As usual I don't only anything but the plot.

After Harry got back from his trial he went into his room he was greeted by Hermione who was looking nervous when he asked what was wrong she hugged him and activated a portkey and when they landed they were in a pink room then Harrys world went dark.

When Harry woke up he found himself gagged and tied to a bed naked then he heard the last voice he wanted to hear "hello Mr Potter I've been waiting for this for a long time" then a naked Dolores Umbridge and Hermione Granger came into view then Hermione put on a coller round Harry's neck and proceed to suck him of causing him to groan in pleasure then they sucked his nipples then Dolores started to slide her pussy on his cock and Hermione sucked on his balls. After a few minutes of having his cock pounded he blew his load and he wanted to obey the two female's in front of him. Once Umbridge removed the gag and restraints and said "slave I will send you back with miss Granger so you won't be missed and when we get to Hogwarts we'll get married and you will take Granger as a concubine do you understand".

"Yes mistress" said Harry before before being portkeyed back with Hermione sent Harry to bed and went to her room with no one any the wiser.