It wasn't as if she hadn't ever been exposed to pregnant women or even babies before. Velma knew what it was like to be on the receiving end of the hormone-induced anger.

She did not, however, expect to become so increasingly intolerable of Shaggy's lazy antics, or Daphne's prissy nagging, or even Fred's constant need for adventure.

Velma even snapped on one of the other students in her class during a lab where they were looking very closely at the different molecules in the flesh of a deceased squirrel. The other girl just nervously tittered and discreetly requested a change of partner with the professor.

As much as it felt good to vent her anger onto her boyfriend, or to anyone who just so happened to be there, it just wasn't her.

Now, with her belly just starting to show, and an insatiable need to wear nothing but loose pants and her boyfriend's overly large (and overly hideous) shirts, Velma really understood the joys of pregnancy. She was allowed to take her time with things, not that she ever did, and she wasn't expected to work or strain herself too much. It wasn't that bad, aside from occasional bouts of anger, nausea, and even heartburn. She just... she was bored of it. The pregnancy thing.

In her own opinion, Velma was a strong, charismatic woman. She had the potential to do great things. However, she was finding it increasingly difficult to drag herself away from the temptation of a midday nap. That's not necessarily a reason to be a... well, a dick to the people around her. It wasn't anyone else but her problem- maybe Shaggy's, but the big, cute oaf could barely get himself up to go to the bathroom when he needed it- she wasn't going to subject him to the vast endlessness of her ire. And Scooby- the poor mutt had to deal with her changing hormones, and that must have been absolutely dreadful on his sensitive nose.

One day, after giving in to the tempest called sleep, Velma sat on Shaggy's bed- it reeked of sex and sweat, but it was a second home to her- and breathed in the musk. A thought occurred. If Scooby had been able to tell she was pregnant before she had even known herself, maybe he'd be able to determine the gender as well.

She wasn't due at the doctor's for another two weeks- and even at that rate, who knew if the idiot of a gynecologist would be able to tell her if the little bean growing inside of her was a male or female?

As tempting as it was to ask him, she pushed the idea aside, and carried on with her daily business- bother Shaggy until he got up and actually did something.

Weeks passed, and as Velma suspected, the doctor couldn't determine the gender. It was disappointing, to say the least. You work yourself up to know something, and the excitement builds and builds- only to be let out as if it were a deflating balloon.

She had half a mind to tell the doctor just what she thought of him and the whole medical care system, but this was the man who would eventually be helping take a baby out of her, so she held her sharp tongue and lashing thoughts. This was mostly due to a precariously timed distraction by her shaggy haired boyfriend, who suggested they go out for some ice-cream right after they leave the doctor's office. Later, when she realized she had been duped out of her anger, she felt relief. Who knew what scene she could have caused in that small office- there were such pretty fake plants and a large variety of windows to choose to put the potted plants through, after all.

At her mother's unwavering insistence, Velma decided to try different methods of determining her unborn baby's gender. Old wives tales, that is. While she relaxed on her back, feeling like a fool, Daphne and her mother hovered over her, dangling a ring above her navel. Later, though, she felt even more embarrassed as she held out a cup full of her urine and the two sprinkled in baking soda.

"I think it's a girl," Daphne grinned, with a mad glint in her eyes. If she was indeed having a girl, Velma could only imagine the mischief Daphne and the little girl would bring.

"Really? I think it might be a boy!" Her mother exclaimed, always having a dream of a grandson.

'I don't really care what it is,' Velma thought. "As long as he or she is happy, then I suppose loving them for who they are is all the same."

She still wasn't all that excited about growing a human, and then later forcing that same human's head through a hole that was previously the size of a blueberry... She didn't find a fault in her reasoning, but the women fluttering around her squawked at her for her lack of enthusiasm.

"Your father and I were ecstatic about you," Velma's mother informed her, "I think you should really be more happy about the baby."

"Yeah, Velms. You don't want her to grow up convinced that her mother hates her, or that she ruined your life."

Daphne had a very valid point. "I don't want them to think that, yes. I want them to know that their mom worked really hard to give him them a good life."

Her mother actually sniffled. It wasn't as if Velma had said anything actually tear-jerking or heartfelt, but Daphne and Angie were soon clutching onto the pregnant girl and all but sobbing.

"You're going to be such a good mommy!"

Elsewhere, Fred had decided to drag Shaggy and Scooby off to enjoy the last little bit of freedom the tall, lanky teen had.

"These mines were abandoned in the late 1950s, after every last bit of gold was mined, and a voodoo witch cursed the miners." Fred was explaining, shining a flashlight across a mine car filled cavern.

"Zoinks, Freddy. But do you really think this is fun? It's really spooky down here."

"Reah. Really rooky." Scooby agreed with his best friend.

There was the sound of dripping water from stalagmites and stalactites, and the squeaking of bats nearby.

Both were things that Shaggy's pot-filled brain usually associated with super fuckin' creepy.

"I hope we like, don't get murdered, man." Shaggy muttered, as they delved deeper into the caves.

"We're just exploring, Shaggy! Don't you just love the rush of solving a mystery? Don't you enjoy that feeling of relief after the bad guy's been unmasked?"

"I enjoy the feeling I get when I'm not in creepy, spooky caves," was his reply.

Nevertheless, Fred trudged deeper. "There aren't any ghosts or ghouls, just empty caves."

Maybe that's what made it so creepy. Shaggy didn't like the idea of being somewhere that had been abandoned. It was obviously abandoned for a reason, and he's rather leave it that way than soothe any lingering question of why. "Like, Velms is going to be home soon, and I don't want to hear her complain at me when I get back late." Shaggy said, attempting to turn back to the exit.

"No way, Jose." Fred yanked his friend's collar back, and lead them even further.

"We're going to at least take a look at the skeletons. It's not much further."

Scooby, who had long since given up on any hope of escape from the blonde haired explorer, sniffed around an emptied mine car.

"Ranties!" He cried, nosing a fuschia thong from behind the rusted metal cart. "Raphne," he added, sniffing them.

Fred flushed. "Maybe it is time to go back." He chuckled, scratching his head. "I'll take those, Scoob."

As much as Shaggy hated to admit it, the dark cave would have been a romantic place to take Velma for some quality alone time.

"So, Shaggy, are you and Velma gonna get married?" Fred asked. "It's not really normal for parents to just be boyfriend and girlfriend when they have kids.."

That hadn't actually occurred to the stoner. "Like, I don't know man. I don't know if she really loves me that much, or if she even wants to get married. Velma is a strong lady. She wanted to do everything all on her own, you know? She doesn't really need a loser like me, especially when she can easily support herself."

Fred frowned. "Velma loves you, but she is really strong. She has you, but she doesn't need you. That means that she's keeping you around for her own personal enjoyment. She loves you and doesn't want to be without you."

Or she doesn't want the baby to not know their father. That last part went unsaid, but Shaggy tried not to let it damper his mood.

There was a lovely, cranky woman waiting for him at home, and there was weed, and food. Lots of food. "Like, thanks for taking me out, man."

"No problem, Shaggy. Every guy needs a little break once in awhile, don't they?"

Shaggy couldn't agree more.