Chapter 1.

Standing in front of her assembled classmates who had already successfully summoned their familiars, Louise de La Vallière held aloft her wand, clinging to the hope that this time, her magic would not fail and blow up in her face.

"My servant that existed somewhere in this vast universe, my divine, beautiful, wise, powerful servant, heed my call, I wish from very bottom of my heart and add to my guidance and appear!"

As excepted, nothing happened, and the students, led by the curvaceous red head Kirche Zerbst, mocked her once again for her failed efforts.

"Poor Louise, if this isnt proof that you're a failure as a magician than nothing will be".

"Louise the Zero strikes again"

"It makes sense. Zero familiar for a zero magical"

Doing her best to block out the taunting jeers of her fellow students, the pink haired mage tried again, only this time with more desperation.


Shaking his head at the persistence of the youngest daughter of the Vallière family, Professor Jean Colbert, a balding fire mage in his mid 40's, moved to halt the frantic actions of the pinkette.

"Miss Vallière. That is enough"

But Louise didn't listen.


As she finished those words, an explosion formed in front of the desperate girl, throwing everyone back by the sheer force of it. Hastily getting to her feet, Louise peered inside the smoking crater, hoping that this time she had been successful.

Having recovered himself, Colbert moved to chastise the girl for endangering the lives of everyone present.

"Ms Vallière. While your persistence is admirable, the fact that you disregarded my instruction, and nearly managed to seriously harm your peers leaves me with no choice but too…"

He was prevented from continuing when one of the student's gave off a surprised yell.

"HEY. I think the Zero's spell worked. Theirs something down their".

Rushing to the edge in hopeful excitement, Louise could indeed make out a shape in the diminishing smoke. Eager to see what she had summoned, pinkette slid down the side of the crater, hoping that what ever she had summoned, it would be enough to salvage her reputation as a mage.

For his part, Colbert was a bit wary about what ever was in that pit. For during Louise's supposedly successful incantation, instead of feeling the usual warm feeling of life that was common for all summoned familiars, the bald fire mage could only feel a chilling void. And what was even more discerning, the more he pushed his senses outward to try and identify this force, it felt more and more like it was whispering back to him, promising him untold power if he just satisfied his cursoisty and dug deeper.

Louise felt it too, but unlike Colbert, she embraced this feeling, for she had long hoped for the opportunity to claim anything that would grant her the power to bring glory to her family name.

However as she drew closer to the center of the still smoking crater, the Vallière heiress's previous feelings of joy slowly evaporated as she got closer to the figure that was to be her familiar.

For starters, it was no great magical beast, or animal of any sort. It was a man.

Feeling a bit disheartened at having yet again messed up the easiest of spells, even if it did result in more than just an explosion, the pinkette took a moment to examine the being that had been summoned to be her familiar.

Despite appearing to be in his late 20's, the man's hair was already starting to receded, and had streaks of grey running through the red coloring of his head. While his facial features were almost aristocratic in nature, which briefly caused her to feel a momentary flash of fear at having summoned a nobleman, they were nonetheless unassuming, and indicated that this man was likely to act like a humble low level politician, rather than a great aristocrat.

What was odd about him though was the manner in which he dressed. Black robes, and a deep hood that would hide his face if it was current being worn. Louise was about to dismiss her earlier feelings when she noticed something odd protruding from the unconscious man's sleeve. It appeared to be a tube of some sort, but that word did not do it justice. It was intricately styled, with graceful lines running up and down its length, til it ended in a gold ring at the top.

While he wasn't what she was expecting, she was going to request to redo the spell, when the oddest sensation came over her. It felt like she was being compelled to accept this man for her familiar, for she could have sworn she heard the faint whisperings of some invisible force to do so.

Gathering her courage, she leaned in to bind him, but as she drew closer, the man returned to consciousness, staring at the shocked pinkette with burning yellow eyes.

And that's it for now.

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Decided not to do this as a humor story...or at the very least if their is humor, it will be dark humor.

As for Palpatine's current appearance...details from the novel Darth Plagueis prove what he looked like as a young apprentice. The reason why he looks younger will be explained later. But I think its important for the story if he has his 'Public Face' since it helps to integrate himself.

Stating right now...this is not a redemption fic...for unlike Vader, who was manipulated...Sidious has no redeemable qualities since he is the Baddest of the bad.

Anyways..hope you enjoy..will update when I can