As he returned to consciousness, he was able to sense a great deal of confusion, and what was even more delightful to the Sith Lord, fear. It appeared that the force had answered his wish and had spared him from the oblivion of death. Probably for the best, since he was unsure if his method of immortality would work or not. One of the few regrets he had in his life was that he killed Plagueis before he had learned all their was to now about preserving one's life.

Pushing thoughts of his former master out of his mind, Sidious was surprised by the odd sensation of youth flowing through his body. While the Dark Side of the Force granted the ageing Sith Lord abilities beyond comprehension, the price was that it ravaged his body, for flesh could not long support this great power without it being corrupted by it. And while didn't care about the tradeoff, in his more vain moments, Sidious admitted that it was easier to manipulate the denizens of the galaxy with the face of Palpatine, rather than the visage of a Sith lord.

But for the first time in decades, he could that his body no longer felt the ravages of age, which he could easily do if he immersed himself in the force but this was different. His control over the force was still as strong as ever, but he noticed that it appeared to be responding to him quicker now, without as much effort, leaving his to grudgingly accept the Jedi belief that the force flows easier with living tissue, rather than corrupted flesh, or as was the case with his last apprectice, metal limbs.

As he opened his eyes to gain a better understanding of his situation, he was met with 2 surprising sights.

One, his hands were no longer the gnarled, paled flesh he had lived with for the past 25 years, but where now instead a healthy shade of pink, with a youthful appearance.

The second thing that surprised him was that what appeared to be a 12 year old girl was drawing closer to him for so unknown intent.

Calling the force to him, once again experiencing the intoxicating feelings of being filled with such power, he focused all his rage and hatred into the palm of his hand before he flinged a potentially lethal blast of force lightening at the inquisitive girl.

Fortunately for the pinkette, it appeared that someone had expected her to be met with hostility, as the Sith Lord's lightening crashed into a energy barrier of some sort.

Displeased by the interference, though secretly intrigued by the fact that someone possessed the capability to negate his powerful technique, Sidious turned his attention towards the one responsible for protecting the bothersome child, and had to fight to keep a smirk from appearing on his rejuvenated face as he stared at the balding man.

Despite the bespectacled man's average appearance, and the almost sickening way in which he seemed to hold the safety of others before his own well being, Sidious was able to sense a residue of darkness clinging to the balding man, feeling almost similar to the fiery nature of his first apprentice. And yet unlike Maul, who personified the burning, almost feral intensity of the dark side, this man chose to keep his emotions in check, keeping his inner darkness at bay lest it cause him to return to his more destructive ways.

The pink haired girl was also interesting to the master manipulator, far more than the fool who willingly restricted his power. This girl however, through the force he could sense her fear, her astonishing amount of anger, and the seeds of hatred that had already begun to sprout. And yet unlike the others he was sensing, this girl appeared to be unable to establish a complete connection with her powers. As if the methods in which she used to link herself with her inner strength was insufficient.

Sending a subtle mental probe to the girl, it took all of his skills as a politician to keep himself from cackling out loud, though his amusement soon turned to icy fury as he discovered what she was attempting to do. It appeared that this girl had been ridiculed for years do to her lack of power, which apparently was a common thing for this world, with the ones with this 'magic' holding strong positions of authority, and yet despite coming from such a family, she had lacked the same talent as her peers, leading her to slowly hate not only herself for her perceived lack of gifts, but also the world around her for not accepting who she was. Apparently today's gathering was her last chance to prove herself worthy of continuing her quest to try and prove herself, hence his presence in this realm.

All of this Sidious understood, but the thing that almost caused him to have the pinkette suffer a force choke, was the fact that she meant to enslave him. HIM. The supreme leader of the galaxy, and the all powerful Sith Lord that brought the Jedi Order to extinction. And as he processed her thoughts, lightening started to form in his hands again. If he was to become this girl's 'familiar' he wouldn't even be treated like a servant. Oh no, it appeared that familiars were usually beasts of some descript, and that a sentient being had never before been summoned.

However while the Sith Lord was processing his new circumstances, Louise was manage to get close without him knowing, and before the Sith Lord could react, she sealed the bond that made him a familiar.

Pushing away the pain he felt at this unexpected turn of events, and grateful for the fact that his face no longer held the appearance of a melted candle, Sidious decided to play the role that had gained him not only the nomination for Chancellor of the Republic, but had also convinced a recently freed slave that he could confide in the unassuming politician.

"My Dear, care to explain just what you are doing"?

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