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The much awaited chapter is here. The World Meeting!

I am going to put up the warning once more, just for those who might have not seen it. Warning, there will be boyxboy (or yaoi) love. So if you don't like that kind of stuff, please avoid this story, even if it isn't going to be the main role or plot of the story. I just want t make sure you know what you're getting in to and what to expect.

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America pairing: mentions (For Now) of GerMerica.
Other pairings: Sweden x Finland and France x Scotland (Sorry FRUK fans!)

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. . . . . Chapter Two


"Casnte waste hoksila ake istima"

Alfred sang gently to a little toddler Nicholas, tracing soothing circles on his back. The little tot had nightmares often, from the influence of his people's anger. His status as a nation, despite his young age, was affecting him negatively. Alfred tried and tried to keep Nicholas's people happy, much to his boss's chagrin. His new baby brother couldn't handle his responsibilities yet, or the backlash that came from his people's emotions.

Nicholas's eyes were drooping, a sign that he was close to sleep.

"Hanhelp ki waste,
Cante waste hoksila ake istima,
Hanhepi ki waste."

Soon, little Nicholas couldn't fight off sleep any longer and his eyes finally closed, his breathing evening out.

Smiling gently, Alfred gently and carefully set the sleeping tot back in to his crib.

"Good night my little eagle," Alfred said affectionately to the sleeping Nicholas. Blowing out the candle he had lit, he cast the room in darkness. He moved towards the door before pausing and turning halfway towards Nicholas's crib. "Tomorrow, someone will come to meet you. I know you'll have him wrapped around your little finger, just like your nephews and nieces."


Nicholas listened to China's presentation, his eyes focused on an old antique pocket-watch that used to belong to his brother back when he was still a child. He could remember his brother always carrying it around with him. The intricate details engraved in to the copper formed a symbol that Alfred had once said meant protection with faint lightning designs behind it. Attached were little copper write forming a framework around the torch and stars that looked like a laurel of eagle feathers. It used to be able to open, but after his brother's passing he found that the little clasp that held it closed was damaged and he was no longer able to open it. He played with the little chain hanging from the top.

"Your brother loved that pocket watch," the voice of Ludwig broke him from his thoughts and he looked up to see the Ludwig looking down at the pocket-watch in his hands. "I believe he got it from an old friend who made it for him on his birthday."

Nicholas looked back down at the pocket-watch, deep in memories of his brother.

"I used to get jealous of that pocket-watch, if you would believe it." Ludwig continued, "I felt like it was getting more of his attention one hour than I do for a whole week. It didn't take long for him to figure out my feelings and told me I was silly for being jealous of a pocket-watch. Do you want to know what I told him?"

Nicholas looked back up at him, curiously.

"I told him it wasn't silly if it involved some object seducing my beautiful boyfriend. He broke down laughing before he reassured me that he wouldn't be leaving me for the pocket-watch any time soon." Ludwig told him.

Nicholas couldn't help smiling at that in amusement. Ludwig, the German who was known for not tolerating nonsense, was jealous of a pocket-watch and accusing it of seducing his boyfriend who was Nicholas's brother.

"You thought a pocket-watch was seducing my brother. You are so silly, Napayshni."

Ludwig smiled, not bothering to argue in his own defense, "I know I was being silly, but back then it made sense to me. Your brother was one of the most amazing people I have ever known in my life as a nation and I loved him. I still do to this day. He had a talent of worming his way in to the hearts of those around him and not let go. Something you got from your brother, no doubt."

"I miss him, Napayshni," Nicholas whispered, tracing the little protection symbol. "It's been years, and I still miss him. Sometimes I would stop by his old study, thinking I would find him in there doing paperwork for the president or working on repairing something one of the states broke."

Ludwig looked like he wanted to say something, but when China finished in his presentation and began to head back to his seat between Japan and Russia, he had to get up to do his own presentation. He gave Nicholas a comforting pat on the shoulder before moving from his seat. Nicholas turned his attention back to the pocket-watch, his finger moved from tracing the protection symbol to the little feathers that was no doubt inspired by Independence, who was Alfred's spirit animal and loyal companion.

"Why is that symbol there, big brother?"

"It's a protection symbol, my little eagle. If you place a picture of people you love inside this pocket-watch, it will protect those loved ones from everything."

"Really? Am I in there, big brother?"

"Yes, you're in there, my little eagle, along with all my little ones."

"Is Independence in there too?"

He was broke out of the memory when a hand reached over and snatched his brother's beloved pocket-watch from his hand. Frantic and scared that whoever the hand belonged to might have damaged it, Nicholas jumped from his chair.

The hand belonged to England who was turning the pocket-watch over in his hand, analyzing it in a way that reminded Nicholas of a rich lord looking at a poor peasant's clothes.

"Give it back, England." Nicholas growled, his body tensing up. He moved to take the pocket-watch from the Englishman, but his hand was smacked away.

"Why do you keep the blasted thing if it can't even open?" England questioned, examining the damaged clasp with a critical eye. "It's bloody useless."

"I didn't ask for your opinion on what I decide to keep, England." Nicholas snapped angrily, as he successfully snatched the pocket-watch from the Englishman and stashed it away to the safety of his pocket. "Besides, you lost your right to question my decisions when I won my independence from you two hundred thirty-four years ago."

England glared at him fiercely, "That is no way to talk to someone who has raised you and gave you everything you wanted, you ungrateful brat! That war was nothing but a child throwing a tantrum when he didn't get what he wanted."

"England, please sit down before you two get in to trouble." Canada quietly said, looking nervously back and forth between Nicholas and the Englishman like he was afraid the two would start fighting.

"Amerique, please calm down." France tried to soothe him out of his anger.

"Ever since you got it in your foolish head that you are a strong nation, you've been nothing but a insufferable git! No wonder no one likes you! You're an arrogant arse half of the time!"

"England, that is way too harsh." Canada protested, but again he was ignored by the Englishman who seemed determined to tear the American down from what he thought was a pedestal.

"At least I'm not a bitter old man who drowns himself in alcohol to avoid something that happened over two hundred years ago!" Nicholas fired back at the Englishman.

"How dare you!"

"I dare because someone needs to!"


The two were startled out of the argument as Ludwig marched angrily over to them, his blue eyes as frigid as ice.

"What is going on here?!" Ludwig demanded, first looking to Nicholas who was feeling internally grateful that Ludwig intervened.

"Why ask him first!?" England demanded.

"England, for once in your life, shut up until I ask you for your version of the story." Ludwig growled.

"He took my pocket-watch from me without permission, and then insulted it before insulting me. Then I took it back."

"He rudely took it from me!"

"Only because you took it from me without my permission!"

Ludwig, seeing that the two were close to tearing at each other's throats, sighed and called for the end of the meeting. He had been the last country to show his presentation for today, but he could send notes to other countries on it and cover it in the next meeting. Finishing a presentation only for the two to end up hurting each other wasn't worth it.

"You two, stay away from each other." Ludwig commanded, pointing at both England and Nicholas, before taking Nicholas's briefcase and packing away his notes and other items so the two of them could leave together. "You need to find a way to get along, or else this will keep happening, do you understand?"

"I understand, Germany." England forced out.

"Yes, Germany." Nicholas softly replied, allowing the German pack his stuff away for him and followed after him when the German made his way to the door, sending a quick farewell to France and Canada, who were trying to calm the Englishman down.

. . . . .

"Independence?" Nicholas hesitantly called to his brother's spirit companion. It had been two hours since Germany dropped him off at his home. He was inside his brother's old study, sitting on the chair behind the great big desk where his brother used to do his paperwork. The spirit eagle was sitting on his perch in the corner, preening.

"Yes, little hatchling?" Independence questioned.

"Do you think my big brother would've been ashamed over how I behaved today?" Nicholas asked looking down at an old picture book that his brother used to read to him when he was a child. It was preserved by charms made by Washington D.C., who had been adamant about preserving what they had of Alfred.

"I think he would have been proud of you, not ashamed of you," Independence answered with a confidence unique to the spirit eagle. "Your big brother would be proud that you stood up for yourself and for him. Though, I don't know why you feel the need to ask me this. You should know it. He raised you ever since you were a little hatchling."

"I know, Independence, but sometimes it helps to get confirmation from another person."

"I understand, little hatchling."


"Yes, hatchling?"

"Do you remember when big brother first read this book to me? What he first said? Do you know what he meant?"

"What is that, big brother?" little Nicholas asked, as he pointed to a little drawing of a bird at bottom of the page that was surrounded by lightning and clouds. He was sitting on his big brother's lap as he read an old storybook to him.

"That's a Thunderbird, my little eagle. It brings the storms and the rain so that food can grow." Alfred replied, smiling gently down at his little brother as he smoothed the wild golden blond hair of his brother's.

"Can I see one?" Nicholas asked, his grey-blue eyes wide with excitement and awe. "Please, big brother?"

"One day, my little eagle, you'll meet the Thunderbird, when you're big and strong like Delaware or Alabama. When that day comes, you will know."

"How will I know, big brother?"

"You'll know because you'll feel it," he pointed to Nicholas's heart, "right here."

"In my heart?" Nicholas questioned in confusion.

"Yes, your heart."

"Why there, big brother?"

"Because, your heart is the main piece of your soul. You need a heart for the Thunderbird to be able to visit you."

"That is something you need to find out yourself, little hatchling. If you relied on others to find the answer for you, the answer will never show itself. You'll know the answer when it comes to you and you only, little hatchling. Just be patient."

"How long will that take?"

"As long as it needs to."

"Independence, that is literally no help."

. . . . .

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. . . . .


Antinanco: Nicholas Farley Jones, Confederacy. Spirit animal: Independence, inherited from Alfred after his passing.

1. ) The lullaby Alfred is singing is named "Lakota Lullaby", a short Native American song that I found on youtube when looking for Native American lullabies.
Good-hearted boy go back to sleep
The night is good
Good-hearted boy go back to sleep
The night is good

2. ) Napayshni, a Sioux name meaning "courageous and strong". The states had gifted Ludwig the name, symbolizing him becoming a part of the family. It is a soft of initiation in to the family. If you had been accepted by the family, you are given a name that fits your personality.

3. ) Antinanco, Nicholas's native name is from the Mopuche meaning 'eagle of the sun'.