Nothing belongs to me but my imagination. Everything else belongs to Thomas Astruc. Story strongly inspired by Lolidragon97's Spy AU for Kaichou wa Maid Sama, International Affairs. I love that story.

Her leg crossed over her other gracefully as she sipped the coffee, which was cradled in her hands. Her foot tapped nervously against the cobblestone ground. The morning cold breeze bit at her solemn face. The outside swirled around her, greeting the woman with brisk winds and the sounds of dawn birds accompanied with the quiet buzz of Paris' population. Her empty mug softly clanked when she gently set it down. She checked her phone.

6:38 AM, Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"Would you like more coffee, madam?" a waiter offered her with a bow. She simply rose her hand to signal him 'no', and the man nodded and ducked away, hiding away in the warmth of the small cafe building.

"Well, you're sure early, my lady," a male voice said. The soft clacks from his shoes drew the woman's attention; she turned her head to the man. He was well dressed; he wore an appealing vest and a dress shirt. His hair was swept to the side with gel, allowing his beautiful, emerald green eyes to display on his face. He had a Cheshire grin on his face. She would be lying if she said he looked unattractive. His appearance was quite alluring. "Did you get the mission?"

The woman stood and dusted her backside off. She replied looking him in the eyes, "No, let's get going. We need to go to Tikki and Plagg in order to know what's going on. We'll get our equipment when we get there." He grinned even more.

"Straight to the point, eh? C'mon, Bugaboo. I haven't seen you in a while, and I get this as a warm greeting?" She scoffed and rolled her eyes, but she smiled in her head nonetheless.

"My name is Marinette, Adrien, not Bugaboo. That name isn't for public, minou," she said, narrowing her eyes at him. "Now hurry up. I'm not going to be late."

"Something bugging you?" Adrien snickered. Marinette sighed heavily, her patience wearing thin.

"Let's just go already," she said, blatantly annoyed.

Marinette groaned as she woke to an empty dorm room. Her phone's ring shrieked and echoed throughout her walls, demanding she wake up.

"Hello? Alya?" she called out to the phone after she answered it.

"Girl, get your butt over here! Where are you? Classes are already starting!" the girl whisper whispered loudly. Alya was her room mate. Both girls became close friends and roommates after Alya stood against Chloe's cruel antics and nasty insults.

"Oh, crap! Alya, why didn't you wake me up?!" she screamed as she tripped out of bed, pressing 'speaker' in the process. She struggled to throw her new uniform onto her body and fixed her hair.

"I'm sorry! You looked tired, and I thought you had an alarm or something to wake you up, so I didn't even try to wake you up since you're, by the way, extremely sassy and grumpy when you wake up," Alya cried.

"It's the first day classes are given and assigned, Alya!" She shoved her feet into her shoes and ran to the mirror to check her appearance. "You can't just let me sleep in! This school takes things to the next level!"

Alya giggled, "Hey! At least I saved you a seat, and you're lucky that you have me, 'cause there are too many girls here."

"Thanks, Alya. I'll see you in a bit," Marinette yelled to the phone.

"Bye!" She hung up instantly and sprinted out the door to her dorm. Her rushed footsteps bounced off the smooth, white walls and golden brown doors of the girls' wing.

Her first day at Miraculous: School of Secret Intelligence and Training was already going terribly wrong.

She quickly checked her phone.

7:58 AM, Monday, September 15, 2013

School started in two minutes.

Fuck, she cursed in her mind. She slid around the corner and jumped through the first window she saw open in order to get to class. Luckily, it was her classroom. Unfortunately, she interrupted a very quiet silence. Everyone stared at her, as if she had recently murdered killed someone. Alya face palmed before the teacher growled in annoyance.

"Is this some sort of joke, Miss Dupain-Cheng?" the teacher hissed as she impatiently tapped her foot.

"I'm sorry, Miss Diligens." Marinette bowed in respect. "I'll try not to do it again. I was just-"

"No need to apologize. As long as you don't do it again, then I think we'll be fine," Miss Diligens spoke firmly, "Now sit. You didn't miss anything valuable."

Marinette sped to her seat and buried her face into her arms in humiliation. Alya softly patted her back.

Her first day at Miraculous wasn't just terribly wrong; it was a disaster.

A/N: I just wanted to test the waters and see if this will be a good idea. If it gets enough follows, I'll most likely continue. People haven't been thinking of a Spy AU, but somehow, the fandom has made Breakdancing AU (I'm not putting it down. I'm actually in love with that AU.). The Spy AU really caught my eye. Hopefully this will be continued, because I'm enjoying this.

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