White. Blinding white.

Nights will always be as lonely as you let them. With questions running at the back of your head and a heart full of thoughts that you haven't quite been able to pen down. It's almost too easy too write pieces that talk monologues about pain and solipsia.

Did you notice that your crown slipped off long ago? It's almost too easy to say that you're no more the master of your own mind. You've chosen too many easy paths. When was the last time you ventured into the other side?

Fine. You wanted to master the dark. You wanted to tear people apart. And you do realize that if left you benumbed to the light? Light can exist in the darkest of places. But darkness sticks to people almost like a pungent morbidity in the form of an invisible refrain.

Have you forgot introductions in your search for the perfect epilogue? In the midst of all saturation and transience where did your story disappear off to?

Hey. Are you still there? Are you listening? I'm reaching out. I'm trying to help you. I'm trying to make that miracle happen. I'm praying for rain. I'm praying for you.

A book fell. Distinct by the sounds of it's paper being torn.

"I'm praying for me.", the voice finally took shape. The shackles on his left hand touched his pale feet, as he turned to stare into nothingness. His torn monochromatic rainment aflutter in the air. He had a serene expression on his face, paralleling trapped pain twisted into a smiled. His left eye was steaming red fumes, while his right eye had a steady stream of blood falling to his feet.

The figure grinned with feigned happiness. He lifted his right arm and wiped off the blood spilling from his right eye with his arm. "Hey, tell me, when was the last time you felt alive?", the figured cajoled, "Or are you satisfied with being a mere corpse. A dead man walking? Inside the plaited white suit of yours?". The figure let out a forced laugh.

A chair materialized beside the figure. The scene glitched, and the figure now sat in the half broken chair. Weeping. Sobbing ever so slightly. "Why ca-ca-can't you remember me?", screamed the figure in an unearthly voice all off a sudden and stood up while his left eye fumed heavily and shone brighter than the entire scene.

The temporal scene glitched yet again. There lay two figures on two sides of a mirror. One wore a white suit carrying a katana which had an eyeball at its hilt, and on the other side sat a figure, despondent, wearing a torn monochromatic outfit. The monochromatic figure lifted his face, revealing a Half-Kakuja mask jointed like the thorax of an insect revealing a single bloodied red iris, and then he sniggered.

A segmented body resembling a dark centipede with red joints emered from thin air lashing out at the mirror in front of him and breaking it into a billion shards. The suited figure parried the thrust and plowed his eerie katana into the ground, and put his hands in its hilt, inches away from the eyeball. His arms seemed to have taken the brunt of the entire attack. He left his grip on the katana and let it fall to the ground.

The monochromatic figure readied himself and flung himself into the offensive paying no heed to his own recoil. The suited figure put his right hand on his left eye and whispered, "Full Kakkugan release phase 1. Protocol Maxima.". The temporal scene cracked. And along with it his left eye burst out into bloodred flames while a steady stream of blood bled onto his white suit and dropped onto his katana which glowed a tinge of crimson.

The monochromatic figure collided with an afterimage of the suited man as the latter had dodged his preemptive strike and readied himself into an drunken stance devoid of his katana in his hand as his bleeding face showed a sense on ecstasy as he started laughing madly. He loosened his black necktie and opened his suit and opened the first three buttons of his white undercoat that he wore inside. Instatenously from his waist emerged four muscular extensions took form from thin air and shot out directly in front of him as if taunting the insect in front of him to attact.

The suited figure flicked out his tongue and licked the steady stream of blood falling from his left eye and held his katana in his left hand as he used his teeth to remove a white glove from his right hand. He then spat into the ground. "You? Pray for me? Well. Maybe you've been praying to the wrong gods".

The monochromatic figure wailed in inhumane pain as his entire body started smoking vehemently and his Kakuja mask organically grew on his face and his centepede kagune enveloped his left arm in with razor sharp protrusions from each finger. Enraged, he ran towards the suited man digging his bloodred black fuming nails into the ground for greater air draft and pulled them up just inches from his face when the suited figure smiled and drunkenly sidestepped left, parrying the former attack and drove two of his muscular protrusions in between the third and the fourth rib and the other square inside the gut. He reversestepped with his left leg throwing the katana up into the air, and performing an half spin balancing it on his left elbow, talking it by the hilt with his right hand and plunging in straight into the heart of the monochromatic figure.

"Dead men tell no tales", he smirked, and spun to his right as he kicked in the ominous katana square, further impaling the heart of the monochromatic figure, the Kakuja mask tore open from the bleeding face of the latter. The muscular protrusions dislodged themselves from the corpse and shaked of the black blood of his now deceased foe.

"I was never you to begin with, Kan-".
The scene glitched.

Black. Pitch Black.

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