'Damn you Skywalker. Damn you straight to the pit'.

These were the final thoughts of the man who had shaped the course of the galaxy for the past 4 decades. Darth Sidious, leader of the Galactic Empire, and the last, and greatest, Sith Lord of the Rule of Two had been defeated by his final apprentice, and his brat.

While he had fully expected to be betrayed at some point by his former apprentice since the Sith Code demanded the apprentice to overthrow the master once they felt that their was nothing more to gain from the elder Sith's teachings, he did not foresee the cause of Vader's betrayal, which in hindsight he should have seen coming.

Love. That sickening emotion that had made Anakin Skywalker so susceptible to the pull of the Dark Side in the first place, had managed to pull the broken Sith Lord back into the light. Truly he had underestimated Vader's continued devotion to that pacifist upstart, who while elevating him to the highest reaches of power in a decaying republic, had managed to forestall many of his plans, and had only been allowed to live once the Sith Lord realised that she was the final key to push his future apprentice into the intoxicating embrace of the Dark Side.

Of course once the newly knighted Vader had completed the finishing blow of the Jedi's extermination, she would be killed, leaving the Sith Master with a all powerful apprentice, and a replacement should he feel that Vader was no longer worthy of the Sith Mantle.

But after the events of Mustfar resulted in the shrew's death, and the mutilation of his apprentice in the fires of that hellish planet, he had settled for a servant that while still powerful in his own right, would never possess the strength to overthrow him, and thus ensure the survival of the Sith Line.

When he discovered that the offspring of Skywalker lived, he had initially sought to remove him from the galaxy, lest he interfere in more of his plans, but Vader had the intriguing idea of converting him to their side. The boy would be a suitable replacement for his father, who recognized that his only hope of usurping his authority would be to combine his power with that of the boy.

But unlike his father, Skywalker remained incorruptible, and as such was worthy of death. He hadn't sensed the diminishing darkness in Vader, who had silently watching his son being electrocuted, reminded of his past failures to protect his loved ones, and had then found the strength to cast down his infuriated master.

Falling down the shaft of his 2nd Death Star, Palpatine was not yet ready to give up defeat. Focusing all his rage and hatred, he willed the Dark Side to show him a path that would allow him to escape his current predicament.

And as he sped to his doom, the force answered his command just as his body made contact with the flames of the disintegrating death star.

The heavy toll of his powers caused the Sith Lord to blackout, therefore he missed the strange glowing portal that he passed into, as well as the strange energy that passed over his body that was somehow fusing with his darkened spirit.

When he returned to consciousness, the burning yellow eyes of the former emperor where met with a most peculiar sight.

He was in the middle of a crater, surrounded by teenage children and a balding middle aged man with a stick, and to make things even more confusing, a pink haired girl who appeared to be 12 years of age was leaning in for a kiss.

AND that's where I'll leave off.

Got the idea after reading various Star Wars/Familiar of Zero fanfics…of which Star Wars: Force of Zerobeing the one that truly inspired me to right my own fanfic.

Cause while as BADASS as it is to have everyone's favourite Cyborg Sith Lord be a familiar, it made me wonder how having the Ultimate Sith Lord as a familiar would play out.

I read somewhere that in terms of raw power Suited Vader is only 80% as strong as the Emperor, and considering Sidious already has an understanding of Sith Alchemy, as well as some of Darth Plagueis's teachings, he would be able to increase his knowledge and power if he was in a magical world.

Not sure yet what direction I will take with this…either Humor or something more serious….but I hope you all look forward to seeing how the Pink Haired Tsundre will treat the Sith lord.

Reviews always nice to see what other people think. :)