Disclaimer: I do NOT own Annie (the broad-way musical or the motion picture film.) Or any characters from Annie, I own nothing. I gain nothing from this story except to share my love for the classic musical and it's characters with other fans.

Basic Summary: Based on the 1982 version. Takes place just after Punjab brings Annie down from the bridge. Goes more in depth about how Oliver and Grace react when they realize the danger Annie is in and shows just how worried they are about they're baby. Will also include details about the long lasting secret but newly discovered romantic feelings Oliver and Grace have for one another.

Oliver and Grace were standing outside on the terrace though not side by side, Oliver stood at one end and Grace stood at the other.

Annie had just left with her parents or so they thought and both of them missed her already. Despite what you may think if someone were to ask, Oliver would have admitted that he felt lost without the little girl he'd come to love so much.

Grace glanced over at Oliver knowing he was hurting and that he missed Annie too. She made her way over to stand beside him and shakily whispered,"I just can't believe she's gone. I don't wish to sound selfish but I must admit I-I miss her so much, it's not fair!"

Without looking at her Oliver wrapped his arm around her shoulders and without realizing he did so before he replied,"I know Grace, I know and I miss her too."

But before either of them could say anything else they heard a commotion from inside the house and rushed to see what the matter was when they heard a little voice say something about Annie and bad people.

"Oh no, Annie." Grace cried fearing what could have happened to their beloved Annie.

"Sahib, this little one says Miss Annie was taken by bad people. That the Mudge's weren't who they claimed to be and that they meant to harm Miss Annie." Punjab explained and Oliver rushed into his office with Grace following close behind.

They called the police and arranged for a city-wide search party, Punjab took the auto-coppter so they could find Annie faster and Oliver and Grace took the car.

Nearly an hour later, Oliver and Grace waited as the police, paramedics and rescue team attempted to bring Annie down from the bridge safely.

"Oh Oliver, I can't bare to watch this. What if she falls? Oh we never should have let them take her." Grace was literally in tears and Oliver pulled her to his side and held her close.

Grace turned and buried her face against his chest while Oliver, not taking his eyes off of Annie and the bridge above, wrapped his arms around Grace tightly in an attempt to comfort her as well as himself.

But Punjab being closer to Annie than the rescue team got to her first and safely brought her down.

"Oh Annie, thank goodness you're safe and thank you Punjab!" Grace cried as she first embraced Annie tightly and then Punjab as well as giving him a small kiss on his cheek.

Oliver picked Annie up and held her tightly in his arms for quite some time before he finally set her on her feet again,"I thought I'd lost you. I should have known better than to let them take you without more information. Annie, I am so sorry."

"It's okay, Daddy Warbucks. I'm okay now and that's what matters." Annie sniffled lightly and kissed his cheek.

When Rooster slid down the bridge the police had to hold Miss Hannigan back from trying to strangle her brother,"Rooster! You stupid fool! You're lucky the cops are holding me back because if they weren't I'd kill ya!" she screamed.

The police arrested Rooster and Lily and Annie ran up to her former guardian and hugged her tightly,"Thank you Miss Hannigan, if it wasn't for you I'd be dead by now!"

Miss Hannigan froze unsure how to react to that, she still wasn't fond of the kid but she wasn't about to let her brother murder an innocent child even if she did despise said child.

"Yeah well... Now we're even kid! So lemme go and get back to your new family!" Miss Hannigan finally responded before prying Annie's little hands from around her waist and storming off.

Grace took Annie's hand and they along with Oliver walked to the car,"Let's go home. I'm glad you're alright, we were so worried about you Annie." Grace told her and Annie let out a huge yawn as they began the drive home.

"I'm tired." Annie said with another yawn and Grace smiled,"I know sweetheart. Close your eyes and go to sleep, your father and I will carry you to your room when we get home." she replied but Annie was already asleep and cuddled up against her.

When they got home, Oliver carried Annie up to her room and Grace got her ready for bed before she tucked Annie in and then she and Oliver kissed Annie's forehead before turning out the light and quietly sneaking out of her room.

Once they were in the hallway Grace turned to Oliver to bid him goodnight but was unaware of just how close they had been standing to one another causing her to stumble right into him.

Oliver grabbed her arms to steady her and found himself staring into her eyes as if in a trance,"Oliver?" Grace whispered effectively pulling him from his daze.

"Yes Grace?" he replied in a soft whisper.

Grace smiled,"It's very late and we should get some rest. As much as I would love to stand here with you, I really should get some sleep and we'll have a very busy day tomorrow no doubt." she whispered lightly and Oliver nodded looking slightly disappointed but understanding.

"Of course, you're right. Goodnight Grace." Oliver whispered before turning in the other direction but Grace caught his arm.

Oliver looked confused but before he could say anything Grace closed the distance between them and pressed her lips to his softly before pulling back.

"Goodnight Oliver, sweet dreams." Grace whispered before she walked swiftly to her room.