''At School''

"It is currently recess time. Milly and Gil Jr are looking at the trophy, somewhat obsessed with it.

"Is anybody going to play with us?" Rini asked, eagerly sitting down on the swing of the playset, "Me and Kouhei are waiting like dogs."

"Kouhei held up a card that said 'hurry up'.

"Wait," Milly said, caressing the trophy, "We're looking at this."

"It's so cool!" Gil Jr said, joining Milly in caressing it.

"He's so cool!" Milly said, giving Gil Jr a fist bump.

"Suddenly, Rini and Kouhei look behind them and see a trio of guppies in the distance, excitedly wanting to approach what they thought were going to be companions.

"Look Kouhei, someone to play with!" Rini ran over to the guppies with Kouhei by her side, "Hi Hi Hi! Wanna play?"

"We didn't come to play, runt!" Said the only boy, bitterly, "We came for the trophy."

"You mean the trophy?" Asked Rini, starting to bloom concern in her voice.

"Got that right!" Said Medusa, swinging her fin, scandalously.

"Kouhei was mad they were talking to his sister like that, "I'm telling if you don't stop talking crap to my sis!" He said running to his friends.

"Hey guys!" Kouhei yelled, swear going down his face.

"He's talking!" Gil Jr said, sounding amazed that Kouhei was actaully saying words.

"You bet I'm talking!" Kouhei said, as if he were the most talkative boy on the planet, "There are a few people asking us for your father's trophy, and trash-talking us."

"I'm going to give them a piece of my mind!" Gil Jr said, motioning Milly to follow behind her, "Come on Milly!"

"Milly followed Gil Jr over to the trio. "Why do you want the cup?" She asked, sounding edgy as she spoke.

"Well," Paromethius growled, slinging his druel across the playground, and in her face, "It belongs to our father. Your father is a fraud, nothing but a worthless fraud! He cheated, and we all know it!"

"No he did not!" Gil Jr said, getting up into Paromethius's face, "Gil the First never cheated. He played fair."

"Dad told us everything," snapped Medusa, "Your dad is stupid ours is smart, you worthless nobody!"

"Stay away," Milly said, angrily, "Your nothing but the daughter of a mean, ugly fraud!"

"Give us the cup and no one gets hurt!" Said Paromethius, clenching his fists.

"Your never getting the cup!" Said Gil Jr, holding the trophy close to his chest, and clenching it as hard as he could, "You big ugly fraud!"

"If anyone is a big ugly fraud it's you!" Said Paromethius, growling, showing his yellow crayon like teeth.

Mia started to shake and hid behind her big brother.

"What's the matter?" Paromethius said, swimming up to the hiding little girl, "You depend on your big brother to protect you? How pathetic! You little wimps! Your weak!"

"Our dad would kill us if we were that weak." Medusa giggled, starting to make Mia cry.

"Uh- Guys," London stuttered, "You uh- have the right to uh- shut up! Yeah!"

"You telling me what to do?" Paromethius said, holding his fist up to London's face.

"Leave us alone!" Gil Jr said, jumping front of Paro, holding his fist where it was.

"Who's gonna make me?" Asked Paromethius, fighting Gil Jr's grasp on his fist.

"Dad," Gil Jr replied, "Dad will."

"Your dad is wimp just like your family!" Paromethius said.

"Don't talk about my family that way!" Gil Jr growled, angrily.

"Paromethius jumped on Gil Jr and started to punch him in the chest. Gil Jr wrestled around with him for a while then Paromethius pinned him down again and punched him in the chest. "Medusa, attack her!" Paromethius yelled.

"Medusa tackled Milly over onto the ground and began to attack her. Medusa whipped her fin towards Milly, "You've hurt her enough!" Paromethius yelled, "That pathetic pink haired boy is passed out so I can take the trophy."

"Okay, Paro!" Said Medusa

"Rini attacked Paromethius, voice stiff with anger, "You are the biggest jerk!" She said, "and your not going anywhere until you give back the trophy!"

"You're never getting it back!" Paromethius said, punching Rini on the head.

"Kouhei attacked Paromethius, "Don't you bully my sister!"

"Nerd!" Paromethius raged.

"Mr Grouper! Hurry up! I see bullies!" Mia yelled.

Mr Grouper saw 3 injured kids and 1 passed out.

"I know who those kids belong to!" Mr Grouper said, grabbing the phone.

Author's Note- so I've been kind of laggy with updates on my rewrite thing here. It's been taking a lot of work, and I've been quite busy lately. ^^heh I hope you guys are enjoying this crappy "fanfiction", I went to a concert tonight, pretty hectic. I have quite a few things on my agenda, plus school is starting back soon, oh boi... A lot is happening and it's happening really fast. I'm exhausted, and I'm waiting to get ahold of some melatonin, today's been quite bittersweet, sadly I have another ear infection and I'm positive for strep, and I had an anxiety attack because I got a couple needles stuck up my buttox, but I did go to a Demi Lavato and Nick Jonas concert starring Mike Posner, HUGE night. I hope you enjoy this story, and don't ask when I'll update this because I know as much about updating as you do when it comes to this anyway. I'm trying to work back into the BG fandom, I've been shitty when it comes to this fandom, and I'm sorry for inactivity on my part.