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Luke walked back into the diner, his head spinning with confusion. Lorelai had asked him straight out whether he 'like-liked' her, and he hadn't said yes. He should have said yes. It wasn't something he needed to ponder over. He had been into her since the day they met, always waiting for his moment to make a move. Perhaps that's why he hadn't given her an answer or maybe he just needed a chance to process it in typical Luke Danes fashion.

He was a man and it was the man's job to make the move. Lorelai was Lorelai, of course, so sometimes that detail got lost in translation.

"No. It wouldn't be a problem… if you did… like-like me that is."

The words echoed in his head. If she had been bold enough to ask him if he liked her, then surely that meant that she harboured some kind of feelings for him. And that was good, wasn't it? Perhaps it was time to make his big move. He smiled as he moved around the diner, thinking about a grand gesture. She had listed off some of the things he had done for her in the past, so clearly she paid attention, so this time it was going to have to stand out if he hoped to really woo her.

He found himself wondering how she was dealing with his non-answer.

It must have been making her crazy.

L&L … L&L … L&L

Lorelai walked into the Dragonfly, which was in total chaos. It was slowly getting there. The practise run was only a week away and there was still so much to do. Thank Goodness for Luke's 30 thousand dollars or it would have come to a screeching halt.

"Lorelai, I cannot deal with Sookie anymore!" Michel announced with his signature grumpy look on his face.

"What happened, Michel?" she asked calmly.

"She won't listen to a word I'm saying."

Lorelai patted him on the shoulder as she brushed passed him. "I'll go talk to her."

In the kitchen, Sookie was throwing vegetables into a pot. "Michel told you I wasn't listening to him, didn't he?" she asked, before Lorelai could open her mouth.

Lorelai walked over to the coffee pot and poured herself a mug. In all her rambling she hadn't thought to get coffee before she left, and she had been kicking herself all the way back to the Dragonfly. There was no coffee better than Luke's. "He may have mentioned something," she replied. "Should I be worried?"

"No. So where did you go?"

Lorelai took a deep breath. "To Luke's."

Sookie immediately snapped her head up, an all-knowing grin plastered across her face. "Ooh, to Luke's."

"You're wrong!"

Sookie frowned. "You didn't go to Luke's."

"I went to Luke's. I asked him if he liked me."

Her friend's eyes grew exceptionally large. "You ASKED him straight out. You said, 'Luke, do you like me?'?"

"Yes," she nodded.

Sookie dropped the spoon beside the pot, giving Lorelai her full attention. "What did he say?"


"Ok… what?"

"Just ok."

"I don't understand."

"Neither do I!" Lorelai cried. "I don't understand him at all. He's so closed down and emotionally stunted that he can't even answer a simple yes or no question. I can't believe I was stupid enough to ask him in the first place."

"Why did you?'

"Because YOU keep saying there's something there and there isn't. He didn't say yes. He let me ramble on, he threw in a few puzzling questions and then abruptly ended the conversation leaving me with the same answer I had before I went there. It's your fault. He didn't say yes, so now we can drop this, ok?"

Lorelai didn't know why she was so upset that Luke hadn't said yes. It didn't really matter, did it? They'd been friends for eight years and that didn't have to change. In fact, why would it? It wasn't like she had sat down and thought about the fact that she may or may not harbour feelings for the man who poured her coffee. Did she miss him when he wasn't around? Maybe. Did she get jealous when he was with someone else? Sometimes (ok, ALL the time). Did she feel sick when they fought? Absolutely! But that didn't equal love.

"But he didn't say no?" Sookie confirmed.

Lorelai groaned. "No, Sookie. He didn't say no. He didn't say anything. I think that was confirmation enough."

"You're disappointed?" Sookie observed.

"What? No. I couldn't care less."

She raised an eyebrow in response, not believing it for a single moment.

"Enough Sookie," she snapped. "You didn't get the answer you wanted. End of story. Drop it or I'll be forced to get Michel to run the kitchen from now on."

Sookie gasped. "You wouldn't?"

"Wouldn't I?" she challenged.

Sookie went back to stirring and Lorelai went back out to the foyer to check on things. Of course Lorelai had no rights where Sookie and her cooking were concerned, but for a moment she had led her friend to believe that she did, and that was enough for now.

As she threw herself into work, she couldn't help but wonder why the disappointment about his non-answer made her stomach feel funny.

L&L … L&L … L&L

Luke waited for Lorelai to come in for breakfast every morning or three days and she never did. Was she mad at him? The only time she ever abandoned her coffee fix was if they were in a fight (and they had had more than their fair share already). But he couldn't remember them getting into argument, or saying something that would overly offend her.

Luke didn't like it when she didn't come in. He looked forward to seeing her every day, to hearing her ramble. When she didn't come in for lunch on the third day, he decided to go to her. He poured her a large coffee and sealed the lid, before packing up a Danish (for the day she missed) and her favourite donut. Then Luke told Ceaser, he was taking a break.

He walked the few blocks to the Dragonfly.

She was at the reception desk when he came in.

"Luke!" she looked surprised to see him.

He held up the coffee cup and paper bag. "I figure you might need this."

"Why?" she asked coolly.

Perhaps they were fighting and he didn't even know it.

"I know how crazy you get when you don't get coffee."

"I have coffee," she stated, pointing to the paper cup on the counter with the Weston's symbol on it. Ouch. "I'm busy. I'm working."

Luke concealed his smile. Somehow, whenever she was angry with him, she was always cuter. The fiery little temper that occasionally flared was dramatic but charming. He would have said anything she wanted to hear then, if she had only asked.

"You've been busy for three days?"

"What are you counting?" she snarled.

"Yeah, it's been three days of peace and quiet."

Lorelai screwed up her face. "Fine, then we'll make it three more and another three after that."

This was NOT how he wanted this conversation to play out. The last thing he wanted to do was push her further away. "You missed Danish day," he said still holding the bag.

She hadn't made a move for the food or the coffee, which told him that whatever was going on in that pretty little head of hers was fairly serious. "I don't like them anymore."



To the point then. "Why are you avoiding me?"

Lorelai opened her mouth to protest, but thought better of it. "I needed time to think," she said, instantly lowering her voice.

"About what?"

"Life. Coffee. Friends."

"O-K." was this another subtle way of her asking him if there was more going on between them, either way he was relishing in her vulnerability. It made her a little more human, a little more flawed and a little more perfect.

"I'm still thinking, so be gone before someone drops a house on you."

Luke turned to leave.

"And you can leave the coffee."

He placed it down on the counter with a smile.

"And the Danish."

He grinned. "I thought you didn't like them anymore?"

"I'm still deciding."

Luke didn't know if they were talking about the actual Danish or if they were speaking in code.

"Ok, well… don't take too long. It'll go bad."

She picked up the coffee and took a sip, the joy radiating from every corner of her face. It was good. THAT was the look he enjoyed seeing every day when she came in for breakfast. It was the one thing that made him think the entire day didn't suck.

He turned to leave.

L&L … L&L … L&L

Lorelai looked down at the paper bag, not knowing how she felt about him turning up to her work place with breakfast treats. Ok, in some small way she was overjoyed. But she was still confused. Lorelai knew from day one that Luke was a man of few words, perhaps this was his subtle way of responding.

The cell phone vibrated in her pocket and she fished it out to see Rory's name flashing across the screen.

"Mom," her daughter's voice echoed through the other end.


"Mom. I need you to remain calm."

Instantly, Lorelai's heart began to hammer in her chest. "Just for future reference, when you say that to a mother – ANY mother – the first thing they're going to do is panic. What happened? Should I be sitting down?"

"I had a little accident."

"How little?"

"Teeny, tiny, not even worth the mention."

In all fairness, Rory did sound completely normal. "Start talking right now!"

"I was helping a fellow classmate put up some stage props and I kinda fell… I might have broken my leg. Probably. Most likely. Definitely."

"WHAT?!" Lorelai's little baby. Injured. She had a flashback to the time Rory was dating Jess and he got into a car accident breaking her arm. Lorelai had never forgiven Jess for that, and whoever was responsible for this, would never get her forgiveness either. It was parenting.

"I'm fine, mom. Really."

"I'm coming to Yale."

"Mom, I'm fine. You have work."

"I'm coming. I'll be there as soon as I can."

She hung up the phone before her daughter could object. Lorelai called for Sookie who instantly came running out. "What's wrong?"

"Rory had an accident. She broke her leg," she explained, shoving the cell phone back into her pocket. "I've get to get to Yale."

"Of course. But how are you- your jeep is at Gypsy's."

Lorelai groaned. She had forgotten that it was going in for a service today. Her heart ached to see Rory. It didn't matter what it was going to take for her to get there, she needed to see that her child was alive and well for herself or she was never going to stop panicking.


"I've got to go. Can you hold down this place til I get back?" Sookie nodded. "I'll call you." She rushed out the door, hoping that Luke was just slow enough that he was still in the car park. Her heart soared when she saw the green truck and rushed out just as he began kicking up the stones. "LUKE!"

The truck came to an immediate halt.

She appeared at his window. "I need to borrow your truck!"


"Rory had an accident and she broke her leg and I need to get to Yale. Now. Please, Luke. I need to-"

"Get in. I'll drive you."

Lorelai sighed with relief and went around to the passenger's side, suddenly grateful that she didn't have to be the one in the driver's seat. Who knew where she would end have ended up. Her head was swimming.

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