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Basic Summary: Based on the 1982 version. Takes place just after Punjab brings Annie down from the bridge. Goes more in depth about how Oliver and Grace react when they realize the danger Annie is in and shows just how worried they are about they're baby. Will also include details about the long lasting secret but newly discovered romantic feelings Oliver and Grace have for one another.

After the Asp left to take Miss Hannigan home Oliver was about to settle in for the night when the telephone rang, he sighed and picked up the receiver.

It was Punjab with good news,"They want her to spend the night here but said that I can bring her home first thing in the morning Sahib, Miss Grace will be a little sore in the shoulder but aside from that she will be just fine." Punjab explained and Oliver exhaled as if he'd been holding his breath.

"Thank you for letting me know Punjab, I am so relieved that she's alright. I wish I was there with her but I know she'd just tell me to stay with Annie. Now, you'll bring her straight home in the morning?" Oliver asked before he heard Grace giggling in the background.

"Yes Sahib, you have my word. Miss Grace says to tell you to and I quote, stop being such a worry-wart and go get some rest and that she loves you." Punjab passed along the message sounding slightly awkward causing Oliver to chuckle.

"Alright, watch over her for me Punjab and I will see you both in the morning." Oliver replied before he said goodnight and hung up the phone.

The Asp returned a few minutes later and reported that he drove Miss Hannigan home safe before he offered to lock up and make sure nothing was amiss.

"If you would, Asp. I'd appreciate it as I am very tired." Oliver said thankfully and Asp nodded.

"Of course, Sir." Asp replied before he went about his duties.

After all Asp and Punjab have done and continue to do around here to protect not only me but now Annie as well as Grace, they deserve a raise.

I hope Annie is sleeping peacefully after all she has been through today what with my slight over-reaction to that woman and her horrid brother, not to mention witnessing Grace getting shot by that monstrosity.

I think I'll just check in on her.

Oliver shook himself from his thoughts as he made his way up to Annie's room and quietly cracked the door open to see her sleeping soundly with Sandy curled up next to her.

The dog raised his head and looked at Oliver before wagging his tail ever so slightly.

"I just came to check on you two but it seems you have the situation under control so I'll leave you to it. Goodnight Sandy, sleep well." Oliver whispered as quietly as possible before closing the door gently.

Now that he was sure his daughter was sleeping well he could finally turn in for the night.

Little did he that when he awoke he would be in for a surprise but until then he would sleep well knowing that Annie wasn't having nightmares and that Grace would home safe by morning.

Oliver's Nightmare

Oliver walked into his office to start off his day only to find a fuming Grace and she was holding up the morning news paper but what was even more disturbing was the headline on the front page:

Miss Agatha Hannigan Found Dead This Morning In What Appears To Be A Bloody Massacre!

"Are you happy now, Oliver?! You could have prevented this from happening and saved her life! But no, You just had to be a coward! Too afraid that Annie might get hurt again which I can understand, what I cannot understand is how you could let your fear take over completely! I know she wasn't the most moral of people but she deserved a chance and you could have given her that chance but now it's too late because now she is dead! Annie is extremely upset right now and it's all your fault so don't be surprised if she refuses to talk to you for awhile, not that I can blame her! Honestly Oliver, I'm not entirely sure if I want to talk to you right now but unfortunately I have to because I needed to tell you that-" Grace was cut off as gunshots sounded.

"Grace!" Oliver shouted as she fell to the floor.

"I-I.. am... very disappointed... in you!" Grace choked out with her last breath.

"No! Grace... don't leave me, I'm sorry. I-I never meant for this to happen, come back." Oliver muttered in his sleep as he tossed and turned.

It was three in the morning and Annie got out of bed as if someone was calling out to her even though she knew that no one had called her but for some reason she felt as if someone needed her.

So Annie walked out of her room and down the hall before she stopped outside the door to her father's room, she turned the handle and quietly went into the room closing the door behind her.

Annie heard her father muttering and mumbling in his sleep so she climbed onto his bed and curled up next to him and then suddenly the mumbling stopped.

Annie thought about going back to her own room but decided to stay with her father since he seemed almost comforted by her closeness. Annie closed her eyes and within an instant was once again sound asleep and she as well as her father remained that way for the rest of the night.