Look at these profiles and episode summaries for the newest lemon story~! Know them all and enjoy later~! Will update when posting more chapters~

Also, Angel Fluff will be co-written by me and yugiohfan163~



Lily - Angel Fluff (F Pachirisu)

Mimi - Angel Brush (F Shiny Minccino)

Vai (F Kirlia) - Angel

Melody (F Meloetta)

Kate - Angel Meow (F Espurr)

Momo - Angel Kunoichi (F pink Greninja)

Sylvia - Angel Cutie (F Sylveon)

Glace - Angel Snow (F Glaceon)

Mela (F Goodra)

H Mesprit

H Azelf

H Uxie


Phantom Mother (H Lopunny)

Lotus (H Emolga)

Mina - Dark Fluff (H Shiny Pachirisu)

Quina (H Nidoqueen)

Chloe (H Medicham)

Elaine (H Mawile)

H Shiny Mesprit

H Shiny Azelf

H Shiny Uxie


Episode 1:
It was yet another typical day for Angel Fluff and Lily was about to have a special day~!

Episode 2:
Lily is rewarded lesbian love by Vai, Melody, Momo and Kate (the Espurr) who delightfully asks how the Pachirisu became an Angel, to which Lily is sexually happy to tell them about.

Episode 3:
Lily, Vai and Melody are given initiations as an official Angel agent via sexual examinations. Melody is given a test-task to investigate a hospital which may be crawling with mutant herms.

Episode 4:
Angel Fluff saves Melody from being raped by the evil Lopunny herm's generals. Melody soon gets kidnapped and molested by the Nidoqueen herm mutant. Lily comes to her rescue and heals her via tribadism (scissoring) but then she gets molested by the Nidoqueen mutant herself.

Episode 5: (Epilogue)
Lily decides to take a break in her bath with her girlfriends... Until she gets kidnapped and raped by Dark Fluff.

For the record, BTW, this story is has not connected with HT or SF/D/I.