"Tarrant Hightopp!" My father yelled, snapping me from my thought. He sounded mad, but he usually was. But whay had I one to earn it this time? Maybe he would just rant about my fire red curly hair being a mess, or about my inability to focus, or my bright green eyes, my pail wight skin, my fation secne? I paused at the stairs, pacing atop them as I questioned what he was upset about.

"Tarrant Hightopp! Get down here this instant!"

"Coming father!" I called back, sliding down the railing. Sadly I wasn't able to land it, and I tore a hole in mt blue pants, and a small seam of my matching tail coat. I stood as I felt my father's eyes on the back of my neck. I chose not to look, as then he would be bearing into my soul.

"Why did the queen just inform me you called Mirana of Marmoreal 'Mummy'?" He asked, grabbing my chin and yanking it up, his nails scratching my cheeks.

"I... She takes care of me." I whimpered as I attempted to pull my head away.

"Don't I take care of you? Don't I let you keep those pathetic little paper hats? Don't I let you visit her? Don't I let you out alone, despite you're age?Despite your issue?" I flinched back as my father went to hit me. My little grasp on reality slowly slipping as it nearly had seven years back.

"I don't know why you do. I'm completely mad aren't I?" I asked quietly, slipping into a slight scottish accent.

I was slipping down a dark path, one that I knew that I would never be able to come back from.

"It's days like this when I worry about you Tarrant. You and the darkness that you let brew in your head. You'll go mad one of these days." I stood glaring at my father. Grabbing my hat I walked up stairs and continued my packing. I had planed on running away, for a while now and my friends had agreed it would delay my fall. My fall into the darkness, loneliness, and pain in my heart.

"I don't feel loved in my own home. But then again a house isn't a home. A home is were you feel safe, and that I do not."I whispered, sighing as Chessur materialized in a puff.

"Come now Tarrant. You now it scares me to hear that accent. You know that you and you father push each other to the end of you wits. I know he started it, and you tripped over that ledge seen years ago but he stopped you from falling all the way. Whale I do agree you should get the hell out of here for your own well being, I don't know if talking to yourself is the best idea. Dose your father know you plane on running away from home?" Chessur sighed, landing on my hat.

"I'm sorry Chessur. I think I'm alright now, thank you." I closed my bag, and sat down on my bed.

"Are you though?''

Looking down I shook my head. I was afraid the plan wouldn't work, that today I would be unable to escape. I was twenty, and completely mad. My father never would want me to help him if I showed the world that. But I would never go dark, if I had the choice.

"If you slip up once more today, you might snap for good."

"I know that Chess." I whispered, before adding. "I won't, I know that crown wont fit. I'll end up laughing sooner or latter. But that's when I am also likely to, slip up. You must stay with me at all times can never leave my side if I snap. Promise me Chessur, that you will never leave my side no matter what happens?" My smile spread as Chess nodded, he would never leave my side.