Three heroes three life one friendship(A/N)


Before anyone get comfuse this story happen after the the canon of Danny Phantom, Randy Cunningham: 9th grade ninja and American Dragon: Jake Long

Beside some higer up in the word,Sam,Tucker,Jazz, Danny's parent,Valarie and her dad no one know about Danny's secret. Vald turn himself in to the govener and under superviser of the Fenton and Guy in White (GIW) official order to assist the Fenton and Danny Phantom and do as the said in ghost hunting bussiness.

After the Hong Kong trip Jonathan Long had known about his wife's family secret and his son after ego he accepted it easyly and aloud Jake to stay out long to do his job as the protector of the magical world but have to keep his grade at least average level. The dragon council allow Rose to tell her parent about her other life and the magical world, at first Rose parent was shock but soon accepted her story and Jake they move back to New York after that.

As for Randy ever since he defeat the sorcerer and lock away the orb of chaos his job has been bit easer then before but even without someone to control them the orb still can stank the student if their negative emotion are big enough (mostly Bucky) and the Norrisvill Ninja new job was to guard and protect them and help stop crime in Norrisvill. Mcfist stop sending robot and return to be a normal businessman with Vicroy still working for him but now has more vacation. Randy had more time to study now and his grade are improve eventhought the ninja job had been easier he still learn new ninja knowledge everyday. Still only Howard know about his secret (they are neighbor now).