Gil and Molly's son, Gil Jr was watching TV while their daughter, Milly was getting into her usual trouble with her best male friend, London. In Gil Jr's room his favorite TV show cut off and a commercial came on. "Oh Man," Gil Jr yelled, "I want to know what happened next, dumb TV!" It was then when Junior saw something priceless.

A TV reporter was on the screen, and he spoke, "It was 20 years ago when a group of guppy Heroes did miracoulous things, proving little guys could make amazing differences. First history was made by Nonny, a nerd who couldn't catch that turned out catching the ball, making the team win."

"I did it!" A young Nonny announced on the television, "I caught the ball!"

"Great Job Nonny!" Gil Jr exclaimed, seeing the young Nonny on TV.

The TV reporter spoke some more, going on about some legends in Bubble Tucky, "Next Gil, a goofy guppy, turned into a punching goofball. He went all out for his crush, Molly. He was a no experienced goof fighting a professional wrestler, Piff, the mean machine!"

"Piff is ugly!" Gil Jr. yelled, looking at the big freckle-faced bully, seemed to have a six pack way too big for his age, even bigger than Gil Jr's, "Wait, Gil, is my father, that little guy is my dad!"

Gil Jr. started to squeal in excitement, "Milly! You have to come see this!"

Milly ran upstairs, covered in mud, "What?"

Gil Jr's head shook in dissaproval of seeing Milly covered in mud, "Mom cleaned the house today. Do you know how mad she's gonna be when she sees you've been swimming around the house covered in mud, and getting the carpet dirty?" He pointed at the floor, a cream colored carpet with brown stains, "You stained the carpet, Milly!"

His head turned back toward the TV, and saw his dad, "Hey look, it's Dad! Can you believe it? Uncle Nonny caught a ball! Dad rocks, because he fought this very ugly professional boxer kid that was twice his size and he won! Dad rocks, I tell ya!"

"You're crazy," Milly started, "I'm sure that's not Dad..."

The TV reporter smiled, and proved Milly wrong in saying, "This is completely Gil Crescendo!"

"OMG, it's Dad!" Milly said, excitedly, and started to swim in circles around her brother, "He has a cup of gold! Which means Uncle Nonny also caught a ball!"

"No," Gil Jr said, "That's not what I'm saying."

"What are you saying?" Milly tilted her head, like Ginger would do when you open her dog food.

"I'm saying I want to be like Dad!" Gil Jr exclaimed, "Dad won a cup, I want to win one. Where can we find Dad's cup?"

"I don't know," Milly replied, "Where is Dad? Why don't we ask him?"

"I bet he's getting ready for bed." Gil Jr said, as they both started to swim towards their parents bedroom, "Let's go, Milly!"

They went into Gil's bedroom. "Kids, what is it?" He asked.

"Dad, where's the cup?" Milly said.

Gil started to struggle to put on his night gown, he noticed the question, and started to talk very fastly and nervously, "What exactly do you mean by that, sweetie? What cup? As in a red solo cup?"

"Dad," Gil Jr giggled, "Don't act boy, we saw you on TV. It's your 20 year anniversary of the ugly boxer guy's defeat. Go Dad!"

"Oh no," Gil said, facepalming as sweat gushed down his face, "I was worried this would happen. How could they be this reckless?!"

"Daddy," Milly said, noticing her father's panic, "Can I sleep with you and Mommy tonight?"

"Of course," Gil said, his face getting more red out of worry, starting to shake a little, "Yeah, yeah, sleep with Daddy. You're gonna have to tuck yourself in there, okay?"

Gil Jr smiled at his father, "Can I sleep with you too, Dad? I'm proud to have you as a father. You're so cool how you fought, I wanna be just like you. Were you scared?"

Gil started to loosen up his tension to put on a good show for his son, even though he was internally panicking, "Of course, champ, of course I was, that guy was twice my size. You both can sleep with me at any time you two would like."

"Thanks Dad!" Gil Jr hugged his father, and then got in bed beside of Milly.

The two kids settled in with their father, and then their mother came in, her gown on as well. The second she got in bed, she fell straight asleep. The two kids settled in with their father. Milly and Gil Jr fell asleep. Milly fell asleep, snuggled into Molly's chest, while Gil Jr was cuddled into Gil's chest. Gil reached over to Milly and stroked her back for a second, and then kissed his son on the forehead, "I hope you two never have to go through what I went through." Ginger came up the stairs and went into the bedroom. She jumped on the foot of the bed.

"Ginger," Gil said, "Will you protect my kids?" The dog barked, which was a 'yes', Gil just knew it.