Emmett sat on the couch, his body perfectly straight and his eyes wide as they stared out the large glass window. His hands were clenched into tight fists and his mouth was slightly parted in shock. He had been in that position for three hours.

"I feel bad," Alice whispered, clutching Jasper. She leaned her head on his chest as he began to rub her back, "I shouldn't have said anything. It wasn't the right time."

Rosalie snarled, "Of course it wasn't the right damn time! You just love to make things harder for this f-

"Rosalie," Carlisle exclaimed firmly, "Not. Another. Word."

Rosalie growled, but said nothing else. After Alice had revealed Emmett's future, she had destroyed over a quarter of Esme's kitchen before she had calmed down to the point where she wasn't at risk to dismember her family. Jasper's gift was still influencing her and it was only serving to feed her muted irritation.

"Alice is not at fault," Edward snapped, quickly defending his favorite sister, "She does not set the future, she sees it."

"I guess you would come to Emmett's defense," Rosalie quipped, "Since you're both suf-

"Rosalie," Esme interrupted, "What did Carlisle say? That is enough. You are acting like a child! Stop it!"

Rosalie huffed, folding her arms across her chest. She spoke once more, her tone shaky, but controlled, "Does no one else understand the danger we have been put in? How many times do I have to say it? We have to be more careful than anyone else! This is unacceptable."

Carlisle nodded in understanding and looked at Alice, "The child does not suspect anything?"

"Nope," a small smile appeared on her face, "And she has no reason too. Her future is—it's quite strange. Flickers, mostly—like a flip book, but the one with Emmett is certain."

Carlisle placed his hand on Emmett's shoulder, concern evident in his beautiful face. He didn't think vampires could go into shock or become paralyzed.

Still, behind his worry was absolute joy. After all of these centuries, both of his sons had finally found their mates. Though the girls were both human and knowing that Emmett was the strongest vampire out there, that factor concerned Carlisle as well, but Alice sounded so confident that everything would work out and he never had a reason to doubt his daughter.

Carlisle remembered the day Rosalie had brought Emmett to his office. She had carried him over 100 miles, and was in complete hysterics when she arrived, begging him to save the boy who had been mauled by a bear, scared that she would kill him, instead. It had taken both Edward and Esme to drag her out of the room before she gave into her thirst.

He had been so sure that Emmett would become Rosalie's mate—more sure than when he had thought she would be perfect for Edward. Rosalie and Emmett certainly acted like they were together. They rivaled him and Esme in many aspects. Emmett constantly called Rosalie his 'Angel' and they flirted playfully and did almost everything together.

But he supposed they were missing a spark. Carlisle never inquired about it, but he could see something is Rosalie's eyes every time she looked at Emmett. A look of fondness and contentment as she thought back to whatever was on her mind when she saw Emmett.

"Edward?" Esme's speaking snapped Carlisle out of his thoughts.

Edward rolled his eyes, looking somewhat amused, "He's fine. Dramatic, but fine."

"Because you're reaction was so much better?" Alice snorted, "You're still in denial. It's very irritating. I miss Bella," she sighed sadly and looked at Emmett, "Am I allowed to talk to Kit? I at least want to spend time with one of my new best friends."

The desperate longing in Alice's voice seemed to snap Emmett out of whatever stupor he was in and he moved to look at Alice, staring at her as if she had two heads. She has spoken with the same tone when she had first spoken about Bella. There was love and care in her voice, as if she and Kit had been friends for a lifetime rather than only having one conversation by the cafeteria trashcans.

"...She's so sweet," Alice continued, a smile on her face, "Very selfless and her fashion sense isn't that atrocious. She could use a few pointers, of course."

"Al, are you sure about this?" Jasper demanded.

Alice nodded, "I'm not sure how or when she'll find out exactly," she turned to Emmett, "That's ultimately up to you, but she'll find out and she'll be okay with it."

Rosalie hissed in fury, "So, she becomes one of us?" she whipped around to face the blonde leader of the coven, "Carlisle, that's too many-

"I don't know Rosalie," Alice piped up. She continued speaking when her sister turned to face her again, "I can see her becoming one of us...it's just...blurry. Like I said, her future with Emmett is set, but that is all."

Rosalie still looked displeased, her eyebrows knitting together. In all honesty, she had never really thought about Emmett having a mate. She had thought he was like her: content being single and surrounded by her family, playing it by ear. All this time, had he been lonely and she hadn't noticed? Be that as it may, a human was the last thing she expected Emmett to be with. No, scratch that. It hadn't even crossed her mind because the mere thought of that was idiotic.

"Emmett, say something," Alice begged. He was still staring at her, "This does concern you, in case you have failed to notice."

Emmett blinked, "W-what do you want me to say?" he managed to choke out, "What the hell am I supposed to do about this?"

Alice sighed. This was going to be harder than she thought.

That had been early in the morning. Her family didn't sleep, so there was plenty of time to converse, but it seemed like Alice had to take things into her own hands.

Now, Alice Cullen never did anything that wasn't for a reason. That's why instead of sitting with her siblings at lunch, she followed Kit to the library. The future was a complicated game of chess and she was determined to get to check.

At first, she hadn't told Edward or Jasper any details about her vision when they had asked. She had brushed them off and mumbled something about Emmett, but that had been the only words she would speak of it and thankfully, her siblings left it at that. It wasn't until later, that Edward had read her mind and she had blurted it out before he could get angry and demand answers.

She found Kit sitting at a table near the back of the library. The girl was dressed in a button-up saffron short-sleeved cardigan dotted with white polka dots, navy blue high-waisted fitted cotton stretch capri pants, and black glossy faux leather Mary Janes with a low heel. The wired headband she wore in her wavy hair matched her cardigan and was saffron in color with white polka dots.

"The Great Gatsby," Alice whispered, taking a seat across from Kit.

Kit startled and looked up, a smile appearing on her face when she saw who it was, "Hello, Alice."

"Hi," Alice returned to smile and pointed to the book, "You like F. Scott Fitzgerald?"

Kit nodded, "He has a way with words, does he not? This is for English, actually, but I enjoy it all the same."

Alice hummed in agreement, "Why are you here by yourself?"

"I have a lot to catch up on," Kit bit her lip, remembering her workload, "Monday's and Friday's, I'll be in the cafeteria and the days in between, I'll spend here. Just until I'm all caught up."

"I see," Alice mused, "Do you mind if I study with you?"

"Not at all," Kit smiled, placing the book down in favor of picking up a black pen, "I'd love some company."

"Great," Alice pulled out a blank piece of paper. All of her homework was done and perfect and she could write another essay just from memory. It'd be done before the bell even rang, "So, why did you move here?"

Kit flicked her eyes up, "Ahh, my mother's an artist and there's been more requests for nature work. She couldn't find much inspiration in Hampton, so we moved. So far, I really like it here. It's pretty and—well, it's peaceful and soothing, I suppose you could say."

"Your father too?" Alice asked, though she knew the answer.

"Art critic, mostly," Kit smiled again, "But he does some photography on occasion. What about your parents?"

Alice pretended the fidget, clicking her pen a few times, "My father's a doctor. A surgeon to be more specific and my mother does some architecture. Photography as well."

"Really?" Kit eyes widened, "That's really nice," she paused for a second before asking her next question, "Is it fun? Having so many siblings?"

Alice chuckled lightly, "Yes, most of the time. We all get along very well and our entire family is close, but we do have our spats here and there. Do you have any siblings?"

Kit grinned widely and nodded, "A little sister. Indigo."

"You seem very fond of her," Alice commented.

Kit tucked a strand of hair behind her hair, a shy smile on her face, "She's my whole world."

They both fell into a comfortable silence after that, the only sounds were their writing utensils scratching against paper, and the sound of the librarian sighing or clearing her throat as she worked on her old desktop computer.

"Did you eat lunch already?"

The question surprised Alice and she looked up from her paper to see Kit looking at her, "Pardon?"

"Your lunch," Kit repeated, frowning, "There's no food or drinks allowed in the library and I was wondering if you had eaten or not? My apologies for prying, but I'm just concerned. You get dizzy spells, don't you?"

Alice blinked a few times, "I—yes, I do."

Seeing that Alice was going to say no more, Kit bit the inside of her cheeks and turned back to her paper, "It's none of my business, I know. But I have more juice if you need it."

"Thank you," Alice easily slipped back into her character, "I ate beforehand with my siblings."

Kit's shoulders seemed to relax some, "Good, that's good."

Another silence fell over them and Kit focused intently on her English paper. It had barely been two days, but she liked Alice Cullen. The girl seemed nice and genuine and Kit hoped Alice became a close friend one day.

Bella, in particular she already got along with. Kit definitely had a different opinion on the book, but she and the other brunette had a mutual interest in Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. Kit couldn't deny any book that was a classic. Even if it was sort of cheesy and lacked any expression that wasn't vulgar. It was an interesting debate as they walked to their cars after school, but it had ended in laughter and promises of continuation.

All in all, the move was great. Indigo had spent hours talking in detail about her elementary school and Kit's parents had spoken fondly of the townsfolk and scenery. Everyone was happy and adjusting. That's what mattered.

Kit was able to finish her essay and start on her Algebra by the time the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch and the beginning of the five minute passing period.

"Thank you for joining me," Kit said as she put her things away, "It was lovely."

Alice nodded, standing up in one graceful motion, "You're welcome," she smiled, then and tilted her head to the side, "We're going to be great friends, Kit."

Kit looked up from her bag, her eyes wide, "We are?"

Alice nodded, "Mhm."

Kit smiled warmly, "Great, then. I'm looking forward to it."

Alice leaned forward and kissed Kit's cheek, catching the girl by surprise, "Me too."

The short pixie-like girl was already gliding gracefully out of the library just as Kit opened her mouth to say something.

Kit pursed her lips, her eyes holding nothing but confusion at the odd farewell. Shaking her head, she quickly snapped out of it and resumed gathering together her things for her next class.

Emmett stood by Edward's bright silver Volvo, his arms folded across his chest as he watched Kit walk gracefully across the parking lot, a small smile on her face and her books held to her chest. She was cute, he had to admit. Gorgeous. He loved how there was constant light in her eyes and the way her nose scrunched up. It was sort of adorable.

From what he could tell (and from hounding Alice and Edward), Kit was rather humble and a bit awkward. She always had a smile on her face and loved school, music, and reading.

But she was human—fragile, brittle, dainty, breakable. She was a tiny little thing, and he was probably the strongest vampire in the world, being able to pulverize a boulder with just his pinky. That made things even more dangerous as he could easily hurt Kit and though he didn't think he harbored any romantic feelings for her, he would be devastated if he were to cause her any type of harm.

"She's like another Alice," Edward mumbled, frowning at Emmett's thoughts, "Can you handle that?"

Emmett glared, "You really have some nerve, bro. Like your situation is better. Have you talked to Bella today, or are you still avoiding her like the plague?"

Edward looked away, "Different situations."

Emmett flicked his eyebrows up, "Enlighten me, kid."

"Hey, Kit!"

Whatever Edward had planned to say was forgotten as they turned their heads slightly to see Tyler Crowley jogging after Kit. Jasper, Rosalie, and Alice were in the car, but could no doubt hear the conversation.

As always, Kit was radiating happiness and she paused in her steps to greet him, "Hi, Tyler."

"Hey," Tyler repeated, blinking a few times. He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly, "Hi."

"Hello," Kit let out a breathy chuckle, "Everything all right?"

"Yeah," Tyler said quickly, "I just..."

"He's going to ask her out," Edward said, just loud enough for his siblings to hear.

Emmett clenched his fists, but reacted no other way.

"Dowould you l-like to do something, F-Friday?" Tyler stuttered out, his face red.

Emmett pursed his lips, glancing briefly at Alice and Edward, silently hoping that one of them could tell him Kit's answer.

"No," Edward answered.

Kit eyes widened slightly and then she smiled a sad smile, "You're very sweet, but I can't. I have plans with someone else."

Oh? If possible, Emmett listened more carefully. Had another guy asked her out?

As if reading his mind, the stupid human's face fell and Tyler sighed, "Another guy?"

Kit giggled and shook her head, "My little sister, actually. I promised her that we would spend time together."

A smile of amusement quirked Edward's lips and he glanced at Emmett. From inside the car, even Jasper chuckled, feeling the relief that Emmett was unknowingly projecting.

"Some other time?" Tyler asked hopefully.

Emmett rolled his eyes, half tempted to go over there and step in between them. He didn't need to have supernatural eyesight to see that Kit wasn't interested. Didn't this guy know when to give up?

"You're sweet," Kit repeated. Slight color had filled her cheeks, "But I think we're better off as friends, hm? Thank you for asking me, though. It was nice of you."

Tyler looked at her, bewildered and then he covered his face with his hand, beginning to laugh.

"What?" Kit chuckled, amused herself, "Why are you laughing at me?"

Emmett was curious himself and he sighed impatiently, narrowing his eyes when Edward smirked. Edward was easily his favorite sibling, but right now, he wanted nothing more to punch his brother in the face.

"I'll see it coming," Edward promised this knowingly, while he tapped his head. He lowered his hand and lifted his chin towards Kit and Tyler, "Listen."

"Just...you," Tyler snickered, his voice slightly muffled. He shook his head and let his hand drop, "Wow. I've only been turned down a few times, but no one's ever turned me down like that. You're something else, Kit."

Kit arched an eyebrow, "Thank you?"

"Kitty!" a few cars a way, a little girl poked her head out of the window she rolled down, "Hurry up!"

Emmett was surprised at Kit's reaction. She didn't look at all embarrassed that her baby sister had shouted the odd nickname and instead, smiled and nodded.

"I'm coming, sweetheart," Kit promised, "In a minute."

Indigo huffed and settled back in her seat, her arms folded across her chest.

Kit smiled at Tyler, "I have to go or my sister will come get me and that won't be pretty."

Tyler looked at Kit oddly and then he groaned, "Hey, wait. Um, watch out for Mike, Conner, and Eric."

Kit paused in her steps and frowned, "Watch out for them? Why?"

Tyler grinned, his eyes mischievous and smug, "They all had plans to ask you out too, but I got to you first."

Emmett wondered if Jasper could feel the awe and discomfort that Kit was projecting, but it angered him more than anything. Kit had barely been in school two days and already guys were trying to date her and throw themselves at her feet. Did they even know her last name? Was the word 'boundaries' not in their vocabulary?

Kit frowned, shifting her weight, "I don'tdid I do something?" she asked quietly.

Seeing how uncomfortable Kit was, Tyler puffed out his cheeks, breathing out loudly, "Aw, don't look like that. Look, it's not you. It's you."

"Pardon?" Kit whispered.

"Your arrival," Tyler sighed again, rubbing the back of his neck, "You're new, and we don't get many new students around her. And I mean, like, new studentsnew people. You and Bella are different than the other girls from around here."

Edward glanced up at the mention of Bella. Now that Tyler couldn't get Kit, was he planning on asking Bella out again? Even though the girl had already said no after the car accident?

"Oh," Kit frowned in obvious displeasure, "That's not nice."

"What?" Tyler asked.

"That's rude," Kit's frown deepened and she shook her head, "That guys are only interested because we're something new? A new toy? That's not nice, at all."

Emmett smirked. So, he had landed himself a secret spitfire? Maybe he could work with that.

"Emmett," Edward mumbled, rolling his eyes, "Think logically."

"We only have a sister who can see the damn future," Emmett said sarcastically, "You're right, we shouldn't listen to her, should we?"

"...But I appreciate you for telling me the truth," Kit continued, her voice gentle again, "Not a lot of people will do that. Um, I really have to get going now, but I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah," Tyler nodded, still looking disappointed, "And I'll talk to the guys for you, tell them you already have a date."

The right side of Kit's mouth quirked up in a smile and she giggled, when Tyler winked at her, regarding him for a moment, "Thank you. Have a nice evening."

Tyler raised a hand, beginning to walk backwards, "You too, Kit. See ya'."

Emmett watched Kit open the car door, smiling when he heard Indigo cry out with joy at the sight of her older sister.

Alice unnecessarily rolled down the window and poked her head out, "Kit loves her sister more than anything. She thinks it's nice that we have such a big family."

"You talked about our family?" Rosalie demanded, on high-alert.

"Yes," Alice crossed her legs, rolling up the window when Edward and Emmett climbed into the two front seats, "At lunch."

"I was worried about you," Jasper admitted, grabbing Alice's hand.

"I know," Alice sighed, "But I needed to talk to Kit. I mean, Emmett, if you're not going to."

"Chill, Alice," Emmett rolled his eyes, "Does this really need to happen, right now?"

"Why not?" Alice shrugged, "Why torture yourself like Edward?"

Emmett sighed and glanced at his brother, "He does look miserable."

Edward growled and clutched the steering wheel tighter. If he truly loved Bella like Alice had said—if he was destined to care about her, then the least he could do is try to save her from this life that they were all condemned to. He could save her soul and keep her out of harms way.

"Don't look so down," Emmett grinned and clapped his brother on the back. He sighed contently, "Everything is going to work out."

Edward forced a crooked grin, "You see the future now?"

The sound of Emmett's booming laugh filled the car, "Nah," he finally answered, "You just gotta think positive."

Edward snorted, "Positive? Right."

"No sense in stressing," Emmett continued, talking mostly to himself, "It'll all work out."

Kit sighed softly as she swirled her spoon into her melting vanilla ice cream. She stuck her spoon in her mouth and slowly pulled it out, sighing again. Her free arm rested atop the kitchen table, her head in her palm.

"That's an awful lot of sighing, Kit Kat," Blake commented, looking up from his own bowl of chocolate ice cream, "What's up?"

Kit glanced up, "A boy asked my out today."

"Oh my gosh," Everly exclaimed, pressing both hands to her cheeks, "Honey, that's wonderful."

"No, it's not," Blake and Kit said at the same time.

A smile quirked Kit's lips and she looked at her father, "Daddy..."

Blake pointed his spoon at his eldest, "You're too young to be dating."

"She's only a year younger than we were," Everly waved him off, then looked over at Indigo, "Sweetie, why don't you go upstairs with your daddy? You look sleepy."

"Mm-mm," Indigo shook her head and yawned.

"Mhm," Everly argued, brushing Indigo's hair back, "Upstairs, young lady."

"C'mon," Blake picked up both their bowls and placed them in the sink, "Upstairs, we go, Indi."

Indigo sighed dramatically and looked at her mother, "Do I have to?"

"Yes," Everly smiled, "I promise, your bed will be a lot more comfortable than the kitchen table."

"Fine," Indigo grumbled out, pushing away from the table, "Goodnight."

"Night," Kit kissed her sister's cheek, "Sleep well."

"K," Indigo yawned, reaching out to grab her father's hand, allowing him to lead her upstairs.

"Now," Everly said, once the two were out of earshot, "Tell me about this boy."

Kit shrugged, "His name's Tyler and he asked me out after school. I said no, then, he said that these other guys had plans to ask me out, but I got really uncomfortable and he said they'd back off."

"Oh," Everly blinked a few times, "That's...weird. I don't like that, you've only been-

"-at school for a couple of days," Kit finished, "Yes. Tyler said it was because I'm new. There's another new girl, too. Bella Swan and Tyler said it's because we're different. You know, we didn't grow up here like everyone else."

"Hmm," Everly hummed in displeasure, her eyes on her daughter who was too interested in her melted bowl of ice cream, "And that's the only reason you said 'no'?"

Kit shifted in her chair, "No," she mumbled.

Everly tilted her head to the side, "Is it a possibility that you like girls?"

"No," Kit shook her head, not at all bothered or embarrassed by the question, "I like guys."

Everly nodded, waiting patiently.

Kit watched the ice cream drip from the spoon and back into the white ceramic bowl, "It's just—I looked at Tyler and I've looked at Mike, Eric, Conner. I didn't see that spark, you know? It didn't hit me like...bam!"

"Bam?" Everly smiled in amusement, "Is that how it happens, nowadays?"

"Mom..." Kit groaned, "I'm serious."

Everly chuckled, "Yes, I know, I get it," she reached over and placed her hand atop Kit's, "You'll find that person, honey. I promise. You'll look into someone's eyes and feel that spark."

"And hopefully that isn't anytime soon," Blake came back down the stairs, joining the girls at the table.

"Blake..." Everly scolded with a small laugh, "It's fine, honey. She's old enough and you know she's responsible."

"It's not her I'm worried about," Blake frowned and folded his arms across his chest, "Now, tell me about this boy. I want his name, his class schedule, the type of car he dri-

"Mom," Kit begged, unable to keep in her laugh, "Help?"

"Go to bed," Everly snickered, "I'll handle your father and clean up, here."

"Thank you," Kit breathed in dramatic relief and hugged her father tightly, "Night, daddy."

"Night, Kit Kat," Blake patted his daughter's hand, "Sleep well. Don't let the bed bugs bite."

"I won't," Kit promised, "Night, mom. I love you."

"I love you more," Everly sang, placing the bowl in the dishwasher.

Kit shook her head, smiling as always, "Not possible."

"Yes, possible," Everly hugged Kit, "Tea party still on for Friday after school?"

"You know it," Kit grinned and turned away to yawn, stretching her arms over her head, "Goodnight," she called a final time.

"Night," both her parents replied.

Kit made her way upstairs, tiptoeing quietly by Indigo's room. She could already hear her sister's even breathing and Kit shut her door before she flicked on the light.

Her room was quite simple. The queen-sized mattress on a simple white bed frame with turquoise sheets and a pastel yellow comforter with matching yellow pillows. The cream-colored carpet was soft beneath her feet, and the walls were yellow, matching perfectly with her comforter. Her dresser and bedside table were both white. Her classic violin was in its case, leaning against the wall.

Kit pulled back the covers and stripped off her clothes. For pajamas, she usually wore a pair of black stretch knit shorts and a gray tank top, her short hair piled into a hair claw if it got too irritating.

Yawning, Kit turned off the light and hoped into bed. It had definitely been an interesting couple days at Forks High. She hadn't expected to meet so many nice people. At her old school, everyone had their own clique or kept to themselves. Forks High was a huge change. Forks, itself was a huge change.

But so far, it was a good one.