Chapter 13

The fight between Elaina and the possessed elf formerly known as Sorhel was fierce. Both were equally matched in their skills with a blade, making it difficult for them to gain ground. They allow each other to gain any advantage, though Elaina's lithe form helped her push the out-of-shape Sauron. The silver-haired elf pressed her advantage every chance she got but soon it became clear that the little group was outnumbered. Thorin and his little group of dwarves, hobbit, and dragon had trouble keeping the endless waves of Orcs off them. For every Orc they killed, approximately five more took its place.

The King Under the Mountain's first goal was getting to Lord Elrond. The elf lord of Rivendale was bleeding uncontrollably, which, if they didn't stop, would lead to his death. Once the dwarves had reached the pedestal where the elf lord lay, Bilbo started to check him over while the dwarves of Erebor held off the Orc swarm. Most of the dark creatures fell beneath Smaug's flames, but there were a few that got close enough to get cut by Thorin and his kin. A few times, Thorin glanced over to see how Elaina was holding up, and found himself surprised each time when he saw that she was still standing and showed no signs of backing down. Every time their swords clashed, thunder rolled, and lightning flashed. It looked strange, their swords clashing.

Elaina's sword was a usual silver elf blade, while Sauron's sword was a dark onyx sword that was reminiscent of a bloodier, more brutal time in Middle Earth. Thorin unexpectedly remembered back to when he was Thomas Orthan. He had been a huge fan of Star Wars and the lightsaber battles the main characters would have. The fight between Elaina and Sauron reminded him of that, for some strange reason.

"Thorin, look out!" Balin's shout brought him back to the present. The raven-haired dwarf ducked in time to avoid a sword that would've separated his head from his shoulders. The Orc that tried to decapitate him wound up with a sword in his belly before vanishing in a black smoke.

"Are we even making a dent?" Kili asked as he kicked a small Orc over the roof.

"I don't know," Dwalin answered breathless. "We just need to give Elaina enough time."

"They just keep coming!" Fili shouted unnecessarily. The auburn-haired dwarf tripped while trying to back up. Landing on his stomach, he quickly flipped over on his stomach and blocked a swing. The Orc snarled as he pressed down, before going rigid and dissolving into smoke. Tauriel smiled down at him, offering a hand which he took. The gave each other loving smiles before jumping back into battle.

A cry of pain had everyone swivel their head over to where Elaina was. Their stomachs and heart dropped when they saw the elven maiden on the ground, her arm bleeding and sword discarded across the roof. Sauron had his sword raised, poised ready to stab the woman. But Bilbo moved to intervene, leaving Balin to protect the unconscious Elf Lord.

The Hobbit, much to Thorin's surprise, slid on his knees, thrusting out his sword. The half-ling timed it perfectly. His sword and Sauron's sword connected, sending sparks and giving Elaina enough time to grab her weapon. The silver-haired elf swiftly got herself back on her feet, and while Bilbo held off the evil entity, she moved to protect the Hobbit from the surrounding Orcs.

"Miserable Half-ling." Sauron snarled as he pressed all his weight onto the sword. Bilbo didn't know what possessed him to leave Lord Elrond's side and to counter Sauron's move to stab Elaina (maybe he did. After all, he did love the elf). But what surprised him, was the fact that how much uglier the possessed elf was, and how strong the stench of decay was around him. Images moved through his mind like a movie, even though he tried to stay rooted in the present. He remembered the first time he held the Ring in his hand, the first time he used it….and the last time he saw it. Nothing felt more painful than being separated from the cursed piece of jewelry, but also, nothing felt more freeing.

In his moment of distraction, Sauron used it to his advantage. His taunts met his ears, "I almost had that other miserable little Half-ling in my clutches. His mind…. oh, his mind was perfect. Too bad he threw the Ring into the blasted fire of Mordor." He chuckled as Bilbo was forced down onto his knees. "I'm going to keep you around. This body will die eventually, and I will need a new one. Yours will do just fine. Or maybe that little elven-whore. She has more power than you."

The image of Elaina in chains, being used as a toy for this evil creature had the normally gentle Hobbit/human raging. Knowing that, having that image in his mind, had Bilbo's strength return to him. He gritted his teeth as he pushed forward, getting back on his feet with a grunt. His arms were sore, but as he fought his way back onto his feet, they were suddenly better. Energy and adrenaline pumped through him as he, one of the only few people in the history of everything, went up against the most power, evil demon of the netherworld. He felt Elaina behind him, fighting off the Orcs that attempted to get him while his back was turned. A moment later, they were switched, with Bilbo fighting the Orcs and Elaina fighting Sauron.

"You want to know something, Sauron?" Elaina taunted. She yelled an incantation, pushing her hand forward. Sauron, in a moment of distraction, went flying across the battlefield. While he was down, the elven lady pulled out the Ring. The possessed elf that back on his feet a moment later, snarling at the golden ring that sat on a chain. "I think I've got the upper hand."

"GIVE ME THAT YOU ELVEN WITCH!" Sorhel demanded with a snarl. His face was entire face was half-rotted, his eyes a smoldering black with burning red pupils. The creature leapt forward, only to be thrown back by Elaina. The dwarves finished of their attackers, the remaining Orcs fleeing in fear, and took up position around Elaina. Smaug took his place beside her, his chest turning a dark orange from preparing to blow Sauron away.

Sauron seemed to know what they were playing and chuckling evilly. "Oh, you're a clever little witch, aren't you? You went the Seer, you asked her about how to destroy me? And you really think that something like could kill me?"

He suddenly thrusted out his hand, black fire spitting forward. Elaina and thrusted out her hand, a blast of white, pure, cold ice meeting the black, unforgiving fire that consumed the light instead of giving it. The two powers met, creating a strange light that seemed to cause the sky to explode. Bilbo's heart raced as he shielded his eyes from the black-pure-white light that seemed to engulf the world. When it finally did die down (and it seemed like forever), Elaina stood there, as was Sauron/Sorhel, their hands smoking. The evil demon fell to the ground, depleted of energy. Elaina did so too, but she didn't loose consciousness.

Bilbo knelt down next to her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Elaina? Is everything okay?"

"I'm fine." She whispered. She turned her head towards Smaug, who looked at her with those soft yellow eyes that seemed to contrast his pale skin. "You ready to finish this?"

"Absolutely." He muttered gravelly.

"Then let's get started."

The two dashed over to the altar. Elaina started to pull out different plants and removing the ring from around her neck. Smaug's chest started to glow a light up in a soft orange that radiated heat. The white-haired elf crushed the plants with her hands, ripping them apart rigorously before sprinkling the chunks over the ring. It glowed brightly. A deep groan had Bilbo swivel his head towards Sauron. He was starting to come around, moving his head and blinking drowsily.

"Uh, Elaina?"

"Not now John." The elven woman ordered. She started to mutter under her breath, words in ancient light tongue, each word getting louder and louder until she was practically shouting. The ring started to glow with power. While the ring started to glow, Smaug blew on it, his fire engulfing the piece of cursed jewelry.

"By the powers of all things pure and bright," Sapphire chanted in normal tongue, "I ask you to give me the power to destroy this darkness that has stained the purity of the world. I implore you to help me rid this world of the evil that has grew like a weed in a garden."

Elaina was now surrounded by a bright light that seemed to engulf her, like a halo. Sauron was now terrifyingly angry. He bared his teeth like a feral wolf, his face now completely rotten. Darkness swirled around him, his hair becoming a powder grey, floating up like a cloud of smoke. Bilbo and the other dwarves felt fear run down their spine as they took in the monstrous creature that used to be an elf. They all brandished their swords, but they didn't think they would be much help to them, seeing how the…. thing in front of them had the power of dark magic on his side.

"I beg the powers of the earth and sky and heaven!" Elaina was shouting, her glow increasing until she was nothing more than a silhouette in a cloud of white light. It came from all around, from the sky, from the roof, from the very air around them. And as it grew, so did Sauron's. But Elaina's was a lot more powerful and brighter than Sauron's dark aura. It surrounded Elaina and the crew, Smaug's orange fire wrapping around the elven maid like a ring.

There was nothing more terrifying than the two beings in front of them. Bilbo took a deep breath as he moved deeper into the embrace of Elaina's white light. She looked akin to an ethereal goddess. Someone with power to destroy civilizations and cities with barely a thought but with enough compassion to override the bloodlust and craziness that would ultimately destroy her. But something in her eyes told him that it would be dangerous to mess with her. Even with the compassion.


Unlike Sauron's dark, growling voice that seemed to echo out into the raging storm, Elaina's was soft yet commanding, "You have committed a crime that has poisoned the purity of this world, Evil Doer. Crimes that have thrown this world into darkness and chaos. And I refuse to allow this to go on any farther."

And just like that, Bilbo was blinded by a bright light that suddenly erupted from Elaina. His eyes shut, but even then, the light seemed to pierce the darkness of his eyelids. Bilbo heard Sauron scream in pain, and a rushing sound that seemed to muffle everything.

Then, nothing. The world was suddenly quiet, and dark.

Hesitantly, the Half-ling cracked his eyes open. Where Sauron used to be, Sorhel now laid, nothing more than an unrecognizable, rotting corpse. The ground where the corpse lay was smoking, with frost growing slowly around it. Bilbo's heart was thundering in his chest like a runaway horse. He had trouble taking in air, especially when he turned around. Elaina was pale and sweaty, her eyes very glassy and out of focus. Her legs buckled, falling forward, but Bilbo caught her.

"Elaina?" He called softly, softly stroking her hair out of her face. Her breathing was very ragged, and she seemed to have trouble taking in air. And she wasn't responding. "Elaina? Elaina! Can you hear me?!"

"Bilbo….?" She whimpered. Her head lolled as she fought to keep her eyes opened. "John…. I'm so…. cold."

"Don't worry." The hobbit assured. He heard sirens in the distance. "Help is coming. Just hang on, Elaina. Please, just hang on."

The elven maiden had a drowsy smile on her face as she spoke, "We finally did it. We finally did, Bilbo…. John. Sauron is finally gone."

"Yes, he is." The Hobbit agreed. He prayed that the ambulances would hurry up. His mind went over to Elrond, whose bleeding had stopped but was still pale and unconscious. He had lost too much blood and if the ambulance didn't arrive soon enough, they would be too late to save him. A moment later, the door that lead to the downstairs burst open. Lestrade, and the rest of Scotland Yard burst onto the roof, guns blazing.

"About time, Inspector," Smaug commented, falling into his 'Sherlock' ruse easily. Though from the looks of it, the half-dragon was having a hard time standing up. "What took you so long?"

Lestrade didn't say anything as he ordered two of his officers to check on Elrond and Elaina. John was still calling her name as she nodded off into unconsciousness. Unfortunately, he felt a wave of dizziness and exhaustion wash over him. His vision blurred for a moment, and he fell to his knees. Through his dimming vision, Bilbo saw the others doing the same, the adrenaline plummeting to the ground and their wounds becoming known. The stench of rotting meat clung to their bodies but they ignored that in favor of taking deep, long, refreshing breaths. The last thing that Bilbo saw before darkness engulfed his vision was Lestrade leaning over him, asking him if he was okay.

And the last thing that past his lips was one word, "Elaina."