Bonjour tout le monde! It's been a while since I wrote anything on this platform so I suddenly decided to read this for old times sake. And I'm glad I did! My writing was not half bad- a great thing for me to notice in the midst of my lacking self-confidence. Anyways, now that I am on it, why don't I just edit it a bit? I hope you like the changes :D

Edited: 24/11/18

The sand country was, obviously, a very hot country. Sand constantly billowed into across the desert and creeped into opened windows and doors. Despite this, due to the absence of sun, the nights were cold, which gave the residents just enough time to burrow under their covers and forget about the world. That is, until they wake up to the scorching sun of the morning.

Like many other nights, this night was quiet and dark. No one could be seen on the streets; there was only the occasional shutting of blinds and closing of doors. The moon's light shined upon the houses, making the rooves of the houses sparkle to whoever was awake at this hour. All were sleeping soundly in their beds, soothed by the gentle sounds of the wind.

All except one.

Gaara laid awake in his bed, tossing and turning. It had been around 3 weeks since Shukaku was extracted from his body, but he still had trouble sleeping. Giving up on trying to sleep for the night, he ignored his body's protests for rest and got up from his bed. He left his room, instead deciding to go to his office and read some documents he had wanted to finish. He sat down in his chair, rubbed the fatigue out of his eyes, and quickly started to work. However, despite his initial inability to sleep, it seems that he would not stay awake long enough to finish it that night.

In an hour, he was only able to finish about a quarter of his work until his head started to throb due to the lack of sleep. He decided that he could not work in this state, and headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. It seems like he had been a bit too loud in his little task, and Temari soon came down, rubbing her eyes sleepily.

"Why are you still awake, Gaara?" she said, her voice gruff as she walked to sit at the table.

"Nothing. Go back to sleep." Gaara stated, taking a sip of his water.

"Of course something is going on Gaara. I know that you have been waking up in every night, and don't even try to go back asleep until the next day. You need your sleep." She huffed, staring at Gaara. Even though he had taken his time to try and not make any noise, he was still not skilled enough not to stir his sister from her slumber.

"I can't sleep. I have many documents that I need to see to anyways." At his response, Temari sighed. After a while of staring at him, he got up and gestured for him to follow her. Having really nothing else to do, he followed her. So up the stairs and through the hallways they went until they reached Temari's room. Unsure of what to do next, he stood at the door until she invited him in, and told him to get under the covers with her.

When they were comfortable, she looked at him, propped her head on her hand, and yawned, "So, what's been bothering you?"

Finally tired and ready to sleep, he answered, "I'm just not used to sleeping. Whenever I drift off, I jerk back awake..."

"Is that all?" Temari pushed. She knew that it was not just that; she was his sister and despite the distant relationship they had before Shukaku was extracted, she intended to make sure that he was loved and safe for the rest of her life. That was the least she could do after being too scared to approach him when he was younger.

There was an awkward pause. As Temari's eyes were just about to close, Gaara whispered, "...If I sleep, Shukaku will take over my body and kill everyone. I can not let that happen." Gaara had developed forehead creases over the weeks that he had not slept, and now that Temari was close enough, she poked them.

"You know, you don't look good with those forehead creases of yours. You need more sleep. If you're worried that much, I'll make sure to wake you up if anything happens, ok?" Temari smiled at him. Deciding that it was time, he nodded and closed his eyes. He soon found himself to be falling asleep.

Temari kept her word and watched over him that night, but she never had to wake him up. The next morning, Gaara was more relaxed and content that he had ever been. Even though they did not speak about that event in public, they both knew that they had gotten closer from the experience. As a result, whenever Gaara could not sleep, he would always go to his sister's room, where she would welcome with open arms. After all, they were and will always be siblings, no matter what.