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Basic Summary: Based on the 1982 version. Takes place just after Punjab brings Annie down from the bridge. Goes more in depth about how Oliver and Grace react when they realize the danger Annie is in and shows just how worried they are about they're baby. Will also include details about the long lasting secret but newly discovered romantic feelings Oliver and Grace have for one another.

Author's Note: I don't know if Guantanamo Bay Prison was around in the 1930's but I decided to use it this story anyways simply because Rooster Hannigan is a really bad guy and needs to be locked away from the world to keep Annie and his sister safe as well as Grace. So yeah, anyway enjoy the story and please let me know what you think in the reviews when you have the time. Thanx guys. :)

After being told it was safe and that Oliver wished to speak to her, Annie slowly made her way down to his office although she stopped to hug Miss Hannigan.

"Thank you Miss Hannigan. I always knew deep down you weren't so bad, maybe you just need someone to love you and make you happy. Like Daddy Warbucks." Annie told her but before she could say anything in reply Oliver called out to Annie.

"I better go before he starts bellowing again." Annie said before scampering into her father's office.

"Is Mom gonna be alright?" Annie asked.

Oliver looked slightly confused,"Mom? Oh you mean Grace, of course how silly of me. Yes Annie, your... Mother will be just fine but she's going to need her rest in order to get better.

"Annie darling, I wanted to apologize about how I acted earlier towards Miss Hannigan and I will apologize to her as well but I wanted to make sure you were alright first." Oliver said softly and Annie's eyes welled with tears as she ran into his waiting arms.

"I forgive you Daddy but you have to apologize to Mom too for what you said earlier about me only being your daughter." Annie sobbed and Oliver instantly felt guilty.

Annie looked up at her father to see the tears in his eyes and she reached up to wipe his eyes.

"I never even realized I'd said it until it was too late to take it back. She's right though, I have been cruel not only to Miss Hannigan but to you and your mother as well. You both deserve better than I could ever be to you." Oliver said sadly.

"Don't say that Daddy Warbucks! Everybody makes mistakes, nobody is perfect. You just have to learn to love them for their faults as well as their good stuff, like I love you because even though you can be grumpy you can also be funny. You gotta take the good with the bad and I'm gonna stick with you even on your grumpy days. And Mom will too because she loves you even with your flaws because those flaws are what make you... well you." Annie explained causing Oliver to snicker.

"Annie my dear, you are a rare gem my angel. Every time I think you can't surprise me anymore, you go and do just that. I love you so much." Oliver told her and she smiled.

"And I love you, Daddy Warbucks!" Annie replied and kissed his cheek.

Annie and Oliver as well as Miss Hannigan ate dinner as they waited for the police to come get Rooster and by the time the police did get there it was nearly eight-thirty at night so Oliver called Cecile and asked her to help Annie get ready for bed.

"I'll try to come and say goodnight Annie but if it gets too late then I'll see you in the morning." Oliver told her but was confused when Annie cringed in fear.

"What's the matter Annie? Did I say something wrong?" he asked and Annie shook her head no.

"No, it's just... that's what he said before he shot Mom. He said 'Say Goodnight'." Annie replied and pointed to Rooster.

"Oh Annie, I'm sorry my darling. I'll tell you what, you go with Cecile to get ready for bed and then tomorrow we'll spend the whole day together. Just the two of us, Alright?" Oliver offered and Annie grinned.

"Okay Daddy, I love you. Goodnight." Annie said kissing him on the cheek.

"And I love you, my angel. Sweet dreams." Oliver breathed as Cecile led Annie up the stairs.

It was close to midnight when the police finally left to take Rooster back to prison although this time they were sending him to Guantanamo Bay Penitentiary instead of Sing-sing because Guantanamo was better guarded and was known to be nearly escape-proof.

So needless to say after dealing with all that Oliver was exhausted and all he wanted to do was go to bed but he couldn't do that quite yet.

"Asp, would you please take Miss Hannigan home?" Oliver asked and the Asp nodded.

"I bid you goodnight and as requested by Annie, I, much to my dismay, welcome you to our home to visit whenever you wish. I also apologize for my harshness earlier this afternoon and last but not least I must thank you for saving Annie's life again." Oliver explained and he was sincere although he secretly wished he wasn't.

"Your... welcome Mr. Warbucks." Miss Hannigan said feeling slightly awkward as she followed the Asp outside.