Velma couldn't tell you how exactly it had happened- all she knew was that it was a passionate night with Shaggy, and it felt really, really good.

Of course, Scooby hadn't been there, and Daphne and Fred were probably off doing their own thing, so that left the ever-stoned Shaggy and lonely Velma to... Explore each other in the privacy of the Mystery Machine.

Perhaps they had been too careless, because when Velma found herself rushing out of her morning Physics class, with a hand clamped over her mouth a good month later, she immediately understood what had been happening inside of her. And it hadn't been from the extremely cheesy nachos she had shared with her goofy boyfriend and his dog the night before.

Velma knew her parents were on the slightly doting side, being really interested in the local legends and myths, and expected her to follow in their path, but she was more interested in other things. She wanted to be a molecular biology major, because she was fascinated with the tiny particles that composed everything.

Nevertheless, she went to her mother with her concerns, and the woman had surprised her daughter by actually being thrilled with the idea of grandchilden- perhaps not as thrilled by the father of her grandchildren, but thrilled nonetheless.

And Daphne, well, she demanded to know when exactly it had happened, how it had happened, even where it had happened. Velma waved her off with a stern command of, 'no details', and a plea for advice.

Of course, she was bound to blab to Freddy, and he could potentially tell Shaggy with good intentions of congratulations, but that would just mean that Velma would have to tell the dopey boy herself. Before Fred, or Daphne, or anyone else could.

No doubt the hound knew already, what with having a very keen sense of smell, but Velma hoped he hadn't said anything to his best bud yet.

Telling him was the hard part. He was going to freak out, she knew. And his well-doing parents would probably be just as freaked out.

But, she made the arrangements for her redheaded best friend to take Scooby out with her and Fred to the dog park for a date, and readied herself to break the news.

His face, as she told him, was that of someone who was very, very confused. Or high. Perhaps both.

She repeated herself, and something clicked in his washed out brain.

"Like, I'm gonna be a dad?"

She nodded, "Assuming that I don't miscarry the child- the chances are higher now than what they will be later on, basing it on my opposition to abortion-" he was zoning out. "You're going to be a father."

"Jenkies. How long have you known?"

She shrugged, poking at her chili dog with a plastic fork. "A week, maybe two. I'm surprised Scooby hadn't noticed, he should have been able to smell it."

Shaggy made a face of revelation. "I thought he was saying rabies, like he was due for a vaccine soon."

Velma laughed. "Well, Shaggy, what are we going to do?"

The brown haired man shook his head, "Name it Mary Jane if it's a girl?"

"And Geoffrey if it's a boy."

The stoner made a sour face, but didn't make any opposition to the girl in front of him.

In the weeks following, Velma found herself experiencing more and more tell-tale signs of her pregnancy.

It wasnt just the nausea now, it was an irate dependancy on anything moderately salty and fattening. French fries were her go-to snack, and since the university diner was cheap and greasy, it fit the bill perfectly.

She and Shaggy still hadn't told his parents, which was a thought too scary to deal with at the moment.

Velma knew that eventually they would have to. But, nevertheless, their relationship strengthened, especially when Shaggy began showing more concern for Velma's well-being.

Most of the time, though, the dopey boy just wanted to relax. And that wasn't too bad on occasion, because really, Velma was constantly tired and ready to sleep at any given moment, but she knew she still had her priorities to maintain. Shaggy, however, just had his job working at a local smokeshop to worry about. Being the part-time cashier wasn't too much of a hassle, but he acted as if it was the most stressful thing to happen to any individual ever.

It was maddening, Velma soon discovered, to not snap on him every time he complained about anything she wanted to do (which was always), but still, at the end of the day, he was the one who laid her down at night and expertly drew out every single feeling of ecstasy she could possibly imagine.

And she loved it.

Eventually the pair had to sit down with the Rogers and inform them of the situation, and after four months of putting it off, they found themselves nervously sitting in the driveway, hoping they could just manage to leave before their presence was noted.

Shaggy's parents loved Velma. She was smart, she was pretty, and she was good for their son. They also loved their son, as big of a slacker as he was.

Upon entering the household, Shaggy's father clapped his son on the shoulder and drug him off to a side room to catch up, leaving the women by themselves in the foyer.

"Would you like a cup of wine? Tea?" Mrs. Rogers imported, smiling softly at her son's girlfriend.

"Just tea, thank you." Velma replied, nervously placing her hands at her sides and resisting the urge to touch the small bump growing inside of her abdomen.

They two sat down in the kitchen and Shaggy's mother placed a teacup in front of the brunette. "Sugar?" She asked, pouring hot water into the tiny cup.

Velma graciously accepted it and prepared her drink as the older woman asked her questions, absentmindedly answering.

"How are the studies going? Are you still obsessing over molecules, dear?"

"Yes, and my studies are going actually quite well. The particular particles that I'm currently studying are quite interesting, as well..." before she could continue the boring lecture, the two men entered the kitchen.

"My, it's getting a little full in here, why not move it to the living room, eh Pops?"

Wordlessly, they all shifted to the next room and settled down on the matching loveseats facing each other. Velma sipped her tea as her boyfriend's mother questioned him about his well-being.

He answered everything she shot at him relatively easily, until she sat down her own teacup and looked the two kids squarely in their faces.

"When are you getting married, then?"

Velma spluttered out the hot drink and gasped at the woman. Marriage hadn't even been a thought for them- not yet, anyways. For Pete's sake, they hadn't even gotten to know the baby's gender yet!

"Wha...?" Shaggy gaped, much like that first time Velma sat him down and told him about the baby inside of her.

"Well, seeing as you've already got one part if your future figured out, you might want to get married before that child is here to prevent any questions."

Velma was speechless. The woman had known!? All of the stressing about telling them, about their reactions, all of the sleep gone at night because of it- and they knew?

"Velma, honey, you're showing already. And that glow. It's a tell."

A blush crept it's way up her face. "Mrs. Rogers..."

The woman smiled knowingly. "We are a little disappointed that you did feel the need to wait so long to inform us, but that's all well."

The rest of the visit went smoothly. Velma was fully accepted into the family, and the duo were lectured about the need for a marriage as soon as possible, and then they were free to go.

It was as if an anvil had been lifted off of her chest, but at the same time, another was taking its place. Did she really need to marry Shaggy?

Did she even want to?

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