"Kiiiittty, Kiiiiitty, Kitiiittty, Kiiiittty, Kiiiittty..."

"Mmm," Kit turned over in her bed and cracked her emerald green eyes open, looking into the matching eyes of her little sister, "Wha' Indi?"

Indigo grinned, showing off dimples and a smile with missing teeth, "You're up!" she exclaimed.

"Mhm," Kit yawned.

"Ew, gross!" Indigo cried, covering her face with her small hands when she felt Kit's warm breath hit her face, "Yucky!"

Kit gave a lazy grin and sat up, stretching her arms over her head, "M'sorry, sweetheart. I didn't mean too."

Indigo scrunched up her nose and removed her hands, eying her older sister warily, "Mommy says you have to get ready."

"Okay," Kit agreed, reaching out and placing a hand on Indigo's head. She frowned at her eight-year-old sister's appearance, becoming more alert, "Hey, how are you ready before me?"

Indigo grinned and bounced on her toes, "I got up extra early to help mommy with breakfast and lunch. There's a surprise for you, kay?"

"Kay," Kit echoed, as she yawned again. She tossed her pastel yellow comforter aside and swung her legs over her mattress, "Lemme get ready."

"I'll go tell mommy," Indigo declared, running from the room.

"Be careful on the stairs," Kit called, running her hand through her bedhead. She took a moment to rub the sleep out of her eyes before she stood, her feet coming into contact with the carpet. As she went into the bathroom that was attached to both her and Indigo's room, she passed her outfit that she had laid out the night before and smiled widely.

Today was the day. Her first day at Forks High. Having just moved two days before, Kit was concerned that with all of the unpacking and rearranging of the new house, she wouldn't get enough sleep. But thinking positive, as she always did, things had worked out and she had gotten a full nine hours; feeling refreshed for the day to come.

She closed the door and then Indigo's, making sure that both were locked before she turned on the shower and stepped in, wetting her hair first to comb through the wavy tangles. She wasn't a restless sleeper, but having any type of hair that wasn't straight, knots just seemed to appear at random.

When her mother and father had announced that they would be moving from Hampton, New Hampshire to the small town of Forks, Washington, she hadn't been that distraught over it. She hadn't been the most popular girl at her old school—she was someone who'd rather stay home and read, or practice her beautiful violin than go out and party or go to the movies. Besides, she was quite content as having her mother and little sister as her best friends, which tended to make her quite the loner.

According to her mother's internet history, that she had yet to clear; Forks, Washington was beautiful and green. Trees and nature everywhere which definitely sounded appealing and hopefully, her mother would find her muse for more paintings and drawings. Yes, Forks was going to be a huge change, but Kit was looking forward to it. They had never moved before and the way she looked at it, it was a new adventure.

Kit popped open the top of her peach scented body wash and poured a large helping onto her frilly green loofa. She couldn't believe it was her first day at a new school. It was her Sophomore year and she was so excited. She loved school and anything to do with learning. She loved shopping for school supplies and getting a different colored notebook for each subject. She was an organization-nut and it clearly showed.

When the water turned cold, she shut it off and wrapped herself in a fluffy yellow towel and quickly dried off, toweling her hair dry before she wrapped it back around herself. She unlocked both doors to the bathroom and went back to her room, shivering at the goosebumps that broke out onto her body.

Her body relaxed at the sound of rain pattering gently on the roof and she sighed contently as she rubbed moisturizer on her face, her eyes squinting as they focused on her reflection in her oval-shaped mirror.

Kit stood 5'4, weighing 116 pounds, her body hourglass shaped. She had ivory colored skin, with dark brown freckles that covered her nose and both cheeks. Her eyes were emerald green and her hair was dark chocolate and wavy, cut into a choppy bob and parted slightly down the left.

After putting on deodorant and lotion, she slipped on her all black undergarments and proceeded to get dressed.

She wore a coral red puff sleeve Peter Pan chiffon blouse, the pure while collar beaded in a pearled and crystal floral design. The swing skirt she wore was black and high-waisted, the shoes black leather scalloped bow ballet flats. She tied the outfit together with a jet black hair scarf, smiling at her appearance. Perfect.

She twirled, chuckling when her skirt fanned out. It fell a little past her knees and shouldn't violate any dress code the school might have set and it looked relatively new despite the skirt having belonged to her mother from when she was a teenager.

"Kit?" there was a knock at her door, "Kit, can I come in?"

Kit grinned and nodded, "Yes, mom. Come in, I want you to see!"

The door opened, revealing a woman who resembled her daughter in many ways. Though, Everly Algren's hair was dirty blonde, straight, and fell past her shoulders. Her emerald eyes were alight with joy and she was only two inches taller than Kit.

"Look at you," Everly gasped, "Oh, my baby!"

"Thanks for the skirt," Kit twirled again, "It fits perfectly."

"The shirt too," Everly mumbled, smoothing it out, "Though, this was your grandmother's."

"Oh," Kit gasped, pulling away from her mom, "Speaking of grandma, I almost forgot."

She rushed over to her bedside table and grabbed the jewelry that rested on top. It was a silver rose embossed pendant locket necklace that looked rather old. Inside, featured a picture; a black and white picture of her grandma when she had been younger.

"Want help?" Everly asked, reaching out for the necklace.

Kit nodded and turned around, "Please."

"You really looked beautiful," Everly said, a warm smile on her face.

"Thank you," Kit grinned and then giggled, "You can borrow my clothes if you want."

Everly snorted, turning her daughter back around, "Your clothes are my clothes. Well, I guess they used to be."

Kit hugged her mother. She was her best friend and they did everything together. Even when her mother was working, Kit would sometimes watch. They definitely had similar personalities. Always laughing and smiling.

"Come eat," Everly kissed Kit on her cheek, "Your sister's asking for you and your dad has a surprise."

"Okay," Kit nodded, "Just let me grab my coat and my bag."

Everly nodded and left the bedroom, going back downstairs to finish preparing breakfast.

Kit checked herself in the mirror one last time before she grabbed her pastel yellow, metro station occasion, trench coat. It didn't really match, but that was okay with her. She loved yellow, it was such a happy color.

She grabbed her jet black school satchel and double-checked that she had everything before flicking off her light, closing her door, and going downstairs where she could smell breakfast cooking.

Upon seeing her older sister come into the kitchen, Indigo gasped excitedly and rushed over, practically bouncing off the walls with excitement, her dirty blonde hair fanning out, "Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!"

"Indi, Indi, Indi!" Kit gasped, returning the enthusiasm. She grabbed her sister's hands, "What is it?"

Blake Algren snickered, running a hand through his shaggy dark brown hair, his blue eyes bright with amusement, "Indigo, honey, you're going to rip your sister's arms off," he met eyes with his eldest, "I think she's more excited about your surprise than you will be."

Kit giggled and went to her father's side to hug him good morning, "Hi, daddy. Ooh, waffles! Oh, and strawberries."

"Hey!" Blake cried, swatting Kit's hand away playfully, "You could have the courtesy to use a fork. Did you even wash your hands?"

Kit scrunched up her nose, "I just took a shower and I washed my hands after putting on my lotion. I'm clean."

"Good," Blake nodded and flipped a waffle onto another plate.

Everly sighed contently and wrapped her arms around her husband's waist, resting her head on his back, "If you don't give Kit her surprise, Indigo's going to explode."

Blake barked out a laugh, throwing his head back. He was young, only thirty-four and well-built, the short-sleeved shirt defining his muscles and exposing his large tattoo on his right forearm. He had light beige skin and only a bit of stubble on his chin.

"Hurry up!" Indigo groaned.

"Indigo," Everly gave her daughter a warning look, "Tone, young lady. What do I always say?"

"Patience is a virtue," Kit recited, going to sit at the mahogany table.

Everly huffed, folding her arms across her chest, "Your sister was supposed to answer that."

Indigo huffed as well, scuffing the tip of her black Mary Janes on the floor, "Sorry, mommy."

Everly smiled and nodded, "It's okay. Go join your sister at the table."

"So..." Kit's eyes darted to the side and back, then narrowed, "Do I get my surprise or…?"

"Oh, yeah," Blake mumbled. He turned, "Okay, close your eyes and hold out your hands."

Kit did as she was told and covered her eyes with her hand, extending her free one, "Kay, I can't see."

Blake waved his hand in front of Kit's face, "You sure?"

"Yes," Kit insisted, "It's very dark."

"Very well," Blake chuckled and pulled something out of his pocket, "Here."

Kit felt something cold placed into her hand and she startled, closing her fingers around it, "Can I look?"

Blake nodded, even though Kit couldn't see him, "Mhm."

Kit removed the hand covering her face, allowing her eyes to flutter open. She blinked a few times and frowned before she recognized what was in her hand. Her loud squeak was drowned out by her sister giggling madly.

"It's a cell phone!" Indigo cried.

"Oh, wow," Kit turned over the warm amber Nokia 7360. She looked at her dad, her green eyes wide, "Really?"

"Your mother and I thought you were old enough," Blake wrapped an arm around Everly's shoulders, "You're sixteen and you've been a great help with this move. It's a big change from New Hampshire and you've been strong throughout. So, thank you."

"Thank you," Kit grinned, turning the device over in her hands, "Wow, I can't believe it."

"There's a camera and a video recorder," Everly pointed, "So, I want you to be extremely careful. Nothing inappropriate and I don't want you texting or e-mailing all the time. Do you understand me?"

Kit nodded, slipping the phone into a pocket of her school bag. She would have time to mess with it later, "Yes, ma'am."

"I mean it, young lady," Everly said firmly, "It's a big responsibility. Hey, don't scrunch your nose at me!"

"'I'm sorry," Kit interjected quickly, "I just—I don't understand what you mean by 'inappropriate'. Like, what?"

"I-" Everly stopped suddenly and pursed her lips, the corners quirking up in a smile, "Oh, sometimes I forget who I'm talking too. Never mind, it's better if you don't know. You'll be responsible."

"Promise," Kit said, digging into her breakfast when a plate was placed in front of her, "Thanks, daddy."

"Of course," he pecked both his daughters atop their heads, "Do you want me to drive you to school?"

Kit swallowed her bite and then shook her head, "You don't have to do that."

"I want to," Blake said, going over to help his wife with the dishes, "Besides, I don't have to go out and take pictures for your mother until later."

"I thought you had a painting to critique?" Kit asked, handing her sister a napkin.

Everly snorted loudly, causing Indigo to burst into another fit of laughter.

"It, ah," Blake rubbed the back of his neck, "I-I'm trying to hold off on that one."

Kit grinned, her eyebrows almost to her hairline, "It's mom's?"

Everly wiped her hands on a dish towel, "Hey, it's how we met. But I'm hoping he'll go easy on me, this time."

Blake grabbed Everly's hand and spun her around, "Then I wouldn't be doing my job, darling."

Kit watched her parents with a soft smile on her face. Her parents had met in their early years of high school and apparently, it was love at first sight. They both loved art and chose it as their career paths. Even when they had Kit when Everly was almost eighteen and Blake nineteen, they were extremely happy and constantly in the honeymoon phase. It was wonderful and Kit found herself to be a little envious. She so badly wanted something like that. The endless undying love her parents had for each other.

"Ya' ready to go, Kit?" Blake grabbed his keys off the hook by the phone, "Are you done?"

"Yes," Kit stood up and went over to place her syrupy plate in the sink. When she grabbed her bag off the back of her chair, she reached into one of the pockets and pulled out a pack of listerine mint strips, popping three into her mouth and letting them melt on her tongue.

Blake snorted, "A little overboard, don't you think?"

Kit shook her head, wincing a little, "No, I don't have time to brush my teeth again. I'll have to start eating breakfast beforehand."

Blake hummed in response and approached his wife first, pulling her away from the sink.

"Stop," Everly laughed, leaning away when he tried to kiss her, "Blake, my hands are all soapy!"

"That's fine," Blake grabbed her wrists and leaned forward, peppering kisses all over Everly's face before pressing a firm one to her lips, "There. I love you."

"I love you too," Everly was still giggling and tried to pull away, "Ahh! I'm getting water down my sleeves!"

Blake laughed and released Everly, in favor of going over to his youngest daughter, who was still licking syrup from her spoon, "I'll be back for you. So, make sure you clean up and then I'll take you to school."

"Okay, daddy," Indigo agreed, "Bye, Kitty."

"Bye, sweetheart," Kit leaned down and kissed her sister's forehead, "Have a nice day at school. I'll see you later. Bye mom!"

"Bye, Kit Kat," Everly smiled.

Kit returned the smile with a mischievous one, "I love you."

"I love you more," Everly replied.

Kit shook her head, "Not possible."

"Yes, possible," Everly kissed Kit's temple and hugged her.

Blake rolled his eyes playfully, "Before I'm fifty-seven, people! Honestly, Kit, you're going to be late."

"Okay, okay," Kit pulled on her jacket and buttoned it up, "I'm ready."

"Have a nice day," Everly called, going to sit by Indigo, "Learn and make friends!"

After calling another goodbye, Kit followed her father out to the Carbon Grey Pearl 2004 Acura TSX with matching interior that sat in the driveway. It was her father's car as she and Everly shared the other one. Their car was a 2004 Desert Sand Mica Toyota Corolla with light gray interior.

Kit had gotten her license a couple months after she had turned sixteen and she couldn't wait until she was able to get her own car.

She climbed into the front passenger seat of the Acura and exhaled softly before she closed the door and buckled her seat belt.

"What?" Blake asked, buckling his own seat belt, "Nervous?"

"Excited," Kit corrected, "I'm glad the school let me continue as a Sophomore."

Blake chuckled, pulling out of the driveway, "What? You thought they would make you go back to the beginning of the year?"

"I don't know," Kit shrugged, "It was a possibility. I'm sure it's happened."

"Yes," Blake agreed, "You're probably right. Though, you're a smart girl. I think you'll be able to finish on time."

Forks High school was located just off the highway; the welcome sign was old and the paint was peeling. She pursed her lips in worry at the sight of it. It looked like a bunch of separate buildings, which it probably was.

"We're early," Blake mumbled, looking around, "I don't see any cars. What do we do?"

"Look," Kit pointed to a building marked 'FRONT OFFICE', "I'll need to get my schedule and everything."

"Okay," Blake nodded and parked, "I'll wait for you here. Deep breath."

Kit breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth before she left the car, clutching the strap of her school satchel. She walked up the little stone path, pushing her hood down as she walked through the doors.

Inside, the building was warm and brightly lit. The office itself was small; a little waiting area with padded folding chairs, orange-flecked commercial carpet, notices and awards cluttering the walls and a big loud clock. Plants grew in large plastic pots and the room was cut in half by a long counter, cluttered with wire baskets full of papers and brightly colored flyers taped to its front. There were three desks behind the counter, one of which was manned by a large, bespectacled red-haired woman.

The red-haired woman looked up as soon as Kit approached the counter, "Hello, dear. May I help you?"

"Hi," Kit greeted, beaming as she always did, "I'm, Kit Algren and I'm new here!"

"Oh, aren't you just the cutest little thing," the woman gushed, smiling at Kit's enthusiasm, "Yes, we've been expecting you, deary. My name is Ms. Cope and it's wonderful to meet you. I have your schedule and a map of the school right over here."

"Okay," Kit listened politely as Ms. Cope proceeded to go through each one of her classes and the map, marking things down with a neon yellow highlighter. It didn't seem too difficult, but then again, she was awful with directions and had even gotten lost in her own house.

"And please have your teachers sign this slip at the beginning of each class," Ms. Cope handed her a yellow slip of paper, "Bring it back to me at the end of the day. Don't forget."

"I won't," Kit promised, taking the slip, "Thank you so much, Ms. Cope."

"You're welcome," Ms. Cope was still smiling, "Have a nice first day and I'll see you after school."

Kit waved and pulled her hood back up as she went back out the car. The rain had lessened slightly, but not by much. It had rained the past couple of days as well and Kit was starting to think that it would never stop. She had never seen so much rain.

"How'd it go?" Blake asked, cranking up the heater, "You look happy."

"Ms. Cope is the secretary," Kit explained, looking at her schedule, "She was really nice and gave me a map with directions."

"Can I see that?" Blake held his hand out and took the piece of paper.

*Period 1 – General History 10

Period 2 – Algebra 2

Period 3 –Biology 1

Period 4 – Spanish


Period 5 – English

Period 6 – Gym*

Blake made a face and handed the schedule back, following the other cars that had arrived, "It doesn't look very interesting."

"It doesn't?" Kit asked with disbelief. She frowned and looked at the paper again, "But I thought-" she stopped and rolled her eyes, "You're just saying that because there's no art class."

"Exactly," Blake exclaimed, "What kind of school has no art program!?"

"I'm sure there is," Kit reassured, "But I need to finish up the credits for the basic classes. I'll see if I can take an art elective next year."

"I'm holding you to that," Blake grinned and pulled into a parking spot. He sighed and turned off the car, "Well, here we are."

"Here we are," Kit echoed, looking out the window. She could see the sidewalk that led to the different buildings and it was full of teenagers.

"I'll see you right after school," Blake promised, reaching out and squeezing her shoulder, "Not a minute later. Then, we'll pick up Indigo on the way and stop by the store to pick up something for dinner."

"Okay," Kit nodded, relaxing, "Sounds good. I'll see you later, then."

"Later," Blake repeated.

As she left the car and looked for the right building, she noticed a few people staring, but tried not to pay it any mind. In fact, it was understandable. To most people, Kit looked strange wearing high-waisted swing skirts, hair scarfs, and other sorts of vintage clothing that she took from her mother and grandmother's closet when everyone else wore graphic tees, jeans, and sneakers. Kit's mother always teased her saying that she was born in the wrong era.

Kit's first class was history located in Building 6 and it wasn't that hard to find. Upon entering the classroom, she took off her jacket, mimicking the other students as she hung it up on a long row of hooks, smoothing out her top.

"Excuse me, Mr. Jefferson?" Kit approached the teacher's desk.

"Ah, hello," Mr. Jefferson greeted, placing a stack of papers aside, "You must be our new student."

"Yes, Sir," Kit nodded, handing him the slip, "I'm Kit Algren."

"Kit, huh?" Mr. Jefferson scribbled his signature on the slip before he handed it back to her, "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you. Why don't you take a seat next to Katie Marshall? Katie, can you raise your hand, please?"

A girl with fair skin, brown eyes, and straight red hair raised her hand, "Right here."

Kit took a seat at her desk just as the bell rang and she hooked her bag over the chair, pulling out a purple notebook and a pen. She hated writing in pencil.

"Hi," Katie whispered, leaning over, "You're new here?"

Kit smiled and whispered back, "Yes. I just moved a couple days ago an-

"Class," Mr. Jefferson clapped his hands, getting everyone's attention, "We have a new student, today."

"Another one?" someone sitting in the back cried.

Kit frowned and looked at Katie, tilting her head to the side.

"We just got another new student," Katie whispered quickly, "Bella Swan, but she's a junior. A year above us."

"Yes, Mr. Melton, another new student," Mr. Jefferson said narrowing his eyes. He turned to Kit, "Why don't you introduce yourself?"

Kit nodded and stood up, biting her lip when a few guys whistled lowly. She raised a hand in greeting, "Um, hello there. I'm Kit Algren and I just moved here from Hampton."

"This is history," Mr. Jefferson interjected, "Why don't you tell us your favorite part about the subject? What you enjoy learning in this type of class?"

"Art history," Kit said without hesitation, "I love learning about the historical development."

"Very interesting," Mr. Jefferson nodded, impressed by the answer, "Thank you. We'll have to talk more about that. Feel free to sit."

Kit nodded and reclaimed her seat, letting out a breath she didn't know she had been holding. She had been nervous that her teachers would ask her to introduce herself, but it really hadn't been that bad.

Katie leaned over, her eyes darting to the side, "What was that?"

Kit looked at her, bewildered, "What was what?"

"Those guys whistling at you," Katie clarified, her voice a low hiss, "What was that about?"

Kit shrugged, slightly put off by the tone, "They're just being obnoxious, I suppose."

"Hmm," Katie hummed, "Anyway, you should come sit at my lunch table. It's where the popular kids sit. Well, most of them are popular. Some of them are just annoying."

"Okay?" it came out as more of a question as Kit was unsure of how to properly respond. She wasn't a big fan of gossiping and had never seen the appeal of it, but maybe it was different here and everyone gossiped.

The class went by rather slowly, but Katie helped speed up the time by moving her desk closer and going over past assignments, whispering to Kit whenever Mr. Jefferson wasn't looking. She had even programmed her phone number into Kit's new cellphone much to the latter's surprise.

"That's your mom's old skirt?" Katie asked once the bell had rung, "Really?"

Kit smiled and nodded, "Mhm. The top was my grandma's."

Katie chuckled, "Really? Wow, I can't believe that. It's really different compared to what people usually wear. No wonder everyone's stari—oh, there's Lauren, come meet her. She's a junior."

Kit allowed Katie to grab her wrist and drag her over to a girl who was standing near a wall in the hallway surrounded by a few girls and guys who chattered enthusiastically.

"Lauren," Katie cried, getting the girl's attention, "This is Kit."

Lauren Mallory had long, cornsilk, blonde hair, green fishy eyes with pale eyebrows, and stood 5'6. She looked Kit up and down, "Kit?"

"Kit Algren," she smiled, "Nice to meet you, Lauren."

"Hello, there," one of the guys said, holding out a hand. He looked Kit up and down as well, his gaze lingering a little too long, "I'm Mike Newton."

Mike had pale blue eyes and blond hair.

"It's nice to meet you," Kit said sincerely, shifting under all the stares from the group. She was so awkward, "But, um—I really have to get to class. There's only five minutes a-

She was cut off when Lauren laughed too loudly and Kit bit her lip.

"Yeah, you don't want to be late," Lauren said mockingly, "What's your name again?"

"Kit," she said simply, "Kit Algren."

"Kit," Lauren rolled her eyes and turned to glare at Katie, "Where did you find her?"

Katie glanced at Kit nervously and then ran a hand through her hair, "W-we have first period together."

"I'm jealous," Mike smirked, "Are you going to sit with us at lunch?"

"She better," a boy who was more tan than most of the teens at the school seemed to be, grinned. He had an athletic build with brown hair and brown eyes, "Kit, huh? Interesting name."

"Thanks," Kit smiled shyly and jabbed a thumb behind her, "It was really nice meeting you, but I really have to go. I'll see you later and thanks for the help in class, Katie!"

Lauren smacked Tyler's arm when she realized that he was staring, "Tyler!"

"Hey," Tyler recoiled from the touch, "What was that for?"

A girl who was 5'1, and had voluminous curly dark brown hair and blue eyes scoffed, "Tyler, you should really wipe the drool from your chin before it gets on the floor."

"I was being nice," Tyler defended, self-consciously wiping a hand over his mouth, "Is there a problem with that?"

"Of course not," Lauren said, a fake smile on her face, "Just don't stare. It's weird and you'll creep her out."

"So, everything is okay?" Katie asked slowly. She had been trying to get into Lauren's friend group since last year and she didn't want to blow her chances. Especially since she was only a Sophomore.

"Yes," Lauren assured, "Everything is great. Come on, let's just get to class. The sooner history is over, the better."

"...Almost two weeks ago, I think," Bella continued, falling in step with Kit, "It will be nice to have someone new."

Kit laughed. It turned out that the language classes were integrated with different grades. She sat next to Bella Swan a girl with a very pale complexion, long, straight, dark brown hair, a widow's peak, unique chocolate brown eyes and a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead. She was a very sweet girl and had been a lot of help in Spanish.


"Oh," Bella stopped walking, moving clumsily to the side so that other students could continue to the cafeteria. She looked at Kit, "That's my...friend, Jessica Stanley."

Jessica skipped over, a smile plastered on her face, "Hey."

"Hi," Bella greeted. She gestured to Kit, "Jess, this is Kit Algren."

"Yes, I know," Jessica nodded slowly, "We've met already. In the hallway before second period."

"Hello," Kit addressed, smiling, "Long time no see."

Jessica faked a laugh and nodded, "Yes, it's been too long. How did you two meet?"

"She's in our Spanish class," Bella reminded, glancing over her shoulder. The covered sidewalk that led to the cafeteria was practically empty now.

"Let's go," Jessica suggested, beginning to lead the way. She looked over at Bella, smirking, "So, where's your boyfriend?"

"Jessica," Bella hissed, "Oh my—stop!"

Jessica giggled behind her hand and Kit looked at Bella, a smile on her face, "Aww, you have a boyfriend?"

"No," Bella groaned, covering her face with her hands, "I don't."

"It's Edward Cullen," Jessica continued as they approached the crowded lunch table, "Wait, let's sit and then I'll explain."

"Ugh," Bella groaned again, shaking her head.

"Kit!" Katie smiled upon seeing her, "I was wondering where you were."

Lauren pursed her lips, glancing over at Tyler and Mike.

"With us," Jessica said, "Oh, who got me lunch?"

"I did," a girl with with light brown, honey streaked hair and gentle brown eyes smiled, "You get the same thing, Jess and the line was getting long."

"Thanks," Jessica patted Angela's shoulder and sat down.

"Hi, Kit. I'm Angela Weber. It's nice to meet you," she held out a hand.

"The pleasure is mine," Kit said, shaking her hand.

"I like your shoes," Angela commented, "The bows are really cute."

"Thanks, they'r-

"-They're her mother's," Lauren finished in a snotty voice.

"Mhm," Kit nodded in conformation, "We're the same shoe size."

A few people laughed, but Angela only looked interested and then chuckled, "Really? I wish my mom and I were the same size. I'd have so many options, then."

Kit smiled warmly at that and then pulled out her lunch bag, "It does make buying shoes a lot easier."

"Kit's from Hampton," Katie cut in, drawing the attention back to her, "Like, Hampton beach."

"No way," Mike gasped, his blue eyes disbelieving.

Kit nodded, taking a sip from her water bottle.

"Cool," Tyler grinned, "I bet that's a lot better. Why would you move here?"

"Tyler," Jessica snapped, narrowing her eyes when she saw the look on Lauren's face, "Quit bothering her. We were actually having a conversation beforehand."

Bella sighed heavily and Jessica laughed again, her irritated mood seeming to disintegrate.

"Okay," Jessica started, "So, there was this car accident-

"Aw, Jess," Tyler huffed, "Please, don't!"

"Hush," Jessica mumbled, "Anyway, Kit. Edward Cullen..."

"...Anyway, Kit. Edward Cullen..."

"Again?" Rosalie Hale rolled her eyes, flipping her perfect blonde hair over her shoulder, "You think after the millionth time, she would get tired of retelling that story."

"It gets her attention," Jasper mumbled.

"What is she thinking?" Alice asked worriedly, "The new girl."

Edward sighed and gave the smallest shrug of his shoulder, but answered, "She's hoping that I'm okay. That no damage was done."

"Damage was done all right," Rosalie growled, picking at an apple.

"No suspicions?" Emmett asked, ignoring Rosalie's comment.

"None," Edward confirmed, "Her thoughts are very selfless. She's actually thinking about her little sister, Indigo."

"Indigo?" Rosalie scoffed, "That's a stupid name."

"It's cute," Alice defended. Her sister had been in such a mood lately. Always on edge since the car accident that had almost exposed them all, "Don't be so harsh, Rose. There might be a special meaning behind it."

"There is," Edward sighed again. He missed Bella, but he had to keep his distance. He just had to, "Her parents are both in the art world."

"I like her top," Alice smiled, "I'll have to ask her-

"You will do no such thing," Rosalie hissed, "We're in enough trouble as-

"No one's in trouble," Alice corrected, "You know the future, Rosalie. I told you. Everything is fine."

"Everything is not fine. You-

"Rose," Emmett reached over and placed his hand atop hers.

At Emmett's touch, Rosalie relaxed and she could feel Jasper lending some assistance by manipulating her emotions. Emmett was just the kind of guy she needed in her life. It was too bad she had no romantic interest in him. He would make the perfect mate—he was cute, funny, strong. For awhile, she had tried to force herself to become romantically interested in him, but she couldn't and occasionally, that frustrated her. If it wasn't for his childish features that painfully reminded her of Veera's little Henry, then she had no doubt that her and Emmett would be together.

But these stupid humans thought they were. It was annoying, really. But she supposed it was none of their business. It was true, Emmett was like her right arm. He was her best friend and they did everything together—she was a better person because of him and was very protective. That's why the gossip about their relationship and the comments she heard caused such an intense aggravation. He had a very special place in her still heart.

"She's not suspicious?" Alice's voice snapped Rosalie out of her thoughts and she saw Alice directing the question at her husband.

"No," Jasper muttered, "Her emotions are very positive. Happy and bubbly."

"Good," Alice relaxed. She hid it well, but she was concerned for her family. She didn't want to leave. Especially now that Edward has found his mate.

"Alice," Edward growled.

"You're only making things more difficult," Alice snapped, annoyed, "It's hurting you and it's hurting her. It's a test of your self-control, yes, but your love-

"I don't love her!" Edward slammed his fist on the table, wincing when a few people looked over, "I don't," he repeated in a low tone.

"Yet," Alice quipped, "And when you accept that fact, things will get a lot easier. Until then, you can continue to wallow in your own self-pity."

With that said, she stood up, going to dump out her empty lunch tray.

Edward gritted his teeth. He and Alice were very close as they were both freaks among freaks, but she really knew how to get on his nerves sometimes. Especially when it had to do with his future with Bella Swan.

"She did that on purpose," Rosalie glared over her shoulder, "She's talking to her."

"...I just had to tell you," Alice said, beaming, "I really like it!"

"Thank you, Alice," Kit grinned, returning the energy, "I like yours too. And your sister's. Her name is Rosalie?"

"Mhm," Alice nodded, "I'll tell her you said that."

Rosalie snorted. Like she cared what some human thought about the way she dressed. She was sure that her whole outfit cost more than Kit's house.

"I heard about the accident," Kit's voice turned sad, "Your family is all right? No one was hurt?"

"No, we're all fine," Alice promised, "Edward was standing right next to her."

"Good," Kit seemed genuinely relieved, "That's good. Oh, th—Alice? Alice, are you okay?"

Jasper was the first to whip his head around and he jumped to his feet, getting ready to dart over and get his wife.

"Don't," Edward held his hand up, "Her eyes are closed."

"It's not like this hasn't happened before," Emmett commented, "In the hallway, class, while she drives."

But Jasper wasn't convinced and he growled a warning when Emmett grabbed his other arm, keeping him in place.

"Chill," Emmett demanded, "Look, she's coming out of it. Listen."

"Sorry," Alice's eyes fluttered open and she smiled apologetically, "Dizzy spell."

"Oh," Kit gasped and dug around in her bag, pulling out a small bottle of juice, "Here, take this, then. It should help."

"Thank you," Alice took the juice from Kit, but she had no plans to drink it, "Well, it was nice meeting you. My siblings are waiting for me and we all need to get to class."

"Bye, Alice," Kit wiggled her fingers and watched her for a moment before she turned and left the cafeteria, her skirt swishing behind her.

Alice glided back over and into Jasper's arms when he held them out.

"Darlin', are you okay?" Jasper demanded, cupping her cheek.

"I'm fine," Alice promised, "I found out where she got her blouse."

"You're such a child," Rosalie snarled, "That was very dangerous. Are you insane?"

"Nope," Alice smiled, looking at the back of the bottle, "She gave me juice."

"Oh my gosh," Rosalie huffed and snatched her books off the table, storming out of the cafeteria, cursing the whole way.

"C'mon, we're going to be late," Emmett mumbled before he grabbed his books and jogged at a normal pace to catch up to Rosalie.

"What did you see?" Jasper asked, his blonde eyebrows knitting together.

"It was strange," Alice grabbed her books from the table and held them to her chest, using her free hand to hold Jasper's, "I'm not quite sure. Bella was still there, but it...the vision changed," she looked at Edward when he smirked, "Don't look so smug, big brother. Your future is still the same. It's Emmett's I'm concerned about."

Author's Note: Really excited for this story! Anyone notice the 'Finding Carter' reference?

- FictionChic