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The words, "Chapter 1 - How It All Begun", appeared on the screen.

A blanket of black surrounds everything. Nothing to be seen. A figure appears out of thin air. It's Oracle.

People looked back and forth from the Oracle on the screen to the Oracle sitting among them.


"My name is Oracle."

"Gee, tell us something we don't know…" Snotlout said, earning a round of laughter from his fellow Hooligans

"Pipe it down, Snotlout! Some of us want to know want happens next!" Triforce shouted, followed by many mutters of agreement.

"Well, excuse me for thinking everyone had a decent sense of humor." Snotlout said, crossing his arms.

"Right, cause everything that comes out of your mouth is a gut-buster, Snotlout." Hiccup said, earning a louder set of laughter. Even Triforce had to bite back a laugh.

"Hey! You can't talk to me like that Useless!"

Toothless turned to Snotlout with a snarl. Hiccup, useless? What rock did that skin sack come from? The other five looked at Hiccup.

"Hiccup isn't useless." They thought in unison.

The figure sitting next to Triforce thought the same when she looked at Hiccup. Hiccup opened his mouth to retort when Triforce interrupted him.

"Before a fight breaks out, let's continue."

"Aw, come on, Triforce! I wanted to see Hiccup knock Snotlout on his butt again!" Mask whispered to Triforce.

"While that would be a sight to see, I believe Hiccup will be doing a lot more in the future," Triforce whispered back.

Before anyone else could speak, the movie continued.


"And I'm going to tell you a story. This story is about seven teens."

She lifts her right hand and a green, blue, red, and pink flame appears.


"And the Prophecy that brought them together."

The seven looked at each other. The figure across the room looked at them, well, mostly an auburn-haired boy.

Oracle throws the flame in the air, where the four colors separated, creating a green silhouette of Hiccup and Toothless, a blue silhouette of Jack Frost, and Jamie, a red silhouette of Merida, and a pink silhouette of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert.

The people looked at the silhouettes in wonder, making North smile at the feeling.


"When evil rises in the form of a Witch, a Demon Bear, a Dragon Queen, and a Nightmare King, seven brave teens will rise and fight."

Hiccup's silhouette takes out his notebook and starts to write.


"A Viking with an intelligent mind with skills that will outrank the best of blacksmiths."

Hiccup blushed and marveled at himself on the screen. "I have that big of a role?"

The village of Berk looked at each other and at Hiccup in shock, all thinking along the same line.

"My son/Hiccup/ (The Useless)/ is that important?"

The blacksmiths of the other Kingdoms and Clans sat in shock that a boy, a Viking no less, had more smithing skills than them.

Toothless's silhouette starts to move around Hiccup before changing into a human with dragon ears and wings.


"A Dragon who has the ability to transform into a human-like dragon."

Toothless nods and moved to sit in the green chair, tired of sitting on a rock slab. Many of the Hooligans growled, though some just sighed and pinched the bridges of their noses. Dragon hybrids had this ability and it was annoying as they could easily escape whenever captured.

The other Night Furies looked towards Toothless with varying degrees of happiness and anger. Midnight couldn't stop the pleasing shivers that ran down her spine. Nightcore looked relieved to see Toothless again. However, Black Night looked rather furious at the sight of Toothless on screen.

"Oh, the Hybrids and Dragons that are all over there," Triforce said, pointing to the Night Furies in the corner of the room, "Their an old pack of one of the seven this story. Nightcore is right in front.

Toothless snapped his head to his brother.

"Black Night is over there chained to his chair," Triforce pointed. Toothless smirked at his father's problem. Serves him right.

"And Midnight is sitting with Vanja and Wisp over there," Triforce gestured.

Toothless snapped his head to his lover and meet her eyes. Hiccup looked at Midnight as well. Before they could do anything, the movie started again.

Jack's silhouette starts to make frost and ice around him.


"A spirit who is filled with fun and mischievous pranks, but can be protective and serious when he wants to be."

Jack smiled at the accurate description of himself, but when his fellow spirits groaned and laughed at him, his smile vanished and he slunk in his chair. Rapunzel, seeing the spirit of winter sink into sadness, reached over and gently squeezed his hand. He looked at her; surprised to see the absence of the fear he had grown accustomed to seeing from new people. He looked at the others to see them smiling as well. He nearly burst out laughing when Toothless tried to smile. He sat up straight, glad to know more than a few people cared about him.

This made Triforce smile and Mask nodded in approval.

"Some of them barely know each other and they already are comforting each other." Triforce thought happily.

Jamie's silhouette takes out a book and starts to read.


"A ten-year-old boy whose words of belief is so strong, he can make anyone believe."

Jamie smiled.

"That's Jamie alright." Thought his friends and family.

Merida's silhouette starts to fire arrows at unseen targets.


"A Scottish princess with a brave mind and aim so fine she can outrank the best of archers."

The six looked at her.

"You're a princess?" Rapunzel teased.

"Yeah, but I'd much rather shoot arrows than do princess stuff." Merida sighed.

DunBroch nodded at the way their princess was described. Queen Elinor sighed, wishing that her daughter was more like a princess than an archer.

The archers of the Hooligan tribe and the other Kingdom couldn't believe that a princess, a Scottish princess no less, had them beat with a bow and arrow.

Rapunzel's silhouette started to dance.


"A long-lost princess whose heart is filled with innocence, but can be dangerous when provoked."

"WHAT?!" Rapunzel shrieked, making the six sitting next to her jump and hold their ears.

"Ok, I'm gonna have to double that order of new eardrums." Mask groaned. "Maybe couple it with earplugs…"

"The lost princess…I'm her…that means…" Rapunzel started as she turned to Gothel with an alarming look of fury on her face.

"If I doubted that you weren't my mother, I don't now! You kidnapped me! You used my hair to keep yourself youthful! You…you…YOU DESPICABLE WITCH!"

Rapunzel sat there, weeping over the lies Gothel fed her, the family she missed out on, the friends she could have made…even the love she would have found. Pascal rubbed Rapunzel's chin, trying to comfort her as best he could. Jack took both of her hands and gently squeezed them as she had done for him moments ago.

"Hey, it's alright. It's gonna be OK," he said softly. "We're all here for ya."

The others nodded, all the while glaring daggers at Gothel like everyone else was doing.

King Thomas and Queen Primrose looked at Rapunzel.

"Our baby girl…" They whispered, tears threatening to fall from their eyes.

Through, some people were thinking something along the lines of 'doubted, did that mean she already knew?'

Flynn's/Eugene's silhouette starts to run and jump.


"A thief who's silent as can be and with the skill of stealth up his sleeve."

"Yeah, well, years of practice," Flynn said nonchalantly. He looked at Hiccup, Toothless, Jack, and Jamie, who looked at him quizzically. Merida and Rapunzel didn't seem bothered, they just shrugged it off like they already knew.

"I didn't have a choice! It was either adapt or perish and I had to adapt somehow." They nodded in acceptance of his answer.

The Corona guards growled, not too pleased to see their most elusive offender here with them.

"Any reason, in particular, he's here?" The Captain asked.

"He's got a role, just like the others, now clam up." Mask sighed.

The silhouettes continue. Oracle smiles up at the silhouettes.


"The seven of them will come together as a group, as a team, and become a force that the world will come to know."

The silhouette's stop what they are doing. Hiccup jumps on Toothless, who changed back into a dragon, Jack jumps in the air and flies towards him while Jamie stops reading and runs to follows them, Merida stops firing arrows, turns, and follows after Jamie, Rapunzel stops dancing and runs after Merida, and Flynn/Eugene turns around and runs after Rapunzel. They do it at the same time. They form a circle.


"A group made out of the Dragon Trainer, the Night Fury, the Winter Spirit, the Believer, the Archer, the Healer, and the Thief."

The group smiled. Berk wondered who the Dragon Trainer was.

"Whoever this Dragon Trainer is, he'll pay for betraying his own kind. This I swear on my name as Chief of Berk." Stoick thought; the rest of Berk did as well.

Hiccup smiled, knowing he was the Dragon Trainer while Toothless nudged him with a playful smile on his face. Triforce shook her head at them.

"Hey, they're not giving anything away, Triforce," Mask chuckled.

The silhouettes glow their color when their role is called.


"They alone are the only ones to face against the evil. Against the Dark Four."

The seven silhouettes reach one of their hands out and put their hands on top of each other.


"They will have to overcome their greatest challenge and their greatest fear."

The seven lift their hands up.


"They will discover a power that was always inside of them. They will become The Big Seven. But who will win? The Dark Four or The Big Seven."

The seven silhouettes disappear. Oracle looks back down.


"It's time for their story to be known. It's time for the seasons to awaken."

Oracle makes another green, blue, red, and pink flame.


"Time for their story to begin."

Oracle throws the flame toward the screen.


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