Nothing belongs to me but my imagination. Everything else belongs to Thomas Astruc. Story strongly inspired by Lolidragon97's Spy AU for Kaichou wa Maid Sama, International Affairs. I love that story.

"What is the meaning of being a secret agent, Miss Ferrovon." It wasn't a question. It was a command. A girl with rich brown hair stood in her seat.

"Being a secret agent means being able to avoid every obstacle without being noticed, Miss Diligens." The short woman hummed in disapproval.

"No. Sit," she snapped, and the girl slumped back in her seat.

"What is the meaning of being a secret agent, Miss Chanol." A tall, towheaded girl stood uncomfortably.

"To be able to do your best in the field while fulfilling the government's wishes, Miss Diligens."

"Wrong. Sit."

"Miss Dupain-Cheng," she said as she strutted towards Marinette, her heels' clacks announcing her coming, "what is the meaning of being a secret agent?" Merinette stood in her seat and stiffened her stance.

"The meaning of being a secret agent is to be willing to risk your life for the sake of your country while giving all of what you can physically and mentally give, even if it means yourself, Miss Diligens," Marinette said. Miss Diligens nodded in satisfaction before turning and heading back to the front of the quiet room.

"I hope you all realize what your classmate said is right. From now on, you will- you will- be broken down and be rebuilt. Physically and mentally. Headmistress Tikki and Headmaster Plagg and all staff will not sugarcoat the reality of being a spy. You will eventually leave this school. You will be assigned to dangerous tasks in the field, and your life will be risked. But you're all doing so for good of the world. We're not here to give you hold your hand. We're here to rip you apart so you can piece yourself back together, better than before. And if you're not brave enough to walk a path of a spy, I suggest you get out of my class, because I refuse to have a coward in my classroom. Questions?"

She was met by a pregnant silence.

"Then don't let me down," she said genuinely in a softer tone.

"I see you have everything under control, Diligens," a light and feminine voice lifted tense air. Heads spun to look at the door.

"As always, Headmistress Tikki," she greeted, heels together and shoulders held back.

The noise of heels clicking echoed softly in the room as a new man and woman walked through the door. "At ease, Diligens," she said, holding her hand out gently.

The woman, Headmistress Tkki, was incredibly short. Although she wore tall heels, she was only a little more than three quarters the height of the man. She had short, curly red hair framing her small face. Her jacket, her pencil skirt, and heels were a jet black, but her dress shirt was a clean white and was accompanied by a playful red tie. She was head of the female department of Miraculous; she was also someone who was rarely seen. Despite her height and formal clothing, Marinette could tell this woman could easily kick ass with class.

The man beside her, was tall. Unlike Tikki, who seemed to where appropriate clothing when it came to business, her partner, Headmaster Plagg was less formal. His attire consisted of all black. His vivid green tie hung loosely from the collar around his neck. His dress shirt remained untucked, and the buttons were left uneven, as if woke up late for work. His black hair was a gelled mess, emphasizing his lazy, yet mischievous, green eyes. He wore a crooked, smug served as the male unit's head as well as their counselor. Overall, he was an important and attractive person.

"Just wanted to see the new students," Plagg said leaned against the door frame, cupping his mouth as he yawned.

Tikki smiled softly and chirped, "I see they're going to be a handful."

"I dunno, Tikki." Plagg left his stance and walked within the margins of the classroom. He gazed into every girl's eyes with his, silently judging. When he came to Marinette, his eyes glinted with something she couldn't identify. "It's clear my boys are going to win this year's little challenge." He shrugged and returned to his place next to Tikki.

She furrowed her eyebrows and scoffed, "No, no, Plagg. My girls may be uncertain now, but we'll win this year."

"What ever helps you sleep at night, sugar." He shoved his hands in his pockets.

Miss Diligens separated the two. "Mind taking your little lover's quarrel outside. This is unnecessary," she chided. She pushed the two out the door and slammed it closed.

Marinette had never been so confused.

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