After haveing a long discussion with Time, I found myself frozen in time, a minuet to tea time until Alice arrived. Of course this turned into several years, as my Alice had told me. I could still feel the presence of that Alice, somewhere, but it was older. Probably a good hundred years older. Now I was just waiting.

"Excuse me, I'm trying to find my way home." It was a young boy. He had curly brown hair, and deep brown eyes. He had on a wight t-shirt and black jeans. On his head was a paper hat, Alice's hat. It had tricked Time!

"Hello! What's your name?" I asked, looking at the nine year old boy.

"Charlie." He said tilting his head.

"Hello charlie, my name it Tarrant. Most call me the Mad Hatter. Charlie, do you have any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?" I said, switching his hat out with mine, then with my paper one, finaly with a better suiting wight one with black swirls on it.

"No, why is that?" He asked and I giggled.

"No clue!" I yelled taking his hand. He was small. "Come now, you must join us for tea. It's tea time you know."

After several lovely times with Charlie it hit me. A force, that I had felt but once. His true Underland self had taken roots in his mind, as had my question. I could feel his presence, and he could feel mine. But I could no longer feel Alice.

"Alice. Is that you?" I asked as a woman walked in, small again.

"It is you, I would know you anywhere. I would know him anywhere." I turned to the table where the hair and dorm mouse sat.

"You're dreadfully late you know. Naughty." I teased and explained what was going on, when Cessur appeared. I had a back down and me and Alice set off. After we reached the wight queen, she slayed the Jabberwalky,and I danced. But then she left me alone. With a sigh I headed back to the tea table.

"Five fifty." I muttered as I sat down.

"Find him. Find the boy. Save him. Save the boy. The looking glass. Use it. Find the boy." I shook my head as I heard the voices chanting.

"Chess, are you going to redeem your promise with me?" I asked, feeling him appear on my hat.

"I don't see why not." He said as I walked into my house.