The God of Destruction comes to Remnant

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Chapter XIX-Snow Princess meets Daikaiju 5

Schnee Manor; Kingdom of Atlas; 6:04 P.M.

Gojira stared out at the ruined Mount Corvus with a glare.

The broken mountain was taunting him. Taunting him with how he had been wrong. About how he might have just done something that'll bite him in the ass later.

But at the same time, this presented him a golden opportunity. With such power, it was possible for Dr. Polendina to find a way for him to return home. Yet, humans with atomic energy was something he didn't want in any shape or form.

He growled darkly. He wasn't sure what to do at this point. While the thought of destroying the research was appealing, he kind of liked having the ability to walk around without military dogs hounding him at every turn. It was a very peaceful experience.

It was quite a conundrum to be sure. The real question was which did he wish to get rid of.

And that wasn't the only problem: the radiation that had been killing that old Schnee. It was…familiar. Too familiar. It was too weak to get a proper scent or signature off of, but the fact it was familiar enough to trigger familiarity didn't bode well. He was missing something. He just didn't know what it was.

The only plus was that the youngest Schnee male was not as indoctrinated by his father's words as Gojira suspected. That caused a feral smile to appear on his face. He didn't even have to lift a claw to turn the boy away from the parasite. Said parasite did it for him.

Hm…A thought struck the Daikaiju. That had potential…

Suddenly, his attention was diverted. He looked to the west, frowning at the darkening snow caped landscape. 'What was that?' he wondered.

For a second, he was sure he felt a massive surge of power. But it vanished before he could verify it. He scoffed. Must not have been anything worthy of his attention.

Deep within uncharted territory; Solitas

He didn't know what happened to him.

The last thought he could recall was being attacked. Then pain. Lots of pain.

The kind that drives beings insane.

But he withstood the agony. He stood and noted things were different. Snow fell lightly from the sky, and he was surrounded by machines.


"Hey kid! What happened?! Are you ok?!" a voice; a human voice; called out to him. He turned and noted with some confusion the human toward above him. He looked down at himself, and he felt his eyes widen.

Was…Was he…human…?

He grinned savagely.

Oh. This had…potential…

Next Morning; Schnee family manor; Kingdom of Atlas; 5:11 A.M.

"Are you sure you do not need anything else, Mr. Schnee? I would be more than happy to grab whatever you need."

"Haha! That's mighty fine of you, Klein, but I've been stuck in that bed for too long! I'd like to do a few things myself and stretch my legs, you know!"

"Of course, Mr. Schnee."

The maids and butlers stood in the hallway in shock. Neela was wide eyed, her face petrified in a look of disbelief. When one of the maids frantically called her to her father's room, she feared the worst. What she didn't expect, however, was to see the great Nicholas Schnee standing high at the foot of his bed!

He even looked healthier too. Far healthier than he realistically should have been. It looked like he de-aged by five years! His once pallor skin had brightened considerably, and it looked as if most of the wrinkles were smoothed out, and most of his liver spots were nonexistent.

His hair was gone, but the man didn't seem to mind as he blissfully continued his conversation with Klein. "I must say, Klein, I can see why my daughter hired you! You certainly know what you're doing!"

"Oh! You flatter me, sir!" the head butler commented gratefully, bowing. He stood up and saw Neela in the doorway. "Oh! Mrs. Schnee! Good morning!"

This caused Nicholas to turn to the doorway. His smile turned even happier. "Neela? Oh, my dear, look at you!" he said as he walked up to her. She noted he was also hobbling on a cane.

"F-Father…" Neela took a few hesitant steps forward, meeting her father halfway. He then proceeded to hug her close to his chest. "F-Father…y-your…"

Nicholas's chest rumbled with his booming laugh. "Better? I know! I'm not sure what's going on either! The last thing I remember was seeing you cry before everything turned black." He tightened his hold on his daughter. "I am truly sorry you had to see me like that, Snow Flower. No child should see their father in such a state." Neela's eyes burned with tears, but before they could fall, she heard a familiar voice making its way to the room.

"Excuse me. Make way. Coming through," the voice called out, causing several maids and butlers to move out of the way to reveal Weiss walking up with several folders in her hands.

"M-Miss Schnee!"

"O-Oh! Lady Weiss!"

"Y-Yes! Of course, madam!"

The two Schnees turned to the heiress. "Weiss?" Neela asked. "What's going on?"

"Weiss?" Nicholas questioned.

"Oh, hello Mother, Grandfather," Weiss said with a sweet smile on her face. "Good morning to you both."

"Weiss, what are you-You knew about this, didn't you?" Neela asked sternly, noting Weiss blasé attitude at having her grandfather awake. Weiss didn't seem all that affected by her tone, however.

"If you mean if I knew about Grandfather, then yes, Mother, I knew," Weiss answered truthfully. "I just so happened to be around when he began getting better. It was…" Weiss stopped, trying to put what she saw the previous night. "…You know what? I can't accurately describe it in words, honestly."

"What do you mean by 'you were around' as he was getting better?" Neela almost demanded.

"I'll explain once Winter, Whitley, and General Ironwood arrive," Weiss said. "That way, I don't have to explain twice."

"Weiss, as in my second grandchild?" Nicholas asked with a chuckled. "My word! The last I saw you; you were just a few months old!" He let loose a full, hearty laugh as he brought her into a hug. "Geez! I really am old! Look at how you've grown!" Weiss flushed a bit.

"I-It's good to see you healthy again, Grandfather," Weiss told him.

"And you mentioned little Winter, as well? And Ironwood? Which one is it?" he asked.

"It's James, Father," Neela informed, making the old man's grin grow wider.

"Oh? James is a general, now? By the Brothers, I've really gotten old!" Nicholas laughed.

"Winter's also a Specialist in the military," Weiss added helpfully.

"Is she now?! I would expect nothing less of her! She always striving for perfection, even before I was comatose!" Nicholas commented. Neela chuckled at that.

"Well," Neela muttered, "you aren't wrong…"

"Now who is Whitley, if my may ask?" the Patriarch of the Schnee family asked.

"My youngest," Neela informed him. "My son."

"You and Jacq had another child? Wonderous!" Nicholas exclaimed, but he noticed his daughter wince at her husband's name. Weiss did as well, but she tried to hide it. He tried to ask what was wrong when the butlers and maids parted again, revealing Winter, Whitley, and General Ironwood walking up to them.

"Alright, Weiss, what is it…you…wanted…to…" Winter asked, but she trailed off as she noticed her grandfather standing tall and looking very much healthy. "G-Grandfather…?" she breathed out disbelievingly.

Nicholas turned to see the newcomers and felt his eyes widen. "Winter? Winter, is that you? Oh wow! Look at you!" he said with a smile as he walked up to her and hugged her. "You've become so beautiful!"

"G-Grandfather…" Winter stammered, but she couldn't finish as Nicholas turned his attention to Whitley and smiled.

"And you must be Whitley, am I correct?" he asked. Whitley looked shocked, naturally, but he seemed to gather his wits quickly and smiled back.

"Why, yes, I am he," he confirmed with a bow. "It's nice to meet you, properly, Grandfather." Nicholas laughed.

"I agree! It's a quite pleasure to meet you now, Whitley!"

"Mr. Schnee," James said, gaining the man's attention by clearing his throat.

"Oh, yes sir? I say, you look familiar, young man…"

"It might be because you knew me when I was younger," James informed. "I was over here enough."

"James? James! Goodness me! Look at you! I heard you're now general now! Is that true?"

James found himself chuckling. "It is, Mr. Schnee," he informed. Nicholas laughed.

"My! My! I can't believe it!" Nicholas exclaimed, but before he could say more, Neela finally decided to confront Weiss.

"Weiss, tell me, what did you mean you knew about my father's miraculous recovery?" she asked, gaining the other's attention.

"Weiss?" Winter questioned as well. Weiss sighed and turned to the group.

"Yes, I knew, but that's because I was here as it happened," she explained.

"And just what happened?" James probed.

"I…don't really know," she answered. "But I can point you to the one responsible, and let him explain it."

"'Him?'" Neela asked, a bit harder than she was intending.

"Oh, you all know him," Weiss explained quickly. "He's the reason we have a military regiment on our back lawn." Everyone's (save the servants and Nicholas) eyes widened.

"Wait. Gojira is responsible for this?!" James asked incredulously.

"Gojira?" Nicholas asked, feeling a bit out of the loop.

Winter's eyes quickly hardened a tad. "Where is he?"

Outside the manor

Jack grunted as he hit the ground, back first, but he quickly backflipped back to his feet and charged Gojira, who was currently dodging several swings from multiple soldiers. Vatista let out a loud roar as she swung her leg at Gojira's side, but his tail intercepted it, stopping it cold.

Another soldier by the name of Conrad jumped at him and fired his rifle. Gojira responded by jumping and twisting in the air to avoid the shots, sending Vatista stumbling forward and getting hit by multiple low leveled Dust Bullets and several hits from her fellow soldiers. She grunted in pain as she fell to the ground.

Gojira lashed his tail around his body to gain a bit more air time as Conrad leveled his rifle at the Faunus, but the Kaiju King twisted in midair to avoid the shots. He landed and whirled around landed a right hook to a random soldier's face as Jack finally rejoined the fray.

Jack's weapon, his multipurpose collapsing gunsword-shield Appel Aux Armes, flashed towards Gojira for a stab only for it to meet the thick skin of Gojira's forearm. Jack gritted his teeth and removed Appel Aux Armes and began slashing at the Kaiju. Gojira met each slash with his forearms whilst his tail batted away several nameless soldiers. Vatista raised her hand and readied her Dust infused glove up and aimed at Gojira, trying to make sure she wouldn't hit her comrade.

Jack transformed Appel Aux Armes into its shield form and spun the circular shield around to deflect a swipe from Gojira's tail. The Kaiju responded by punching it several times, slowing advancing and pushing Jack backwards.

Jack raised the shield high to deflect a hard right from Gojira and tried a leg sweep. Gojira hissed as the blow hit true, and he was sent off the ground. However, Gojira retracted his tail and planted it on the ground, keeping him airborne. He spun around and swung a leg at Jack. The blue haired man raised Appel Aux Armes to block it, but he skidded backwards from the force.

Conrad turned his rifle into a sword and swung at Gojira's tail, but Gojira retaliated by reorienting himself and sending the soldier to the ground with an axe kick. Conrad grunted in pain as his face met grass. Vatista decided this was the best time to strike.

She snapped her fingers, sending a shot of Aura to her Dust infused glove and sent a burst of fire towards Gojira. He noticed it and pushed off with his tail and flew towards her, feet first. She was shocked, but she quickly ducked under the attack and rolled away from his tail, which had been zooming her way for a strike. The tail dug into the earth, causing Gojira to slow. He spun and pushed himself back to his feet and twirled to send his tail at the purple haired soldier. She dodged and jumped up to land a hard-left hook to Gojira's ribs. He scoffed and threw a punch at her face, connecting with her nose. She cried out as she flew backwards.

Conrad and Jack shot at Gojira in a full-on assault. They landed several punches on the humanized Kaiju, making him snarl with each hit. Gojira ducked under a swipe of Conrad's gunsword while grabbing Jack's shield and ripping it away from the man. Jack cursed as he was hit with a hard fist to the gut. He gasped, spittle leaving his mouth as he flew backwards. Gojira then proceeded to grab Conrad's face and slam him into the ground. The burly soldier cried out as he impacted.

Gojira hummed. "That was actually a decent warmup," he said.

Vatista groaned as she pushed herself. "He takes on seven highly trained soldiers and calls it a 'warmup?'" she asked, spitting out a bit of blood.

Conrad grunted as he stood up shakily. "I hate to see him get serious, if that's the case," he mumbled, placing his hands on his back and cracking it with a groan.

Jack stood and dusted himself off with a short laugh. "And here I thought I'd only have to surpass the Ace Ops and the remnants of Team STRQ!" he exclaimed. He walked over to Gojira with a smirk. "You, however, might just put them all to shame! Great spar, Gojira!" The Kaiju King grunted and smirked back.

"I will admit: You put up a decent fight," he said. He glanced at the others. "Your team, however…"

"Yeah, yeah. Rub salt in my wounds, why don't 'cha?" Conrad groaned.

This was the scene that Ironwood walked into. James walked forward and cleared his throat, getting everyone's attention. "That was impressive," he said as they turned to him.

"O-Oh! General!" the soldiers stood in attention. James waved them off and looked to Jack and Gojira.

"So, I take it you two are responsible for this impromptu spar?" he inquired.

Jack nodded. "Gojira mentioned he was feeling a bit stir crazy, and I suggested a spar between the two of us to help wear off some excess energy," the commander of the 107th said. "Vatista, however, suggested making it interesting, and made it a seven on one."

"Should've made it ten on one," she mumbled as she walked up to the group. She rubbed her temples in an effort to soothe her throbbing head. "Maybe then I wouldn't have a major migraine right now."

"Don't be too hard on yourself, Vatista; you held your own remarkably," James said with a shrug. He turned to Gojira and spoke, "Before anything else, I feel I should inform you of the of the results of the Council meeting yesterday after…our little test." The Daikaiju scoffed.

"Let me guess: Things didn't go over well," Gojira said.

"To put it lightly," James confirmed. "But the whole project has called into question a great many things, and the Council has decided to ban all use of nuclear energy until we know more about it."

That brought Gojira up short for a moment. "Really?" he asked disbelievingly.

"Yes," James replied. "They saw the footage depicting what it could do to a mountain. You could say they soiled themselves upon discovering that this kind of energy could reduce a mountain peak to dust in an instant. To put it simply: they fear this kind of power. They don't know what to do with it, and they certainly don't want any of it falling into the wrong hands."

"Huh." Out of a thousand outcomes, Gojira wasn't expecting this one. "To be honest, I was concerned they'd try and demand control of it," he admitted.

"I won't lie to you and say that there wasn't one or two that wanted to do just that," James admitted. "But they were overruled, and even then, they agreed it was best to know what they were dealing with."

"…I see." He didn't think it was possible, but he actually felt his respect for the humans of Remnant rise a bit. Humans of Earth were greedy; always clambering to possess the most powerful weapons and energies simply for the sake of possessing them. Though there were a few exceptions to that, the fact remained humanity as a whole on Earth believed themselves entitled and demanded everything, even and especially if it was dangerous. "Anything else?"

"They're most interested in how nuclear energy can affect Grimm in such a wide spread manner," James added. "Although, some feel the costs are too high for casual use due to Dr. Polendina's initial reports on the effects of the resulting radiation."

"How bad is it?" Gojira asked, genuinely curious.

"As of yesterday? It was high enough to cause concern about the health of the populace of Atlas," James replied. "And Dr. Polendina believed it might get higher yesterday, though luckily, it seems the Dust has kept the more harmful effects isolated to the actual line the lightning bolt took yesterday, and ground zero at Mount Corvus's peak."

That was odd. Radiation would have spread out more, but then again, he didn't know much about Dust, either. So, he assumed anything was possible.

His hearing caught multiple footsteps heading their way. Looking up, he saw the Schnee women along with the younger male walking up with an old man with a cane. He frowned at them, something James and the other soldiers noticed. He looked back and saw the entourage.

"Hey, who's the old guy?" Vatista asked.

"Beat's me," Conrad said.

Jack narrowed his eyes, scrutinizing every inch of the man, before he figured it out. His eyes widened. "No way…"

"Oh! I almost forgot," James said, turning back the Kaiju Faunus. "Weiss mentioned something about you being responsible for Nicholas's recovery. Is this true?"

"Wait a sec! You mean big and scaly here somehow healed ole Grandpappy Schnee to perfect health?!" Vatista asked incredulously, her eyes wide. Jack and Conrad looked to each other and gave each other disbelieving stares. They turned back to the Faunus in question, who just grunted.

"No. It's not," he told them. "I simply removed the radiation from his body. He did the rest."

"What do you mean?" James asked sternly.

"I mean I simply removed the radiation killing him. After I did that, he started healing. I do not see how that's hard to understand."

"Given humans and Faunus do not miraculously heal like that, I'd say it's pretty hard to understand."

Gojira rolled his eyes. "Even I do not understand how he healed himself," he said. "But I do know I removed the radiation. Nothing difficult about that one."

"So, you don't know why he started healing?" James frowned.

"No. But I think it has something to do with Dust. Consult Dr. Polendina on the matter," Gojira him. James nodded.

"I will. Considering this could help with our irradiated Dust research, it's something I cannot overlook," James concluded. As he was speaking, the Schnees finally caught up and were in the middle of their own conversation.

"An alternate energy source beyond Dust?" Nicholas questioned.

"That's right, Grandfather," Whitley confirmed with a nod. "Apparently Dust gives off a type of energy that we are attempting to see if we can harness it."

"Outstanding! That must be quite the project going on here!"

"That's…one way to put it, Grandfather…" Winter's voice came hesitantly.

"Hm? Why are you phrasing it like that, Winter dear?"

"Look to your left," Weiss commented from in front of the group. Nicholas was confused until he did as he was instructed. His eyes widened, and a gasp left his lips.

"Good heavens! What happened to Mount Corvus!" he exclaimed.

"A test," Weiss said. "Of radioactive Dust."

"It was that powerful?!" the patriarch of the Schnee family asked in shock. "And all from a single Dust crystal?!"

"A single vial of Dust powder, actually, Grandfather," Winter informed.

"And you say that was instantaneous, correct?!"

"Yes, it was."

"Good…graces, this is…this is quite a bit to process at once," the founder of the Schnee Dust Company admitted quietly.

"Agreed." Weiss turned to see they had finally caught up with the general. "Hello, Gojira," Weiss said cordially. "May I present my grandfather, Nicholas Schnee." The Kaiju raised an eyebrow at her formal greeting. But before he could inquire about it, Nicholas decided to hold off on his inquiries and greet the young man whom was apparently the reason he was awake.

"So, you are the Gojira my granddaughter was talking about," he said smiling. "It's nice to meet you, young man. My name is Nicholas Schnee." He held out his hand to Gojira, who looked confused for a moment before hesitantly grabbing the offered hand with a grunt.

Nicholas smiled at the firm handshake he received. It spoke a lot about the young Faunus before him. "My granddaughter Weiss mentioned you are responsible for my recovery," he spoke again. "I cannot express my deepest gratitude for your assistance!"

Gojira scoffed. "Like I told the general, I only removed the radiation from your system," he told the human bluntly. "Everything else was most likely all your doing."

Nicholas didn't miss a beat. "Even still, without your intervention, I'd most likely be on the other side by now, and the fact that I am not, and have the chance to connect with my grandchildren is a blessing that I cannot begin to repay you for!"

"I still fail to see the need for this repaying business," the Kaiju King grumbled, more to himself than to anyone else.

Nicholas laughed at that. "You're not very sociable, are you son?" he asked. Gojira's eye twitched at that, but he didn't retort.

"Honestly, the past three days have probably been the most I've actually interacted and conversed with humans in years," he answered. Nicholas's smile grew a tad melancholy at that.

"I can only imagine how challenging that must be."

"Meh. Easier than talking to Faunus. Their holier than thou attitude makes for nauseating conversation."

"There's some in every crowd, it seems." Nicholas just looked around the area and asked, "What happened here?"

"It would appear Gojira had been challenged to a seven on one spar with the 107th Division," Ironwood said, butting into the conversation. Nicholas looked to the Monster of Monsters.

"Did you win?" he asked grinning. Gojira smirked back.

"It was a nice warmup," he replied, in leu of an answer. Nicholas laughed joyously.

"My, my! You are quite the change of pace, Mr. Gojira!" Nicholas exclaimed.

"Am I?"

"Oh, sure! You don't seem to follow any kind of pattern I can discern," Nicholas explained. "It's quite thrilling! I've always enjoyed trying to understand new people!"

Gojira raised an eyebrow. "Is that so?"

"Oh yes! Very much so!"

"As much as I am enjoying this interaction, Mr. Schnee," James said, butting in, "but if I may be so bold, I would like to take this to Dr. Polendina. I think we should place priority on finding out just…how you are healthy again."

"Oh! Of course!" Nicholas just grinned widely. "Lead the way, James!" The general nodded and motioned for them to follow him. Winter went to follow him, but Weiss grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side.

"Weiss, what-"

"Winter, I need your help with something," Weiss interrupted, earning her sister's attention.


Far below Atlas, in the city of Mantle, a man in a dark jacket and hood up walked into a bar, grimacing at the scent of stale booze and cheap smoke wafting from the establishment. All around him the occupants gave him suspicious glares as he walked towards the bar. The bartender paid him no mind as he sat down at the stool.

"Shot of Bloodwine," he muttered.

The bartender nodded to him and grabbed a bottle off the wall and a shot glass from the counter behind him. He poured the shot and proclaimed, "One shot of Bloodwine." The man nodded and downed the shot in a single gulp.

"Disgusting, isn't it?" a woman purred beside him. He scoffed.

"It's revolting, but it helps take the edge off," he told her.

"Oh, don't I know," she said, gently caressing his arm. "So, what brings you to this run-down section of hell?"

"I have some information," he told her.

"Information? What kind?"

"The kind that should be illuminated."

"Now, you're speaking my language," she purred again, tilting her head to the side to reveal a sun tattoo on her neck. "Tell me more…"

Back at the Schnee manor

Dr. Polendina was more than shocked to see Nicholas Schnee up and about, but he was more than happy to help understand the mysterious circumstances regarding Nicholas's miraculous recovery. After they entered the makeshift base, Pietro went to work running all manner of tests to attempt to discover the cause of Nicholas's recovery. Dr. Plum and several other scientists and a few visiting doctors (who apparently were brought in to consult on the health hazards of radiation, Gojira had been informed) all scrambled to understand the medical miracle before them.

Nicholas didn't seem to mind, though. He just sat on the gurney and conversed with his family, hoping to catch up with everything he had missed out on in the last seventeen years. But he did notice his grandchildren were hiding something. They would change subjects quickly upon bringing the state of his company up and only gave him brief summaries of its current standing. Whitley was best at this angle, and Nicholas had to admit Jacques taught the boy well.

He'd make an excellent businessman.

"Alright," Dr. Polendina announced, gaining everyone's attention. "I…think we have an explanation to Mr. Schnee's condition."

"Excellent!" James said. "Let's hear it!"

"From what we can determine, when Gojira removed the radiation from Mr. Schnee's body, he somehow altered the molecular structure of the Dust in his system," the doctor explained.

"Ok," Jack said aloud. "Now, what does that mean to the rest of us who don't know what the frack you're talking about?"

"Well, it's difficult to explain, but to put it simply as I can: you are aware that Dust can augment a human's abilities, but due to its composition, it destroys the cells correct?" Pietro asked.

"Yeah. It's why Dust is such a popular ingredient in controlled substances," Vatista said, arms crossed.

"Controlled substances?" Nicholas asked.

"Drugs, Father," Neela elaborated.

"Why call drugs that mouthful?" Nicholas asked in confusion.

"It's politically correct."

"Bah! Who cares about being politically correct?! Those bureaucrats are always changing their minds about what's offensive and what's not. Why should I change the way I talk because they're too wimpy to grow a pair?!"

This caused many of the 107th soldiers to chuckle out loud. "You'd be surprised," a random soldier commented.

"Yes, yes, yes. Anyways, from what I can gather from Gojira's statements about radiation, and from our own observations, Dust that's inside the body decays, which results in the radiation. When Gojira absorbed the radiation, he was also absorbing the chemicals that caused it, depriving the Dust of that thing causing it to decay," Pietro continued his explanation.

"Ok? And then what?" Conrad asked.

"Without that chemical causing it to decay, the Dust was left unstable for a brief period. Once it began stabilizing, its molecular structure changed to better fit its new state, and without the harmful elements, it was safely absorbed into Mr. Schnee's bloodstream," he concluded.

"But how did Mr. Schnee recover so quickly?" James asked.

"That's what were still trying to figure out," Dr. Plum commented from in front of a computer screen. "We believe having the radiation leaving his system kickstarted his Aura, but we're still trying to figure out how the recovery process happened so quickly."

Gojira began to tune out the conversation after that. It was all incredibly boring to him. His interest in how the elder Schnee was healed had dwindled, and he found it harder and harder to concentrate. He felt his eyelids try and close, but he forced them open in an effort to stay awake.

"So, you're not as stoic as I suspected." Gojira narrowed his eyes as he turned to the speaker, who happened to be Weiss. "That actually makes me see some humanity in you," she said complacently. He snorted quietly.

"Humans have always been fond of hearing themselves talk," he replied. "I just never realized how incredibly boring they made everything sound."

"Try being at one of my father's galas. If you think all this technical talk is bad, hearing self-righteous, entitled elites ramble on will make your ears bleed."

"That bad, huh?"

"Worse." Weiss discreetly looked over at her grandfather before looking back to Gojira. "There's something I was wanting to talk to you about," she said a bit quieter.

"And that is?"

"You know my father had my grandfather's full trust," she said. "And I'm afraid nothing short of Grandfather catching my father red handed will convince him."

"Ok?" Gojira prompted, wondering where she was going with this.

"It would also be better if Grandfather saw just how much damage my father has done to his company on his own terms, wouldn't you agree?" she continued, emphasizing her statement a bit.

Fortunately, Gojira caught on. He smirked. "Indeed," he agreed. "I suspect you want me to stay silent on the matter?"

"Only until the end of my grandfather's birthday celebration in two days," she told him. "My sister and brother have agreed to hold off on outing my father until we have all the evidence we need to convict him."

"I see."

"For this to work, we need to keep my mother busy, and have the 107th Division distracted," she continued. "We might even need to keep General Ironwood preoccupied as well, but Winter assures me she can handle that."

"And where does that leave me?"

"I need you to tone down your…colorful speech towards my father, so as to not arose suspicion from my grandfather."

Gojira normally wouldn't agree to such a thing, but the thought of watching the parasite sweat put an evil grin on his face. "Oh, I think I can hold my tongue for a while," he chuckled.

"Thank you." Weiss turned back to the others as the subject of the conversation changed.

"What about the radiation, Dr?" James asked. "Is it still rising?"

"Indeed, it is," Pietro said solemnly. "In fact, it's just reached lethal levels, and we don't know if it will continue, or if we've reached the pinnacle or not."

"Well, we need to find out," James said. "The Council is adamant we find out all we can about this-"

"James? James, are you in here?" Jacques called out as he walked into the tent. "There's a discrepancy in the dossier for the security detail you wrote up, and I want to make sure it was just a just a misprint or not." The Schnee women tensed as Jacques entered the tent, and Whitley forcibly suppressed a flinch. Nicholas, however, turned and grinned widely at his son-in-law.

"Jacques?! Jacq, is that you, old boy?!" Nicholas shouted as he jumped to his feet. Jacques's eyes widened to impossible proportions at the sight of his awake, and obviously healthier looking, father-in-law.

"M-Mr. Schnee?! W-W-What b-b-but how…?!" the CEO asked in shock. Nicholas laughed jovially at him.

"Mysterious, right?!" he questioned rhetorically. "We don't know much about it, either! But you shouldn't look a gift Equine in the mouth, correct?!"

"O-Obviously not…!" Jacques stammered out. Gojira smirked at his discomfort and moved to walk out of the tent, deciding to let the man stew for a while. Weiss noticed this and watched him as he walked out. She turned back to her father relaying the state of the company to her grandfather and smirked.

Good. The hard part was over. Now it was time to watch as her father dug his own grave.

At the same time; some dark back alley pub on Atlas

"Have you delivered the package yet?" a White Fang lieutenant asked the maid. She nodded.

"Yes, sir. They should be discussing the new security detail as we speak," she announced, her forked tongue flicking out of her mouth with every 's' she spoke.

"Good. High Chieftain Khann will be here tomorrow to help plan the raid. Make sure we're ready for her arrival."

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, and make sure Adam Taurus's 'invitation' to this party is…'misplaced.' I don't want him here ruining our chances to get the entirety of the Schnee family because he could not control his prejudice and rage," the lieutenant instructed.

"Of course, sir."

Later in the day; Schnee family manor

Gojira grumbled a bit as he finished up the last of the test Dr. Polendina wished to run for the day.

After the fiasco of the previous day, the tests were lackluster, and the scientists seemed to mainly be running on autopilot. Gojira didn't care. He was just glad the tests were cut short. Dr. Polendina wished to run more diagnostics on the rising radiation around the mountain they destroyed. Thus, the Monster King was left to his own devices.

His ears picked up the sound of conversation in front of him. Raising an eyebrow, he continued on down a corridor to see Weiss, Whitley, Nicholas, and Winter standing in the foyer. He continued on to see another individual in front of them. By their attire and demeanor, he figured they weren't a staff member of the manor.

"Oh! This is extraordinary!" the man simpered with his hands clasped at the side of his head. "Mr. Nicholas Schnee! I cannot begin to tell you what an honor it is to be your tailor this evening!"

"Hahaha! Well, aren't you energetic?!" the old man laughed. He noticed the Daikaiju walking up to them and smiled. "Ah! Mr. Gojira! Glad you've arrived!" The tailor looked over and sneered for a brief moment before Weiss gave the man a heated glare of her own. He shivered after that and schooled his features into a calm mask.

Gojira didn't even acknowledge the worm. He walked to Nicholas and grunted. "Tests ended early because the Doctor wished to study the radiation around the mountain," he said blandly.

Nicholas nodded. "I see. Well, it's good you're here; we need your assistance on something."


"As you're aware, the day after tomorrow is a party is being thrown for my birthday, and Neela has informed me she has invited you," Nicholas explained. "We need to have you measured for a suit."

"A suit?" Was that somehow different from regular clothing?

"Jacq is nothing if not flamboyant," Nicholas answered. "The party is a formal affair, and a suit is mandatory, I'm afraid. We have a tailor all ready for us."

Gojira frowned and turned to the weaselly looking man. "I take it that's the tailor you mentioned?" he asked.

"That is correct." Gojira scoffed and walked past the man. The Schnees stared after him confused.

"Um, Mr. Gojira?" Whitley asked inquisitively.

"The tailor's over here!" Weiss called out compulsorily.

"If I am to have a suit for that 'party,' I will not be purchasing clothing from a bug I know nothing about," he told them. "I'm heading down to Mantle."

"Why?" Winter asked with a hard tone. Gojira didn't answer as he opened the door and walked out. The Specialist growled.

"Stubborn man!" With a light snarl, she marched out of the manor behind him. The other Schnees looked at each other.

"I'm…awfully curious," Whitley commented.

"Me too," Weiss agreed, feeling weird she was agreeing with her little brother.

"Well, let's go catch up with them," Nicholas commented. He started walking out as he called out to the tailor, "My apologies, my friend, but it appears we might not be needing your assistance today! I'll be sure to send you some compensation for your troubles!"

"But! But! But…!" The tailor watched as the Schnees walked out of the manor, leaving him alone in the foyer. He growled loudly.

"Filthy animal!"


Weiss forced herself not to fidget under the judgmental glares and ugly sneers being thrown at them as they walked down the streets of Mantle. It was no secret the citizens of Mantle had no love lost between themselves and her family, but what made her walk with confidence was the one absolute, yet unspoken, rule of the city:

Don't fuck with the guy bigger than yourself.

And her grandfather and Gojira were definitely the bigger men.

Gojira was a given. His Faunus traits coupled with his fiery glare made many of the lesser goons around wilt in terror. Her grandfather, while lacking that animalistic intimidation that Gojira had, was simply larger than life. No matter what reputation her father had built up for the Schnee Dust Company, it would always be known that Nicholas Schnee built it.

His reputation as a kind, honest man still bled through the darkness of her father's, and it was the sight of such a legendary man alive and walking down the street behind a Faunus that made many give them a wide berth. It was quite a sight.

"Man, haven't seen these guys run that scared before," Vatista mumbled from behind the group. She had been assigned to join the family on their trek to Mantle by Commander Bluegill. She had protested, but Jack's glare told her to suck it up. So, she was sulking as she walked behind the group.

"Really? Can't imagine why," Winter said sarcastically, expertly examining the area for any hostiles.

Weiss walked a bit faster until she was walking next to Gojira. "Where are you heading?" she asked in annoyance. She had taken the better part of the day finding and negotiating with the best tailor in Atlas just to get him to make a house call! Gojira didn't answer as looked forward and hummed.

Weiss was about to growl at him until he turned towards a building to their left and entered in. The heiress raised an eyebrow and followed him in. Immediately, she noticed all the clothing racks around the modest sized showroom. Nicholas, Winter, Whitley, and Vatista walked in as Gojira made it to the counter and called out, "Rowan!"

"One second! One second!" came a voice from the back. Barely a second later, a woman in a thick coat walked out and smiled at the Faunus. "Ah! Mr. Gojira! Didn't expect to see you back so soon! The coat working well for you?!"

"It is sufficient," he replied. "I appear to be in a 'suit.'"

"A tux?" The woman's face turned teasing for a moment. "What do you need one for?"

"If I may," Weiss interjected, walking up next to Gojira. The woman blinked in shock as Weiss spoke again. "My acquaintance here has been invited to my grandfather's birthday party earlier in the week, and is in need of formal ware."

"Oh my!" The woman smiled brightly the middle Schnee child. "Never expected to meet a Schnee in my lifetime! Nice to make your acquaintance, Miss Schnee. My name is Rowan Magnolia. So, Mr. tall-dark-and-scary here got invited to a fancy Atlas party huh? How'd that happen, if I may ask?"

"According to my daughter, Mr. Gojira was essential in aiding my granddaughter in a tough situation," Nicholas called out, making Rowan gasp in shock when she turned to him. Her eyes widened as she stared at the man. He laughed. "I've been getting that a lot! Pleasure to meet you, young lady! I'm Nicholas Schnee!"

"Y-Yeah! N-Nice to meet you too, M-Mr. Schnee!" Rowan commented. She could not believe that she not only met the Schnee company heiress, but now the man who started it! This was incredible! Before she could ask anything else, she noticed a head of purple hair in the back of the group. "V-Vatista?!"

"Huh?" The petty officer looked up, and felt her eyes widen at the sight of the woman. "Rowan?!"

"Oh, Vati! It's so good to see you!" the tailor cheered as she jumped over her counter and raced to the Atleasian soldier. The two initiated a friendly hug before they separated from each other.

"I know! Gosh, I can't believe I haven't visited you since I graduated! I feel like a crappy friend!" Vatista said.

"Don't think anything of it! I understand! Plus, I've been super busy with my store as well!" Rowan gushed.

"Yeah?! You look to be doing well for yourself!" Vatista said with a smile. She was about to say more, but Winter coughed into her hand, breaking the two up.

"While it is nice to see you reconnect with a friend, Petty Officer," Winter drawled, "please remember, you're on duty, and we have a deadline."

"O-Oh right! Sorry!/Y-Yes ma'am!" the two called out at the same time. Rowan sighed and walked up to the counter again.

"So, Mr. Gojira, you've been invited to a Schnee family party, and now you need a tux huh?" she asked. "Luckily, I still have your measurements, so I should be able to get yours finished before Friday." She turned to the others and asked, "Will you be needing some formal attire, as well?"

"Yes please!" Nicholas said smiling. "Mr. Gojira seems to think highly of you, so we'll be requesting your services as well!"

"We are?" his grandchildren asked. Rowan clapped her hands.

"Wonderful!" she chirped. "Now then, everyone, don't move! I'll be done in a jiffy!"

Indeed, less than three minutes later, she had everyone's measurements and was finalizing the transaction with Nicholas. Gojira had intended to pay for his own, but Nicholas insisted he pay for the Kaiju, as another small token of his thanks. Gojira scowled, but he didn't object, figuring it was better to save his own money for later.

"Alright! That's all of you!" Rowan exclaimed, wiping her brow. "The clothes will be done by tomorrow evening or Friday morning at the latest. I can deliver them to the Schnee manor if ya like."

"That would be excellent my dear!" Nicholas agreed readily. "Though are you sure you want to? I mean, you do have a business to run, after all."

"Oh! It won't be an issue! Thursday won't matter much since it would be the end of the day. And I take Fridays off, anyways, and if it takes till then to finish up the order, it's just an excuse to hang out in Atlas for a while." Nicholas laughed at that.

"I admire your optimism!" he told her. "I would love to stay and talk with you some more, but I'm afraid we have other engagements. I suppose we'll see you tomorrow or Friday then?"

"Of course! Magnolia's prides itself on speed and efficiency!"

"Excellent! Then we must take our leave!"

"Until then, Schnee family! Mr. Gojira! Vati!" Rowan called out. "I'll see you all later!"

"Goodbye for now!" As the others finished their farewells to Rowan, Gojira exited the establishment and found himself glaring at an amassed crowd. Most of the people flinched away and scurried away, but one person held her ground. The woman in question had long pale hair and glared down at the Faunus for a moment before she turned and walked off, a group of what seemed to be Huntsmen and Huntresses followed after her.

He glared after her, wondering what her problem was, as the Schnees walked out of the building. Weiss noticed the dispersing crowd and asked Gojira, "What was that all about?"

"…Nothing. Nothing at all," he replied. With that, he turned and walked back down the street.

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