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Prequel: Sage and Assassins

XxX ~ last time ~ XxX

The man with the barbwire bat yelled as he tried hitting the blond. But only blinked seeing his weapon gone from his hands, that was his last thought as Naruto used the man's own weapon and stuck the man square on the side of the head.

Though not dead, the man was sent hard to the ground, knocked out for the time being. The last bandit still awake and alive ran for his life. Naruto grabbed a Kunai and kicked the bat wielding man until he awoke. Grabbing his jaw to quiet him, Naruto stepped on the bandit leader's hand and put his Kunai to the finger. "This is what you get for attempting such things on those you believe are your playthings."

Aerith only grimaced as she turned her head and closed her eyes as Naruto's kunai went through the man's skull. Slowly eyelids open with her emerald orbs looking over to the tall blond. "…You really are a ninja," her voice somber.

Gazing over as he pulled his kunai from the man's head, the blond sighed. "Sorry about that."

"When you live down here in the slums, you get used to nasty things like this. I just had been lucky to avoid the thugs who roam around down here." She walks over to her friend gently rubbed his arm; "You okay?"

At that Naruto snorted; "These guys weren't even amateurs, I've faced bears worse than these idiots." He slowly walks about getting his kunai and cleaning them off. Tucking those back in his pockets as he soon drags the corpses together. Aerith only watched as now lifting a brow seeing her friend going through odd hand movements.

Taking in a deep breath; Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu! Aerith gasped as Naruto let out a steady stream of fire from his mouth that engulfs the pile of bodies. They turn to ashes in under a minute as the blond finished his jutsu.


Naruto only chuckled as he shook his head; "Nope, that is a jutsu. Will explain later, I'd say we had enough fun for today don't you think?"

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Four weeks…

It strangely did not feel like four weeks had passed to Naruto. It still felt a bit surreal settling into his new life in Gaia. Granted, his situation could have been worse all things considering. The blond Uzumaki could have arrived in this world all alone with a possible freaking language barrier between him and everyone else, as Kurama had sarcastically brought up to his attention.

Gods only know how long that would have been a pain in the ass to work on…

Count him even luckier to have fallen into Aerith's lap… literally...

The young brunette and her mother Elmyra have been an absolute blessing to him. Helping Naruto in understanding Gaia, the people, and the unique cultures on this planet. The ladies soon learned the blond had one hell of a work ethic.

Naruto was practically a crazed whirlwind throughout sector 5. Fixing up people's homes, aiding the supply runs, and clearing out any monsters or bandits that threaten the sector. Though Aerith still got a laugh in remembering the blond's overreaction to that weird robot monster Hell House. Gaia, she wished she had had a camera on that day.

Another surprised she also learned about her new friend, he was well versed in medicine, first aid, though he was far from a doctor. He said his late wife Sakura, his cousin Karin, and adopted mother Tsunade were the real doctors. He explained in great detail how all three literally pounded necessary medical knowledge into his thick skull where he ever needed it.

Still, in the four weeks of being here the people of Sector 5 have slowly grown to call Naruto as one of their own.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

At the present moment, said Uzumaki, dressed in a simple t-shirt and jeans, was sitting on the ground in the kitchen of their home, working on plumbing of the sink. He was lucky enough Elmyra's late husband had left tool box with possibly every item the blond could have needed to be the unofficial handyman of Sector 5. Over at the dining room table, the matriarch of the household and her daughter sat and watched Naruto at work.

"I know for a fact now, my late husband would have liked you," Elmyra smiled wearing her usual attire. "Emmett always respected hard working people." Her eyes wandered over to a small picture on the bookshelf.

Naruto grunts as he took off the old pipes replacing them with somewhat newer ones he had found in the scrap around the slums. "By how you talk about him he sounds like a cool guy."

Beside her mother, wearing a shin-length pink dress that buttons up the front and a red bolero jacket. She wears brown boots and metal bracers on her wrists and around the edges of her jacket sleeves, these up in their usual fashion, Aerith just watched quietly as her mother and Naruto talked.

'I know several weeks are hardly enough time to get to know anyone. But something just feels off…' The young brunette could not describe it, but it was just something in his eyes showed something. What it was she had no idea; Naruto was quite hard to read for her.

He talked all the time, but it was also like he truly never 'said' anything. If Aerith was honest it drove her absolutely crazy, but at the same time she understood trust takes time. She truly hoped that was all it was and they both could be good friends down the road.

However, trust was a two-way street. She knew full well she would have to tell him that. But how would he see her if she told him she wasn't completely human? It amazed her that she never once even told her very first boyfriend either, thinking on it now.

It just terrified her, if she had told him or eventually tell Naruto, would they think of her being some kind of monster? That's what scared her most, which was why she never told Zack.

"Gaia to Aerith hello…" The brunette blinked now seeing a half dirty Naruto looking at her coyly waving a hand in front of her face.

Least she had the decency to blush as she looked at the blond. "Yes… I'm sorry, was thinking about something."

"I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to for some extra pipe. I need a small piece and I'm done with the kitchen sink."

Aerith deadpanned at him; "You ask a lady to crawl around in a dirty scrapyard?"

"Says the lady who gets dirty every time she does gardening at the church," Naruto spoke dryly.

"That is completely different," the young brunette said in a very matter-of-fact tone.

With a roll of his eyes, the blond walked to the door "Whatever. Will be back home in a bit, and finish up on the sink."

"Please be careful." Elmyra spoke up. Naruto simply grunted as he waved closing the door behind him. "He certainly is never boring." She noticed her daughter deep in thought again. "Aerith?"

Emerald eyes shifted to her mother; "I'm sorry… I'm just wondering if I should… Tell Naruto that…"

A sigh came from the older brunette, she knew this would come up eventually. "You should tell him when you're ready. I get the feeling it won't even matter to Naruto."

"…You might be right. But what if…" Aerith stopped as her mother's hand held hers. Elmyra did not say word, but gave a gentle smile. That put the young brunette's nerves at ease as she nodded.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Standing in one of the larger metal piles, Naruto and a dozen or so Kage Bunshin root around looking for the piping his needed.

"I don't need to really read your thoughts to know something is bugging you brat," The fox suddenly spoke in his head.

The blond looked at piece of pipe in his hand, but discarded it since it was too wide; "What the hell should I be doing with myself now? I'll be forever grateful for that Raven lady in saving us, and bringing us to Gaia. But, now what do I do?"

"You mean besides killing off those weird monsters and pathetic excuse for bandits to keep Sector 5 safe? Or becoming the self-nominated Mr. Handyman and medic for the humans?" The nine-tailed bijuu snorted; "Or are you just bored?"

"I am far from bored furball," Naruto dryly stated, trying to 'glare' at him with his mind. "It's… just what the hell should I be really doing Kurama?"

Rubbing his eyes, Kurama shook his head; "Live kit… That's it. Choumei's host didn't spend all that time with you for you to return to wallowing in self-pity. You and that pervert Jiraiya saved her from those two Akatsuki rats; she paid you back by being the anchor you needed after losing Sakura. Both emotionally and physically," Kurama smirked at his last words.

And that was as close to a pep talk you get from the surly ancient Bijuu king. No love like tough love eh? Yet he was right, even though Fu did not have to go out her way to help him like she did. Though the fox was mostly teasing him about a certain part of that relationship of theirs; "Yes the sex with her was awesome, happy now smart ass?"

For Sakura, Fu, his family and friends, he'd figured out something for new life on Gaia. Naruto just hoped her's was a happy as he was back home.

'Well… Back to work dattebayo. How fucking hard is it to find a simple damn pipe the right size I need?'

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

"It is time… We have been patient enough. It is time to bring her home." A powerful authoritative voice spoke on open speaker from an office phone resting on a large oak desk.

Sitting behind the desk, with elbows resting on the desktop. A man in a well-made dark black suit and tie, with long shoulder-length jet hair, a tilak resting on his forehead as his chin rest on his interlocked fingers. His brown eyes stare blankly at the phone.

"Understood sir," the man spoke back in a calm slightly cold smooth voice.

"I will leave the procedure up to you Tseng. But the ancient must brought back undamaged, am I understood?"

"Understood. It will be done President Shinra," Tseng said reservedly. Lifting his chin and unclasping his fingers, the man turns off the phone.

Clasping his fingers back, and returning his chin back on top, his brown eyes shift over to another pair of brown eyes that belong to a petite young woman with shoulder-length wavy red hair. She also wore a suite similar to his, but with fingerless gloves covering her hands. She crossed her arms under her chest.

"So, we're really going after her this time," the woman spoke in a soft tone. "No more lollygagging."

"I could keep the president's attention away from her for so long. But now Hojo is in his ear, my hands are tied Cissnei."

The redhead sighed; "Liked she'd be safe with 'that' psycho doctor getting his claws into her. It just… It feels like we're betraying him," Cissnei's voice calm with only a minor hint of anger in her tone.

"You don't think I feel the same? We were both his friends, but we are still Turks first and foremost. You're coming with me on this one, along with Reno and Rude."

Cissnei groaned as her shoulders slumped forward; "Rude I don't mind, But Reno is a lazy dumb ass. He'd just screw up somehow."

"Perhaps," Tseng shrugged. "But he is the fastest person among us next to you. And I want no mistakes; Aerith won't escape us this time."

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Heaving a long sigh, Naruto closed the cabinet doors under the kitchen sink. After taking least an hour an half one of his clones finally found the right piping he needed. Cleaning and replacing the old pipe barely took twenty minutes.

Aerith giggled at the tall blond; "You're even dirtier than when you left." She smiled while standing beside him as he turned on the faucet as water went down the drain properly. "You did it."

A smirk came from the Uzumaki before looking down at himself; "How the hell did I get this filthy just looking for a freaking piece of pipe. I need a shower."

"If you want to eat," Elmyra said. "Go wash up while I make supper this time."

Giving a flux salute, Naruto turned and jogged up the stairs. Ever since he showed up, he and the Gainsborough matriarch have been taking turns cooking. And it remained those two upon Naruto learning that his late wife was not the single worst cook ever. At least Sakura's food actually looked like food compared to whatever Aerith did.

Rounding the top steps, Naruto went into his room grabbing a clean shirt and sweats for the night. Walking passed Aerith's room and turning right, he entered the bathroom. Modest in size, maybe a touch or two larger than the one from his old apartment back home. But had a much homier feel with the colorful wallpaper, and touches here and there by how Emmett had made the place.

Putting his clean clothes on the sink, and stripping down and tossing his filthy clothes of the day into the hamper, the blond started the shower. Getting the dirt, sweat, and dust off with the hot water, his mind wanders over the few weeks being here.

Once he was healthy enough he stared usual morning exercises behind the house. But for his more dangerous jutsu, he went to the scrapyard. From Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Senjutsu and Kurama's chakra cloak to his wind and fire elemental jutsus worked fine, save only his summoning jutsu which produced nothing.

Kurama had explained that summoning could only be performed in the dimension where those he made a contract with existed. Meaning he could no longer summon Hein or Gamakichi. It bummed him out, but he knew there were others back home with the contracts so things would be okay.

And finally the last thing that was plaguing his mind… Raven…

Now Naruto could honestly say he had seen quite a lot weird crap over the course of his twenty-one years of life. But to encounter an actual bonafide divine being, that shot to the top of his 'crazy fucking shit list'.

The blond Uzumaki was never much of a religious person per say. However, one does gain a new perspective upon witnessing something one once thought to be flat out to be impossible.

Thankfully a certain kitsune was willing to go into details of the gods and their ranks that he was aware of. But much to Naruto's very vocal annoyance, Kurama would not say anything on that Raven woman. Even when going into his mindscape, the old fox either changed subject or pretended to be asleep.

In some way, it was like Kurama was afraid even to mention the woman's name. When bringing that up the only answer he got was all gods, demons, angels and other spiritual and celestial beings gave this goddess a 'universal' wide berth. Why? She didn't feel evil to Naruto when she showed up and saved them both. Of course he was nearly dead, so not every mental function was working as they normally do at the time.

Eventually the young Sennin just gave up in asking.

Besides, Raven did say she'd see him again. He just zero idea as to when, Oh well…

A throaty noise came from his tenant; "So what is the agenda for tomorrow brat?"

'Aerith said she was selling flowers on the upper plate again. Gonna keep her company.' The blond shrugged as he washed his hair.

Presently the blond was still working on the flower cart when they went to the church. Aerith told him she did have a flower basket and was fine with that, but Naruto just felt compelled in fixing that cart. The problem was the parts were a unique size and he had to get creative with the repairs.

If you're gonna be creative, you do it Uzumaki style as his odd uncle Samenosuke always said.

"Be honest kit, you're rebuilding that damn thing. But for what reason, trying to show up that girl's former mate?"

'Hell if I know, she did say he wasn't a bad guy. He just worked a lot. And he was in SOLDIER.'

A dry look came from the fox; "Is that your shinobi paranoia thinking there was some ulterior motive to him when coming to her?"

'Why would there be? Aerith is just a normal beautiful young lady who loves flowers,' the blond dismissing the fox's words.

Kurama went silent letting Naruto finish his shower for supper. The old fox could not quite fully sense it, but that Aerith girl was anything 'but' normal.

Still, he'll just let Naruto figure it out for him. Because yeah, he was lazy like that.

XxX ~ next day ~ XxX

After his usual morning training which began at three in the morning, and finished at around six. Taking a shower and making breakfast at seven when the Gainsborough ladies woke up. The blond Uzumaki donned a dark burnt orange shirt, black Anbu pants with his kunai holster on his thigh and sandals. His Sage coat and Hite-ate for the finishing touch while Aerith wore a dress like the one she had on when he first met her.

With some of her flowers freshly plucked from the church and in her weave-basket, the two headed from the train station that led to the upper plate. They went through the large crack in one of the sector walls into the unfinished and deserted sector 6. Broken roads, rusted out construction equipment, make-shift bridges made by someone who made sure people got through safely.

The place was an overall mess, but Naruto did find some minor training with the occasional monsters that popped up once in a while. The brunette beside him said she usually found good spots to avoid being seen when there were monsters around.

While Naruto applauded Aerith's cunning. Kurama however was growing more and more certain this was no normal human girl. But all he had was his gut feeling and zero proof, thus he kept quiet.

Aerith's emerald orbs gazed around the broken Sector; "All these years I lived here, I never seen Sector 6 without some Hedgehog Pie or some other monster walking around."

"Those little bastards are mostly annoying alone or in a group. It's those Whole Eaters that are a freaking pain. Tenacious as the giant spiders back home in the Forest of death." The blond grumbled till noticing the wide eyed stare from his new friend, "Have I ever talked about that yet?"

The beautiful brunette still looked deeply shocked as she weakly spoke; "You did failed to mention that one…" Half of her was afraid to ask. Giant spiders… That had creeped her out enough on its own.

"Short version, It's a huge survival training ground in Konoha. Hell it has its own ecosystem. We keep a giant fence around it due to how dangerous the place is. I went there once when I was twelve for the Chunin exams. A few years later I went back, kept my senses and skills sharp. The animals inside there are massive, very strong, and not too friendly. And I spent two months living in that forest."

'…I am never going to find some just some normal nice guy am I?' Zack was a good guy… Really, he was. But the man couldn't stand still for five minutes, and the brunette wondered if he was just a touch crazy.

Skipping pass the whole coming from another dimension. The few stories shared by Naruto of his old missions during his time as a Shinobi, she had to rethink the 'entire' concept that was insanity. The blond did not have a boring life that much was certain.

But Aerith did worry how someone actually kept their sanity like Naruto has.

As the duo stepped off the makeshift ramp near the exit of the broken sector, Aerith smiled as they entered a playground just near the threshold of Sector 7. Her emerald orb shined with warmth seeing several children playing on the swing, or going down the large cat-like looking slide.

The blond Uzumaki chuckled as he grinned at the children. Another reason he kept Sector 6 as clear as he could since Sector 5 has no playground, the few parents in 5 thanked him for that one. Aerith giggled as she waved back at the children who waved at her as she and Naruto made for the open gate of Sector 7.

Passing the threshold, Naruto took how contrast this sector was to that of 5. People really got creative in this sector, no doubt due to the larger area they had for themselves. From small to large, even to have buildings on buildings, ranging them from two to three stories. It was impressive the ingenuity of mankind.

Making for the train station, the blond Uzumaki took notice of also the most cleanest look building in this Sector. With a well-crafted wooden front patio, there was a bar with a sign above the door, 7th Heaven… The second floor looked like where the owner of bar actually lived there, and finally on the roof of the second floor was a large billboard that had the word 'Texas' on it. He had no idea what that word meant, and he asked around, nobody did either...

"Give you a guess the idiots just put that last part up because they thought it was cool," Kurama chimed sarcastically.

None of them heard a few sneezes from within the establishment.

"Goddamn it Biggs! You sneezed on my fucking sandwich!" The duo froze as they heard a deep angry gruff roar from a man within the bar.

"Sorry Barret!" a smooth male voice responded back quickly.

Emerald and cerulean blinked, once, twice, and thrice before the two resumed walking for the train. "Well someone pissed in his porridge," Naruto muttered.

That earned a giggle from his companion.

XxX ~ the upper plate ~ XxX

Sitting at table outside of a café, Cissnei sipped her tea while Tseng idly read a book. Suddenly, the comm in their ears went off; "Target identified, the ancient is selling flowers by the fountain as per her normal routine," a deep smooth voice spoke in their ears.

A coy grin grew on the petite redhead; "Consistent if nothing else isn't she?" she rested her chin on her palm.

Tseng turns a page; "Excellent Rude, do you see anything else?"

"Uh yeah, there is some blond guy with her. Bout as tall as Rude maybe, he's got weird marks on his cheeks. The hell are those supposed to be, whiskers?" an easy going male voice spoke on the comms. "…Oh shit… Boss, this guy has glowing eyes…"

Both Tseng and Cissnei look at each other sharply; "SOLDIER… what do you think?" the redhead put her tea cup down.

Tseng closed his book; "…When the ancient is done we go for her. Then will we verify this man; do not engage unless he does. Kill him if necessary. Reno, Rude remain where you are, when she leaves then we go."

XxX ~ Naruto ~ XxX

Skyscrapers that could dwarf anything back in Amegakure. Well pristine roads that are either pathed or made of brick. Shops that had anything, that anyone could have dreamed of. Everything was top of the line on the upper plate of Midgar.

But the blond Uzumaki knew while there are probably quite a few hard working, good and honest people here who earned all they had. There also had to be the ridiculously wealthy who lived up here, enjoying all the finer things in life like the nobles back home.

Yet if there was a choice to either live up here or the slums? Naruto would choose the slums every time. Not because of just Aerith or Elmyra, but because the slums felt more real to him than all the glitz of the metropolis above.

Leaning against the wall of a building, Naruto watched with a smirk as he crossed his arm while Aerith gave a flower to anyone that would listen to her. He saw the joy in the brunette's eyes as gave a flower to people who liked them enough. And it was never for the money that she did this.

It had been a few hours since coming from the slums, and the blond soon noticed his new friend coming over with an empty basket; "They liked your flowers eh?"

"Is not too often that I sell out. Got eighty gil today," Aerith beamed as she and Naruto started for the train station.

The blond picked up one of small silver coins that had a small hole in its center. It was very different to ryō back home, although this did feel more tangible than currency made of paper. Flicking the coin back into the flower basket, the blond smirked; "So now that we're rich shall we buy a mansion." Naruto chuckled getting a playful smack on the arm.

Both lightly laughed as they turned a corner into an alleyway. As they walked, Naruto's sensed several people shadowing them. It was then he saw Aerith freeze up standing in place. Her emerald orbs shone with genuine fear that made Naruto look ahead.

A man dressed in a well-tailored black suit and tie, average in height with shoulder length jet-black hair and a tilak on his forehead stood in their way. The blond could pick an air of authority about this man, as well as dangerous vibe in his brown eyes.

"It's been a while Aerith," the man spoke in calm slight cold tone.

Just hearing this man's voice made his brunette friend slightly hide behind the blond. His glowing cerulean took notice of three others wearing the same kind of suit like this man. One to their right being a tall bald man wearing shades with tanned skin, a no nonsense aura being about him.

On their left is a lanky man with unkempt red hair with a ponytail with goggles holding up his bangs over his eyes. And two symmetrical red marks on his cheekbones. His business coat was unbuttoned with his shirt untucked. An on this guy's belt his saw a strange baton dangle about.

Eying behind them there was a petite woman with long wavy red hair, fairly cute in his opinion. Dress in the same kinda suit but with fingerless gloves on her hands. Her brown eyes were indifferent as they gazed at him, but directed mostly to Aerith.

Naruto looked back to the man who first spoke; "Can we help you?"

The redheaded man looked dryly; "You were in SOLDIER and you never knew a Turk when you see one? What, were you bottom of the barrel 3rd class?"

'Why the fuck does this guy sound like Iruka-sensei?!' Naruto kept a straight face while having a mental freak out hearing the voice of his former teacher.

"Oh like someone sounding like another person is something remarkable" The fox snorted."But this dumbass here I think just gave you a cover story."

Naruto eyed the redheaded man; "Maybe because I was actually busting my ass doing my job. Did you just got out of bed wise ass?"


Tseng sighed while Cissnei rubber her eyes; "You'll have to forgive Reno. I am Tseng, leader of the Turks. Behind you is Cissnei, my second in command, to your right is Rude. Reno you just spoke with. And you are?"

"Me..? I'm nobody. Just a sexy blond bastard living life, day by day." Naruto said with a straight face as he protectively stood in front of Aerith. "Something we can do for you?"

"We are here to take Aerith home. Her real home," Tseng said keeping his gaze on the brunette who now gripped Naruto's left arm.

"I am never going back to Shinra," the level of spitefulness in Aerith's terrified voice actually surprised the former Anbu.

Naruto gave a nonchalant grin to Tseng; "And you have your answer."

"I am afraid this is non-negotiable, the ancient will return with us to Shinra as per our orders," Rude spoke up, making the blond sennin to a mental double take.

'Now baldy here sounds like Itachi! ...What the hell did he call her? ' The Uzumaki stealthily reached into his pocket finding the item he needed. "Now we've reached an impasse. Kidnapping a beautiful girl against her will really pisses me off. Especially pisses me off when they happen to be my friend."

Reno lifted both his brows; "Oh… Mister nobody SOLDIER gonna try to stop us? One guy against four Turks?"

A very cryptic looking smirk appeared on the blond as he pulled out two smoke bombs and threw them to the ground at his feet. A large plum smoke covered him and Aerith, as all four Turks look wide eyed with 'four' identical clones of the man bursted from the smoke grabbing each Turk and vanishing via shunshin. The smoke cleared with the original Naruto and Aerith were gone.

'Kurama, you know what to do'

"Yeah yeah…"

XxX ~ Reno ~ XxX

The goggle's wearing redhead did not know what the hell happened. One minute they had the ancient, and that blond ex-SOLDIER guy pinned at a four way alley section. Then Mr. Nobody SOLDIER threw some smoke bombs and four blonds came out and grabbed him and the others and vanished.

Now here they were somehow at the park, alone, with the blond bastard staring him down. Pulling his Electro-Mag Rod from his belt, Reno lightly glared; "Who the fuck are you?"

The Kage Bunshin just smirked crossing his arms; "Like I said before ass hat, just a nobody."

Not taking this lightly, the redhead began running at the blond clone, unaware just what he was getting into as he picks up the speed. "Ass hat THIS!"

The clone had to admit, this guy had some footwork. From the start of his sprint to right in his face he was all over the place, zigging and zagging before swinging the rod at him, electricity crackling. Ducking under the strike, Naruto grabs onto the redhead's foot before pulling hard, slamming the Turk to the ground and then lifting him in the air, slamming a kick into his back and sending him tumbling back to the swings. Reno even landed perfectly on one and swung back before landing on his ass promptly.

Getting up, Reno growls as he charges his rod again. Before he could start running, the blonde was already jumping off the swings and spinning. Seeing the incoming attack, the redheaded Turk zips to the side at the last second and stabs for his opponent. Not nearly enough speed, as the blonde swung his body and kicked the rod into the air and spun on his hands, slamming a kick from hell into Reno's gut and sending him into a wall.

Groaning, Reno shook his head as he rubbed his eyes; 'This son of bitch is faster than me.' He cough as he spat out some blood; 'Oh hell... Maybe I can get lucky... I'd rather be sleeping on the couch right now than this.'

Getting back up to a vertical base. Naruto's clone lightly nodded; "You can take it, I will say that. But just so you know red, I was holding back..."

Reno just glared at the blond; he could feel a rib or two cracked. He had to hope a surprise move could get this guy in one shot; 'Here we go!'

With a wild run, Reno sprints towards the blond in a flurry, his feet a blur as he catches the blonde with a swing, only for the guy to fade like he was just fog. As the redhead turned to catch anything behind him, he was surprised with nothing. No one was even near him. "Come out here you bastard! You said you were holding back, and then teach me what you can REALLY do! I dare ya!"

With a whisper in his ear, the eyes of the redhead turn faint and wide. "Dare accepted..." Quickly and on reflex, Reno rolls forward, barreling himself to the ground and sending a rising back kick to whoever was behind him. He felt something hit, but it didn't deter the blonde clone as a sliding sweep kick smacks into his head, sending him barreling back on his feet before being clocked by a roundhouse to his head. Feeling a hand on his leg again, he feels gravity motion the other way around as he is lifted to the air, only to slam into the ground.

It was not over, however, as Reno feels himself pulled back up, being tossed into the turn-table and swinging in circles until he is too dizzy to even move. Getting off and on all fours, Reno tries to hold his stomach. He never noticed the final strike as his own baton shocks him on the ground till he passes out.

The clone eyed the shock baton in his hand before tossing it. "You know what you're doing. But unless your name is either Rock Lee, Might Gai, or A. You don't know what speed is red. See ya." He didn't really care if that guy was unconscious, but just felt like doing a bit of trash talk before dispelling.

XxX ~ Rude ~ XxX

Standing outside of a café, the heavy hitter of the Turks and the Kage Bunshin slowly circle each other before stopping. Rude stood least two or three inches taller than Naruto, not prone to panic under pressure or even curious how he had Shunshin them here.

This guy was business, although the blond did have to wonder what kinda of parents name their child 'Rude'. That thought vanished as information came from the clone that had faced Reno. "Your friend with the goggles is out of the game. I'll give you one chance to go."

Rude simply took some black leather gloves from his pocket and put them on his hands. He never spoke a word as he got into an expert boxer's stance.

The Anbu Sennin sighed; "Least I offered..." He got into a Taijutsu stance.

Rude moves slowly and meticulously towards the blonde before sending a couple swings his way, two jabs and an uppercut came flying past the clone's face, but he leaned away each strike before it could connect. The uppercut was then turned into a downward thrust, Rude not letting Naruto have room to strike on his own. As Rude slowly backed Naruto into a corner, the blonde clone put a foot up, leaning against the wall a few feet back and blocking the punch with the ball of his foot.

Rude backed off quick, sensing the incoming counter, but was too late as the blonde's foot connected against his knee, forcing him on the other before getting a kick to the jaw and sent back-flipping back. Landing in a booth seat perfectly, Rude shook himself off, only to see the blonde smirking, a towel over his arm and a platter in the other hand. "May I take your order? OH! One ass-whooping coming right up!"

Breaking the table, Rude stood back up and with a jerking movement side to side, he closed in on Naruto, his eyes glued on his target as he his fists flew. Swinging out, jab after jab with hooks and hay-makers, Rude was putting on the pressure and not even breaking a sweat from the fierce uppercuts. Naruto was a little impressed, this guy was not a joke. But he was still no match either, as a hard straight whizzed past his face he stepped in, grabbing the other fist coming to jab him in the gut, and then slamming the guy's own gloved fist into his jaw thrice over before throwing him to the ground and kicking him along the floor to rest. "You'd be wise to stay down."

"I won't bad mouth your skills. You trained your ass off to get as good as you are. I can respect that, But you won't win this fight," the clone said with zero arrogance in his tone.

The blond groaned as Rude got back to his feet. He watched the tall bald man take off his broken shades and tossing them. Reaching into the inner pocket of his coat, Rube pulled out new shades and put them on.

A light chuckle came from the former Anbu; "Always fight with style. I dig that." Both got back into their respected stance.

Once more, Rude was swift, stepping up with multiple jabs, furious and wicked fast as he broadly punched at any point on the blonde's body that moved to attack, keeping a distance to make sure the clone couldn't do that throw again. Seeing an in, the tall bald Turk swings with enough force to break the bar, which he did when he missed as Naruto jumped back.

Grabbing a chair, Rude slams his fist into the seat and breaks it apart, shreds of metal and wood and cotton flying at the blonde in front of him. Quickly entering the fray of his distraction, Rude roared with hooks and uppercuts through the mist of the broken chair, only to hit nothing. As the dust of the chair's cotton and leather dissipated, he found nothing in front of him.

Naruto was, instead, above him. "That wasn't very polite, you know! Mother ever teach you manners? Oh wait, you're RUDE!" As the Turk looked up, Naruto slammed a heavy kick into his face, breaking the man's glasses again before picking up his foot and ducking forward, grabbing the man's suit and rolling on his back as he pulled the Turk down. Jumping up, Naruto tosses Rude under him and out the diner window on the other side where the sign was.

Rude stood back up, rubbing his head and looking dizzy. As their eyes met, Naruto didn't warn him before he was clocked out. He could hardly contain his laughter as Rude was knocked over the head by the swinging sign. "Well, seems I wasn't the one who beat him, the dinner did."

The clone looked over to some of panic workers hiding; "It's cool now. Put it on baldy's tab." The girls lightly screamed as the clone dispelled.

XxX ~ Cissnei ~ XxX

"What the hell did you do?" the petite redhead demanded as she gazed at the new surrounding of a parking lot.

The blond clone shrugged; "Gave us some room and distance... Let boss get Aerith away from you guys... Oh by the way, Reno and Rude are down for the count."

Her brown eyes narrowed; "You won't stop us traitor. We will take the ancient back."

"Traitor is such a nasty term. But least I still have my conscience. Can you say the same?"

The redhead said nothing as she pulled out and opened her large crimson colored shuriken. Design was a bit different from a Demon wind shuriken, but same premise over all.

Naruto whistled; "I got something like that back home. But prefer smaller ones... You know, if we weren't enemies, I probably ask ya out. Why do I always fight cute girls that want to kick my ass?" The blond slumped forward.

Before he could contemplate such, the clone had to duck back as the Shuriken slashed for the throat. Jumping back, the blond was surprised by the swift strike coming for his head so soon after, and then jumping clear out of the way. Cissnei had thrown the thing straight for him, but now that she was disarmed he was soon upon her and thrusting a kick against her.

The redhead turned away from it, slamming a palm into his knee but was taken in stride as Naruto bent his leg down and let the force of her strike land his foot solid on the ground, letting him kick up with the other leg. This Turk, however, was not like the other two, as she slammed her hands into the foot, twisting it around and kicking back at the blond.

With his foot in a strangle hold and his back to the kick, the blond had no choice but to take the strike, sending him flying up in the air. Had Kurama's chakra not being flowing through him, reinforcing him to greater levels than an average clone, he would have dispelled already. Once airborne he twisted around to regain his stance when he landed, but what would have been a recovery for the clone was replaced by panic, as the red shuriken was falling above him, straight for his chest. Catching the shuriken at full force, the blond was forced down by the swinging momentum and sailing back to Cissnei.

Taking the momentum, Naruto swung the weapon at Cissnei, only to find her jumping right at him and taking the shuriken back and swinging for his chest. Catching the blade again, Naruto was forcing himself to take the upper hand by kicking the bottom blade, knocking it from the redheaded Turk's grip. But as it pulled her, she flipped and smacked him with a solid uppercut slice kick, and sent him into a car, crashing the window.

Landing on her feet, the redhead caught her weapon in the air and let it rest on her shoulder.

'I am so glad we can take beatings now,' the clone mentally mused sarcastically. Shaking off the cerebral cobwebs, Naruto looked at the redhead. 'This girl knows she is small, and uses that against taller opponents. Bet they never know what hits them when they get cocky with her at first.'

Cissnei was at least an inch shorter than Aerith, but it did not stop her what so ever. She has very impressive speed and was a lot stronger than she appeared. And those combat skills were nothing to sneeze at.

"Give up, I will kill you," Cissnei said with finality.

That earned her a mild glared; "All to kidnap an innocent girl who clearly has no love for you or Shinra."

"...It doesn't matter. These are orders from the president himself. The ancients will bring us to the Promise Land. And whether she likes it or not she belongs to Shinra," The female Turk said in a toneless voice.

But the young Sennin picked up what that girl was trying to hide as she spoke. You don't spend a year in Anbu and learn nothing; 'she doesn't really believe that.' "Well then... Bring it on little red."

And bring it was what she did, as she, again, threw her shuriken at the blond. As the blond moved out of the way the weapon stuck itself into the car. Still in the air, Naruto noticed that Cissnei wasn't where she was before, but instead, used her Shuriken as a platform to jump off it. Not taking it easy on her anymore, the clone caught the fist coming for his face and pulls the redhead in for a strike of his own. Pushing off his fist as it whiffs by her hip; the Turk pulled him with her as they landed and tried to throw him to the ground, sliding a foot back to unbalance him.

Though that plan failed the moment they landed, as Naruto kicked off the ground and twisted forward. Stomping on the woman's foot, the clone pulled Cissnei back and slamming her back on his knee before catching her neck with his arm. Hoping to put her to sleep was a hopeless move; the trained Turk knew of this move and knew how to get out of it. Bending down, and almost twisting her ankle out of place, she sits down and lifts her leg up, clocking the clone in the head and giving her room to twist herself back, pull herself out, and flip back with a rising kick.

Her escape was a success, but her attack missed when the blond caught her leg and push her down, forcing her to flip herself facing the sky and land on her back. Quickly, the redhead rolls out of the way of the stomp the blond tried to finish her with and kicked at his next strike, pushing herself away before rolling to her feet and jumping back.

Naruto was not done yet, as the female Turk jumped off, he grabbed her shuriken and tossed it at her. Catching the thing, Cissnei runs back into the fight and swings with all her might, the bottom spike embedding in the ground where Naruto once was. Looking up, Cissnei backed from her weapon as Naruto lands on the end, causing it to flip out of the ground. Catching it himself, he threw it back at her and was following the weapon as Cissnei ducked out of the way.

The redhead was no slouch, however, not letting the weapon distract her as she catches the kick to the face coming for her jaw, and trips Naruto with a sweep kick. As he was falling, Cissnei rose up with a fierce uppercut that was blocked by the blond. Grabbing his hand with hers in a death grip, she switched tactics and pulled roughly, tossing the clone to the ground and then twisting his arm, snapping her legs around it and against his neck.

Now, the sleeper hold was on the other end of the fight. Though strong, the woman was light and short, giving him leeway to stand up and slam her to the ground. The first pounding didn't deter her at all, so the blond did it again, feeling her grip become loose before gripping back. A third time almost broke it as the legs around his arm slid off for a brief second. Roaring with his last few breaths, the clone raised the woman to the air and then nearly broke her back on his knee, slamming her to his knee and causing her to cry out in severe pain. Though her grip was death-like, Naruto's strike made her lose her grip long enough for him to split her legs from their trap and swing around, causing her to fly off him and into the ground, bouncing a little as she did.

Unable to move, the redheaded Turk looked in rage at the blond. But before she could speak, he punched her hard enough to knock her out, finally. "Sorry, cutie, but not on the first date."

Naruto took a deep breath resting his hands on his knees as he leaned forward; "Damn she's good" He learnt some interesting things during their fight. "What the hell is the Promised Land?" He shook it off as he dispelled.

XxX ~ Tseng ~ XxX

Not a second after the two appeared at the town square by the large fountain where Aerith had sold her flowers, Tseng had already drawn his 9mm Beretta. He nearly shot the clone between the eyes had he not deflected it with a kunai, pushing the Turk leader back with enough force with a reverse kick, they stare down one another as bystanders either run away or hide and watch.

The blond Uzumaki looked at the firearm in Tseng's hand with mild annoyance. He seen a few in the slums used by thugs. "Really hate those things. Any idiot can pull a trigger and think their badasses."

"We agree on something," Tseng said in a calm tone. "Walk away from this. You were in SOLDIER, you know Shinra won't stop till we get what we want."

"Don't be such a pessimist," Naruto countered. "So what's the Promised Land? Little red brought that up before I knocked her out."

The leader of the Turks narrowed his eyes; 'He took out Cissnei. Then Reno and Rude weren't a match for this man. How is able to generate copies of himself?' "You have no need to know now. Only understand Aerith is important for the future of Gaia."

"I doubt she agrees. She probably tell you to go to hell if she wasn't so polite," the clone crossed his arms. "So yeah, not happening Tseng. So let's beat each other to death like civilized gentlemen shall we?"

Sheathing his side-arm, Tseng tightened his gloves before getting into a tall and narrow stance. "I'd hardly call you a gentleman. After you, of course..." Getting a shrug back from that, Tseng tensed just in time to take a punch to the gut, catching the fist that sank itself into his abs. Swiftly, the leader of the Turks bent the arm around the back of his head, knocking the other fist coming to take him out, wrapping it around the blonde's chest and lifting the clone in the air before slamming him down to the ground. As the clone hit the ground, Tseng rolled with his momentum and launched up, kicking at the hand coming to grab him to prevent his escape. "Hm..."

That took the cake; even Cissnei didn't land such a blow that quick into the fight. Jumping to his feet, Naruto had to use both arms to block the kick coming his way, ducking under the next one. But the third kick, as Tseng spun around and split-kicked low to the ground knocked the clone back again. Standing back up quickly, the blond noticed Tseng again on his feet and tugging his gloves tight on his hands.

As the dark haired Turk kept his cool, he had to admit that this was not the blond's best. "Stop holding back or you'll find out just how tough I really am."

Ignoring the man, the clone jumped forward, rolling on the ground and launching at Tseng with a fierce whirlwind kick, only to miss as the Turk stepped to the side and swung out where Naruto would land. His landing foot kicked from under him, Naruto landed on the other and kicked himself up, going upside down and on his head he blocked the kick coming to his chest and swung for Tseng's gut with his feet. Though even this strike was blocked by the Turk leader, who threw the leg aside, spinning Naruto, and kicking again at the clone's back.

Sliding a little, Naruto groaned a bit as he spat out dirt. Tseng was on him before he could blink, forcing him to launch his body up and catch the kick. Knowing full well this guy was suing his legs as a way to distract his other moves; Naruto didn't take any chances as he rolled beside the leg and dodged out of the way of the fist Tseng smacked his leg with. Rolling out of the way, the blond kicked his legs up and in the air at Tseng, scissor kicking the Turk, only to find empty space.

The dark haired man jumped over Naruto and landed on his feet in front of the blond, sliding a leg to the man's head. The clone quickly launched backwards and back to his feet, getting in stance. "Alright... You want my best, and then you get it."

'Guess being the leader of these Turks isn't for show. Let's get serious then,' Naruto charged in a blur as Tseng narrowed his eyes.

The long haired man ducked expertly from a roundhouse kick aimed for his head. "That's more like it."

Swiftly bringing his kick back down, the clone slammed his foot to the pavement as Tseng dodged backwards and then stepped forward with a strong hook. Blocking the strike, Naruto kicked at the man's feet, finding no chance when the man stepped back again, and stepped aside the kick that came afterwards from the same leg.

Catching the leg was another mistake from Naruto, however, as soon as he latched onto the leg, Tseng grabbed his shoulders and pulled the blonde close, clamping the leg onto his back and dragging the blond to the ground. It took quick thinking, but the clone caught himself before Tseng could slam his head into the ground. Both letting go of each other, they got back to their feet before charging in together. Tseng's wild hook to the abs was blocked by Naruto's charge inwards and shoulder bash. Tseng rolled into the shoulder and struck with his elbow, only to find Naruto backing up and sliding a kick up at him. Ducking back and then to the ground in a crab stance, Tseng ducked under the return kick before launching up and spinning himself, a double whirlwind kick that Naruto backed off from.

The clone returned to the Turk leader in force, and finally landed a hit after a failed series of close range jabs, all of which the Turk blocked and deflected to any side he chose. But as soon as Naruto switched from jabbing and did something unpredictable, Tseng found his nose bleeding when the blonde stomped forward to slam his head into the man's face, knocking him back and off balance.

Before Tseng could recover, Naruto let loose, a kick to the leader's chest sent him flying back, but then he raced to the Turk before he fell completely and slams his elbow into his back, knocking him forward and into the next punch as he twisted around from his elbow strike, using the same arm, and slams a heavy fist into the man's gut. Sending the Turk up a bit off his feet, the clone rolled his other arm up and then slammed his elbow into the Turk's back once more, and slams him down to the ground finally.

Naruto knew he hurt his opponent but he also knew this guy wasn't done yet. Tseng rose to his feet as blood dripped from his lip. Some internal bleeding as it looked. Yet despite that Tseng remained calm and collected, never showing any signs of pain, save for an involuntary body twitch here and there.

The clone eyed the fountain for a second as he looked at the man; "Up for more?"

"Let's go."

The blond was ready, but still was not fast enough to see Tseng, even in pain, be able to pull off a right hook into a spinning sweep kick and then a flipping rising axe kick, all to finish with a jumping double heel kick. Naruto dodged the punch, pulled his leg up away from the sweep, side-stepped the flip kick, and blocked the double heel kick, but that last one pushed him back against the fountain.

Tseng had him on the ropes, but even the Turk knew he was just fighting a wall now. Landing on his feet after the last attack, he charged the blond and pinned the blond's leg to the fountain and ducked under the punch his way, catching the knee trying to push him back and ramming his elbow into the blond, pushing him into the fountain. Though the clone was feeling the pressure, the blond knew he had to get up, slapping against the water, he uses his buoyancy to come back up, meeting Tseng's fist. Rolling his head to the side, the blond again slams his head to the Turk, only this time the Turk hit back.

Both fighters were wrestling for control at this point, both stuck as their hands flipped around each other's attempts to jab, to grab, or to get away. Tseng finally found his chance by taking both hands back and wrapping them around the blond. Pulling the clone up, he tried to knee the man until he knocked the wind out of him, but Naruto didn't let those attacks land, his hands becoming red from the constant strikes.

Roaring, Naruto finally had enough of this. Using all his weight, Naruto slams down on Tseng's knee, not only stomping it to the ground but also twisting the leg to the side and causing Tseng to fall to his knee, giving Naruto the breathing room to grab the man's head and punch him in the head. Every other time his fist connected, Tseng blocked it, only for the next to hit and his vision go blurry. Naruto finally just took the man's head and brought it to his knee, slamming the Turk's head to the ground behind him from the force, and knocking him out finally. Huffing, the clone shrugs it off and stands up. "Boss better not let this guy get with Cissnei in a fight; those two together might do some serious damage."

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

As the final clone dispelled, and Naruto processed everything he had just learned of Tseng and his Turks. His cerulean orbs gaze down at his visibly shaken friend, whom he had his left arm wrapped around her shoulder. Her head buried in his chest, she tensed up when the train jostles on the track on its way back to the slums.

Aerith gripped her flower basket so tight Naruto could see the white of her knuckles as she hugged it to her chest. "This has happened before," the blond's quiet words being more a statement than question.

He felt the brunette slowly nod; "…Since I was little…" Almost whispered cautiously, his friend looked up at him with her emotions of fear and panic in her eyes. "N… Naruto… Would… Would you think I'm a monster if I told you I was only half human?" Her voice was nearly a pleading whisper as she spoke fearfully.

The blond Uzumaki just lifted a brow at her.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

As they returned home in Sector 5, Elmyra could sense something was wrong. Upon Aerith nearly whispering it was them, the older woman panicked till Naruto calmed her down and explained he took care of the Turks.

But presently he needed to know some things. An sitting quietly at the kitchen table, Elmyra and Aerith had finished explaining as to why Shinra was after to her. The younger brunette had avoided eye contact through the talk as he had listened to everything.

"She's always been able to avoid the Turks whenever they showed up," Elmyra as she held her daughter's hand. "I guess the president got tired of waiting."

"They really believe you can take lead them to some Promised Land," the blond Uzumaki folded his arms.

Aerith shook her head; "They believe it enough to keep coming after me. But never like this." Had Naruto never been there…? She did not want to think of that. But now the blond knew the truth. "Naruto do you..?" Th blond lifted his hand making her silent.

"First and foremost… You're no monster, end of that discussion," Naruto said sternly before softening. "In the five weeks I have known you, I know without a shadow of a doubt you're one awesome lady."

It felt like pressure had left Aerith's body as long sigh escaped her body. A smile formed on her lips as she just wanted to hug the man, till noticing a somber gaze from his glowing cerulean. "Since we're revealing things… I better explain what I am… I'm a Jinchurriki."

Puzzled looks came from both mother as daughter as they tried pronouncing that word in their heads. "It means; 'Power of the Human Sacrifice'." Both ladies looked wide eyed.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Naruto sat quietly as he had spoken a few hours of what a Jinchurriki is, and his complete life as an orphan. The time of when he a baby to the age of twelve not a pleasant one. Things getting better when meeting his cousin Karin, then both Naruto and Karin being adopted by Tsunade. Encountering his other Uzu clan members.

But he could tell the whole living weapon for your nation did not sit well with either of them; "Trust me I made peace with this a long time ago."

"But it's not right," Elmyra said sternly.

"Perhaps not, but Godaiyo was filled with constant wars. Old man Hashirama did what he thought was right to keep villages from war. Don't think he truly understood what he done, but here we are now."

Aerith looked at him; "This… Kurama person is still with you?"

Instead of answering, Naruto got up from his chair. Bit his thumb as he did the familiar hand sign combined with his Bijuu's chakra. Slamming his hand down on the floor a large puff of smoke appeared. Both Gainsborough ladies tensed up as the smoke cleared and seeing an orange fur fox, the size of an average man with nine tails lazily moving about.

Kurama sat on his hutches as he crossed his arms; "I trust this helps your level of understanding?" The old fox asked sarcastically.

"This is Kurama, my friend. And don't mind the sarcasm, he's always surly."

The old fox snorted as he rolled his glowing crimson eyes. He shifted his head to Aerith who, unlike her mother looked slightly afraid, was curious. "I knew you were more than a simple human." Kurama leaned in as the brunette surprisingly followed suit.

Aerith's emerald eyes stare into the Bijuu king's crimson as slowly she rose her arm as her dainty hand. Naruto lifted a brow as the brunette's hand touched Kurama's lower jaw.

"You are an interesting mortal… And with an active chakra network no less."

That got three very surprised gazes, Naruto shook his head as he looked at his old friend; "Aerith has what?"

"I did not fully notice till you brought me out here. Whether it is of your unique heritage I am uncertain. But I told you kit, chakra exists in all realms, albeit they have different names or the method of wielding it properly. Most of course never do, thus having civilian level of chakra to survive. This could be a boon."

Naruto looked to his new friend; "Care to learn how wield your chakra? I'd also if you're comfortable like teach you how to defend yourself"

The brunette looked shocked at the blond's proposal.

XxX ~ xx ~ XxX ~ xx ~ XxX

Now before anyone even asks me, no Aerith will not be learning any Jutsu. AT ALL! This is merely to help her Cetra powers, for which we know are bad ass. And wanting to give a base on how she learned to use a stave weapon in the first place.