it sat the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Seriously. She was so beautiful she almost radiated with beauty. On second thoughts, she seemed to be glowing. She appeared to be singing along to some song or other.

Just then she looked up. "Oh hello," she said casually, as if she'd known me my whole life. Suddenly I started feeling very self-conscious. Who was I compared to this beauty queen. I shouldn't be here. I was intruding on her hospitality, I-

As if reading my thoughts, she answered, "Oh don't worry dear, I absolutely love guests."

"Who are you?" I stammered out. Apparently my manners are broken. Either that or I'm too curious.

"I am Aphrodite, child. Greek goddess of love and beauty."

I just stood there speechless. Did she just say goddess? And what's a Greek? So many questions, but it would be impolite to ask.

"Feel free to ask questions dear," she said, reading my mind for the second time.

"What's a Greek?" I asked stupidly.

"Oh dear. I forgot that you weren't from here." She said it as if she would rather I be any where but here. Come to think of it, where am I anyway?

"Where am I? How did I escape the droids?" I blurted out suddenly.

Aphrodite just laughed, "Welcome to Olympus, my dear girl. And as for how you got here, simple, you were summoned by the Fates."

She said Fates as if it were a who and not a what. "I'm sorry, but I still don't understand."

Aphrodite looked as if she had just had the idea of a lifetime. "I know," she said excitedly, "I'll take you to see the others."

I had no idea who these others were. Actually, not true. Something told me they were a lot like her. Greek and God. I really needed to make a good first impression. From what I've learned, a good first impression can decide whether you are liked, or not.