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(On the Isle of Berk, in the cove…)

Hiccup sat down with his friend, Toothless, drawing the obsidian dragon who lay at his side, watching him.

Suddenly, a strong gust fell into the cove, forcing Hiccup to cover himself with his arms. The wind grew in intensity, making Hiccup stand. Toothless got up in a defensive position behind him. A blinding wave of pale light rapidly made its way towards the two. Toothless pounced on Hiccup, wrapping his arms and wings around him. When the white flash disappeared, so did Hiccup and Toothless.

The Hooligan Tribe felt it as well. A strong wind came, followed by a blinding wave of pale light, whisking the entire tribe away in a brilliant flash.

(Helheim's Gate, in the volcano…)

The dragons hid from the Red Death as it devoured their bounties of livestock, as well as any dragons who could not escape her gargantuan jaws. The same gust that fell over the Isle of Berk entered the volcano, and in a brilliant flash of light, all dragons including the Red Death itself, vanished.

(The Dragon Rebels Base…)

Midnight looked at the moon, thinking of Night Scale (Toothless). She hadn't seen him in so long and longed for their reunion. The wind picked up, alarming Midnight. She stood on the rock she lay on, facing in the direction of the wind. She could only widen her eyes and screech in alarm before a blinding wave of light whisked her away.

Everyone else at the Rebel base, including Nightcore, Black Night, as well as the other night furies, vanished as well.

(In the castle of DunBroch…)

Merida lay on her bed in her room. She just got done with another argument with her mother. Flynn stood with his back to the wall behind her. Then, the wind started to pick up. Merida, not wanting to deal with the wind, went to the windows to close them.

Except, no one had opened the windows since the last time she had closed them. Flynn saw this and walked over to Merida.

The wind blew harder, making them wrap their arms around themselves. With a flash of white light, the two vanished into thin air. Everyone in the castle, the kingdom, the other clans, and Mor'du had the same thing happen to him. A hard wind blew and in a flash of light, everyone had vanished.

(In the Kingdom of the Wisps…)

Wisp stared out of the window of her castle room. She often did so to ponder her future. She wondered whom she would guide next before a swirling wind entered her room. She stood in confusion, considering that there should be no wind coming through her room. The same bright wave of light greeted her and whisked her, and every other wisp, away.

(At Rapunzel's Tower)

Rapunzel looked out through her window, wanting to see the outside world for herself. She daydreamed about it as she looked at the world she longed to join. The wind started to blow very hard, so much that she wrapped her arms around herself. Pascal, a chameleon, moved from his spot from Rapunzel's shoulder to hide inside her hair. A flash of white light burst into the room, and Rapunzel and Pascal vanished.

The same thing happened to the people of Kingdom of Corona, the King and Queen, Gothel, as well as the Snuggly Duckling.

(At the Village Spiritwatch)

Vanja turned a page in her book. She wanted to prove that her book had more to it than just fairy tales; she wanted to prove the truth about her book. Sadly, only the elders believed her. The wind blew and she looked up. She covered her eyes when a bright flash of light appeared and she was gone.

Her parents, Rolt and Elian, along with everyone in her village was gone too.

(At Jack's Lake)

Jack sat on the rock in the middle of his lake, thoughts of his best friend Jamie danced in his head. The wind blew harshly around Jack, who ignored it. When the wind blew even more harshly, Jack realized that this wind was unlike any he knew before. Jack stood up, looking left and right. A white flash of light appeared and Jack covered his eyes. When the flash was gone, Jack was gone too.

Same as with Jamie and his friends and family, Pitch, the Guardians, and the other spirits.

(At the Theater)

Everyone appeared in their seats. The King and Queen of Corona sat in the front row in the middle, same with the King and Queen of DunBroch and the Leaders of the other clans and their sons, the Guardians, and Stoick. The dragons lay on rock slabs, away from everyone, with a force field around them.

Midnight, Vanja, and Wisp sat next to each other on a green couch. The Rebels, Vanja's people, and Wisp's people sat in their group behind them.

Pitch, Mord'du, Gothel, and Red Death sat away from everyone, chained to their chairs. (The Red Death's in her hybrid form, along with Mor'du, who's in his human form)

Black Night sat near the Dark Four, chained to his own chair. Nightcore sat in front of his people, who had a force field around them as well.

Hiccup, Toothless, Jack Frost, Jamie, Merida, Rapunzel, and Flynn could not be seen among them.

"Hello, all of you," a voice out of nowhere said.

A girl who looked sixteen appeared in front of them. She had hazel eyes and brown hair, and wore a black shirt. The shirt featured a boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and pointy ears holding a sword and shield wearing a green hat and green tunic, in a fighting stance. The shirt also said, "Come at me bro." She also wore jeans and black boots.

"My name is Triforce Dragons. Call me Triforce if you like."

"So, everyone's here, huh?"

A man with a dark blue mask came down from the rafters, wearing a crimson jacket, black pants with red stripes, and black shoes. He stopped his descent once reaching Triforce's side.

"You brought them all here. That means half the work is done. As for you lot, you may call me 'Mask' in the time that we have together.

Stoick interrupted just then.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you, but let me ask one thing; WHAT IN THE THOR ARE WE DOING HERE?! DID YOU BRING US HERE?! WHY ARE THE SCOTTISH AND DRAGONS HERE?! WHY CAN'T ANY OF US MOVE?! WHERE IS MY...?!"


Stoick had a reputation for having lungs powerful enough to blow doors off hinges. Triforce, however, her voice had enough power to bring the Great Hall crumbling down.

"You guys weren't even here for a minute and I already have to yell! If you want answers, then be quiet and listen to me!" Triforce ordered.

Everyone agreed that while young, Triforce had quite a lot of power that no one wanted any piece of.

"Well, that's an order for a new set of eardrums from Tony…" Mask griped, tilting his head to one side and bashing the other side with his hand to get his hearing back. "I'd forgotten how terrifying/loud you can get when you're mad, Triforce."

Triforce shot Mask a look that made him recoil, before turning back to her audience.

"Now, here are the answers in order. You're here to see what will happen in the future starting in a couple days. Yes, I brought you here. The Scottish and Dragons are a part of this too. You can't move because of me and I'd rather not have any bloodshed in the theaters. Your son is here, just not in the room yet. Goes for all of you who have a son or daughter who is not here."

All parents and siblings of those not in attendance sighed in relief, while King Fredrick and Queen Arianna of Corona looked hopeful, as did their people. Before they could speak though, Triforce turned to them.

"Yes, your long-lost daughter is here."

King Fredrick and Queen Arianna both let out a gasp mixed with a sigh of hope before hugging each other, their people cheering. Everyone else in the room couldn't help but smile (well, besides Pitch, Mord'du, Gothel, and Red Death). Gothel was fuming.

Triforce then spoke. "Now then, I'm going to get your sons and daughters. They will be on that balcony."

She pointed to a balcony to the left, to her it was right. Everyone turned their heads and saw the balcony, but they had a curtain over it.

"I took away your weapons. Dragons and Hybrids, I took away your fire. I'll give them back when I think you'll not attack each other. Oh, and no one moves. I'll leave them to you, Mask."

With that, she disappeared, but they knew when she said that, they could no longer move. So, they waited.

"Right…" Mask deadpanned. Seeing that that was no need to stay here, he vanished to follow Triforce.

On a balcony closer to the screen and opposite of the other one, a figure was sitting on the last seat to the right. Triforce told her to stay there until she says the time is right. Besides, she didn't really want to reveal herself yet anyways. At least she knows her protector is safe.

(In Other Room)

Jack stood up holding his head. "Ow, I don't know what that was, but that hurt."

"You got that right."

Jack looked up at hearing the voice and saw a brown-haired boy who he knew so well looking at him.

"Jamie!" Jack yelled, running over to the boy and hugging him.

"Jack," Jamie said, hugging the spirit.

Jack looked around and that's when he noticed that they weren't alone. Merida looked around in surprise, Toothless unwrapped Hiccup from his hold but kept him close, Flynn stood up next to Merida, and Rapunzel with Pascal on her shoulder looked around wildly.

Once Rapunzel saw Merida and Flynn, she ran over to them.

"Merida! Flynn!" Rapunzel yelled, flinging herself on the two of them.

"Rapunzel!" Merida and Flynn cried out, holding said girl so she wouldn't fall onto the floor.

Hiccup looked up at Merida when he heard her name and his eyes widened in shock. He then schooled his features as Merida and Flynn helped Rapunzel stand on her feet again. Merida looked around and saw Jack and Jamie staring at them.

"Who are you two?" Merida asked.

"I'm Jamie," Jamie said.

"Nice to meet you, Jamie. I'm Rapunzel," Rapunzel spoke.

"I'm Merida," Merida said.

"Flynn Rider," Flynn said.

"I'm Hiccup," Hiccup said, watching as Merida looked at him for a quick second before looking away.

"Toothless," Toothless spoke.

"And you?"

Jack looked shocked that Merida addressed him, but he smiled and answered anyway.

"Jack Frost, Spirit of Winter."

"Jack Frost, huh? Prove it," Merida said, crossing her arms.

Jack stood up as he lifted his left hand and made a snowball. He then threw it in the air. It then exploded into snow.

"OK, I believe you now," Merida said, looking around.

The others nodded in agreement. Triforce and Mask appeared, making them jump. Toothless growled protectively. Triforce held up a hand and he stopped growling, seeing that the motion meant that she meant no harm.

"My name in Triforce Dragons, but you can call me Triforce."

"Call me Mask. Our time together won't be that long so we could at least know each other's names."

"You don't have to tell us your names because we already know who you all are. I have brought you here to see your future. Now, follow me," Triforce explained.

Wanting to know about their future, they followed her. They followed her into a room which had a curtain covering it. There were two green chairs next to a rock slab, one red chair, two blue chairs, and two pink chairs.

"Toothless, the rock slab is yours as well as the green chair next to it. Hiccup, sit in the green chair next to him. Merida, the red chair next to Hiccup. Jamie, in the blue chair. Jack, the blue chair next to Jamie. Rapunzel, in the purple chair next to Jack. Flynn, in the chair next to Rapunzel," Triforce explained.

They took their seats. Pascal appeared around Rapunzel's hair and walked down her dress to the armrest, sitting on it.

"Now then, curtains, disappear," Triforce commanded, waving her hand.

The curtains disappeared and the seven teens saw everyone else from their homes save Rapunzel.

Triforce looked around and saw someone missing. She snapped her fingers and a woman in a white silk dress, brown wavy hair that reached just past her shoulders, red lips, and blue eyes.

"Almost forgot about you, Oracle," Triforce said.

Oracle opened her mouth to speak, but Triforce interrupted.

"Don't worry, nothing will change. Now, please take a spot next to Wisp," Triforce said, pointing to the Princess of Wisps. Oracle walked over and took a seat next to Wisp in the chair that just appeared.

"Hope I didn't forget anyone else," Triforce muttered, "I'll fix that if I do."

"Unless you plan on adding any more villains, everyone who needs to be here is here," Mask said to her, taking his seat.

Triforce floated up to the beginning of the room to make sure everyone had their eyes on her.

"Now that everyone is here, we can start. You're here to watch a movie. A movie is a set of moving images or pictures. The summery is this: 'When darkness and evil returns, seven teens will take a stand. They are the only hope to save everything good. A Prophecy that was made since the Dark Four's defeat. The time for the seasons to awake is now. Time for The Big Seven to fight for what they believe in, for their hearts, and for themselves. Will they be able to fight against the Darkness? Will they be able to win?'"

Pitch, Mor'du, Gothel, and Red Death smiled when they were mentioned, but sneered at the mention of The Big Seven.

Everyone whispered, wondering who The Big Seven was as well as The Dark Four. Well, the three spirits knew who The Big Seven was; Oracle, Life, and Death.

"So, without any more time to waste, let's get started." Triforce flew to the balcony closer to the screen and sat in the middle chair, between the figure and Mask. Her right hand pushed a play button that was on the arm grip and the screen turned on.

And it starts.

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