An extremely short drabble just so I can get my feet back to writing. Just a short drabble that might be full of plot holes and may make no sense. Forgive me for how awful this is. Inspired nalu from this wedding prompt "I'm going to decide how to run this wedding,".Truthfully, it's nothing related to that line.

Summary: Based on the idea "I'm going to decide how to run this wedding,". Natsu only wanted to escape from his crazy fans. As he did, he met a a kick that might just change his life.

Please enjoy!

Shit. Shit.

Where was he going to hide?! Not to mention he was going to get into trouble by sneaking here.

He heard soft footsteps from the hallway outside.

This is still the better of the two evils.

Oh no. There was no time. Natsu could not think of a single excuse to use and time would not allow that.

Hi there. I'm no pervert. Just happened to pass by your room via window. And ate the food on your fridge too?

It was over! He just hoped the girl wasn't Erza. Or a crazy fan. Anything was better than Erza and what he just escaped from. Trouble from Erza is still to come but he was going to avoid it as much as possible.

His heart dropped as the door opened and revealed a beautiful golden haired girl. Her mouth parted in a perfect "O", blinking owlishly at the sight of him.

Cute was his first thought.

Maybe he lucked out with this girl. She looked really sweet like Mira sweet or Lisanna sweet that would never harm a fly.

"Nice room you have here." Natsu could not help but say with a wave, sitting cross on the ground like he belonged there, like he was her best friend when in reality, he did not even know the girl.

Next thing he knew was the faint voice was something like "Lucy kick," before being kicked in the stomach that rivaled Erza's which was enough to make him pass out.

He couldn't remember for the life what happened afterwards. Only that he awoke on the softest mattress to have existed. The first thing he saw was the girl who knocked him unconscious with a kick dressed like she was going to be married. She looked way too sweet compared to the first memory he had of that kick.

And what passed then was the strangest set of events that will change his life and hers as well.

"You, you're getting married?!" It was the first thing Lucy heard. Especially coming from the guy who snuck to her room. His eyes saucered, a shocked emanating his face, shaking pointing at her.

"Why are you acting surprised? You don't even know me!" She could help but say.

"Oh yeah. That makes sense." Natsu rubbed that back of his head. Something was really wrong here. And weird.

Lucy was about to question his sanity when his voice interrupted her with a question. "What's this?" Natsu pointed to the offering she had on her arms.

Lucy blinked twice, eyeing the goodies on her arms before looking to his onyx eyes. "For apology?" Her tone unsure, like a secret that was about to be revealed but didn't want to.

He did not get it at all. He eyed her melting chocolate orbs in its sweet innocence. He was the one who snuck into her room. The fault was all his. He felt such a pervert for thinking that. Her kick was just a natural reaction to people sneaking to other people's room. No amount of excuse would make any sense. Really, really strange. He knew a lot of women who didn't have any problem dishing out punches though at times he was being misunderstood or doing something deemed stupid.

"I did kick you hard so I'm apologizing." Her arms continued offer treats of food. God, they looked fresh. Just out of the kitchen. Smelt really appetizing, making his mouth water. Forget Erza. Forget that this girl was weird. He was happy he snuck to her room.

If this was how people thanked him for messing up, he doesn't need heaven. Whoever was marrying her is one lucky bastard. Still what a weirdo.

Who was he to refuse free food when it was offered?

Even with messy eating, pieces flying all over, the two talked like this was not their first meeting. Surprisingly, they clicked.

He found out her name, Lucy Heartfilia which he immediately teased her with calling her Luigi which she would respond with annoyed puff, cheeks rosy pink which made the girl looked adorably sweet. That simply told him she was a fun person to tease. He also found out she happened to be a hotshot novelist. Yes, hotshot novelist because someone that pretty had to be successful, probably akin to stars that lit up, nothing cool because anything in relation to Gray, the ice princess, was bad. She wrote fantasy novels about magicians, princesses, fairies and dragons that are totally good, not villains. She was one wonder girl.

"Then you better let me have your books!" Natsu found himself saying. He wouldn't mind having books like hers.

"You'd read them?" Surprise evident in her tone, blushing as she found her hands fumbling on her lap like it was the best thing ever.

"Why wouldn't I?" At her cocked eyebrow, confusion, he continued. "You wrote them, meaning they must be amazing! And with your signature of course. So I can boast to my friends I have a hotshot novelist friend!"

Lucy smiled cheerfully, with a soft flush. "Thanks! Natsu. I know I'm famous but not like you! I mean you're famous as heck!" She gestured to him like he was more than amazing.

Natsu couldn't help but rub his nose, flushing at the look she gave him. He was used to girls screaming his name. People who interviewed him about his career, choices in life, and who he was but never acted like this towards him. People who knew him were the same. Not even Lisanna who was the closest he could get to a girl acted like this. Of course, his other friends would never act that way towards him. Not that he'd ever do the same towards them, especially with their way of communication.

Lucy was strange. He only met her a couple hours earlier but felt like he'd lived his life next to hers. He couldn't explain it. She was weird. Weird in a sense that felt nice. Too nice. Or maybe that was simply Lucy being Lucy?

He ended up sharing the real reason why he was here. His solution of escaping rabid fan girls was to sneak into a random, a room that had an unlocked window. Only a weirdo like her would leave the window open.

It was strange how easily he opened up to the girl. Usually, it was hard to pry answers from him without people calling him stupid or crazy. But she never acted like that. She looked at him and listened earnest without judgement, just mirth at the funny things he did, some of them could have sounded crazy and she reacted with the same amount of silliness but without doubt. Or maybe it was the way her eyes shown interest, or that soft quirk on her lips. Nobody had done that for a long time since Igneel as far as he remembered. He had a lot of friends, close but he always needed up being misunderstood, exchanging fists with, and it took a while for others to get him. He had to make other see his reasons. Some called him a liar though what he said was the truth. She simply listened as he talked, understanding clear on her eyes that shimmered endlessly, secrets unfolding one after another out of his mouth.

They exchanged stories one after another.

"I don't see why not. Too bad you're getting married. If you weren't, I'd totally bring you along our tour. That way, you can get more inspirations for your books."

Tears suddenly welled in her eyes. His eyes widened.

"Oo. Why are you crying?!"

"It's your fault!"

"What did I do?! Ahh. Stop crying! What did I say?"

"It's just... your being too sweet!" Lucy seemed to try so hard to hold her tears back.


"I've been trying so hard to forget about today, too."

"Forget today?"

"Yeah," Lucy sniffed.

And she came to the crux of her problem. She was getting married. But in the few hours they talked, this was the most unhappiest he'd seen her. He didn't get it at all.

"Aren't brides supposed to be happy?"

"This bride isn't." Eyes burned at no particular direction, annoyed at the reminder.

Now Natsu was befuddled. Lucy was one heck of a strange bride. In his experience, all women he knew were unique. In bad ways, most of the time. But she was even more confusing.

Lucy sighed.

"So what's the problem?" He literally did not understand what was happening anymore.

"I'm kinda forced to marry this guy. My father managed to pull a fast one on me. I didn't realized it until I was picked up last night."

Woahh. That sounded so old fashioned. People still do that kinda stuff? And she gave him a brief summary of how she came from a rich family with these plans she didn't want. Her father wanted her to marry to expand business before which she responded by throwing away her luxury and deciding to leave on her own and following her dream, a dream that she achieved marvelously.

"Wait does that mean you're marrying some guy you don't even know?"

"Sorta? I think so. I can't remember."

"I thought you didn't know?"

"Yeah. I might have met him but I can't remember. It's part of that annoying stuff I used to do before." By before, he knew Lucy meant when she lived under her father's. Somehow he managed to locate her. Without her permission, forcing Lucy to do something she didn't even want. He seethed at the idea of someone forcing those to her.

"Ugh." Lucy huffed, looking at the clock. "Time isn't exactly what I have. I've been thinking of ten ways to get out of this stupid marriage but the hotel's kind of heavily guarded."

His eyes followed hers, gears turning as Lucy continued, "Which was why I'm confused how you got inside." Chocolate eyes met his in wonder, possibly thinking back to how he got inside.

"Lucy, come with me!" he interrupted.

"What?" Lucy blinked her eyes, as if she had misheard him.

He had a mischievous glint in his eyes, hands reaching out to hers. "What do you say? Come with me, you can get more of your writing that way."

Lucy looked at him for five seconds before her laughter filled the air. Her cheeks were rosy, grinning happily, and tears in her eyes as her chocolate brown eyes seemed to shimmer happily at him. Natsu couldn't help but feel she glowed differently that way. Not like the sun but a twinkling star.

"Sure! Why not!" her hand gripped his in return. His grin matched hers.

Truth to be told, if placed in a situation like hers, he wouldn't mind marriage if it was Lucy. But it's not like he was going to marry anytime soon. She was his friend. Someone like Lucy needed the best. He got a feeling Lucy would turn his world upside down. What he didn't realize, she might be something more.







The drabble is nothing related to the idea but I think this works it out. I know it's been a very long time since I last wrote. Tell me your thoughts. I'm not writing anything in relation to this in the future.