Chapter 1: Unexpected Results

Kagome didn't expect this to happen. She didn't expect to die. That was something she never would have thought would happen to her. She wished that the jewel would disappear forever. But what she didn't expect that Inuyasha would kill her. She suspected that Kikyo must have ordered Inuyasha to kill her in order to gain the rest of her soul. It was typical, Inuyasha no longer loved her. She was just his jewel shard detector. His heart belonged to Kikyo, no one else.

That was the truth.

The last thing she remembered was Inuyasha with his bloody claws and Kikyo by his side who were standing over her dead body. Strange thing was that his eyes stayed golden when he killed her. Usually when he goes on a killing spree, his eyes would turn red. But they didn't. He was fully prepared to kill her.

Flashback Starts:

"Kagome." Inuyasha said, walking over to her.

"Hai?" Kagome asked, looking over her shoulder. She was helping Kaede pick some herbs with Rin. It had been three weeks since they defeated Naraku and wished the shikon jewel to disappear. The well also closed as well. Kagome became Kaede's apprentice and was learning alongside with Rin.

"Can I talk to you for a moment?" Inuyasha asked.

"Sure." Kagome said as she stood up and followed Inuyasha into the forest. She noticed that they were at a great distance away from the village. She couldn't help but be suspicious of Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, what is it that yo-" Kagome was interrupted when she felt an increasing pain in her chest. She looked down and saw Inuyasha's fist impaled in her heart. She looked back up and he was smirking at her.

"W-Why? Why Inuyasha? Why?" Kagome asked as blood leaked from her pierced heart.

"It's the only way Kikyo will be fully alive." Inuyasha said, "Besides, you're nothing but a copy of Kikyo."

Kagome's sapphire blue eyes widened at Inuyasha's words. She couldn't believe that Inuyasha would say those exact words that Kikyo had said to her once. Her comrade had betrayed her in the worst way. Tears began to fall down her cheeks as blood leaked from her lips. She felt his fist retract from her wounded heart and sank down to her knees. Then she fell on her side. She saw Kikyo walking over to Inuyasha. She noticed that Kikyo was smirking as she watched Kagome coughed up blood.

"You're truly pathetic, Kagome. To think that you were easily defeated by one of your comrades. You will never match up to me. I'm twice as strong as you'll ever be." Kikyo said, smirking.

Kagome felt the warmth of her body leaving her slowly. She could no longer hear the words that were spoken from Kikyo's or Inuyasha's lips. Her eyes were starting to close. Then she was enclosed in darkness.

Flashback Ends

"Kagome." A feminine voice said. Kagome looked up and saw a familiar figure walking towards her. The figure was a woman dressed in miko garments who had a armor chest plate and shoulder pads with a sword tucked near her left hip.

"Midoriko-sama." Kagome said softly. Midoriko had always been with her throughout her journey in the feudal era. She was there when she needed advice on her training. Midoriko was a teacher to her during those times.

"What am I doing here? Is this the afterlife?" Kagome asked, looking all around her. It was the only explanation she could come up with. Afterall, Inuyasha killed her. Where else was her soul going to go?

"Not quite. Your soul is in limbo right now." Midoriko said.

"Really? Why?" Kagome asked, confused. So she isn't dead?

"Kikyo is no longer alive. When your soul entered her body, she instantly died. The kami had decided that she did not deserve to live after all of the misdeeds she has done." Midoriko said.

"I see." Kagome said, staring at the ground. She didn't expect that Kikyo would die as soon as she did. But she had to agree with the kami. Afterall the misdeeds she had done in her revived state, she can no longer remain on the living plane of existance.

"Kagome." Midoriko said.

"Hai?" Kagome asked, looking up at Midoriko.

"The kami would like to send you to another world." Midoriko said.

"Huh?" Kagome asked.

"In that world, there are warriors known as shinobi." Midoriko said.

"Shinobi?" Kagome asked, her brow arched.

"Ninja." Midoriko said.

"I see." Kagome said, "But why do you wish to send me there?"

"They are asking you to become a jinchūriki." Midoriko said.

"A what?" Kagome asked.

"A jinchūriki. They are human vessels that house a tailed beast inside of them." Midoriko said.

"That's the reason why they want to send me there?" Kagome asked, her brow arched. There was something else that Midoriko was not telling her.

"Jinchūriki are feared and hated within each village they reside in. The villagers often blame them for the death of their loved ones that are killed by a certain tailed beast. I know that you don't want that sort of treatment-" Midoriko said before she was interrupted by Kagome.

"I'll do it, Midoriko-sama." Kagome said. Midoriko looked at Kagome with widened eyes.

"I became the unknown guardian of the Shikon no Tama when I turned fifteen. I traveled all over Japan defeating evil demons while gathering the jewel shards. Along the way, I was able to befriend a lot of different demons and people who helped me on my journey." Kagome said.

"Kagome." Midoriko said, brown eyes shaking.

"Who knows, it might turn out to be another adventure for me. Maybe I'll find others who will accept me as an jinchūriki." Kagome said with a closed eye smile.

"Kagome, are you sure? You'll be hated and feared throughout your whole life." Midoriko said, worriedly. Even though the kami wanted to send Kagome to another world to help protect it, Midoriko still felt uneasy of letting her go to that world.

"I'm a miko and a warrior, Midoriko-sama." Kagome said, "I won't let hatred and fear take control over my life. I know that people will accept me for who I am."

"Are you absolutely sure, Kagome?" Midoriko asked.

"Hai, I will follow the new path that the kami has made for me. But maybe..." Kagome said, "it might change along the way."

"Perhaps you're right, Kagome-chan." Midoriko said, smiling softly at the young miko before her. The girl had changed a lot throughout her whole journey in the feudal era. She just wished that she could have known the girl a little longer.

"Well then, you will be reborn in this new world. That way, you'll easy learn everything." Midoriko said.

"That would make sense." Kagome said, placing her finger on her chin while looking up.

"I hope that you'll be able to tame the tailed beast inside of you, Kagome." Midoriko said.

"Don't worry, Midoriko-sama. If I was able to defeat an evil hanyō, I can protect a tailed beast from anyone who might use him or her for their own game." Kagome said.

"Alright then, are you ready, Kagome?" Midoriko asked.

"Hai." Kagome said as she nodded. Then a silvery blue light surround Kagome.

"I wish you luck, Kagome." Midoriko said with a soft smile.

"Thank you, Midoriko-sama." Kagome said before the light fully enveloped her.

Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love.

- John le Carre