Here is the last chapter of this mini fic. I wasn't very much inspired this last few months, that's why I didn't updated anything, i was considering ending the fic with the last chapter, but decided against it...

Hope you like it... this piece is inspires on a story about me when I was a baby and got poop all over me, my crib, my sheets and pretty much everything around me. I know that Nolebucgirl has a chapter similar to this on one of her stories, I did not copy her. this chapter really happened to my mom when she went to check on me on day.

An eventual imprint

Chapter 3: The pooped baby girl

Here they were, again at the doctor's office, she was three months pregnant, and was about to find out the gender of her babies. She was as excited as terrified, if it wasn't easy taking care of one baby, it wouldn't be taking care of two. But she promised herself, and her babies, that Jake and her would try their hardest to be the best parents they could be.

-If you keep twisting your fingers like that, you'll end up breaking them.-said Jake as he grabbed her left hand and started playing with her ring. They still hadn't choose a date, but they were toying with a few. The closest date they were thinking was three months away, Bella said at the beginning that she didn't wanna be showing in her own wedding, but after much thought, she realized that she didn't want to wait for her children to b born, because chaos would descend of them then. So she talked to Jake and the farthest date they thought was for months away. At the end the few choices the had, reduced to two, three or four months top. She was planning her wedding with the help of the pack's girls and her mom, who, to her surprise was the most excited one about everything, including being a grandmother.

Jake was about to ask her why she was smiling, when the doctor's secretary called for them. This time, they went together, Bella was showing a little, when you were carrying two babies instead of one, you tended to show sooner. Jake helped her up on the bed-like thing the doctor had, and while Bella lied on the paper covering the bed, the doctor slid her pants down a bit and her shirt up to her breast so she could put the wand in her belly. Bella forgot about everything around her, and stared mesmerized at the screen, her babies were too small to be full baby-shaped, but they were big enough to be identified one from the other.

-That is so cool. They are so little-Jake said, smiling but looking at the screen and not to her fiancée.

-Well, they are healthy, they have the size of a fifteen weeks babies, and it seems like you are having a girl and a...-she slid the wand a little on Bella's belly so she could try to identify the sex of the other baby.-looks like this little one doesn't want us to see it's private parts. Let us hear their heartbeats and try one more time, if the baby doesn't move, well, you'll have to wait for the next appointment to find out-Said the doctor bemused.

Jake smiled and looked at Bella.- Wether is a she or a he, our baby is definitely yours, stubborn and shy. -Bella giggled and gasped when she heard the thumbing-like noise. It was her babies heart beats. She cried and whipped her eyes with a little bit of shame when the doctor looked at her, she smiled reassuringly to Bella.

-Most first mommies cry a lot when they hear the heartbeats.-Jake laughed, but he was amazed and awed.

At the end of the appointment, the doctor tried once more to identify the sex. To everyone's surprise, she could. It was a boy. So they were having the couple, a boy and a girl. And Bella was already freaking about wolf genes, but Jake put her mind at ease, he said they would deal with it when and if it happened.

Billy and Charlie, the spoiling grandparents were so excited about the news about their grandchildren that they showed up with a bunch of cutes and weird presents one afternoon. Bella kept laughing at the faces her father and father in law kept making about every piece of cloth, or every little toy they got them. The worst of all, was Rennée, she send three boxes of new and old clothes, mixed with a few pictures of Bella as a baby, no matter how hard she tried to hide them, Jake found them. She wasn't an ugly baby, in fact, she was a beautiful baby (at least that's what her father and future husband kept saying).

They arranged a room with two cribs, one with blue sheets, and the other with pink sheets, she decorated the room with an animal theme, under Leah's strict orders, she was like a decoration Nazi. Nobody contradicted her, nor thought about doing it.

Jacob's babies, weren't the first puppies of the pack, Emily and Sam already had a son, but as it happened with Alex (Emily's and Sam's son) everyone went crazy.




Three months had passed, and one week since they both said yes in front of their family and friends. Bella was now 29 weeks pregnant, and had a not-so-huge-belly as Jake called it, because he made the mistake of saying she was big once, boy never again. He spent like two days apologizing to his gorgeous but very hormonal imprint.

They decided to take a small trip to Phoenix, to visit Renée and so she could meet her still-not-born grandchildren. They stayed at a hotel near Renée's house and enjoyed the sun and the beaches. But after two amazing weeks of sun, and fun, and a very needed and deserved rest, they parted to Washington again. As soon as they arrived, they booked another appointment with the doctor, just for control, and like last time, their heartbeats were strong, healthy, and well placed. Bella was eager for them to arrive, Jake too, but as the date of the birth approached his nerves increased, Bella wasn't very helpful in that department, she kept laughing at him, and picturing two crying babies, who needed to be changed at the same time. Jake was too shock with the image to think of logic, Bella would be there with him, and if they were to have to crying babies at same time, that needed a diaper change, they were two, so each one of them could take care of one baby.

Two months, that was the age of their babies. Two months since he spent what felt like an eternity in the hospital because Bella had contractions but wasn't ready to give birth. The first time he got to hold his daughter and his son, he cried like a little boy whose favourite toy was taken from him. He cried tears of an adult man who is scared of raising such delicate things, but he promised Bella that no matter how scared he was, he was going to be the best daddy in the world. On October 11 th, Maximilian and Abbigail (Max and Abby for the family and friends) were born. The proud grandparents pacing impatiently on the waiting room, were told about the news, and they celebrated without the babies parents (they ere taking care of the newborns after all).

So, two months, that's not big enough make any kind of disaster, Jake thought, while he lied in the couch of the living room, watching tv while Bella slept. When her daughter made a little noise, he rushed over to her, hoping to catch her in time to prevent her from crying and waking her brother or her mother. But the scene in front of him was horrible. Abby had pooped everything in her crib, and herself as well, her pajama, her face, her hands, the bars on the crib were brown and white (and they were white when they bought it, so the brown was another thing that must have come from his daughter's dirty diaper). The only clean thing in her spot was the mobile that hung over her head. How in the hell, a two month-old, tiny creature could cause such a mess in such a little time?!. He took the wet wipes from the babies sort-of closet, and cleaned her hands, her face and her little feet. Then, he proceeded with caution, he undressed her, and boy, the smell was awefull, but he had to go on, he undressed her completely, took out her diaper, and cleaned her the best way he could. He tossed the very dirty diaper in the trash can, and went with her smiling and sleepy baby to the bathroom to bath her. When Bella woke up, the first thing she did was checking on her babies. She laughed surprised at the scene on her daughters crib. After checking on Max, who was clean, and sound asleep, she went to look out for her husband and Abby. Jake explained everything and Bella couldn't believe it. Such a mess for such a tiny a baby.

Charlie laughed and laughed until he cried when he heard the story, and tell Bella it was payback, because she did that often, only that she laughed like maniac when he or Renée scolded her for it.

Thanks for everything, i know is short but i wanted it this way.