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Watching your crush watch his little sister watch her boyfriend was sort of cute, I guess. That's exactly what Metias was doing, watching his little sister watch her boyfriend, Daniel, do whatever sport they were doing outside.

That sounded confusing. I quietly chuckled at myself because of that thought alone. I mean, really, Metias—the Metias—having a sister complex was just… breathtaking. Even Chairman Jameson was surprised when she knew.

We were what people call the 'perfect pair', but I don't think so. Sure, I was the perfect model student, and he was the perfect guy around (great scores, all ladies alike falling for him, awesome fighting skills and reflexes) but we weren't the 'perfect pair'. We were just childhood friends, that's all.

The fact that I have a crush on him won't ever come to light.

The teacher sighed and called upon him, "Mr. Iparis."

Metias' surprised face was priceless, mostly because no one—and I mean NO ONE—had ever caught him off-guard. Well, probably except for me. I've been with him since childhood, after all.

He was then called up front to do a calculus problem. I knew the answer, and he also knew. We did review this particular problem last night at his house while tutoring his little sister, the 'Prodigy', everyone knew her by. And her boyfriend, for being able to get her heart and stay loyal to her, the 'Legend'.

After getting scolded, Metias pouted and walked back to his chair, right beside mine, and sulked. "I missed June Bug getting her winning goal," he said, still sulking. "You can just see her later at the match, you know?" I said, trying to cheer him up.

"But she won't notice me!" he whined and I laughed. "She'll watch her boyfriend, now, huh?" I said jokingly. He smiled and nudged me on the shoulder, saying, "How 'bout I sub for her boyfriend?"

We laughed and got another scolding from the teacher.

I didn't want to go home. But just like any other good children around, I have to. Thank fully, my 'parents' weren't home when I came in. I dropped my bag in my room and went over my studies once more, determined to impress Metias with my perfect scores yet again.

That's when I heard the door close and shouts come from below. I shouldn't see them at the moment, so I went ahead and locked my bedroom door, and turned off the lights. They'd always leave me alone if my room was dark.

I turned on the study light and went on studying.

A few hours after that, the fight still went on, and I ignored it until my dad pounded on my door, demanding me to open up. Hearing that he's in a worse mood than yesterday, I quickly changed my clothes into one I wouldn't ever wear in front of Metias and opened the door, receiving a hit on my forehead.

'It's gonna leave a bruise tomorrow, I'm sure… I hope I have enough concealers, though,' I thought grimly as my dad yanked me downstairs. "WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THIS, HUH?!" he shouted, right in my ear. He then pointed out the flaws I had, starting from the bruise he made earlier (saying, "What's with this bruise?! You've been getting into fights again, haven't you?!"), to the blood-stained clothes that I wore.

The blood won't go away, no matter how much I washed it. I couldn't complain, though. It's my 'punching bag' outfit. After dad had had a good beating out of me, it was mom's turn, blaming me for getting beat up and getting her into trouble with dad before she stalked off upstairs, getting into their shared bedroom.

I always wondered why they'd still sleep in the same bedroom if they hated each other. Dad was a very temperamental Alpha, while my mom is just… sort of the same. A temperamental Alpha. It was rare that an Alpha marries and Alpha.

I mean, having two dominants in the same house was disastrous. Not to mention that I don't even know what me genealogy was. Probably a Beta, but I was too busy to ever check and make sure. I nodded as I concluded myself a Beta.

I slipped off my 'punching bag' outfit before taking a bath, tending to my injuries after. With a cold pack on my forehead, I continued my study.

"Whoa…" Metias said, coming over to me when we met on our way to school. His hand touched my forehead and I didn't flinch, as much as I wanted to. "What happened?" he asked worriedly. I love it when he's worried about me, but I can't go ahead and let him worry over me.

Dad did say that I won't be a man unless I face my own problems alone. He was saner then.

"I hit my head against the door yesterday. An honest accident," I shrugged. He narrowed his eyes, clearly not believing my lie. "A door wouldn't make that kind of impression," he stated. I have seen the bruise last night, and I understood his concern.

I smiled and shrugged him off. "It depends on what kind of door that I hit." He knew that I didn't want to talk about it, so he sighed and followed me into our class. Just one more year left, and I'll be out of that god forsaken house.

"If you say so," he said gently, his eyes shone an emotion I couldn't decipher. It was natural for him to worry, after all. "So, what happened to June yesterday?" I asked, remembering that she had been carried back to his house by her boyfriend.

He sighed. "My June Bug sprained her leg yesterday, and Day's friend… What was her name… Well, the healer girl healed her as best as she could and told her to rest up for a few days. Good thing the match is a few weeks away, so she won't miss it…"

I took a mental note to see her after school. We then talked about homework and discussed it together until homeroom started.

"It looks pretty good," I said, examining her leg. She nodded solemnly. "Cheer up, June!" Day said with a beaming smile, which elicited a smile from her. I smiled as I watch the two lovebirds comforted each other on the living room sofa.

"You're feeling better now, yeah?" he said, letting June cuddle up against him and pout. "I do feel better, but I still don't like it."

"Yeah? How 'bout your bro sub for you this next match?" Day said jokingly. "Daniel…" she said menacingly before attacking him with her pokes. Day ended up laughing non stop from her attacks and she also laughed. I was jealous, I admit.

Metias and I would never be like that. They were so open to each other. On the contrary, I held way more secrets up my sleeve than I could ever count while Metias would tell me all about his secrets. Suddenly, Metias' arms wrap around my shoulder and I could feel him inhale my scent gland deeply, making me shudder.

"Will you stop that?!" I said, embarrassed. "Hmm-mm… I'm jealous of Day…" he mumbled, and I couldn't help but mind his breath that tickled my skin. I was silent for a while, many thoughts running through my head at once, making me dizzy.

"I need to get back," I said finally, thankful that my poker face was still intact. Any more of that, and I'll be begging for him. Plus, it's almost time when my 'parents' would come home and start shouting again. I'd be thankful if they would just ignore me like in those days where I was lucky enough to get only a few bruises.

Or when I get locked up in my room and starve for a few days. That was when I was smaller, and Metias and his family, before his parents died, had went on a trip for the whole holiday. I had nowhere to go, and so I stayed at home.

I came back with a take-out for dinner in hand and went to my room to eat. Mom and dad never bothered to make food, so why should I? Like always, I started my night with studying. Study, study, study. At first, my 'parents' had pushed me to study to the brink of death.

Again, that was when they were saner.

I didn't want to, but if I did study, at least mom and dad wouldn't give me a beating. But when I saw how impressed Metias was at my perfect score, I just wanted to do it even more, even if it were just to see his impressed face.

Then, my 'parents' wanted to have grandkids. I was barely in middle school then, and had never thought about mating and bonding with anyone. Heck, I didn't even know my genealogy. My dad blamed me for not having a girlfriend, and my mom blamed me for not being an Omega who could have kids.

Then, things got worse from there. My mom went out even more, and my dad speculated that she was cheating on him, and they both got into a fight. I tried to stop them, but they wouldn't even let me. The clothes I had on that day became my first 'punching bag' outfit.

Now they'd get angry at me for not doing what they wanted. Not cleaning the house, getting back too late, not studying at night, not brushing my hair, not, not, not. I sighed and put the disposable box to put into the trash bin later.

That night, thankfully, my parents didn't come home. At least, I was spared one night of beating.

"Thomas," Jameson said, her eyes cold as usual. She sat in her chair, on her table a plate with the writings; 'Chairman Jameson'. I kept my poker face intact. It always helped to have a poker face when facing a scary person, and she's one of them

"I need you to do something for me," she said, and I nodded. This was how I still get to stay in school without my parents paying the fees; work for Chairman Jameson. It could be anything, from stalking someone to stealing something.

I don't mind, as long as I stay by Metias' side, I'd do anything.

"I want you to get me something from one the Colonies kids," she said, snapping me out of my reverie. "What is it?" I asked. "You know the one named Day? The Legend?" she asked back. I nodded.

"I need you to a box that he has, hidden somewhere in his room."

"What's in that box?"

"A small ring… which can destroy this whole school." I let out a confused look. "How can a ring destroy the school?"

"It his proposal ring for June. If he proposes to her… then this whole school, seeing its Republic-Colonies separation, could fall into ruins by the mixing," she said, sounding grim. I nodded, because I knew what it would cause.

The poor and the rich had always been fighting since who knows when and started from who knows who. Having June and Day become lovers had caused a bit of an uproar, but it never affected them. Rather, it made their love even stronger.

I truly envy them because of their bond. Even without them bonding, they would have this strong and invisible bond between each other. And no one will be able to break it. Day was an Alpha, and June was a Beta, as far as I know.

Even though June would never satisfy his desires like how an Omega would, I doubt that that would even waver their feelings for each other.

But Day sure is fast, already preparing to ask for June's hand in marriage in Middle School… He really plans far ahead, huh?

I sighed once I was out of her office and walked down the halls. I needed to start planning on how to get to Day's house and not get people suspicious over me. That wouldn't help at all.

"Thomas!" I heard Metias call and turned around to find him running towards me. "Why the long face, man?" he asked with a smile. "It's Jameson again," I sighed and he placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

"Cheer up. At least you'll be graduating in one year," he said. Oh, it's not just Jameson, Met, I chuckled inside. "You don't know how happy knowing that makes me."

Suddenly, Metias beamed, and I could feel the air shift, making me feel happy also. It was times like these when I truly realize how much I am in love with him. It was awkward for a moment, with me shifting uncomfortably and him fidgeting.

Really, his happiness is just that contagious. "Let's just get back to class," I said and off we went.


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