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Episode 1: Pilot (Most Original Chapter Name Ever)

You ever get that feeling that the universe is out to get you? Like no matter what you do the universe is just gonna say "No" and then make something terrible happen to you for even thinking you could do anything good?

No? Lucky you.

I say this cause for the past couple months I've been punched, stabbed, kicked in the balls on multiple occasions, blackmailed, been accused of things I've never done, and almost eaten alive…twice!

So yeah, not the best couple of months. So you can see why I think the universe has decided that I'm it's punching bag.

You know what, before I go any further as to why the universe sucks, I should probably introduce myself.

The names Chris "Joker" Sullivan, and I've been trapped on the world of Remnat for who knows how long now.

Now I know what your all thinking something along the lines of:

"No way! You get to be a Hunter!"

"You get to meet all the Main Characters and be their bestest friends with them!"

"You can stop Volume III from happening!"

Now let it be known that all of that is complete and utter bull. I don't know what kind of fanfiction you all have been reading, but news flash people! No one from good old Earth would survive a day here if they weren't born here!

I mean seriously, unless you were from the military or apart of some sort of secret government project, you'd be eaten alive by the first Grimm you saw! Don't even get me started on how unlikely it is to get excepted into Beacon unless you forged your transcript, and we all know how well that'll go thanks to a certain blond knight.

So yeah, being stuck in a world infested with plenty of monsters and people who are out to kill you is not fun. So that's why the first thing I thought when I woke up in some random alleyway, besides the usual "what happened" and "did I get mugged again", and saw that the moon was cracked was,

Oh hell no!

I then proceeded to run around the ally like a headless chicken screaming my head off. Not the most rational moment of my life, but when you get teleported from your room while watching t.v to some random alleyway with the moon cracked in half your allowed to have some freak out time.

Anyway, after I calmed down I decided that the first thing I should do was to retrace my steps on how this happened. As I said before, I was just watching t.v when out of nowhere there was this blinding light. Next thing I know I'm in an alley in Remnat.

After that not so helpful recount, I decided that the next best thing to do was to avoid the main characters and the plot as if they were zombies and I was a tasty, juicy, living brain during the apocalypse.


Oh! Your probably confused as to why I'd want to avoid the main characters and the plot right? Well besides the obvious reason of not being helpful at all since I can't fight for the life of me, there is another quite obvious reason as to why I should avoid them.

The reason why you ask? Why because of the Butterfly Effect of course! You know, the theory that if we were to travel back in time and step on a butterfly we would cause mass changes in the future.

I never really believed in that theory back on Earth, but I figured that since I'm on a world where people have natural shield generators in their bodies, monsters with no souls walk the earth, and fairy tales tend out to be the truth half the time, that it wouldn't be too bad of an idea to play it safe and not do anything that can mess up the timeline.

I mean for all I know my presence here could have already messed up the plot enough, so there's no way I'm taking a bigger chance of messing it up by involving myself in the lives of the main characters and the plot. Who knows, I could make Volume III be ten times as worse than it already is if I so much as talk to the main characters! So yeah, not taking any chances there.

After that I decided to take a check-up to see what I had on me, which wasn't much to be honest. All I had on me was my wallet, a pair of aviators, and some gum. Besides that, I had nothing. I was still wearing what I had on me when that bright light happened, a normal pair of jeans, an orange zip-up hoody, and a Red vs. Blue t-shirt. I know it's ironic but if I knew this was gonna happen I would have worn a different shirt.

Anyway, after that inventory check, I decided to look around the area, see if I could get a grasp on where and when I was at. I mean I knew I was in RWBY, but where and when in RWBY was what really mattered. For all I knew I was in Atlas 10 years into the future of the show.

Thankfully after a few hours of walking around and asking some of the locals (the less said about those conversations, the better) I figured out where I was.

I was sadly in Vale, a few months before the Vytal Festival. From there I assumed that it was a few months before Volume I. Bad for me since it meant I was in the main location for the plot. So that meant that I had to be extra careful when it came to avoiding the plot and characters.

Anyway, after I found out where and when I was, I decided to see if I could find a job. I knew the chances of me finding a way home were slim, so I figured I might as well make a living while I was stuck here, except I realized one huge problem during my search for a job.

My identity. Now I'm not saying I had amnesia when I first woke up here, that would be way to cliché. No, the problem was that I didn't exist here. No background information, no birth certificate, no nothing. If I were to try and get a job now it would bring up problems, problems that would attract unwanted attention from the law.

So with that I decided to head to the less lawful side of Vale to see if I couldn't find someone to forge me an identity. Considering I had no idea as to who to look for I decided to go to the best info broker I knew, Hei "Junior" Xiong.

Now before you all go on a rant about how I was going to meet a character that is in the show after I just made a huge deal about making sure I never ran into a character, let me explain. You see my reasoning back then was that since he wasn't that big of a character, it wouldn't cause too much trouble to the timeline. Maybe a few extra henchmen for Yang to beat up, but that's it.

Besides, it's not like getting information from him would lead me to meeting any of the main antagonists, right?

Oh how wrong I was, but that's a story for another day.

So after managing to somehow convince him that a penny is some super rare material and worth a lot of lien. Don't ask me how he bought it, or why his face looked like he just struck gold, all I know is that I must have gotten really lucky. That or he was really drunk considering how much his breath smelled of alcohol.

After our exchange he set up a meeting between me and one of the best forgers in Vale. We met up at some run down factory a few miles away from Junior's place. The dude was covered head to toe in black and was wearing a mask, so I had no clue as to who he was.

Now the deal itself was simple. He'd make me a fake identity, with background information and a birth certificate, and in exchange I would have to owe him a favor. Now this may sound ridiculous, but I tried to negotiate using my pennies. Yeah, no luck there. Apparently I really was just plain lucky when I talked with Junior, not that I'm complaining or anything. The guy, however, laughed off my poor attempt of bluffing and said how he'd usually get rid of people who tried to rip him off, but since he was having such a good day he'd let it slide and decided to throw me a bone.

To this day I don't know if I should consider that as lucky as all hell or a sign of bad things to come. But considering I now know who that dude was, I'm starting to lean towards the latter option.

So, a few days later I had my fake papers and was ready to make a living. So I got a job at a dust shop, but not From Dust Till Dawn mind you, that's a sure-fire way of getting involved in the plot if only for a little bit. So for the next couple of months' things were good. I was making a decent amount of lien and I almost had enough to buy an apartment.

…Yeah I may or may not have been living in a cardboard box for the while, but that's beside the point. Like I said things were good…until a certain red hood wearing Huntress walked into the shop. Now that's where this whole story started.

How my whole plan to "avoid the main characters and the plot like the plague" got thrown out the window like last week's tuna.

And that's the first chapter!

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