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Italic - Singing

The words "Isle Of Home And Red Death's Plan" appeared on the screen.

Red Death looked with vague interest at the screen. She wondered what was she planning?

TD looked at her phone and typed, "People, please read the note above. Take it to count. I'm in college and I have a job. Updates will be slow. Sorry."


Jack and Rapunzel frowned as they looked around, looking like they were trying to find something or someone as they walked down the halls of the castle.


"Hey, you two!"

Turning, Jack and Rapunzel saw Eugene, Merida, and Jamie walk up to them.


"We just got back from my mom, dad, and brothers after telling them we couldn't waste time staying here no matter how much we wanted to. The Dark Four won't let us stay in one place for long and they would try to stop Hiccup and Toothless from awakening their full power. Also, she gave me a letter for a peace treaty for Hiccup and Toothless. And I busy giving the letter of a peace treaty that you gave me that you were supposed to give to my mother."

At the last bit, Merida glared at Rapunzel a little bit.

Merida copied her screen self, glaring at Rapunzel. Rapunzel giggled, shrugging at her sister with mirth in her eyes.

"It's not my fault Mer," Rapunzel said sweetly, "I didn't do that yet!"

Merida glared even more but, inevitably, settled back into her chair grumbling.


"What are you two doing?"

Jack and Rapunzel glanced at each other and nodded.


"We're trying to find Hiccup and Toothless. We haven't seen them all morning."

Hiccup and Toothless winced. It was their turn, but clearly, they would have a hard time moving forward to get there. And with a father like Blacknight and a tribe like Hiccup's, it was understandable.

The rest of the Big Seven looked at the duo sympathetically.

Eugene, Merida, and Jamie frowned.


"Did you look everywhere? Did they go on a morning flight like always?"

Rapunzel shook her head.


"We looked everywhere we could think of. And people said they saw Hiccup and Toothless come back from their morning flight."

At least they took their morning flight. They always did that in the morning if they could.

Jamie turned and looked out the window.


"There they are. Sitting on that rock outside."

Eugene, Merida, Rapunzel, and Jack looked outside and saw Hiccup and Toothless sitting on a rock looking out to sea. Rapunzel frowned and looked at the others.

"Do you think she can feel what they are feeling," someone asked.

"Did you pay attention? Her power is based on feelings and emotion."


"Yeah, what did you think?"



"I think they are a bit hesitant about going home. We know how their lives were and they know because they lived it."


"If only there was a way to get them not hesitant."

Suddenly, all of them freeze before they turn to each other, all wearing the same matching grin.

Well, that's how you know that the five of them are close! They formulated the same plan to get to Toothless and Hiccup at the same time!


Hiccup and Toothless looked blank as they stared out into the sea, watching waves and the occasional bird fly by. Hiccup sighed, holding his head in his hands as Toothless put his head in his left hand, resting his right one over his knees.

Suddenly, Toothless's ears twitched when he heard someone walking close to them before they started to sing.

On the first day that we met, those ten years ago, you opened my heart to the possibility of not being alone.
And first to cross the threshold of that Isle of Hope and Tears, was a runaway prince with wings who was all of ten years.

Hiccup and Toothless turned their heads to look at Merida. Merida looked at Hiccup as she walked slowly up to them. Turning her gaze to Toothless, Merida stopped when she reached the rock and smiled at the two.

Hiccup blinked, remembering the day he met Merida all those years ago. He would say she understood him, but the first one who ever related to him was Toothless. Toothless looked at Hiccup, sharing his line of thought.

The two Bond Brothers grinned at each other mirthlessly. Yeah…. there would never be anyone who understood then as much they understood each other.

Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, Isle of Freedom, Isle of Fears, but it's not the Isle you left behind.
That Isle of Hunger, Isle of Pain, Isle you'll never see again.
But the Isle of Home is always on your mind.

Pushing Hiccup and Toothless over a little bit, Merida sat down between them. Shaking her head, she grabbed their hands in hers, looking between the two. Merida touched both of them on their heads.

Merida smiled, liking the fact she was taking control. She loved Hiccup and Toothless was his brother in bond. She cared for both of them, even though they weren't going through months like their screen selves, she still felt close to them.

She felt close to all of them.

In a little bag, you carried all your past and history, and your dreams for the future unknown even to you.
And courage is the right path when your old world disappears.
But there's no future in the past when you're fifteen years.

Merida turned to look at Hiccup, watching him before she switched to looking at Toothless, watching him now. Looking up in the sky, Merida watched the clouds fly by. Lowering her head, Merida shook her head at Hiccup and Toothless before glancing over her shoulder, nodding.

Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, Isle of Freedom, Isle of Fears, but it's not the Isle you left behind.
That Isle of Hunger, Isle of Pain, Isle you'll never see again.
But the Isle of Home is always on your mind.

Turning their heads, Hiccup and Toothless watched as Jack, Jamie, Eugene, and Rapunzel walked up. Stopping, the four of them smiled down at Toothless and Hiccup.

Toothless flashed to playing with Midnight and Nightcore to Blacknight slapping him to running away. Hiccup flashed to happily talking to Gobber to running from Snotlout and the twins. But both remembered meeting one another and smiled, looking at their longtime brother figure.

People glared at Blacknight, who huffed carelessly. Snotlout and the twins looked down, feeling bad.

"Hiccup, uh, sorry," Snotlout spoke, not looking at his cousin. The twins nodded in agreement.

Hiccup just smiled at the three, not able to speak. He was amazed that Snotlout even apologized but he couldn't feel like he could forgive them… yet.

When we once crossed paths again, all those months ago, I saw that I wasn't the only looking for their sanctuary.
And in springtime when I remember how we met those years ago, I thought of how it must have been when you're fifteen years.

Merida pulled Hiccup's and Toothless's hands that she held close to her chest before dropping them, wrapping an arm around both boys and pulled them into a hug. Merida looked at her friends before her eyes landed on Toothless's and Hiccup's and smiled at them.

Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, Isle of Freedom, Isle of Fears, but it's not the Isle you left behind.
That Isle of Hunger, Isle of Pain, Isle you'll never see again.
But the Isle of Home is always on your mind.

Singing louder, Jack and Jamie moved to kneel in front of Hiccup while Eugene and Rapunzel moved to kneel in front of Toothless, resting their hands on the Hybrid's and Viking's knees. The four of them nodded to their two friends. Hiccup and Toothless looked at them in disbelief.

Jack, Jamie, Rapunzel, Eugene, and Merida smiled at the way they practically cocooned Hiccup and Toothless. They were glad they're giving them the love they deserve!

Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears, Isle of Freedom, Isle of Fears, but it's not the Isle you left behind!
That Isle of Hunger, Isle of Pain, Isle you'll never see again!
But the Isle of Home is always on your mind!

Singing even louder now, Merida, Jack, Jamie, Eugene, and Rapunzel looked between each other before they all looked at the two boys they were singing to. Hiccup and Toothless looked at each other and smiled, looking back at their friends who surrounded them.

But the Isle of Home is always on your mind.

Merida pulled Hiccup and Toothless close and they hugged her in return. A couple of seconds later, however, Toothless and Hiccup looked at the others who have yet to join in on the hug.


"Well, what are waiting for? An invitation?"

Jack, Jamie, Eugene, and Rapunzel laughed and joined in on the hug. Hiccup and Toothless shared a look and nodded to each other.

Everyone laughed, clapping for the Big Seven, happy for them as well as amused by their antics.


"We'll go home. It's time."


"After all, it's time for everyone to see the real me and the real Toothless."


"Minus the sarcastic part because you didn't need help on that."

Everyone laughed harder, knowing that Jack was aiming that comment at Hiccup due to some (*cough* most *cough*) of Hiccup's sarcastic commentary.

The comment made everyone burst into laughter. Hiccup pulled out of the hug to tackle Jack to the ground. The two proceed to wrestle much to the delight of the others who laughed.

Laughter filled the room, as everyone struggled to breathe, and the mock fight between Jack and Hiccup. Yeah, it's good to laugh.


Red Death looked displeased.


"Mor'du failed and it was embarrassing. The fight wasn't even a fight and he let that princess reclaim her power. I won't fail in my fight and if I do, I am not going to go down lightly. Everyone will see why my name is Red Death."

All laughter ceased, Red Death's voice and appearance on screen making everyone freeze in either shock or terror. Her expression of was one displeasure and everyone gulped at how unhappy she looked.

The Viking perked as they realized that they were seeing the Red Death's nest for the first time.

Mor'du redden at the mention of his embarrassing failure.

A Nightmare was standing in front of her, it's golden eyes on her only. On an overhang, six Night Furies Hybrids hide behind rocks, watching Red Death from their hiding place. Nightcore is one of them.

Toothless breathing hitched, eyes widening at seeing his brother in Red Death's nest.

Red Death growled, "Someone's gonna die. Who was keeping guard? WHO LET THEM SLIP PAST AND GET INTO MY NEST?!"

The Dragons and Hybrids under her command shivered, knowing any failure wasn't an option with Red Death.

TD glared at Red Death, "No one under your command is gonna die. In fact, when you sing, you don't have power here. Sucks to be you and I'm glad about that."

Red Death glowered.

"Besides," JH drawled boredly, toying with a weird looking skeleton plush (bonus to whoever gets this ref) "We are watching the future after all, so even if anyone died in here we can just, y'know, change the future outcome." She smiled serenely at the Red Death, "So I don't think you have any room to talk when you are the one at a disadvantage. I think it's time you get off your high horse and learn that not everything goes your way," The girl then grinned maniacally.

"Nothing." The Red Death's face, which had turned a bright red during JH's tirade, crumpled to show murderous intent and hate. She screamed angrily as she tried to lunge at JH, only for the chains surrounding her to tighten. She roared even more.

"Yeaaah that's enough out if you right now," TD deadpanned as she muted the angry queen, and then turned to JH, "You didn't have to do that y'know," She said exasperatedly.

"I know," JH grinned.

TD sighed but dropped the matter in favor of watching the screen.



Nightcore looked over at Hybrid who called his name. The Hybrid pointed at the Nightmare in confusion, but Nightcore only shrugged, looking back at Red Death.

"I don't know what it is," Nightcore says.

"Yeah, we get the gist," Hiccup said.

The Nightmare neighed, stomping its hooves. Red Death growled, narrowing her eyes.


"Watch your place. I can kill you easily. Now leave! Go back to Pitch or to the Big Seven and let those kids destroy you for all I care, which I don't. I'm not only busy trying to defeat them, I'm trying to do something else."

The Nightmare took heed of the warning and left. Red Death turned and walked over to a throne and sat down, putting her head in her right hand and leaned on her arm, watching the Dragons and Hybrids under her control fly around or lay around.


"I never thought other Dragons and Hybrids essential. They're crude and unspeakably plain."

Toothless growled, Midnight's eyes narrowed into slits, and Nightcore hissed. They were copied by other Dragons and Hybrids who were insulted by Red Death's comment.

She then grinned and tapped her chin.


"But maybe they have a glimmer of potential if allied to my vision and brain."

JH looked at them, "Don't worry! She has no power here!" Then she muttered under her breath, "Or a brain in any case…"

The room roared with a lighter as the Red Death struggled even more in her chair. That wretched, little, piece of-!

I know that your powers of retention, are as wet as a Viking's backside.
But thick as you are, pay attention.
My words are a matter of power.

Red Death stood up as all Dragons and Hybrids turned towards their Queen and her hypnotic voice. Nightcore shakes his head and growled at the Night Furies with him, keeping their minds clear.

"Nightcore is as much the son of an Alpha as Toothless is. They are immune to the effects and only feel a slight pull. But they can pull others away from her control and clear their minds of the poison of her allure," Midnight explained, calmly.

It's clear from your vacant expressions, the lights are not all on upstairs.
But we're talking rebels and rulers, even you can't be caught unawares.

Red Death walks over and waves hands in different Hybrids and Dragons faces, smiling when they didn't even flinch. Glancing behind her at Terrible Terror, Red Death suddenly turns towards it, startling it into flight.

The Terrible Terror whimpered, his group crowding around him to make him feel better.

So prepare for a chance of a lifetime.
Be prepared for sensational news.
A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer.

Red Death turns, walking around her controlled subjects, making sure they paid attention to her. Smirking, Red Death looked down at her claws she didn't bother sheath. Red Death raised her arm, clutching it into a fist.


"And where do we feature."

Glaring, Red Death turned to the Dragon, putting a claw under his scaled chin.


"Just listen to me."

Red Death went back to singing like she wasn't interrupted.

The Dragon shivered, using his wings to rub his chin, glad that he survived her rage for interrupting, but he could feel goosebumps at her phantom touch.

I know it sounds sordid, but you'll be rewarded, when at last I am given my dues!
And injustice, deliciously, squared!
Be prepared!

Red Death walked over to a group of Hybrids, looking them in the eyes before she walked away. She stood still as lava erupted behind her, raising her arms in cue with the lava, her red clothing reflecting off the lava.

Red Death hummed, liking the way she looked.


"Yeah! Be prepared, we'll be prepared! For what?"

Red Death growled at the interruption and turned towards the Hybrid.


"For the death of the Night Fury King."

Blacknight hissed, looking at Red Death.

"You think you can kill me. I'll kill you first."

Red Death laughed, "Oh please. I'm more feared than you are and I'm older than you. I'm also still at my prime, even when you were a little hatchling. I can make your most loyal followers mine with a song. Besides, I'm bigger and stronger. You may be fast, but that's just good for getting away. You are no match for me."

Blacknight growled.

Some Night Furies growled at the mention of the threat on their King, but others didn't seem to care. Toothless found himself unbothered and so did Nightcore. Midnight hummed, not knowing who was worse.


"Is he sick?"

Growling, Red Death turned towards the Dragon, anger on her face.


"No, fool! We're going to kill him and Nightcore, too."

"No, you won't," Toothless banshee screeched, making his friends cover their ears at the loud scream.

Nightcore was touched but was un-nerved that Red Death was planning to kill him. Midnight glanced at Nightcore. She might not know him like she knows Toothless, but she knows Toothless would be hurt if he were to die. Plus, if he wasn't so afraid of his father, he would have been a great ally and spy.


"Great idea! Who needs a King? No King, no Ruler! La la la la la la."

Losing her temper, Red Death opened her mouth and fired a blast at them, shattering them apart.


"Idiots! There will be a Ruler."


"But you said-"


"I will be Queen! Stick with me and you'll won't get incinerated by setting me off!"


"Yay, all right! Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen!"

The Kings and Queens shook their heads at Red Death abusing her power. She didn't care about her subjects, she only cared for herself. Despicable.

It's great that we'll soon be connected with a Queen who'll be all-time adored.

Red Death smiled, glad things were going her way again.

Of course, quid pro quo, you're expected, to take certain duties on board.
The future is littered with prizes, and though I'm the main addressee.
The point that I must emphasize is, you won't get anywhere without me!

Red Death dragged a claw across her throat, smiling at her subjects. Spying a two lone Dragon Nadders, Red Death slowly started walking over to them. Red Death flapped her wings only to slam down of the ground in front of them, startling them back to fall back into the lava and then shoot up in shock at the burn.

The Nadders did a dragon-like-squawk. That hurts, a lot. Lava might not kill them, but lava does burn and it does hurt.

So prepare for the battle of the century!
Be prepared for the greatest victory!

She turned back to the rest.

Ooo, la, la, la!

Red Death laughed, flapping into the air.

Meticulous planning, tenacity spanning!
300 years of war is simply why I'll be Queen undisputed, respected, saluted, and seen for the greatness I am!
Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared-
Be prepared!

Landing on top of her throne, Red Death gestured to herself with an evil grin. Pointing to her subjects, she gave them a look that told them they better get ready.

Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared-
Be prepared!

Red Death laughs maniacally as she drops onto her throne. Nightcore and the other Night Furies are horrified at what just happened and what they just learned. A Controlled Dragon walks up to Red Death.

Everyone shivered at Red Death's laugh. She sounded really malicious.


"My Queen, may I ask a question that we all been wondering?"

Red Death stops laughing and turns to him.


"Yes, my minion, you may."


"What about that Viking and the Night Fury. What are we going to do about them?"

The Big Seven tensed, some looking over at Hiccup and Toothless, almost as if they were expecting them to vanish right then and there. Of course, both were still in their seats, having not moved an inch.

Nightcore raises a hand and his group quiet up so they can listen. Red Death chuckles and turns away.


"Right, those two. Hiccup Haddock, the runaway son of the Viking Chief of Berk, a thorn in my side."

Nightcore glances at his group, surprised, before looking back at Red Death.

"Glad I'm a thorn, but I wish I was more than an annoying thorn. I think I am," Hiccup muttered.

Toothless nudged him playfully as Hiccup huffed a laugh.


"Toothless, a Night Fury hybrid, also known as Night Scale, the youngest son of the Night Fury King, Black Night, and little brother to Nightcore."

Nightcore's eyes widen as his group looks at him.

"Oh, great," Toothless moaned, "He's going to tell father."


"Little Brother, you're alive."

Red Death continues talking.


"Both have made a bond with each other and see themselves as each other's Bond Brothers."


"Bond Brothers."

Nightcore bit his lip. He was kinda jealous. Brothers would normally Bond to each other and can have more than one with others. Those who are similar to each other have some sort of special connection. Still, he knew why Toothless didn't Bond with him; he obeyed his father too much while Toothless rebelled against the injustice that was their father's reign.


"Both of them are part of the prophecy that will either end two ways, us winning and them losing or us losing and them winning."

Red Death started clutching her fist. Nightcore eye's once again widened.


"We want to win, right?"

A chorus of 'yes' answers her.


"Well, as long as the both of them are alive, we run the risk of losing both battles."

Red Death smiles as an evil thought came to her.


"It doesn't matter. They won't wait forever. They come to me to face me. And when that happens, succeed or fail, I get the pleasure of making something happen."

Raising her clawed hand to look at it, Red Death laughs.

"Over my dead body," Merida and Toothless screamed.

"And ours," Eugene, Jack, Rapunzel, and Jamie added.

Hiccup blushed and covered his face, as Toothless draped a wing over him protectively, "Thank guys," The Viking muttered in embarrassment.

Having on seen enough, Nightcore looks at his group and signals them to follow him out of the nest before they could get caught. Once out of the nest, Nightcore turns to them and points.


"You three, head back to the next and warn my father. Tell him everything."

Nightcore slapped his head. Idiot.

Nightcore turns turn to the other two.


"You are coming with me, my brother may need some help."

"You never find him," TD says.

Nightcore and the other two transformed into Night Furies and took off.

No one noticed the purple-eyed Night Fury watching from above, who flew in the opposite direction of the nest and Nightcore was going, flying off to somewhere unknown.

"It's me," Midnight shouts, "I was there as well!"

"Ooooh, this is getting even more interesting!" JH grinned as she draped herself sideways in her seat.

TD smiled calmly, "Indeed."

The screen went black for a split second before continuing.

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