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Italic - Singing

The words "Lover's Reunited" appeared on the screen.

Midnight and Toothless dared to hope the title meant what they thought it meant.

"People, please read the note above," TD thought as she stared at the readers.


Toothless stretches, waking himself up as the others clean up the camp they made. Looking at them, Toothless smiles when he catches the sight of Hiccup and Merida tossing glances at each other.

Smirking, Toothless uses his tail to trip Merida, making her fall onto Hiccup, make to the two's embarrassment. Eugene, Jack, Jamie, and Rapunzel laughed at the blush the two were sporting on their faces.

Merida and Hiccup blushed an especially bright shade of crimson as Hiccup shot a dirty glare at Toothless (who smirked in reply).

Everyone else laughed at the young couple's predicament and at the playful facially banter between the two Bond Brothers.

Toothless opens his mouth to make a comment when the wind blows, and unfamiliar scents reach him. Tensing, Toothless looks around in alarm.


"Toothless, what's wrong."

Hiccup's hand went to his sword as the others followed his example, reaching for their weapons.


"We're being watched, Night Furies, Hybrid and Dragon."

As soon as those words exited his mouth, Toothless heard moment from behind, his ears turning towards the sound. Toothless turned around in alarm.


"From behind!"

A Hybrid jumped out of the forest, grabbing Toothless and pushing him to the ground. Toothless growled as he tried to fight off his attacker, but shouts of shock caused him to look at his friends, who were also being grabbed. Toothless hissed, but his attacker used this distraction to hit Toothless on the head, not enough to knock him out, but enough to make him dizzy.

Everyone gasped, not knowing why the kids were being attacked. However, the Freedom Fighters recognized one of their own and saw what was happening. When they came across a Slave Master alone, they would follow them back or attack them, freeing the slaves they had and...taking care of the Slave Master.


"Let us go!"

Flames already surrounding her in her rage at being attacked. Hiccup let out a grunt as he was knocked down by a Dragon Night Fury and pinned to the ground, same for Jack, Merida, and Eugene while Jamie and Rapunzel were grabbed by Hybrids.

The Hybrid lifted Toothless up, forcing his hands behind his back before trying them up with black rope. Upon seeing the group struggle, the Hybrid raised a claw to Toothless's throat, who just his snarls back.

Midnight couldn't stop the rumbling growl coming out of her throat. The Hybrid on-screen gulped, ducking out of his seat to take cover behind it.

All struggling eased as the Big Seven glared at the rope holding his claw to Toothless's throat. Toothless tried to break the rope but found it didn't break at his struggle. He instantly knew what it as.


"Dragon Rope, rope made to keep Dragons and Hybrids from escaping. Can only be cut with claws from a Dragon or Hybrid the right way."

The Hybrid glared at Toothless.


"Serves a Slave Master like you right for making slaves out of humans and spirits. The Freedom Fighters will put a stop to beings like you."

Toothless gasped, his eyes widening as he realized just what was happening, his eyes glancing to the bracelets made of his scales on his friend's wrist. Toothless looked back at the Hybrid and shook his head wildly.

"Oh, great," Toothless says.

"You couldn't know," Rapunzel comforted.

"You did it to protect us," Eugene added.

"We don't blame you," Jamie said.

Toothless sighed, nodding his head at his friend's words.


"No! Oh Dragon no! These six aren't my slaves! I hate that word and what it means ever since I found out its meaning! These six are my friends!"


"It's true!"


"Toothless is our friend!"


"He made us these bracelets so we would be protected!"


"In case we ran into a Night Fury that would make us its slave!"


"You got it all wrong!"


"So let us go!"

The Hybrid's angry look changed into something much more conflicted as he stared between Toothless and his friends. Finally, the Hybrid sighed, moving his claw away from Toothless's neck.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, glad that for now, Toothless was safe.

JH was shifting in her seat, TD was no better. They were waiting for the time to come and they couldn't wait.


"I don't know what to do with this information. I thought you were just like the others we ran into. I'm taking you to see the Commander of the Freedom Fighters, the Rebels. She'll know what to do."


"Who's the Commander? I never heard of a Commander of the Freedom Fighters."

Midnight made a sound between a whine and a huff, looking down. He was right, the Freedom Fighters didn't have a Commander until she came along. Most didn't even know about a Commander. It helped during missions sometimes.

He was ignored as the Hybrid morphed into his Dragon form, picking Toothless up by his shoulders much to his annoyance.


"Hey! I can fly you know! You don't need to carry me!"



"Hey, Toothless."




"Who are the Freedom Fighters?"

Toothless looked at Jamie from where he laid on Jack's back. Merida was flying with her fire next to Rapunzel and Eugene, who was on a Night Furies back. Hiccup was also on a Night Furies back but looked displeased and kept looking at Toothless in longing since he was used to flying on his back.

Hiccup grumbled, also displeased. Toothless growled, not liking the fact Hiccup was riding another Night Fury.


"The Freedom Fighters are a group of Rebels who are against tyrant rule and slavery. They are a thorn in Black Night's side because they keep taking the slaves. He tried to get rid of them, but they always knew how to escape or when to flee. I always thought Freedom Fighters were a brave and bold bunch."

The Freedom Fighters smiled their ego's raising. The praise that Toothless thought they were good made them feel great.

Hiccup sighed, "I think you inflated their egos."

"And angered the Night Furies," Jack said, noticing the angered looks of Black Night and those who followed him. Toothless shrugged, not caring about that in the slightest.


"And I think we are where they hideout. Look!"

Turning their heads, the Big Seven saw what looked like a base carved out of a mountain. Night Furies and Hybrids were flying around, however, some stopped and stared at them when they passed.



The group flew or was carried into the base until they reach a large room with Hybrids, Dragons, and shockingly, people. A Night Fury Hybrid was standing in the front of the room and looks at them. It's Midnight.

People started talking, the title makes more sense now that Midnight was on screen. Toothless's eyes lit up, wondering if this was where he would be reunited with Midnight. Black Night glowered at Midnight, growling under his breath.

The young foolish Hybrid didn't know her place. She didn't follow his rules, so she had to be punished to keep others from doing the same.

"I wanna hurt him," JH stated.

"He'll get what's coming to him," TD said, wanting the same thing.

Shifting, the Hybrid dropped Toothless to the floor, Toothless rolling to prevent a hard fall. Toothless glared at the Hybrid. The Hybrid ignored this and grabbed Toothless's wrists from behind his back and pulled him to follow.

Merida, Hiccup, Rapunzel, Eugene, Jack, and Jamie immediately followed, easily pushing people out of the way to get to their friend who everyone was now glaring at.

The Hybrid stopped in front of Midnight, pushing Toothless in front of him.


"Commander, we found this Hybrid who these kids call Toothless. He claims that these six humans and are his friends and that they only wear his scales to protect them from those who would make them their slaves. I didn't know what to make of it so I brought him to you."

Midnight looked at Toothless with a raised eyebrow. As she stared, she took notice of his eyes and gave a small gasp and her eyes widen slightly.


"Can it be?"

"You recognized him," Vanja stated.

"Of course I did, who could forget his eyes," Midnight spoke.

"Lover girl," Wisp smiled.


"Who cares!? We should just kill him!"

Gasping, the Big Seven and the Commander turned towards a human who was pointing his finger at Toothless.


"He could have brainwashed them into thinking that! I've seen it happen before!"


"He's right! Just kill him!"


"No! We won't let you!"

The six of them surround their friend, grabbing their swords. They planned on revealing their powers if they have to. Toothless gasped, turning his head to look at them in shock.


"Guy's be careful! Freedom Fighters are known for their fighting!"

Concerned, people looked at each other. If a fight broke out just so the group could protect Toothless, then who was going to win? And how would anyone stop the fight that was about to break out?

Midnight gasped, her eyes going wide as she stared at Toothless.


"That voice. It can't be."

Oh yeah.



"We'll always be friends, right?"


"I don't want to be friends."




"I don't want to be friends when we can be something more."






The women in the crowd, as well as the wives, swooned. Toothless and his girl were so sweet.

Midnight's eyes widen even more with hope as she looked at Toothless and with a deep breath, steeling herself. Taking a step closer to Toothless, she opens her mouth and sang out loud.

You'll never take us alive.

Everything went silent. Every Rebel looked at Midnight in shock. Merida, Hiccup, Rapunzel, Eugene, Jack, and Jamie looked at her in shock as well, but Toothless looked at her with eyes wide as can be and was slightly shaking.

The Freedom Fighters were blown away by their leader's voice. They so weren't used to hearing her sing. She barely did.


"What...did you...just...say?"

Midnight takes a step closer to Toothless and repeats herself.

You'll never take us alive.

Toothless lifts himself as far on his knees as he could go, lifting his head higher to stare Midnight in the eyes, which made his eyes flash with recognition.


"Say it one more time?

"Why is what she's singing so important?"

"Shut up! We're about to find out!"

Midnight takes a step forward, leaning her head down to Toothless.

You'll never take us alive.

Toothless becomes blank and lowered his head. Suddenly, he started chuckling. After laughing for a few seconds, he lifted his shaking head to look at Midnight with a smile. Opening his mouth, Toothless sang to.

We swore that death will do us part.

They'll call our crimes a work of art.

This time, Midnight gasped, backing away with her eyes wide and her hands to her mouth, breathing heavily. Toothless just continued to smile at her, tilting his head like he was waiting for her to do something.

Midnight and Toothless smiled, knowing that the song they made when they were kids was something only they knew.

Midnight lowered her hands and smiles with hope and sang again.

You'll never take us alive.

We'll live like spoiled royalty, lovers and partners.

Toothless cut in right away, singing along. As they sang, the smiles on their faces grew bigger and much happier.

Partners in crime!

After shouting the last line, Midnight and Toothless started to laugh, but this laugh was the type people laughed when they are just so happy. Everyone looked at the two in shock and some of them looked wary. Midnight jumped at Toothless, wrapping her arms his neck with a happy squeal.


"Night Scale!"

Toothless laughed.



Everyone cheered, clapping their hands. Some people even jumped up and down in excitement. They were so happy for the two to be reunited. Midnight smiled, grinning ear to ear, wings flapping behind her, showing just how happy she was. Toothless was no better, his wings fluttering in and out like they couldn't decide if they wanted to be spread or folded.

Black Night growled, opening his mouth to object to the clear relationship between the one, but found his mouth slammed shut with a metal cover over in.

"I don't want to hear from you," TD growled.

The six gasped, looking at each other in shock before they laughed. Of all places and ways to meet Midnight, this is how they meet her. Midnight used a claw to cut Toothless free and pulled him up, looking at him in excitement.


"Night Scale, I-"


"Toothless. I changed my name when I run away five years ago."

Midnight laughed.


"Well, Toothless, I missed you so much!"

Toothless smiled.


"Midnight, I missed you too. I wanted to see you again. I didn't know how to find you."

Midnight smiled and suddenly, she was kissing Toothless. Toothless's eyes widen before he wrapped his arms around Midnight.

Catcalls and wolf howls echoed throughout the room. Toothless blushed as his friends stared at him, flashing him giant smiles.

Black Night's eyes glowered, but JH threw something at his head, making him stay silent, the beginning of a headache coming. JH looked proud of herself.



Hiccup jumped, raising a fist into the air with a smile on his face. Rapunzel and Jamie clapped, jumping up and down. Jack, Eugene, and Merida gave each other a three-way high five.

Toothless and Midnight pulled away from each other at the cheers. Toothless blushed, rubbing the back of his neck as Midnight looked at them.


"And who might you six be?"


"I'm Hiccup, Toothless's Bond Brother."


"Princess Merida of Dunbroach."


"I'm Jack Frost."


"Jamie Bennett. Nice to meet you!"


"Princess Rapunzel of Corona!"


"Eugene Fitzherbert."

"Introductions! That doesn't get tired at all," Hiccup spoke, rolling his eyes.

The other six giggled at his remark.


"They are my friends. I met Hiccup five years ago and when he left Berk, I went with him. We met Merida, Rapunzel, Eugene, Jack, and Jamie awhile later and we've been together ever since. We are the Big Seven, the only ones who can save the world from the Dark Four. But to do that, we need to awaken our full power. Hiccup and I are the only ones who need to awaken them."


"Um, excuse me, but what is going on?!"

Turning, the eight of them looked at the Hybrid. Midnight laughed, smiling.

Everyone suddenly remembered that the future Bid Seven was in front of many Freedom Fighters, who were watching them.


"Well, reuniting with an old flame that never went away is what I'll say."

Toothless groaned.


"I will always be in envy how you barely blush when you get embarrassed."

Midnight smirked.

Toothless grumbled. When someone tried to embarrass Midnight, she never blushed. It irritated those who tried because if she didn't blush, it didn't really bother her. All she did was smile.


"Yeah, but, did you say his name is Night Scale? As in, the son of Black Night, the Alpha of Night Furies, our very enemy."

Midnight shrugged.


"He did say he changed his name, didn't he? Besides, when I still lived there at the nest, Toothless, or Night Scale, was the only one I could trust fully. Even more than Nightcore and not just because Toothless was my best friend or the fact I loved him."

"Oh, this," Toothless stated, eyes lighting up when he realized what was about to happen.

"What," Jack asked.

"You're about to find out," Toothless said.


"Then what reason then?"

Midnight looked at Toothless.


"Did you tell your friends?"

Toothless shook his head and smiled. Midnight laughed.


"Well, they're about to find out!"

"Find out what," Merida asked.

"Toothless," Rapunzel question the Hybrid.

Toothless just shook his head, gesturing to the screen.

Midnight turned to everyone.


"I didn't get away with freeing slaves that easily. Some of the things I did I needed help to get into the places I needed to get into, someone only on the inside and from one people would least expect. We all know I had a partner, but I never told anyone who it was."

Slowly, everyone made the connection and shouted at the same time.



"WHAT," Black Night yelled through the metal plate covering his mouth. The Night Furies who followed Black Night growled, shooting Toothless insults, like "Traitor" or "Liar" even "Deceiver".

Toothless rolled his eyes, not caring about the words since he didn't about the Hybrids throwing them.

"How is Toothless all those things if you did them first," Eugene asked.

"He made the choice he believed to be right," Jamie said.

Midnight and Toothless laughed, high-fiving.


"Yep, partners in crime; saving slaves and freeing them."


"Toothless discovered me freeing saving one night and after I helped them escape, he cornered me and told me he knew and wanted to help. I said no at first, but then I noticed some things I did going under the radar, unnoticed. That's when I found out Toothless was hiding things I did, making sure I went undiscovered. Seeing that he wouldn't stop helping me, I let him become my partner."

Toothless looked at his friends.


"I wanted to tell you guys, but if you ran into the wrong Night Fury and slipped, you would have gotten killed, regardless of wearing the bracelet or not."

The six of them looked at each other, knowing the knowledge behind that and the reason. They would have been killed because Toothless would be seen as a traitor. He was just trying to protect them.

Their shock fading, the six of them looked at each other and nodded at the reasoning.


"Any other surprises."

Toothless shook his head.


"Everyone! Go back to your activities!"

Her comrades going back to whatever they were doing, Midnight turned to them and smiled.


"How about the eight of us go someplace to talk?"

"Without someone listening in," Hiccup joked, "Which considering Hybrid hearing isn't easy."



"So that's what you meant about the Big Seven and all that stuff."

They were sitting in a room with a large window, big enough for a Night Fury to fly through.


"Pretty much. I need to face my father and Hiccup needs to his father and tribe."

Glares were tossed at Vikings and the Hybrids, some Vikings and Hybrids rubbing their heads while some just looked away.

Midnight rubbed her chin in thought as she remembered something. Snapping her fingers, Midnight looked at them.


"So that's what she meant!"

Midnight looked at them.


"Yesterday, I went out to Red Deaths nest. I found out that if you focus on something besides her singing, you can remain free of her control. Anyway, I overheard her saying, well, more like singing, what her plan was. She plans on killing Black Night and Nightcore to get the Night Furies under her command and I overheard her saying that she'll wait for you to get to her, but if you take to long, she'll go after you. I also saw Nightcore and a couple of other Night Furies there, so they know what Red Deaths, planning, but that means your father and people know about you now."

Toothless groaned.



Nightcore chuckled nervously, rubbing his head. He really didn't think that one though.


"This isn't what we planned on at all."


"I vote on going after Black Night first."


"I'm in on that."


"The faster we get Black Night done, the better. Hopefully, free some slaves while we're at it."

Some Night Furies growled.

"Zip it! You deserve it," TD shouted.


"Still, it was nice meeting you Midnight."


"Yeah, I hope we get to talk again tomorrow."

Midnight smiled and stood up.


"Speaking of tomorrow, you guy's should get some rest. This can be your room. We can talk more tomorrow. I got stuff to do being the Commander of the Freedom Fighters and since I know you're gonna ask, I became the Commander about three years ago."

Midnight walked over to the door, glancing over her shoulder.


"Good-night, Big Seven."



The screen turned black before brightening up again.

"What a reunion," Jack said, giving Toothless a high-five.

Toothless chuckled, "You can say that again."

"What a reunion."

The Big Seven laughed.

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