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Luna frowned in her personal training room. She had changed the floor, from its normal smooth and dark complexion to a cold, mountainous expanse. From her vantage she could see a simulated basin filled with snow and white tipped trees, the sheer sides of the mountain crisscrossed with cracks made by sharp gusts of wind and the steady melting and freezing of snow. At least, if her eyes were open, that's what they could be seeing.

Instead the focus of her frown lay behind her closed eyelids, a distant dream whispering echoed hints of events to come just outside her minds reach. Giving an inaudible growl, Luna mentally willed herself to the edge of the images, though they eluded her still. Willing herself after the fleeing images, Luna gave chase once more.

Yet the promises of the future remained outside of her reach, and, seemingly pulled farther away. Stopping, Luna slowed the chase, until her mind sat still once again. Then, from the darkness that comes with questing into the unknown, a small twinkle of light. Suddenly, air was whipping past her face, her feet hit mud, which found just enough purchase to keep her from slipping. Dark clouds brewed overhead, lighting and thunder challenging each other for the skies. The earth was marred and even scorched in places, despite the heavy rain that must have recently fallen. Swirling in the puddles and mud were red streaks, thick and dark against the murky surface. Up ahead was a hazardously constructed wall, a fortification of some kind. And behind her, the one who had forcefully pulled her conscious into his dream.

"Your cult is gone, Luna. Dead or too scared to show their faces for a long time." Discord spoke barely at a whisper, yet it held a ring of thunder, his eyes flashing dangerously, unnervingly similar to the lightning. This man was a storm she didn't want to deal with. Not yet.

"Not mine, Discord. But concerning nonetheless." She eyed the once-Jedi before her, and saw the raw determination that still filled him. "I have not practiced that role since your… falling out with my sister." Luna stated, not entirely certain how safe she was within his dreamscape.

"Then who? Were you not the Mistress of the Dark? Has someone finally bested you at your own games?" The verbal jab of his own failure did little, it seemed, yet the one he responded with cooled her blood. That was a title she had not heard in a while. Her blood, then chilled, soon turned into a boiling current of her anger.

"I was not beaten, Discord. I was spat out, discarded by the Dark. The one who now resides as its champion has gotten rid of any evidence I was once on the same throne. And they are powerful, Discord." The former Jedi's face paled, his lips tightening into a short grimace.

"You truly are not responsible for the cult on Therrien, then?" he asked, his mind racing behind his eyes. Luna looked around at the marred earth and mud. So this was Therrien.

"No, I am not responsible for them. All those who would embrace the Dark side with open arms answer to another, now. I merely borrow every now and then." Luna had said too much, then, but it was too late to take back the words. She felt his eyes study her, felt his probing through the Force. He wouldn't be able to gather much.

"Then why this obsession with Sunset Shimmer?" Luna's eyes narrowed as they returned their gaze to Discord, the tall renegade had his hand on his chin, his two eyes staring intently at the mud.

Before she was able to reply, the dreamscape blurred, and she was torn from its grasp. The mountains were gone, replaced by the dull smooth gray in her training room. A hand was on her shoulder, and she didn't have to look up to figure out who's it was.

"My thanks, sister. I… delved too deep." Luna hissed through clenched teeth. The gentle hand patted her shoulder, then left. The footsteps echoed through the room as she walked away.

"Indeed. Recover from the ordeal as soon as you are able. Macedon and his Padawan, Sunset shall be returning soon. I am told Discord is with them." Luna's head swam as her sister exited the room, then, as it cleared, she let out a small laugh, a cruel and dark sound, filled more with desperation than joy.

No, Discord, I do not hold the throne, Luna smiled as she thought, but those games are still being played…

Discord opened his eyes, mind racing. Someone had pulled Luna back. Discord swung his legs over the side of his bunk, and cursed, finding his legs shaking slightly as he rested his feet on the floor. The smooth lighting filled the white room readily as his motion was detected, illuminating the mostly empty space before him. Pushing himself to his feet, staggering the first few steps toward the hallway, Discord went looking for Macedon. They would need help, but from where?

Corinth shifted uneasily. The gardens were dark, not a light to be seen anywhere in the winding walkways except his own, illuminating the path before him. Not only that, they were still prohibited, at least to someone of his rank.

A note had been left in his room, which he had found an hour early, instructing him to meet here, in the central courtyard of the gardens. A summons that Corinth now realized he had very foolish to answer. The small light in his left hand, and his lightsaber ready to be activated in a heartbeat in his right, Corinth walked slowly towards the center of the gardens. Plants and shadows loomed to either side, waving and swaying under an artificial breeze, dancing in anticipation. What they were seemingly waiting for, Corinth hadn't the slightest clue, and it was driving him mad.

"Corinth, thank you for meeting me." A voice drifted from the darkness, a whisper that came from all sides, smooth and silky. Yet, distorted. Corinth suddenly grew afraid. Very afraid. "You have nothing to fear from me, my dear. I am seeking, in fact, for your help. A friend of yours is in need of… protecting." Corinth knew without needing to be told they were talking of Sunset.

"Who are you?" Corinth called, his grip tightening on his lightsaber. A soft sigh reverberated around the dancing shadows, the gloom protecting whoever was speaking like a blanket from the cold.

"A friend, dear, as I have said. You hold Sunset in, shall we say, a high regard, yes? I need someone to… help her through what is to come."

"You want me to spy on her." Corinth stated flatly, and a soft tsk noise emanated from the darkness.

"No, dear, not spy. But the flow of information would be lovely. A fine suggestion." Corinth hissed, whoever this person was, they were ridiculous.

"I think I'll pass on the offer." Corinth inwardly grimaced, everything was always going back to Sunset! Discussions always slowly crept back towards the rumors surrounding her, her and Luna, specifically. Some were not very harmful, others ridiculous, but some… some were disturbing.

"Ah, but I think you won't. She is going to need you. and you alone can fill this role. She already see's you as a friend, trusts you, even. I want you to be there to help her stay on the right path." Corinth narrowed his eyes, not that it really did much good.

"What path?"

"Why, the path of the Light, dear. The Dark side is seeking to gain followers, and I can't bear to see another young prodigy wasted on doom and darkness." Corinth paused. Some of the rumors… surely it couldn't be true! Sunset would never turn to the Dark side! Right? "I sense the conflict within you. I understand how this may look, a mysterious lady asking you to do something in layer upon layer of secrecy… rest assured, Corinth, that I mean you nor Sunset harm. She really will need someone by her side by the time this is all over, and I dearly hope it is you. Do you accept?"

Now Corinth's mind was racing even faster. Was it really spying? In a way. Did he want to help Sunset? Absolutely. Did he trust this mystery lady? Not one bit, but the only way to figure it out, was to play the game. Making a decision, Corinth steadied himself.

"Alright… I will do as you ask. I will be by her side when this moment you keep speaking of arrives."

"Delightful! Now go get some rest, dear Corinth. It is late, after all."

Suddenly, the gloom lost its anticipation, as if disappointed. And Corinth knew that the lady was gone, whoever she was. Sighing, Corinth turned and walked out of the gardens the way he had come, giving a wide berth to where the first murder had happened, weeks ago.

And, on the other side of the Temple, Luna frowned once more, still in her practice room, as something in the Force shifted, then, most ominously, remained unfixed.